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Thursday, October 10, 2013

All Male Fiction: The Ping-Pong Club

By: Unknown Author & Ryan Michaels
Peter was a college freshman, and while he never had a problem with the ladies, he always found it hard to make new friends with other guys. He didn't know anyone at college, that is, until Sean, a sophomore, had approached Peter and welcomed him to the college. Sean was really nice to Peter, offering to show him around campus, and soon the two became best friends.

When Sean asked Peter to join his Ping-Pong club, the college freshman was thrilled. Thrilled that Sean wanted him to be a part of a club that he belonged to, and also thrilled at the prospect of making some new friends. But, at the same time, he was a little surprised that he would ask him, of all people, to join such a club.

"Sean," Peter said, "we've never even played the game together. How do you even know I'd be any good?"

"Look," Sean said, "the club lost its fourth member and we need a replacement. Come on. You'll like Bobby and David. They're fun."

"But," Peter protested, "I don't play Ping-Pong."

"That's okay," his friend said. "It's not like it's a team or anything. We're just playing for fun. And anyway," Sean said in an enigmatic way, "sometimes losing is even better than winning."

"What does that mean?" Peter asked.

Sean winked. "You'll find out if you join the club."

So, Peter agreed.

The boys met for breakfast at the dining hall on Saturday and then left for the club's meeting, which was being held off-campus at Sean's friends' place. Because Bobby's parents were wealthy, he and David were able to afford a little one-story home with a small basement.

Peter and Sean drove to the house at the appointed time, and when the other boys let them in, introductions were made, and then the four adjourned to the lower floor. There was a couch, TV, a little bar, a small refrigerator, a portable CD player, a little bathroom off to one side and, in the center of the room, a large Ping-Pong table.

While Bobby and David went off to get a few beers, Sean whispered to his friend, "Whatever happens, you've got to promise not to object. Okay?"

"What the hell does that mean?"

"Never mind, just promise."


"Hurry up, they're coming back. Do this for me, okay? Just promise, don't make me look bad in front of my friends."

"Okay, I promise. But what…"

At that moment, their hosts returned, passing out the beers.

The game started a few minutes later with Bobby and David teamed against Peter and Sean. Within minutes, Peter knew they were going to lose, and lose badly.

It didn't take long.

Volley after volley whizzed by Peter's shoulder as he frantically tried to lob them back, his face reddening in embarrassment and his armpits becoming soaked with nervous shame. David and Bobby, sensing immediately that Peter was the weak member of his team, aimed the ball at him without mercy, and their deliberate assault was as obvious to Peter as it was humiliating. Worse, Peter knew he was making an ass of himself in front of Sean, the one person in his life he most wanted to impress.

When the game was finished, Peter nervously apologized for his lousy playing. Sean, though, just grinned. He seemed strangely happy to have lost. While Peter was trying to figure out why, Bobby and David came over and stood in front of Sean and locked eyes with him.

Bobby spoke. "You ready?"

Sean nodded.

The other boys swiftly removed the net from the table, then returned and picked Sean up by the arms, pulling him over to the long side of the table. Sean lay flat, his legs spread wide, feet planted on the floor and his belly pressed to the tabletop as Peter stared in confusion. What the hell was going on?

Bobby took hold of the waistband on Sean's shorts and yanked them down around his knees. Peter stared; sweat beginning to trickle down his neck. The sight of Sean's hot, brief covered bubble-butt was exciting him, and his cock stirred in his pants. In Sean's position, his round butt stood out in perfect relief, and Peter stared with anxious, puzzled lust. What the fuck was this all about?

Bobby stood behind Sean and grabbed a paddle from the table. Raising it, he brought it down, hard, across Sean's ass. Sean cried out in pain, squirming as Bobby began to methodically smack his butt with the paddle. His crotch was pressed below the lip of the table, and Peter could see the pouch of Sean's underpants becoming fuller as the spanking continued. He was intensely aware of the growing lump in his own pants as he stared at his friend, bent over the table and getting one hell of a spanking from Bobby's agile hand. He hoped no one else could see his hard-on.

Before he had time to consider much more, Bobby had handed off the paddle to David. Kneeling behind Sean, Peter watched in fascination as Bobby pulled Sean's underpants down to his knees revealing the reddening cheeks of the blonde's perfect butt. Sean's cock popped out, too; the sophomore's penis was hard and it throbbed excitedly.

Abruptly, David raised his arm and brought it down with a harsh stinging slap, the rubber-covered paddle head landing flat across Sean's already deeply blushing ass. Sean continued to squirm on the table, rubbing his belly across its surface. Pressed just below the lip of the table, his cock bobbed before him, becoming harder and thicker as it swung between his open thighs, the shaft and head grazing the table's underside.

Then the punishment stopped.

"All right, Peter," David beckoned. "It's your turn."

Peter stood dumbfounded. David and Bobby walked calmly toward him, grabbed him by the arms and forcefully stood him in front of the table next to the half-naked body of his best friend.

He stood, stunned, as David and Bobby hastily unzipped his pants and yanked them down around his ankles. He then felt a hand on his shoulder, firmly pushing him down, and he was now bent in half over the table. Sean turned his face to Peter and reached his left hand over to Peter's and held his wrist gently. Peter stared back in confusion. But the moment was broken by the sudden assault on his young butt.

He heard the first swipe of the paddle a moment or two before he felt it. Then, a burst of pain exploded in his ass, and he yelped. He tried to pull his hand back, but Sean held it tight. Then an agonizing, pain-filled volley of blows descended on his defenseless ass, and he gripped the table in confusion, outrage and pain.

His cock had softened when the boys grabbed him, but now it was beginning to stir in his briefs, despite the agony of the paddle blows. Sure enough, when the gleeful couple behind him shucked his underpants down, Peter's strangely excited penis leapt forward from his crotch, and against his own will he began to register the erotic pleasure of the spanking.

Before he had time to fully codify his newfound source of sexual joy, the boys switched off once more and rained down a harsh series of paddle slaps on his naked butt. Peter cried out in pain and dismay as the paddling continued, but his cock grew harder, its head thumping against the grainy wood beneath the tabletop. When he looked up, tears working their way out of the corners of his eyes, Sean's smiling face greeted him once more, and suddenly the pain meant nothing. He was naked from the waist down, his cock throbbing, his balls drawn up tight, his butt cheeks splayed and burning, next to the equally exposed boy he now confessed to himself he loved and desired.

Peter suddenly felt vulnerable, and scared. His scarlet cheeks trembled.

Sean slowly brought himself up to his full height, his eyes clamping briefly shut from the pain in his burning backside, and turned to face the others. Peter turned back as well, but found David's hand planted firmly on his back, holding him down.

Sean walked around the table, his young cock bobbing before him, and faced Peter from the opposite side, and then, without a word, suddenly gripped his friend's wrists in his hands and held him tight. Peter looked at him, puzzled and feeling betrayed. Sean smiled slyly, but said nothing.

Without a word, Bobby knelt beneath the table, his face level with Peter's angry cock. Suddenly, the boy's lips were on Peter's dick and before he could register shock, he felt the indescribable pleasure only a blowjob can bring.

Despite the betrayal, Peter closed his eyes in bliss, his head exploding as Bobby sucked him. Behind him, David was also kneeling, and Peter felt his hot, spanked butt cheeks being pried apart by gentle hands. He let out a cry as a wet tongue dove between his ass cheeks and attacked his butthole.

No one but his doctor had ever even touched him there before, and here a boy he'd only just met was kissing his asshole! The electric thrill of the mouths at his cock and ass drove all other thoughts out of Peter's head. He swayed in place, moaning and gasping as Bobby licked his balls and David's tongue pushed itself with determined frenzy right into his asshole.

When Peter was close to release, he felt Bobby removing his lips from his aching dick. He almost wept from frustration, especially as David simultaneously withdrew his tongue from his tingling hole. While his head spun in an amazed erotic whirl, he felt Sean's grip tighten on his wrists, and looked up at his friend, startled, as Bobby's hands grabbed his legs from beneath the table and held him tightly in place.

A sound behind him sent Peter into immediate panic. He'd fucked enough girls in high school to know that what he was hearing was a condom wrapper being opened. He spun his head back and stared as David slipped a condom over the head of what Peter saw was an extremely hard young cock. Bobby handed his friend a tube of lubricant, and Peter stared over his shoulder in frightened awe as David greased his erect cock before reaching out and parting Peter's butt cheeks.

Sean spoke softly. "I think he's a virgin, David."

Before Peter could register the statement, he felt slick fingers invade the crack between his cheeks, and cried out. "No!" Peter yelled, "Oh please… noooo!"

The fingers worked on, and Peter felt like weeping. He was about to get fucked up the ass! He felt David's index finger probe his asshole, teasing him open. The finger slipped inside him, and despite his panic, the boy couldn't help moving his hips as David began to piston in and out of his butt, finger-fucking him and massaging his prostate until his cock, which had gone limp when he realized what was about to happen, had sprung back to throbbing life. David skillfully added a second finger to the first and stretched Peter's hole, continuing to graze against the boy's prostate, making Peter's dick ooze a stream of pre-cum that slowly dripped along the underside of his cockhead.

When David finished lubing Peter's asshole, the boy felt the tip of a condom-covered dick between his cheeks. He clenched down, hard, snapping his asshole shut. "No! No! I don't want to!"

Sean twisted Peter's arm sharply, bringing the boy back into focus. "It's the rules of the game. Losers get spanked and fucked."

"But you didn't tell me…"

"You promised, Peter, that no matter what happens you'd go along with it, for me. Remember? You promised, Peter."

Peter felt shamed. He had promised, and if he wasn't true to his word he knew Sean would never forgive him. The spanking was one thing - okay, he'd resisted at first but he'd accepted it, hadn't he? But a few smacks on the butt, even a hard spanking with paddles on his bare butt, was one thing; getting fucked? That was something else. His virgin hole was about to be split apart by a dick belonging to a boy he'd never met before that morning!

"Come on, Peter. They won't do anything unless you agree."

Peter felt tears streaming down his cheeks.


"Decide, Peter… now."

The look on Sean's face said what Peter feared most; that he would lose his friend if he didn't come through on his promise.

The world spun and the seconds that went by felt like hours. Peter felt cold sweat trickling down his neck to under his arms. He stared, unbelieving, at Sean's stern, unsmiling face. His cock continued to throb, but the fear of what was about to happen had caused it to become softer, and he felt the blood draining from the shaft. His mind played out the scene like an MTV video: cutting from moment to moment, from Sean's ass to Bobby's spanking to the hot lips on his asshole to the condom sheathed dick that now lay between his cheeks.

Then Sean spoke again, softly this time. "It's the rules, Peter. David gets to fuck you, and Bobby gets to fuck me.

Peter relented and nodded his agreement. He had promised Sean and didn't want to lose his only real friend. "Just go slow and be gentle, please!" Peter pleaded, and he braced himself for what was to come. He tried to relax his asshole for the onslaught, and as he felt David's hands grip his torso, as the rubber-covered cockhead kissed his virgin hole, his cock began to swell again.

David respected Peter's request, and eased himself in with silken care. Peter felt Bobby's hands beneath the table take hold of his cock and grab gently at his balls, as David's invading spear began it journey up his butthole. First, the tip pressed forward, slowly teasing the puckered opening into a relaxed state. Then the head slipped in, and David let Peter's asshole accustom itself to the width of his cockhead before pushing further. Peter's hole allowed the head to enter, then clenched down, relaxed, and the shaft followed.

Beneath the table, Bobby had begun ministering to Peter's cock with his practiced mouth. By the time David had completed his entry, his balls plopping against Peter's ass, Bobby was tugging Peter's balls down with an urgent sensual pressure that sent spasms of physical bliss shooting from every nerve of Peter's sweat-drenched body.

David regained Peter's attention by thrusting up suddenly from behind. He leaned his body over Peter's and whispered into his ear, "It's in, Peter." David took one of Peter's hands and brought it behind his back and down, letting the former virgin feel the shaft between his thighs. "Does it feel good?" David whispered.

Peter, clamping his eyes shut, moaned in answer.

When Peter opened his eyes again, he realized that Bobby was no longer sucking his cock. The boy whose mouth had so pleasured him was now on the opposite side of the table, behind Sean.

Bobby slipped a condom on and lubed Sean's asshole while David began to fuck Peter's ass in earnest. As Peter lay over the table he saw Bobby grip Sean's waist, and from the look on Sean's face, Peter knew that Bobby's cock was sliding up his butt.

Watching his best friend get fucked sent a new thrill through Peter's body. David, meanwhile, was pistoning in and out of his asshole, fucking him faster and harder.

Sean gripped Peter's hands suddenly, and Peter, looking up and at the action across the table, realized from the frenzied movements of the boy behind Sean that a race was in progress. Bobby and David were competing to see who would cum first, and as the idea made itself clear to him, he felt a sudden slap on his ass. David's hands continued to spank Peter, the blows increasing in speed and intensity, and he realized that the boy fucking him was trying to get Peter to climax faster than Sean.

Peter grabbed his cock and jerked it wildly. The sharp, painful slaps on his butt continued, and David's fuck rhythms became increasingly frenetic, until Peter felt the cock in his ass jerk up, fast, wildly, impaling him. David was cumming, and Peter felt his own orgasm build. Suddenly, he shot, his cock spraying the floor below him, his sphincter tightening on the cock in his ass, pumping it, spasming up and down, clenching it tight.

David cried out and fell on Peter's back, still grinding away inside his hole. At that moment, Sean screamed and Bobby yelped, and the two came together a moment later, Bobby pumping away inside Sean's butt and Sean spewing his hot jizz across the floor.

The four lay slumped and panting on the table. Finally, David withdrew his cock from Peter's hole and wandered off to the washroom to clean up. Bobby likewise slid out of Sean's ass, and joined his friend in the washroom.

Sean straightened up and moved over behind Peter, who was still slumped over the table recovering. Sean started running his palms down Peter's back and they stopped on his butt, cupping the cheeks.

"You were such a good sport, Peter," Sean whispered, and then he slipped his still hard cock into Peter's well-lubed, well-stretched asshole.

This time Peter didn't resist. He lay there and enjoyed his best friend's cock as it fucked him lovingly. While he still liked girls, a whole new world of pleasure had been opened up to him, and he owed it all to Sean, his best friend… and new lover.

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  1. This is a great story. Got me really hard in my Superman briefs and made me come in them!