"We have reason to believe that man first walked upright to free his hands for masturbation."

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

All Male True Experience: Teenage Explorations

By: Unknown Author
Russell was the first boy I poked. That's what we called it between ourselves. We lived on an island that really wasn't an island any longer, though it had been at one time, before they built a causeway to it.

On Oak Island there were only three of us who caught the school bus, Russell, a girl named Pat, and myself. Russell had gotten a hard-on one morning at the bus stop and asked me to shield him from Pat. So I stood in front of him with my back to her and stared at his erection.

That same afternoon, as the three of us left the bus, I told Russell I needed to piss really badly. His house was the first one we passed, so he and I went in and left Pat to find her own way home. His folks were still at work, as I knew very well.

"That was some boner you threw this morning," I shouted as I stood at the toilet gushing out the pee I'd been saving up all day.

The bathroom door was open, and I heard Russell grunt from his room across the hall. Turning around, I looked through the adjacent door. Russell was in the process of changing from his school clothes to a pair of shorts, and was then in only his white briefs. He really had a good-looking ass on him.

By the time I'd finished pissing, my cock was on a semi and I stroked it good to keep it that way. I brazenly turned around with my cock in my fist and pretended to be trying to stuff it back in my pants.

"Shit!" I growled, and Russell turned around. "Can't get this fucker back in."

I watched his eyes intently. He sure stared at my cock. I gazed pointedly at his crotch, and was rewarded to see the pouch of his underwear swelling with meat. Without saying a word, I walked into his room with my cock sticking out.

"I need to get this off so it will go down," I said.

"I ain't no cocksucker," Russell protested.

"I never suggested doing something like that, but it's interesting that you would think that."

"What does that mean?" he asked getting a bit upset at my implication.

"Nothing, I just wanna beat off, and it looks like you do too," I nodded at his swollen cock, which had now jutted off to the side of his briefs.

Surprisingly he agreed, but then I guess it shouldn't have been that much of a surprise, we were just a couple of horny teenagers.

We lay down on the bed side by side. Russell scrunched out of his underwear, and his uncut cock rose at an angle. I'd never seen so much flesh on a cockhead before. We both began stroking, stealing peeks at each other.

After a few minutes, I tentatively touched his cock and he didn't protest, and slowly took his own hand off. As I squeezed his shaft, a bead of clear liquid oozed out. I smeared it all over Russell's dick-head, and he sighed. I skinned him back and started pumping him. "Do mine," I whispered.

"Guess it ain't queer if we just jack each other off, huh?" Russell said with a nervous quiver in his voice.

"Yeah, definitely don't make us cocksuckers that's for sure," I replied. I guess he was as naive as me. Neither one wanted to be painted with that brush at the time.

Russell's hand was soft and hot, and a big glob of pre-cum seeped out of my cockhead and smeared his fingers. I spat in my hand and greased him up even more. I slid my slickened hands over and under his balls. Cautiously, I reached down between his thighs and felt inside his crack. He clamped his butt cheeks together. I insistently worked my finger around inside his moist cleavage, feeling his hole clenching up.

"How's that feel?" I asked, bending over and jacking him with one hand and probing his asshole with the other.

He merely grunted.

"Makes you shoot faster," I whispered.

"I don't like it," he said through clenched teeth. But his butthole was opening and relaxing, giving the lie to his words.

I was getting close to cumming just feeling him like that, and his hand was pumping faster on my cock. I could feel his pulse throbbing as I stroked his cock more vigorously. Soon he was gasping as his cum shot from his cock. Seeing that, I came right after.

We did that quite a lot after that and eventually I fucked him up the ass, which amazed me, we hadn't even sucked cock yet! I can still remember it like it was yesterday. He was hot as hell inside, and his asshole was clutching and flexing around my tool. He had his eyes squeezed shut, but I could tell he liked it by the way his hips started undulating.

When I came in Russell's ass, that first time, I thought my whole body was going to blow apart. My cum literally shot out in bolts that shattered my senses, a shuddering and spasming sensation of being exquisitely tortured with pleasure. My first piece of ass, and never forgotten.

Later on we didn't mind the name cocksucker, either.

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