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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

All Male True Experience: Bus Station Pickup

By: Robert F.
It happened to me the first time in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I was a poor college student at the time, heading home for summer vacation after my freshman year. I had arrived at the bus station around midnight, and found it odd that everyone else who had gotten off the bus, about twenty people, either left right away, or soon left after being picked up by a friend or family member.

After sitting on a bench outside for a while, I headed inside to inquire as to when my bus would arrive. I headed over to the ticket booth, where the attendant sat, watching a small TV. After tapping on the window to get his attention, I found out that I should have gotten on a bus that left three hours earlier than the one I ended up taking, as there was not another bus leaving for my destination until 6am. Obviously everyone else on my bus was headed for Tulsa and nowhere further. With six hours to kill, and nowhere to go, I took a seat on one of the benches inside the station.

Besides me, and the attendant, the place was empty. After about fifteen minutes, someone came in through the doors. With nothing better to do, I took him in as he strode through the bus station. He was lean, muscular, and black, and he looked to be about my age or a little older. He would sit in one spot and then move to another spot, never sitting still for long. I figured he had missed his bus too and was just as bored as I was, and couldn't sit still.

This went on for about ten minutes, and the last time he got up he looked right at me and smiled. I figured it was just his way of acknowledging me, a way of saying hello, but then he walked down to the far end of the bus station, to the washroom door. When he got there, he turned and looked back at me, smiled again, and then went inside the washroom.

Well, I thought, he did seem intriguing and I had all that time to wait, and I was pretty bored, and a bit horny, too, after the long bus trip. So, I took a casual look over toward the attendant and saw that he was still engrossed in his TV program and wouldn't notice a thing, and then, slowly, I got up and walked over to the washroom.

I pushed on the door and entered to find the black guy standing at a urinal, and he didn't even bother to look over at me when I walked in the room. That made me a bit nervous; a look would have confirmed what was going on. For all I knew, I was getting into something vaguely dangerous. But, what the hell, I was feeling a little bold, I was in good shape, and I could handle myself.

I walked up to the urinal next to him (there were only two), and pulled my dick out. I was feeling bold, but not that bold, so rather than turning my head to get a peek at his dick, I tried to get a look at it from the corner of my eye. He was standing rather close to the urinal, but I could see a bit of dark skin, and I could see his arm moving slightly and knew he was stroking his dick.

I began to slowly stroke my dick, too.

"Nice dick," he suddenly said to me.

Despite reservations that he was setting me up for a beating for being a fag, I looked right at his and mumbled, "Thanks, yours too," and then looked straight ahead again.

"You like black dick?" he asked, and took a step back to reveal his hard cock to me.

I instinctively looked over and just nodded, although the truth was I had never been with a black guy before. In fact, I had only been with two guys before, period, and no women. I had been sucked off once in my life, and had sucked dick only twice before.

"You wanna suck it?" he asked, wagging his hard dick at me.

I couldn't make my mouth move and again just nodded.

He took another step back, turned sideways, to face my side, and said, "Go for it."

Even though I was nervous, I was horny as hell and wanted to do it, and, knowing that we could both just quickly turn back to face the urinals if we heard someone coming, I reached over and took hold of it in my hand.

"Suck it!" he urged.

With only slight hesitation, I leaned forward and licked the head, and then took the head in my mouth. Slowly, I moved forward on his shaft, and he let out a moan.

As I sucked him, I lowered myself down to my knees and his hand fell to the back of my head, trying to push more of his cock into my mouth. I let him get away with it, until I gagged. I pulled back a bit, and he let go of my head, letting me suck on what I could handle.

"You like to fuck?" he asked after I had been sucking on him for several minutes.

I pulled off his cock to answer him. I was glad for the break; my jaw was aching something awful. "No, I don't like to get fucked, sorry." I was pretty sure I wanted to get fucked someday, but I wasn't ready for that just yet.

Turns out I had the wrong idea anyway. "No," he laughed. "I meant do you like to fuck, as in stick your cock in a tight hole, and fuck it."

"Oh, yes, I like that," I answered, even though, technically, it was a lie, since I had never done it before, but I liked the idea of doing it.

"Great," he said and pushed his pants along with his underwear down to his ankles.

I was a bit surprised by his actions. Getting naked to that degree was risky, given where we were, but then again, so was what we were doing anyway, and about to do! But I figured before getting somewhat naked, we'd at least go in the stall first.

Worried that the attendant might walk in on us, or that other buses may arrive and passengers could walk in, I voiced my concerns. He explained that the attendant never leaves his booth, and that the booth has a staff washroom at the back of it. He went on to say that we had plenty of time to "get busy" because no more buses were due for a while.

"Trust me," he said, "I do this all the time here." And then he went on to tell that he lived nearby and came by the bus station in the night a lot looking for some action.

I asked him if he got a lot of "action" and he told me that he often did, explaining that bus and train stations, as well as truck stops are known to be a hotbed for horny guys looking for action, even straight guys, such as truck drivers that spend days and weeks on the road and are hard up enough for a blowjob that they will stick it in any available mouth. Then he knelt down and pulled my pants and underwear down past my thighs.

Reassurances that no one would walk in alleviated some nervousness in that regard, and the idea of doing it in that washroom, right out in the open, turned me on a lot, evident by the fact that my cock, which had been only semi-erect at most up until that point, got hard almost immediately.

He looked at my erection and said, "Mmm, you've got a big one."

I've never thought of myself as big. Seven inches, to me, is at the high end of average, or at least only slightly above average. Big to me is eight, nine or ten inches. But, I guess compared to him, I did look big. He was about six inches, which surprised me. I had always believed it true that all black guys had bigger cocks than most white guys. Guess not.

With him getting down in front of me, I was expecting to get my dick sucked, but instead he stood back up. I guess he had just done that to lower my pants, because I wasn't making any attempt to do so myself. After he stood, he pulled his pants up on one side slightly, reached in the pocket and pulled out a condom and a packet of lube.

He then walked over to the sink and bent over the counter. Opening the packet of lube, he squeezed some onto his fingers, then reached behind himself and pushed a finger into his ass, and then began sliding it in and out. I watched, gently stroking my cock as he pressed another finger into his ass, and then watched a third finger quickly disappear up his hole.

When he pulled his fingers out of his ass, he turned and moved over to me, and got down on his knees.

Now he was going to suck my cock, and when he curled his fingers around it, I shivered and groaned. Then I felt his wet mouth move over my hard meat, and tingles ran up my spine. The guy was great. He took all of my cock into his mouth with one gulp and then started to move up and down on it like a pro. Even the one guy who had sucked my cock before hadn't been able to take it all, and he was nowhere near as skilled a cocksucker as this guy was. He even took his lips off my cock and licked at my balls too. As I enjoyed the pleasure of it all, I considered this to be my first real blowjob!

As he continued to work on my prick with his hand and mouth, he had me ready to blow my load in no time. I pushed on his shoulders and let him know I was going to lose my nut if he didn't stop.

He pulled off, and without saying anything, he picked up the condom, opened it and squeezed a small amount of lube into it before unrolling it over my cock. I didn't know why he was putting the lube inside the condom. Shouldn't it go on the outside? But with experience I would come to learn why he did that.

Standing up, he moved back over to the sink and bent over the counter once more. He grabbed hold of his ass cheeks and spread them apart, looking at me in the mirror above the counter. I stood there like an idiot until he finally spoke and indicated for me to come over and fuck him.

I moved in behind him and pointed my cock at his hole. When the head made contact, I pushed forward a bit and it popped right inside. Even that was like nothing I had ever felt before! He let go of his ass cheeks and reached back and put a hand firmly on my butt and pushed on it, forcing my dick to slide into him. His ass seemed to almost suck me inside, as my pubes were almost immediately against his ass. I held it there for a moment, even after he let go of my ass, and then I started to move in and out slowly. It was the best feeling in the world!

"Come on, dude, fuck me!" he urged, as he raised his butt slightly.

I drove my prick deep inside his butt, which elicited a heavy groan, and then began to fuck in and out of him as best as I could give it, for being a first timer and all, and he began to let out repeated quiet groans.

It was so hot seeing myself in the mirror, fucking for the first time, and that, coupled with his ass being so tight and hot, even though I tried to hold off, he had me ready to cum quite quickly.

"Oh, I'm gonna cum!" I moaned quietly.

"Yeah, shoot it!" he urged and then I began to cum into the condom buried up his ass, and then I squirmed a bit as I felt his ass squeezing my sensitive cock as he shot his own load all over the floor.

Once he finished cumming, I jerked my cock out of his ass, pulled the condom off, and walked over to the stall and dropped it in the toilet. Then I grabbed some toilet paper and wiped off my dripping cock. As I was doing that, I could hear him pulling paper towels from the dispenser by the sink, and wiping up his mess from the floor.

After flushing my mess down the toilet and pulling up my underwear and pants, I stepped back out into the main washroom where the guy was just buttoning his pants.

"You're first time?" he asked.

"Fucking someone, yes, sucking dick, no. I've done that twice before," I admitted.

"Yeah, I kinda figured as much," he laughed.

"Wasn't it good?" I asked.

"To be honest, not the best, but still felt damn good," he smiled.

I frowned.

"Don't worry," he said, "You're just inexperienced. You'll get better at it. You're young and hot, so I know you will get plenty of opportunities to practice."

"Thanks," I said, still frowning as I walked over to the sink to wash my hands.

He headed to the door, and stopped when he got to it and turned to look over to me. He thanked me for the good time and suggested that if I was ever in Tulsa again, visiting, or just passing through late at night, I should make sure I come to the bus station and look for him. He finished with, "I'd love to have you fuck me again sometime, see what you've learned, maybe teach you a thing or two," and then he left the washroom.

I headed back out to the waiting area of the bus station a few minutes later, and he was gone. There was still not anyone else there either, except the attendant, and no one else came in until the morning. It was a long boring night, but I managed to pass some time by going back to that washroom a few times and beating off to the thoughts of my very first full-on sexual experience.

When summer ended, I purposely took a later bus and was back at that bus station, late at night, looking for that black guy. Unfortunately taking that later bus was all in vain, as neither he, nor anyone else, came into the station all night long. Still, the possibility of him being there was too much to pass up, so it was well worth the extra hours to get back to campus.

To this day I still remember what it felt like to stick my dick inside another person for the very first time, to lose my virginity to some stranger in a dirty bus station washroom. Since then, I have had many opportunities to practice, and I have gotten quite good at man-to-man sex now.

It may have happened to me the first time in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but that was just an introduction, to fucking, and to the world of bus station and truck stop sex… where do you think I got all the practice!

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