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Thursday, October 31, 2013

All Male True Experience: My First Orgy


Last week, I was invited to an all-male sex party. It took place in the basement of a private home, (complete with indoor pool and Jacuzzi – the host was obviously well-off), which was laid end to end with mattresses. I arrived sometime after ten, and about thirty five guys had already shown up and blowjobs were everywhere! I'm an aggressive type so it didn't take long for me to get naked and start to mingle amongst the crowd of horny men.

It wasn't long before I got mixed up with a hung Latino stud that sported the hardest cock I'd ever seen - stuck straight out with a huge head on it, and it never went soft! I sucked him off while he blew another guy… wanted and got my face covered with his cum!

With a nice face-full of hot cum, I moved on to the indoor pool area, some guys frolicking in the water, others getting their cocks sucked on the pool's edge.

A hairy muscle type was eyeing me up and down so we started making out on a lounger. I ended up fucking this hot stud doggy style with his ass very high in the air. We made a lot of noise, which seemed even louder with the natural echo of the pool area, and that drew the attention from the guys in the pool. With the tightness of the hairy stud's hole and now an audience, I couldn't hold on any longer and blew my load on his back. Fuck it was a hot scene!

I loved fucking that muscle stud. In fact, I love to make out with muscle studs in general, so I went back to the living room to find another one… or two! The crowd had now grown to maybe over sixty men. Needless to say, there was lots of fucking and sucking going on. The host had provided bowls filled with condoms and they were going fast!

I found a muscle stud that appealed to me, rimming a black guy's ass. I gave him the "eye" and he removed his tongue from the other guy's ass and gave me head. The black guy wasted no time in getting behind the muscle stud and pushing his cock into his hole. When the black guy shot his wad, he moved on and I lay down on the mattress on my back and instructed the muscle stud to mouth fuck my cum-covered face. As he did, some faceless stranger started blowing me. Soon my stud got loud and announced he was cumming. He let loose a flood of cum into my willing mouth. Moments later the cock was withdrawn and the muscle stud was gone in search of his next piece of ass.

Meanwhile, the stud working my cock was joined by another guy and they both worked me to the point of almost cumming, but not before one of them rolled a condom on my stiff prick and sat on my cock. He rode me like a twenty dollar whore! At the same time the other guy was now feeding me his cock and I took as much as I could. With some of my muscle stud's cum still lingering in my mouth, the new guy blew his load in my mouth as well. The guy riding me shot his load on my stomach seconds later and dismounted.

Man, I was in heaven! Here I was, spread eagle on a mattress in a room full of naked men, cum on my face, my tongue covered with the cum of two hot men, and a hot load all over my stomach.

Getting to my feet, I took in the sights of other guys fucking and sucking on the various mattresses as I made my way to the shower to rinse off.

More happened later, but this was my introduction to private sex parties. Before leaving, I let the host know I wanted to be on every guest list in the future!
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