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Sunday, October 27, 2013

All Male Fiction: Trick and Treat

By: Tommyhawk1
It was Halloween, just after sundown, so as representatives of our frat house, we were out on the street in force in our costumes, picking up the pledges (the money kind) we'd gained from our frat house's Halloween Haunted House. I was dressed as Robin, Jack was dressed as the Flash, and Tim was wearing a bandanna and a goatee made from a piece of an old wig. I guess he was a pirate.

The deal was that we'd collect the money on Halloween in an imitation of the kids who asked for candy, only instead of the candy, we were given the checks they were supposed to have ready.

"We might as well skip this house," I said to Jack and Tim as we approached the yellow house with the green shutters. "You remember what happened last year."

"What?" Tim asked. He was new to the frat, I'd said that last part to Jack alone.

"I remember," Jack said. "That's why we're not skipping him this year."

"What happened last year?" Tim wanted to know.

"Old Man McCabe," Jack said. "We said 'Trick or Treat' and he said, 'I'll take the trick.'"

"He reneged on his pledge. We just stood there and looked at him, and he laughed and shut the door in our faces," I finished.

"Oh," Tim nodded. "What a jerk. We had one like that when I was a kid, too. One of them in every neighborhood, I guess."

"So why do you want to go back again this year?" I asked Jack. "You know he's just going to do it to us again."

"I'm counting on it," Jack replied. "I'll bet he's still wearing nothing but those ratty old sweat shorts when he does it, too."

"And he probably still has that big bowl of candy he won't give us anything out of," I agreed. A piece of candy was part of the perks we got from our collection rounds. Hey, college kids like candy as much as kids, you know!

"What a jerk," Tim said again.

"So what do we do?" I wanted to know, for we were at his front gate already.

"Just wait until he says, 'I'll take the trick,'" Jack said. "Then we rush him. One of you make sure to close the door behind us, too."

Tim looked questioningly at me and I nodded. "Why not," I agreed.

"Fine with me," Tim chimed in. "The jerk back in my neighborhood, he called me a pussy when I didn't know how to answer him when he said he'd take the trick. What does it even mean, they'll take the trick?"

"It doesn't mean anything," I assured him.

"Sure it does," Jack said as he stepped up to the front door. "And we're going to give him the trick."

I considered this. "Cool."

Ding-dong went the doorbell.

A shadow at the window in the door, just a small, frosted rectangle, enough to show us someone was about to open the door, and we all took a step back.

And the door swung inward and Mr. McCabe was in the doorway.

Like we'd predicted, he wore nothing but the same baggy, ratty, loose-fitting sweat shorts he'd worn last year. His face was round and beginning to sag some, so was his chest and stomach. His hair looked like it'd been cut with a buzz saw.

"Trick or treat!" we said. All the other neighbors would promptly grab the bowl of candy (if they weren't holding it already) and we would get some candy and the check put into our bags!

Not this jerk. He put one hand on his hip and said, "I'll take the trick."

Last year, that had produced dumb looks and us muttering, him laughing and shutting the door. This year...

"Get him!" came Jack's call and the three of us rushed him!

McCabe only got out a bit of a "Yawp!" sound before he crashed to the floor. Jack and I were the ones who had him down, Tim closed the door.

"Turn off the outside light, too!" directed Jack.

"What the fuck are you doing?" sputtered Mr. McCabe.

"You wanted the trick; we're giving you the trick," Jack grinned, his smile and blond hair under the blue mask looked a lot like the Flash from the old comic books (the one with the "Mercury" hat, that is), and I grinned at him.

"Yeah, Flash and I have bagged you, Mr. McCabe."

"Let me up, right now, damn it!"

"Get his shorts off! Get his shorts!" Jack urged Tim.

"Huh?" Tim was surprised.

"Come on, yank them off him," Jack said. "We'll keep him held down while you pull the trick on him."

"Okay," Tim dimpled and he got into it.

Mr. McCabe squirmed but Jack and I had him pinned by his shoulders, all his wriggling just made it easier for Tim to yank those shorts off of him. They really were loose and baggy, and came right off the guy.

"Hey, he's got nothing on underneath them!" I marveled as I saw the removal of the shorts made him now completely naked. "Neat trick!" I applauded.

"We're not done yet," Jack said. "The trick's just getting started."

"Let me up you freaks!" Mr. McCabe griped. "I'll give you your fucking check! Christ, it was just a joke..."

"Oh, no, you wanted the trick, and you're going to get the trick," Jack said. "Grab his dick," Jack said to Tim.

"Huh?" Tim asked.

"Huh?" McCabe echoed.

"Huh?" I put in a bit later.

"Grab his dick. Jerk off the jerk."

"Are you fucking with me?" Tim said dubiously.

"No," Jack said. "Trust me. Grab hold of his dick and jerk him off."

Tim reached a tentative hand down and caught hold of Mr. McCabe's dick. "Gee, it's a fat one," he said as he hauled on the thick folds of skin and lifted out the shaft. It swelled and firmed in his fingers, and soon he had hold of a sizeable prick.

"That's a big one, all right," Jack concurred. "And it's swelling up like a balloon. You'd better get to pumping on it, or it'll pop without you."

"Gah, you queer bastards, let me go, let me go!" Mr. McCabe squirmed. "Let me go and you can have your check, and all the candy in the fucking bowl, too, just let me go."

"Sorry, when we start the trick, we keep it up until it's done," Jack mocked him. I kept myself from feeling sorry for the creep by remembering last year's disappointment.

"Yeah, come on, beat his meat for him," I chimed in.

Buoyed by our encouragement, Tim began to work Mr. McCabe's dick. Mr. McCabe squirmed a bit more, then he settled back down and just sort of... moaned.

"Mmmmmmmh!" was what he said.

"Yeah, that's the way he likes it," Jack said. "Come on, pump him faster!"

"Come on, make that monkey spit up," I agreed. "Get his milk all over his stomach and chest."

"Yeah, and we'll leave him like that," Jack said. "That's the trick we'll pull on people who don't give us our Halloween treat!"

"What do you think of that, Mr. McCabe?" I asked him.

"Mmmmhhhh!" was all he said.

"Wow, his dick's throbbing," Tim said as he pummeled it.

"That means he's ready to blow it," Jack said. "Keep whacking him."

"Yeah, make him cream!" I said.

"Oh, uh, guh, uh, ah!" Mr. McCabe gasped.
"He's going to do it," Jack said. "Come on, he's going to squirt it."

"Yeah, milk it out of him. Milk it all out!" I said.


And Mr. McCabe was spraying all over the place. Not just a weak dribble, but a full-blown, fountain-like geyser that spurted up high and landed all over the place. Oh, it got mostly on Mr. McCabe's stomach, but Tim got a long white rope of it on his hand, and I got a splatter right on the "R" of my costume.

"Whoa, look at him blow that wad, not bad for an old geezer!" Jack said.

"Yeah, you really are making him go!" I said to Tim, for Mr. McCabe was still squirting, just small dribbles now, but he was still moaning and kind of writhing under us, not like he was trying to get away, but like the huge load he had shot was making him shiver and shake.

"That was great!" Tim said. "We really made him blast it, didn't we?"

"We sure did," Jack said proudly. "I got the idea when I saw my roommate jerking his dick a few nights ago."

"Yeah?" I said.

"Yeah. We'd better get out of here before he catches his breath," Jack said. "But let's not forget our candy. He said we could have all his candy, remember?"

"That's right, he did," I said.

We dumped the candy into one of our sacks, and Jack spotted a check made out to the fraternity on the front table, and grabbed it as well. Mr. McCabe was still lying on the floor, white jizz all over his body, as we walked out and closed the door behind us.

"You say you got that idea from watching your roommate, Brian?" I said to Jack once we were outside, quickly making our way down the block before old man McCabe came after us.


"I never knew you and Brian did stuff together, I mean I always thought he was straight."

"We don't, and he probably is straight. I caught him jerking it once in the bathroom. He didn't see me so I watched. When he shot his load into the toilet, it was hot, but then he talked out loud to himself and said, 'Oh, man, that really did the trick.'"

"Oh, so that's what you meant," I said.

"Yeah," Jack laughed. "So when McCabe asked for a trick, I figured we'd 'do the trick' for him too."

"Does Brian shoot like Mr. McCabe?" Tim asked.

"Yeah, he really creamed a lot," Jack assured us.

"I'd sure like to see that," I said.

"Well, it's time we went back to the house anyway," Jack said. "We can wait until he gets in bed..." and Jack trailed off with one of his grins.

Tim got it. "We can pull a trick on him!"

"Uh, but, there's a bit of a difference between McCabe and your roommate. We were wearing costumes and the checks are made out to the fraternity, not us, so McCabe only knows we were some guys from the college, but even with our Halloween costumes on, your roommate will know exactly who we are," I pointed out.

"Yeah, so? If he's mad afterwards, I'll tell him we were all really drunk and it was a stupid drunken prank and apologize. He's a good guy, and when we left, he was guzzling back the beers, so will probably be a bit drunk for real, and will probably get over it. And even if he doesn't, what's he gonna do, tell all of his straight jock frat buddies that some fags overpowered him and gave him a hand job?" Jack laughed.

"Yeah, I guess you're right. Ok, let's do it, only this time," I said turning to Tim, "You have to help Jack hold him down, and I get to jerk him off."

"Sure," Jack said, answering for Tim. "We'll hold Brian down and you jack off his dick, and then when we're done, we'll get your roommate Matt."

"It's a deal," I said.

Treats for Halloween are fun... but the tricks were turning out to be pretty great, too!

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  1. Hahaha! What a naughty way to play trick or treat! If you will keep on doing this, you will have a lot of people waiting for you every Halloween! You are pretty good in doing your job!