"We have reason to believe that man first walked upright to free his hands for masturbation."

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Straight Fiction: At the Hands of a Stranger

By: Miss Jane
Standing in front of the window, peering through the thin lace drapes, was just the beginning of fulfilling a long time fantasy of mine, something I was pushed, well dared to do by my husband, to make it a reality. I can see the passersby too busy with their own activities and thoughts to even notice me. Of course, being on the inside of the window and the other side of the thin lace drapes it is probably difficult for them to see anything inside. Taking a deep breath, I pull apart the edges of the drapes. Sliding them open only a couple of inches, I see my own partial reflection in the window.

Waiting a few minutes to see if anyone outside notices, I am relieved and at the same time a little disappointed that no one has. Reaching for the drapes, I open them a few more inches. Seeing more of my reflection in the window, I feel a shiver move over my body; my completely naked body. My nipples harden almost instantly. Giving each one a gentle squeeze, I don't wait as long to open the drapes wider. Moving closer to the outside world, I hear more of the muffled noises permeating through the window.

Still no one notices me. Swallowing hard, I close my eyes and grasp the drapes. I pause for a few seconds before yanking them open quickly, my heart beating fast, my pussy now extremely wet from anticipation. I am frozen in the moment, knowing I am naked in front of a window with complete strangers passing by me only a few yards away. Holding my breath, I slowly open my eyes and look outside. With daytime turning to dusk, the streetlights and reflection on the outside of the window probably make seeing me somewhat difficult.

Again, I feel an exhilarating chill sweep across my body. I suddenly feel the urge to pull the drapes closed, but since my husband will undoubtedly ask me about this, and has the uncanny ability to discern just from the sound of my voice if I am lying, I resist the urge and stand motionless. I look down at my hardened nipples, my hands quickly moving to them.

Stroking the soft underside of my large breasts, my fingertips tease the curvatures of my smooth skin. Staring outside, hoping to catch the eye of some passerby, I begin to gently knead my tits, squeezing them, pulling on my nipples. I give them a few hard pinches, feeling the familiar sensations of arousal moving through my body.

I notice a man dressed in a business suit slow down but not look in my direction. I keep my eyes on him, then, much to my delight, he turns around and slowly walks by again. Still, he does not look directly at me, but I do see his head angled slightly in my direction.

My heart starts to race. Has he seen me, or has he just remembered something that requires he go back in the direction from which he came? As I watch him disappear from sight, I moan quietly, a little frustrated. Startled by my phone ringing, I turn away from the window and answer it.


"Hey Baby. What's going on?"

I smile at hearing the voice I've been waiting for. "Hey you, I was hoping you would call!"

"I told you I would. I hope you're doing what we discussed. Are you?"

I don't answer; instead I feel a wave of embarrassment and intense excitement sweep over my whole body.

"I will take your silence as a yes." I hear a chuckle over the phone, and can't help but giggle a little too.

"I wasn't expecting you to call while I'm doing this. But it's actually kind of exciting," I whisper.

"Has anyone seen you yet?"

"I think so. A man walked by then turned around and passed by again, but I am really not sure," I reply.

"Are you at the window now?"

"No, I had to step away to..." I stop talking, interrupted by my husband's voice.

"Well it's a cordless phone. Go to the window. Tell me when you're there again. I want to visualize it."

Taking a few seconds to get back to the window, there is a moment of silence, and then I reply, "Ok, I am here."

"Good. Lift one leg and rest it on a chair or a table near the window. Show off your beautiful pussy."

Doing as instructed, I lift one leg and rest my foot on the padded seat of the chair nearby. "Ok, I am."

"Good girl. Has anyone seen you? Do you notice anyone looking?"

"Um, I think so," I say quietly, looking intently at a man facing the window, but reading a newspaper. "I can't quite tell."

"Put the phone down on the window ledge, and turn it to speaker phone. I am going to tell you what I want you to do, and I want to hear what happens. From here on, you won't talk to me, you will only do what I tell you. Do you understand?"

"Uh, yes," I whisper, my voice a little shaky.

Hitting the speaker phone button, I lay the phone down on the window ledge. I glance out the window and see the man still facing my window, the newspaper held high, but not high enough to conceal his eyes. I listen closely as I hear a quiet voice.

"Take a hold of one of your hard nipples, and give it a nice firm pinch. Then, take your other hand and gently stroke your smooth pussy. Now look around outside, and if you see anyone watching, maintain eye contact, male or female, it doesn't matter, just keep looking at them."

I close my finger and thumb around my nipple and give it an almost painful pinch, twisting it, rolling it back and forth. I close my eyes and savor the intense surges of pleasure coursing through my body. I tilt my head back slightly and close my eyes for a few seconds as I move to my other nipple, repeating my actions. Slipping a couple of fingers between my smooth folds, I feel just how wet I am. I gasp at the incredible abundance of wetness awaiting me.

"I heard that! I bet your pussy is nice and wet already. I am getting so hard just picturing you touching yourself... and picturing you doing it in front of a window is just fucking hot! I hope that someone is watching, or will be soon."

"Yesss," is all I can moan in response, keeping my eyes on the man seemingly reading his newspaper. I take a chance he is watching, and give him a mischievous smile. To my delight, he smiles back at me and nods his head slightly. Looking down his impeccably well dressed body, I can barely make out the bulge in his trousers. I slowly lick my lips as I raise my eyes again to meet his stare.

"What's happening? Is someone watching you? Are you still touching yourself?"

"Uh huh... yes, someone is watching, and yes, I am still touching myself," I reply.

"Beckon them over to the window, unlatch it, and open it slightly. If they come over, invite them to touch you. You know that's what you want, what you've been craving! Do it! Do It!"

Still holding the man's stare, I slide my hand from my pussy up my body, slipping my moist fingers into my mouth. Sucking them seductively for a few seconds, I pull them out of my mouth, then motion for my voyeur to come towards me. Needing no further encouragement, he glances from side to side, folds his newspaper and slowly makes his way over to my window.

Turning the latch on the window, he watches as I open the casement style windows outwards. There are no screens and the window is low enough to the outside ground that someone on the outside would be at eye level with the waist of the person standing on the inside.

My heart races even faster. A total stranger is standing only mere inches away from me as I stand totally naked before him. I look at him carefully, admiring his impeccable attire and physical appearance. He stands about six-two, broad shoulders, with short sandy blonde hair and fair skin. With his deep blue eyes, I think that he is about as perfect a male specimen as I could imagine. Dressed in a dark gray suit, I notice his crisp white dress shirt and dark purple silk tie. Without saying a word, I step closer to the open window; close enough for him to touch me.

Reaching in through the window, his hands gently cup my large tits, lifting them up slightly and letting them rest down in his palms. I look into his deep blue eyes, almost melting into them, and hold my breath as he rubs his thumbs over my hard nipples. Moving his thumbs in circles, he pushes my nipples inwards, then watches them protrude fully erect again. My legs tremble slightly at the intense quivers I am feeling deep inside me. Leaning into his hands, I feel the added pressure he immediately responds with, pinching my nipples between his thumbs and fingers. I moan as his touch sends waves of excitement and pleasure all through me.

"I love big natural tits," the stranger whispers.

I feel my face immediately flush with color.

"I noticed you the first time I went by. Your drapes were only open a tiny bit, but you caught my eye," he says looking into my eyes. "I had to come back to see more."

"I am glad you did," I reply with a gasp as he roughly twists my nipples, pulling on them.

"I bet your pussy is soaking wet by now, isn't it?"

I nod in reply, my breathing becoming faster as he teases my nipples. Little does he know how much I love a lot of nipple play; how wet it makes me. Without saying another word, he releases one of my nipples and trails his fingertips down my stomach towards my soaked pussy. I close my eyes in anticipation. My anticipation is brief as I feel his fingers slipping between my smooth pussy folds.

"Oh yeah, I was right," the stranger says quietly. "Mmmmm."

I tilt my hips, angling them towards him, feeling his finger sliding inside me. He rubs his thumb over my clit and I moan with delight. The exhilaration of the situation is already making my knees weak and my legs tremble. I grip the drapes tightly as the stranger slowly withdraws his finger from my pussy. Lifting his hand, I lean my head forward and suck his finger into my mouth, eliciting a moan from him. I look over his shoulder as I see another man stopped, looking in our direction. As the stranger pulls his finger from my mouth, I smile at the man standing behind him.

Keeping eye contact with the second man, I gasp as the stranger at my window plunges two fingers into me. This time, he finger-fucks me harder, deeper; his knuckles grinding against my tender pussy. In response, I bend my knees slightly, increasing the pressure against his hand. My breathing becomes deeper and faster as he rubs my clit with his other hand. I arch my back and close my eyes, relishing in the complete abandon I am experiencing by letting a complete stranger finger-fuck me.

With my eyes closed, I suddenly feel intense warmth and moisture on one nipple. It is the unmistakable sensation of having my nipple sucked. Subconsciously my hips rock back and forth to the rhythm of the fingers fucking my pussy, my entire body moving in response to his touch. Biting on my hard nipple, I gasp loudly as I feel his teeth sink into my skin. My pussy twitches wildly from his aggressive demeanor, but I don't pull away. I know that it's going to be only a matter of minutes, probably less, before I cum from his ministrations.

"You like this, don't you?" the stranger asks, fucking me still, his thumb working my clit.

"Mmmm, yeah… yeah," I stammer in reply. "Ooohhhhhh... yeah!"

"Cum for me," he hisses. "Cum for me, you nasty, dirty girl." He pushes his fingers deep and holds them there, curling them forward, massaging my g-spot.

"Ohhhh," I cry out. "Oh my god!" My hips gyrate and buck against his hand, thrusting wildly to and fro. I tighten my grip on the drapes, desperate to remain standing, and having to fight the urge to collapse to let my legs give out from beneath me as my orgasm quickly moves through me. Desperate for air, I tilt my head back, my mouth opening wider. This only lets my moans out louder. My pussy clamps down onto his fingers, restricting their movement as I hear him moan with approval.

With my entire body shuddering, I hear another moan. Not from the stranger masturbating me, but from a few feet away. I grin when I realize it can only be my husband still listening on the phone.

As the stranger's fingers leave my pussy, I open my eyes to see him tucking his dripping cock back in his pants, and then he is walking away. The other man is still watching and quickly approaches without me even asking him to. He makes it to my window in record time and, sticking his neck through the open window, his mouth immediately makes contact with my pussy. He licks away all the juices of my orgasm with a fury, moaning as he does so. I can see his arm moving and know he has pulled his dick out and is jerking off.

As much as I am enjoying the pussy lashing his tongue is giving me, my cunt is just too sensitive after just having an orgasm, and I want to do something else. Pushing on the stranger's head, he pulls back from my pussy and straightens up, looking at me questioningly. I lower my body, lean down and take the stranger's cock into my mouth. He lets out an incredibly deep moan. I pinch my nipples as I suck the anonymous cock through the window.

It isn't long before the stranger is moaning and thrusting his hips gently. I feel my mouth being flooded with his hot cum, and I swallow eagerly. I hear another moan as I hear my husband cumming.

I stand, and thrust my pussy towards the stranger, wanting him to finish eating me out so I can have another orgasm, but he zips up and runs off.

"He's gone now. There's no one else watching either," I say to my husband.

"That was so hot! I wish I could have been an eyewitness to it all," my husband replies. "How did you like it, did it live up to the fantasy?"

"Oh god, yes, the thrill of it was so incredibly exhilarating."

"Good. I am glad that you are savoring the exhibitionist behavior; you have deprived yourself for too long. But don't worry, from now on it will happen much more frequently. And it will start again in about an hour… when I get home!"

My pussy gets wet in anticipation!
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