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Thursday, November 14, 2013

All Male True Experience: Cold Snap

By: Unknown Author
I’d been cruising the same piece of earth day-in day-out for five years or more, and thought I’d come to know every face and nearly every cock and ass that walked along the pathways.

A cold snap in the midst of April, bringing with it a cold wind, has kept the usual crowd away. I appear to be the only one there at this time.

No sooner do I pass the first picnic area, when I spot another. Eyes meet, and then I take a detour onto a pathway that cuts through the brush.

Soon hearing the crunch to my back, I continue weaving toward the tree-lined bank. Eyeing each other’s movements, we dance around the pathways a short time, and then come face-to-face.

He turns, nervous-like… looks around… ensures his crotch brushes against my hand… whispers he is bi-curious… never been with a man before.

Belt unfastens… fly opens… Dockers drop… white briefs bulge.

Bulge quickly becomes the target of my massaging fingers… eyes close… head falls back… a moan escapes his lips.
Eyes open, head comes forward. He pulls his shirt over his head to rest on his neck… muscled shoulders… chest exposed. Hands moving to his waist, he begins to release his package… hairy bush… uncut cock… midsized and loosely hooded… bouncy balls, yet smooth… muscled ass… legs to match.

He takes his cock in his hand… works it a little… kind of shakes it… telling me what he wants… what he needs. The invitation is clear.

I drop to my knees… reach behind and grasp his ass… work his semi-flaccid cock into my mouth.

As he grows, he begins to move his hips… quickly becomes fully erect… works in tandem with my mouth… thrusting… working toward an end highly sought by both of us. We grind and pump until he deposits his seed in my mouth. I swallow and stand.

Briefs cover paradise… Dockers go up… zipper closes… belt fastens… he mumbles "thanks"… disappears to his car.

Belt unfastens… fly opens… jeans drop… boxer-briefs fall… fist grabs hard cock. Half dozen quick strokes… fist removed… cock presses against the smooth bark of a tree. Hands wrap around tree… cock thrusts firmly against tree… orgasm realized… cum covers bark.

Boxer-briefs cover satisfied cock… jeans go up… zipper closes… belt fastens… mumble "what a hot night"… disappear to car.

Drive home… grab beer… wash away the remaining memory of his cum… plans made to return the very next night.
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1 comment:

  1. Great story! Loved how he sucked him off and then the guy just took off and left him hanging, and then what he did to get off. Hot!