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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Straight True Experience: Swingers Surprise

By: Unknown Author
My wife and I belong to a Swingers Club. We have been doing that type of thing for years now. A few years ago we met another couple at the club, Don and Sherry, and became good friends, hanging out and also having foursomes outside of our Club activities.

Over time, Don and I had discussed a certain idea, an idea that was to be sort of a surprise or treat for our wives. One day recently, Don and I mutually agreed that we should stop just talking about it and actually put our plan into swing… no pun intended.

The four of us had plans to go to dinner together on the upcoming Friday night, and then return to our condo to do some spouse swapping. We decided that would be the night we'd arrange to give our wives their treat.

So, on Friday night we went to dinner as planned, and as we stepped out of the elevator to make our way down the hall to our condo, we told the wives we had a surprise for them. They, of course, responded with the natural reaction of wanting to know what the surprise was, and we in turn responded with the standard, "If we told you it wouldn't be a surprise," and then told them they'd find out in just a few moments.

By this time we had arrived outside the door to our condo, and after I unlocked and opened the door I stood to the side to let my wife and Sherry enter first. As they stepped in, their curiosity-driven questions and giggles were immediately replaced with dropped jaws, for sprawled out on the furniture in the living room were four black studs waiting for us… for them!

I thought the wives were going to shit when they saw these four young black studs sitting there as Don and I called out "surprise" in unison. Even though we were swingers, none of us had been with anyone black before. Both Don and I knew that being with a black guy was a fantasy of both our wives, hence, the surprise we had planned.

Arranging it had actually been quite easy. There was a young black guy that lived in our building, whom I had come to know casually through working out in our building's gym facilities. I had seen him naked in the change room quite a few times, and I noticed that his soft dick hung down a good four or five inches and it was also quite thick, even in its flaccid state. I could only imagine how big it must get when hard and knew that he would be the one I would ask, should Don and I ever go ahead with our plan. Not only because he appeared to have a rather large cock, but I didn't really know any other black guys.

So with the decision made to instigate our plan, I broached the subject with him when I saw him a few days later. I won't get into all the details, but I started by just sort of blurting out that I was about to ask him something that would probably shock him but that I was deadly serious, then I told him the situation.

As I rambled out the proposition and details, part of me thought that there was no way he would be interested because of our age. We weren't 'old' by any means, but to guys his age (he was nineteen), anyone over thirty was usually deemed 'old.' But the other part of me remembered being his age, getting some pussy, whether you've had it before or not, always on your mind, and never turning down any chance to get some.

So, after his expected initial shock at hearing my offer, and some questions, he agreed to do it, indicating that he knew of a few (also black) friends he could ask. Originally I had only intended to ask for him and a friend to fuck our wives, but when he mentioned that he knew of a few friends that he could ask, I asked how many was a few, and he told me he knew three that would probably do it. I told him to ask and invite all three. I think his eyes got as wide as his grin at hearing that.

Anyway, back to the story… When it comes to swinging, there is no pretense, you're there to fuck and suck, not to make small talk, and, so, as was discussed with the boys prior, as our wives stood there absorbing the shock of their surprise, the guys all stood up and dropped their pants, then pulled down their underwear and showed the wives their cocks.

Two of the guys, including the one who lived in our building, had nice builds on them, while the other two had slim builds. As soon as they had exposed their cocks, they all began to fondle and slowly stroke them. Their cocks very quickly grew to full hardness from their stroking, anticipation of what was to come, and their young age, and I (and I'm sure Don, and without a doubt our wives) started to observe their size.

The nicely built guy was about seven inches, with average thickness, one of the slim guys was about eight inches and a bit thicker around than the first guy. The other skinny guy that had looked really long when soft grew to be about eight and a half inches, but his dick didn't thicken up any. It was long and thin. The guy that lived in our building actually turned out to be the smallest. His cock, which had looked to be about four or five inches when soft, only looked to be an average six inches when hard. Obviously he was a show-er and not much of a grower. But, what he lacked in inches compared to his above average buddies, he made up for in thickness. He was really thick, the fattest cock in the bunch.
I'd only had a few moments to estimate their sizes, because in no time our wives were on their knees sucking and gobbling up their sweet dark meat. You just can't imagine how exciting it was to see our wives lips wrapped around those big black cocks, and watching the looks on the guys' faces as they got their young cocks sucked by our wives.

It wasn't very long before the horny young guys wanted to get down to fucking. Our wives were more than ready to feel those big black cocks in their pussies, too. My wife pushed this huge footstool out in the middle of the room, and she and Sherry got up on it on all fours facing opposite directions - Sherry's head was beside Beth's ass and vice versa.

The guys quickly positioned themselves two to a woman, a cock in the pussy, a cock in the mouth, and they went at it. Every so often, they'd switch - My wife would get the cock from Sherry's pussy in her mouth and the one from her mouth in her pussy. Sherry got the one from Beth's pussy in her mouth and the one from her mouth in her pussy.

Don and I just watched, slowly stroking our cocks as we took in the sight of four young black guys fucking our wives. It was a real turn-on!

The guys must have gone around three or four times before they all shot their wads and had to take a break.

I was so fucking horny from watching all of this that I simply couldn't wait for everybody to leave, so while the young black studs rested and watched, I rolled Don's wife Sherry over and stuck my cock in her sloppy cunt and began pumping her. The guy that lived in our building had fucked her last, and the ample thickness of his cock became even more evident now, the grip of her pussy on my cock far less tight than usual.

After a few seconds of watching me fuck his wife, Don got in on the action and slipped his hard cock into my wife, Beth. The four guys lazily played with their cocks as they lounged on the couch watching us.

Soon, though, they were raging hard again (ah, to be that young again!) and came over to use our wives some more.

This all started late Friday night and lasted into the early morning hours. I don't know how many times the guys got off, but even as young as they were, they were pretty worn out and totally drained at the end of it all.

Beth and Sherry then slept most of the day. They deserved it.

When she got up, Beth gave me a big wet kiss and told me it was the greatest time she had ever had. I really enjoyed it too, a lot. It was definitely a swinging experience that I will never forget. And I'm pretty sure there are four young black studs that will never forget it, either!
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