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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

All Male True Experience: Cruising The Cuff

By: Unknown Author
When this experience took place, I hadn't been out to the bars, or anywhere socially, for over a month. So when my buddy Ed came over and pounded on the door of my apartment, it didn't take him long to convince me that I should give the books a rest, at least for one night. I'd been studying for my Masters Degree for so long that I was beginning to feel like a walking encyclopedia… it was definitely time to get back out in the world again.

Ed took me downtown to The Cuff, a gay bar, which, at that time, was new and had just opened. I'd heard the cruising there was hot, so naturally I was interested. It was packed when we arrived, and Ed bought me a beer, and then left me on my own. I made the circuit, checking out the guys, and then settled down near the pool tables to watch the action.

The main action that caught my eye was in the form of a hot redhead. He looked to be in his mid-twenties, and had curly, copper-colored hair, piercing blue eyes, a solid build, and a gorgeous little ass that twitched and flexed every time he moved.

He looked like he was all business, at least when he was playing pool. He had a little scowl on his handsome face, his full lips pressed into a determined line. He also appeared to be a little aloof, basically ignoring the heavy cruising of several of the men who were watching him play the game. One dude even grabbed his hot little butt, and I thought for a minute that the redhead was gonna force-feed the jerk his pool cue. The guy who'd done the grabbing was twice the redhead's size, but the feisty little bastard stood his ground and the guy backed off like a whipped dog.

I'm the shy type, so I wasn't likely to grab any ass unless I received an invitation first. Still, the redhead was the best show in the bar, and I figured I could at least look. Well, I was looking hard, getting off on the way the hairs on the guy's forearms gleamed like fine copper wires, and the little satisfied smile that would flicker across his face when he sank a difficult shot.

I was staring at him when the dude looked over from across the table and locked eyes with me. Instead of the scowl he'd been handing out to everyone else, he stared intently, and then winked at me. Well, that made me feel really good, putting a warm glow in the pit of my gut. I smiled back across at him and nodded.

The next time he was up, he walked over to my side of the table and leaned down, putting his tight ass within grabbing distance. Only I didn't grab, because, like I said, that's not my style. I did, however, notice that the seam in the seat of his jeans had a little tear, right down where you'd expect his asshole to be lurking, just out of sight.

Instead of walking back around the table when he finished the shot, he came over and stood right next to me. This was too good to pass up, so I nodded and said hello to him. "You're really good at this," I added, unable to think of anything more original.

"I'm even better at other things," he retorted, looking at me and winking again. That remark started putting a bone in my meat! It didn't take much imagination to figure he was telling the truth. "The name's Russ," he said offering his hand.

"Derek," I replied.

I continued to watch him play, and he kept coming back and standing beside me when he wasn't pulling off complicated shots at the pool table. It seemed like every time he came back, he stood closer to me, until his hot body was literally pressed against my side. I was sitting on the high bench that ran around the room, and before too long Russ was resting his right hand on my left thigh. This gave me the nerve to let my hand touch his leg, and then he moved in even closer, to the obvious disappointment of half the men around the room.

After Russ had successfully met every challenger, he put away his cue, bought me a beer and sat on the bench beside me. We talked a little, then got to kissing, long, slow, tongue-twisting kisses that left me panting and ready to pin him to the wall. He must have read my mind, because he whispered in my ear and asked me to follow him. Believe me, I trotted right along behind him.

We got outside to the little enclosed patio out behind the bar. It was pretty chilly, so we had the place to ourselves. Russ pulled me over into a corner and flung his arms around my neck, doing his best to plug his sweet little tongue right down my throat. My hands slipped from his solid shoulders and down his sides, making a beeline for his melon-shaped ass. I caressed the lush curves, and then my fingers found that little hole I'd noticed earlier. Russ wasn't wearing any underwear, and my fingertips instantly made contact with his asshole.

"Uh huh," Russ moaned, spreading his cheeks so I could poke around.

I could feel his dick against my lower belly, waking up rapidly as I began probing his steamy hole. My index finger slid in him, and a little wriggling soon had him purring.

Well, it was obvious that Russ had one thing on his mind, and since my thoughts were running in the same direction, it didn't take much talking for me to get his pants down around his ankles. I knelt behind him and buried my nose in his crack. I had my fly open and my cock was out, pointing straight up in the air, drawn to his butthole like a magnet.

First, though, I wanted to make sure he was properly lubed. With that in mind, I licked his crack a few times, and then drove my tongue deep up his sweet little hole. Russ groaned happily, and his tight little butt wiggled as I started rimming him. I got him nice and slick, and then I stood up and smacked his ass a couple of times with my hard-on.

He looked over his shoulder at me and growled, "Fuck me, guy!"

I slipped my rod down his hot crack until I felt his hole kissing my knob. Russ whimpered excitedly and thrust his ass back, and very soon I was in him balls deep. Then he kicked in like a little fucking machine, using his ass and belly muscles to massage my cock. Hell, all I had to do was stand there, my hands braced on the wall above his head while he fucked my prick with his hot ass.

My passive pose lasted for about two minutes, and then I started pumping him hard and fast. I slipped my big hands up under his t-shirt and rubbed his hard gut. He liked that a lot, judging from the way his ass-ring spasmed and throbbed around my cock, so I worked my way up to the rise of his pecs and the tight points of his nipples. One hard pinch and the dude just about went into orbit. He squealed and bucked and I watched his hot cum spraying all over the brick wall. Hell, I hadn't even touched his dick yet!

I started touching it now, though, using it like a handle to keep his ass just where I wanted it while I finished myself off. I thrust a few more times, and spewed my cum in his hole, and stayed inside him until our breathing returned to normal.

Afterwards, he gave me his phone number, and I assured him that I'd use it. And I did. We ended up hooking up all the time at first, then it gradually slowed and eventually petered off to only once in a while. Then I called him one time and his number was out of service. I never saw him at The Cuff again after that either.
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  1. Damn. College was a lot of fun. I miss these kinds of hook-ups.