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Friday, November 29, 2013

All Male Fiction: The J.O.C.K. Club (Part 2)

By: MrCreamJeans & Ryan Michaels
Kenny and Jon started spending a lot of time together at school ever since Jon introduced Kenny to the guys in the J.O.C.K. club. So it was only natural that they became friends and started hanging out on the weekend. It was the Saturday just after Kenny won his first wet spot contest when Jon came over to his house.

When he greeted Jon at the door, Kenny felt a little tingle in his crotch, and his eyes automatically went to the front of his friend's jeans to see if anything unusual was going on. He paused for just a moment, wondering what that meant. Kenny was pretty sure he wasn't gay, so what did it mean that he was checking out another guy? He dismissed the thought pretty quickly, though. Jon was a tall, skinny kid, with average looks, and a little geeky, too. But he was good company, and he was the horniest guy Kenny had ever met!

"Hey, Kenny, what's up?" Jon asked as he came in the door. "Nice place."

"Thanks. Not a whole lot. Let's go up to my room."

The boys bounded up the stairs, and as they entered the room, Jon eyed the posters on the wall, the laptop computer, and the rest of Kenny's stuff, and pronounced, "Cool."

One thing Kenny found out about his friend is that Jon couldn't keep the conversation away from sex for more than a couple of minutes at a time. "So, you been saving up for Tuesday?" he asked.

Kenny knew he meant saving his cum-load for the Tuesday meeting of the J.O.C.K. club. "Nah, I've whacked off twice since the last meeting," he confessed.

"Yeah, me too," Jon replied. "Oh man, I couldn't believe the look on Rod's face when he saw that spot you made last Wednesday. That was awesome!"

Kenny smiled. "Yeah, I really creamed 'em good, didn't I?"

"And through your boxers, too!" Jon said enthusiastically. "Shit! Rod's got to freeball to get a wet spot that big."

"Well, the boxers I wore were pretty old and the fabric is kinda thin, you know?"

"Oh yeah? Lemme see," Jon said.

This took Kenny by surprise. No guy (or girl, for that matter) had ever asked to see his underwear. "I don't know, man..."

"Aw c'mon, Kenny, you can show me," he cajoled.

Kenny stood up, thinking, what the fuck, why not? But as he moved toward his dresser, he remembered that those shorts hadn't been washed yet. He stopped in his tracks. "Nah, you don't want to see those," he said.

"C'mon man! Just let me see them," Jon insisted.

Kenny shrugged his shoulders and went to his closet, fishing the cum-stained underwear out of the basket. "Ok, man. You wanted to see them," he said as he handed them over.

"Cool," Jon said as he examined the shorts. They had a patterned print and they were obviously well-worn. Jon could see the traces of Kenny's huge ejaculation, and he felt the stiffness along the whole left side of the fly.

Then Kenny saw movement in Jon's crotch, and when he glanced at it he could clearly make out the outline of a boner! For a moment, he didn't know quite how to react – here was his new buddy getting hard from handling his cum-stained shorts. He decided to make a joke out of it.

"Looks like you really like my shorts," Kenny said, staring openly at Jon's crotch. "Maybe you should take them home with you." Then he started to laugh.

Jon's reaction surprised Kenny even more. His eyes opened wide and he said, "Wow, could I? That'd be awesome!"

Kenny just sat down. "I was kidding man! You really get turned on by my shorts?"

Jon blushed. "Well, you know..." he started, looking down at his feet. Then there was an awkward silence. Slowly, Jon handed the bunched-up shorts to their owner.

Kenny took the shorts and put them down on the bed. "Hey man, I didn't want to make you feel bad. I've just never heard of anything like that, you know?"

Jon just opened up. "Well, it's just that I thought it was so cool that a cool dude like you would jerk off in his pants in class, and when I was watching you I came so fast, and when you walked up to the meeting on Wednesday with no books and this huge cum spot, and then you showed everyone your boxers and everything... it was just totally hot, dude."

Kenny really didn't know what to say. He finally looked at Jon and said, "I'm not gay or anything, man."

"Oh, no, dude! I never thought you were," Jon replied.

"What about you?" Kenny asked quietly.

"I dunno, man. It's like, I think about girls a lot, but I also think about the guys in the J.O.C.K. club. I mean, all those dudes creaming in their pants, showing their wet spots, talking about jacking off all the time, you know? It's like a guy's gotta get a boner thinking about that kind of stuff… doesn't he?"

"Yeah, I guess so," Kenny agreed.

"Hey, you got any porn?" Jon asked hopefully.

"Sure, who doesn't," Kenny said without thinking as he stood up and then remembered that his friend had a boner.

Rubbing one out in class by himself wasn't quite the same as rubbing one out while sitting right next to another dude, one who was doing the same thing, one who had just admitted that he might be turned on by guys. But it was too late now, he had already made his way over to the laptop sitting on his desk with Jon following right behind him.

Kenny grabbed his laptop, moved over to sit on the end of the bed so that Jon could sit, too, and powered it up. It didn't take long to start up, but with the awkward silence that filled the room while they were waiting, it seemed like forever. Once it had, Kenny went to his bookmark file to open up one of his favorite porn sites and sat the laptop on the floor in front of them so they could rub and look down at it.

As they watched a porn clip Kenny had clicked on, Kenny noticed Jon's hand sneaking into his pocket. It wasn't long before the front of Jon's pants were rising and falling with a familiar rhythm. Kenny smiled.

"Just can't help yourself, huh, Jon?" he smirked.

"Fuck! If I were at home, I'd have creamed ten minutes ago," Jon admitted, never once stopping his concealed stroking. "Looks like you're enjoying this too, dude," he added, staring at the front of Kenny's tented pants.

Kenny looked into his crotch and said, "Yeah, I guess so. But maybe I should save it for Tuesday."

"Why save it, man? You can't win two weeks in a row anyway. All you have to do is show up with a wet spot so you qualify for next week."

"Yeah, you're right," Kenny said. Then, remembering how Jon seemed fascinated with seeing the boxers he creamed his load into in class, and thinking he'd give his buddy a show, he opened up his pants, pushed them to his ankles, and began stroking his cock through the fabric of his boxers.

Jon's eyes widened and he looked up at Kenny. Kenny just said, matter-of-factly, "It's easier this way."

Jon ripped his hand out of his pocket and opened up his own pants and slid them down, and then began stroking himself through the front of his own boxers, too. The sounds of rustling fabric and heavy breathing filled the room for the next several minutes.

Seeing how much Jon seemed to be enjoying watching Kenny stroke his meat through just his underwear was having a strange effect on Kenny, too. He, for some reason, really liked that Jon was watching and an urge suddenly came over him to give his friend a real thrill. "Fuck, these are my new shorts, man. I hope I don't mess them up," he said.

"Isn't that the point? You do want to cum, don't you?" Jon asked worriedly.

"Oh yeah, definitely want to cum," Kenny said. "I just don't like to cum in my shorts when they are new. I only like to do that in older pairs, you know?"

Well why don't you change into an old pair," Jon volunteered.

Kenny glanced at Jon for just a moment and grinned. Then he turned back to look at the computer and said, "Actually, I only cum in my underwear in class, for the club, and since we're not in class and not meeting the other guys to show our wet spots, I may as well just take 'em off altogether," and then, before Jon could even respond, Kenny stood and quickly pulled his underwear down.

Kenny fully expected Jon to react with some sort of shock and questions as to what he was doing, but he said nothing. He just started rubbing his stiff cock faster and harder and he wasn't looking at the porn on the laptop, he was staring right at Kenny's hard, exposed cock.

Sitting back down, Kenny slowly lifted his t-shirt up to just beneath his chest and then gripped his boner firmly in his hand. With his eyes fixed on the computer screen, Kenny squeezed his boner hard, which made the head swell and get darker for an instant. He then began to slowly, teasingly jack off his boner while letting out quiet moans.

That was all it took for Jon. With his hand still steadily gripping his encased boner, Jon held his breath and then began to take quick breaths. "Shit, oh yeah, I'm gonna let go, man… gonna cream in my shorts!"

"Fuck, man, pull them down," Kenny almost shouted, shocking himself with his own words, but really wanting to see his friend's naked dick shoot its goo, even if he didn't really understand why he wanted to.

"Huh?" Jon asked slowing his stroking and looking at Kenny questioningly.

While the feeling was totally new and strange to Kenny, he now desperately wanted to see another guy shoot his load and decided to try some reverse psychology. "Cumming in your shorts in class, for the club, is ok, but cumming in your shorts when you don't have to is sad, man. Little boys who just started getting boners do that, not guys like us. We're eighteen, men, not boys. Come on man, pull those boxer's down and shoot that load like a man!"

"Oh yeah, gonna cum like a man," Jon moaned as he grabbed at the waist of his boxer's and then began to wiggle them over his hips. Kenny smiled at his accomplishment… and in anticipation.

As soon as Jon had his underwear around his ankles he grabbed his woody and began to pump it like a motherfucker. Instead of staring at Kenny's cock, he was watching the porn, probably because Kenny was looking right at him.

It took a few minutes for Jon to get himself stroked back to the edge again, and then his whole body twitched. "Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum," Jon groaned, closing his eyes and putting his head back a bit.

"Yeah, shoot it," Kenny encouraged.

"Yeah, gonna shoot it any second now… gonna cum like a man!"

"Yeah, like a man," Kenny echoed.

"Oh god, here it comes… here it comes… uh… oh… cumming…" Jon moaned as he pulled his t-shirt up with his free hand. "Mmmmppphhhhh… uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," he groaned as a stream of cum shot out of his cock and hit high on his belly. Then another spurt and another as his cock and his body convulsed. Jon continued jacking off as he came, getting the most out of an already intense orgasm.

It seemed like several minutes before Jon finished, and when he finally did, he sank back on the bed on his elbows, panting. Kenny was slack-jawed, never thinking that a guy could cum that intensely. Kenny was also powerfully turned on – he hadn't stopped his own stroking all the way through Jon's climax.

"Check it out, dude," Kenny said, his voice filled with awe. He was staring at the huge load of cum all over Jon's stomach.

Jon looked down at his spent load and managed a weak smile. "Yeah, that's what I do when I really let go," he said.

"Shit, man, and you already came twice since the J.O.C.K. meeting on Wednesday?" Jon nodded as he grinned. "Wow, so how come you never win for the biggest wet spot?"

"Well, the first couple of times I jacked it in class this is what happened," he said. "But, honestly, I really didn't like having to choose when the other guys had to do it in class. Rod didn't like what I chose and was really mean to me for a while after. So I don't want to win, just take part and see who else wins. I learned after a while how to bring myself just to the very edge of the edge, and then stop so just a little amount actually seeps out."

"Well, if you shoot like that when you don't hold back, I don't think Rod was mad at you for what class you chose for him to jerk off in. I think Rod was probably mad and a bit jealous that you made such a big wet spot, since he always made the biggest."

"Yeah, maybe," Jon agreed as he thought it over. "He did look a bit mad and jealous when you walked out last time with a wet spot way bigger than even his biggest."

"Yeah, I noticed that," Kenny chuckled.

"You better be careful. Rod can get mean if he doesn't like you."

"I'm not too worried," Kenny replied.

The porn clip had stopped playing, and looking at Kenny stroking his cock, Jon said, "You gonna cum, too?"

"For sure," Kenny said.

"You want me to find another porn clip on this site?" Jon asked as he leaned down toward the laptop.

"Nah, I'm not far off now. Don't need any visual stimulation to finish the job," Kenny replied.

Truth was he didn't need the porn as visual stimulation, not when he had Jon's cum-load and the scent of it driving him to the edge already. But, he wasn't about to tell Jon that! It was hard enough admitting to himself that that was what was turning him on so much.

Jon leaned back on his elbows again, crooking his neck to watch Kenny, and giving Kenny a perfect view of his cock. That, along with the vision of seeing another guy cum for the first time, and the aroma of cum in the air, was too much for Kenny as he suddenly became overwhelmed with that familiar feeling in his balls. "Oh fuck! Oh! Nnngh! Gonna blast! Awwwwww yeahhhhhhhhhhh!" And with that, Kenny started squirting his own load.

Jon sat up at that moment, and despite his recent climax his face registered intense arousal and his spent cock lurched into semi-rigidity as he saw Kenny begin ejaculating in front of him. Kenny's breath became a series of sharp pants, each one representing another wet spurt from his cock that began to pool on his stomach, all in front of Jon's unblinking gaze.

Kenny's orgasm didn't last nearly as long as Jon's had, and his load wasn't nearly as big as Jon's, either. But it had definitely been a great climax, leaving Kenny in that familiar, blissful, slightly sleepy state.

Still catching his breath, Kenny glanced over at Jon, and Jon had this shit-eating grin on his face. "What are you grinning at?" he asked breathlessly.

"You, dude. Looks like you totally got into pumping one out with another guy," Jon said.

"Yeah, I guess you could say that," Kenny replied. "It looked like you did as well, though."

"Definitely," Jon smiled. "Never done it before, but it was pretty cool. Hey man, I gotta take off now, though. Told my mom I'd be home by three o'clock to cut the grass," Jon said and then moved to get up.

"Hey, what about that mess, dude?" Kenny said pointing at Jon's stomach, and then grabbing his arm to keep Jon from standing, continued, "Let me grab the box of tissue so you can wipe up your goo."

"Fuck it, I don't need any tissue," Jon said defiantly.

"Huh?" Kenny replied with a confused look on his face.

"You… uh, ever taste your own?" Jon asked.

"No, never!" Kenny exclaimed and acted disgusted.

"Yeah, sure," Jon laughed. "Every teenage guy has tasted his own cum at least once, and anyone who says they haven't is lying."

Kenny didn't quite believe that every teenage guy had tasted his own cum, but Kenny was one of the ones who was lying. He had tasted his cum, just once, when he was fourteen… just out of sheer curiosity. He didn't like how it tasted and never did it again.

"Well, I never have," Kenny said keeping up with his lie. "But what you're saying is that you have?"

"Yeah, a few times," Jon replied. Jon then lowered his hand to his stomach, scooped up some of his cum and brought his fingers to his mouth. Kenny looked on awestruck as Jon licked his fingers and said, "It's really not that bad tasting either."

"Shit, I can't believe you just ate your own cum!" Kenny exclaimed.

"Why not? It doesn't make you queer or anything if it's your own. Go ahead, try it," Jon urged.

"No, thanks," Kenny responded.

"Man, I always thought you were so cool, but I guess you are just a wimp. Too chicken shit to even taste your own cum, like every other cool guy has done at least once before."

Kenny was smart enough to know that Jon was using reverse psychology on him, just as he had done to Jon earlier, but even so, he didn't like Jon calling him a wimp and a chicken. It really got under his skin, so he reached down and scooped up some of his own load and slowly, tentatively, brought his fingers to his mouth. There was no time for hesitation, so he opened his mouth and jammed his fingers in and quickly licked the goo off.

"Nice," Jon grinned. "See, it wasn't so bad was it?"

"It wasn't great, either," Kenny said with a sour look on his face.

Kenny then got up and moved around to the head of his bed to grab some tissue to wipe up the remaining cum. When he was done and turned to move back over to Jon to give him the box of tissue, Jon was licking his fingers and the mess of cum on his belly was completely gone. Kenny didn't comment and just put the box of tissue back down.

"Ok, I really gotta get going now," Jon said as he stood and began to pull up his boxers and then his pants.

Kenny was suddenly worried that Jon might tell the other guys in the J.O.C.K. club about what they had done together. Seeing the dirty boxers on the bed from earlier, and remembering how much Jon seemed to get off on them, Kenny had an idea on how to keep that from happening.

Kenny reached across the bed and grabbed his championship cum-stained boxers. "Hey... take these with you." He threw them at Jon so they landed across his face.

Jon grabbed the boxers off his face and smiled sheepishly.

"That gift to you buys your silence about what went on here today, got it?" Kenny said in a threatening tone.

"No problem, dude, I got it. But I wouldn't have told anyone anyway," he said. "Thanks for the boxers though," he continued as he shoved them into his pocket and made his way out of the room and down the stairs, with Kenny following behind to see him out.

Jon had that shit-eating grin on his face all the way home. He had Kenny's boxers in his pocket, and not just any boxers, but the ones he wore when he won the cum-spot contest at school. He was grateful when Kenny didn't make fun of him for getting turned on by them, but when Kenny threw his cum-stiffened boxers in his face, he knew he had a true friend – and a jack-off buddy for life!


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