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Friday, November 22, 2013

All Male Fiction: RV Rocking

By: Unknown Author
It was not my intention to go looking for cock. My periodic camping trips have traditionally been nothing more than a much-needed respite from the stresses of my job.

There's one particular state park that I like to go for long weekends. It's heavily wooded, blissfully serene, and has not yet been "discovered" by the weekend campers. Pulling my RV into the park, I selected a beautifully secluded site.

It was already a long weekend, but I had made it even longer by calling in sick a day early so that I could have four complete days in the woods to hike, rest, read, commune with nature, and practice my campsite culinary skills. I'd been looking forward to the weekend for a long time.

Work deadlines and job stresses were obliterated from my mind as I set up camp. I'd hooked up the generator to my RV and gathered jugs of water from a nearby natural spring all by about noon on Thursday, and then went for a long, leisurely walk through the dense woods, savoring the nature smells that were so refreshingly different from the city smog. By the time I got back to my RV, other campers were beginning to roll into the park.

Thankfully no one had parked their RV's too close to where I was, so I was still isolated, and I took off my shirt and sat in the camp chair in only my shorts, reading a novel I bought three weeks earlier but had not had the time to start. It was an idyllic setting with the birds chirping and a nearby stream flowing. The weather was phenomenal, and I felt like a new man, no longer stressed or feeling hunted or harried.

Midway through the second chapter of my book, I saw another RV pull into a spot near to me. The young man who drove it was alone, as I was. My eyes kept wandering from my book to my new neighbor, cursing him for invading my private spot, but, even so, I couldn't help but notice that he was indeed a hot looking guy. I judged him to be in his early twenties. He had semi-long blond hair and a muscular physique. He was exactly the type of guy I'd try to hit on if we were in a gay bar. But we were not in a gay bar, so I cooled my simmering libido and tried to focus on my novel.

I wasn't much good at shutting out the delightful distraction of my new neighbor, though, especially when he peeled off his shirt to reveal a v-shaped torso with wonderfully rippling muscles. He had a pair of exquisite buns stuffed tightly into a pair of ultra-short silk jogging shorts. They were so short that the bottoms of those buns were provocatively exposed, making me wonder if he was wearing underwear.

I found myself fantasizing about him, wondering if he had a big cock or not, wondering if he was gay. And the more I fantasized, the more I became aware of the swelling in my cock and of the fact that I hadn't been with another man in nearly a month. My book no longer could hold my interest. It didn't have the fascination for me that my new neighbor did.

I set the book aside and watched him move. He had a certain grace and agility that turned me on. So, soon, I decided to be neighborly and go over and pay a visit to that young stud, trying to subtly discern if he might be gay, and if he'd be available for a long weekend of fun.

Trent was twenty-six, an accountant, and lived just a few miles away from me. And before long, he was talking about how lonely he had become since his lover, Ashley, had moved out two months ago.

My hopes were high, but I was also cautious. After all, one of my female friends was named Ashley, it was a unisex name. So, I casually mentioned the name of an obscure gay bar. My heart fluttered when Trent smiled, nodded his head, and said, "I haven't been there for a long time. That's where I met Ashley, in fact."

Bingo! Trent was gay, and available. He was also quite convenient.

It took damn little coaxing to get Trent out of those skimpy jogging shorts. Just as I had figured, he wore no underwear underneath. The hunky-looking man stood totally naked in the great outdoors, and, just as I had hoped, his cock was a fucking whopper!

It was dusk, still too light to do much outdoors, so we went into Trent's RV. There, on his bed, we pressed our naked bodies together, our hands roaming feverishly over each other's asses. We kissed a passionate, tongue-probing kiss, and our pulsating cocks were pressed between our bodies, emanating warmth and desire.

We had a whole weekend to spend together, so there was no sense in hurrying, yet we both felt an urgency to make each other cum. We each slipped a hand between our bodies and grasped each other's hard cocks tightly. We stroked softly at first, and then more vigorously as our passion mounted.

Through his frenzied gasps and moans, Trent said, "Roll over and let me fuck you."

He assumed I was a bottom or at least versatile, and he was right. It had been quite a while since I had been fucked, longer than the two months since Trent had had sex, and I was desperate for it, so I turned onto my stomach instantly, spreading my legs a bit to give Trent access to my twitching hole. My new neighbor hopped up, jogged off, and returned seconds later with a bottle of lube.

I twitched when the cool liquid hit my hole, and I groaned deeply when I felt his finger slide into my ass to push the lube deep inside me. Once he had my ass well lubed, I heard him squirting lube on his cock, and then he lay flat atop my ass, laying his cock along my crack so that it resembled a hot dog in a bun.

Erotic chills raced up and down my spine, making me shudder quite noticeably. My cock throbbed mercilessly against the sheet beneath me, and I drew in deep breaths to relax so that I wouldn't spunk all over the sheet.

Trent's weight was totally on me. His body rocked subtly up and down so that his hard, thick cock thrust up and down through my ass crack, spreading the lube on his shaft. His balls rubbed against my asshole and the erotic chills returned, making me shudder helplessly.

Trent's passion overtook him, though, and his long, thick cock slipped between my crack, and penetrated my hole. Slowly he pushed until his cock was buried in my ass to the root. He held still for a moment and then began to slowly withdraw.

Trent took his time, not hurrying his thrusts, seemingly savoring his first experience with a man in two months. I loved his slow and sensuous thrusting, relishing every hot second of it, but soon he was fucking me with an increasing vigor, and I knew he wasn't far from cumming.

I flexed my ass muscles around his cock as Trent picked up the pace, ass fucking me with a fury. His breathing became quite shallow and rapid, and I could feel his beautiful body tensing. His thrusts became more and more forceful. And then, groaning with his exertion, Trent came, spurting a copious amount of cream deep inside my hole. The feel of that spurting goo was sensational, and it made my cock throb madly.

After his orgasm had played out, he nuzzled the back of my neck, kissing me lightly, breathlessly whispering, "Thank you, that was great."

When Trent finally rose up off my ass, he rolled over and laid on his side next to me, propped on one elbow, his head resting on his hand. I too rolled over, onto my back, and began to stroke my still hard cock, hoping, and expecting him to suck me off so that I could cum too. When he smiled instead and asked if I'd like to fuck his ass, too, my throbbing cock twitched, ready for some ass action.

Instead of speaking my answer, I simply rose up and rolled Trent onto his stomach, and then straddled his legs. I grabbed handfuls of his meaty flesh in both hands and began kneading his beautifully rounded cheeks, pulling them apart so I could see his hole. Moving back and leaning forward, I slipped my tongue deep into that crack and gave him a nice long rim job. He was literally squirming from my tongue, begging me to fuck him.

I was happy to oblige, and quickly worked lube in his hole. But then, instead of lying on top of him, like he had done to me, I grabbed him by his hips and pulled his ass into the air. I liked to see what I was doing, to see my cock pushing in and out of a hot ass. For me, watching the action was nearly as great as feeling it. Aimed at the target, I pulled Trent's ass towards my pointing cock, impaling him on it. Soon, my entire length had disappeared into those mountains of man-flesh.

My cock felt so good being buried in a tight hole again. It felt like it belonged there, and I loved the sight of my bulbous, purplish head each time it emerged at the top of his crack. It turned me on, and I lapsed into some definite power-stroking. I loved pulling out to the head every once in a while and then just ramming it all the way back in him, hard. Trent liked it, too, squirming most excitedly, moaning lasciviously every time I did it.

I noticed the RV swaying a little with my frenzied thrusting motions, and I tried to imagine what it would look like from the outside. I smiled at the mental picture of that big RV rocking on its springs, with all the other campers seeing it and instinctively knowing what was going on inside.

My pace quickened, I was tensing involuntarily, and my breathing had become more like a frenzied panting, a sure sign orgasm was near. I squeezed Trent's ass cheeks tighter against my cock, providing all the friction I needed to get off.

In seconds, I grunted and spurted like a fountain. Thick gobs of milky-white cum splattered inside Trent's ass. Then, to give Trent an extra special treat, I pulled out right away, and stuck my face in his ass, licking and sucking my own load out of him. He moaned like crazy as I did it, and he moaned even more when I lay atop of him and twisted my head around to his and shoved my tongue in his mouth, sharing my cum from his ass with him.

We lay together talking until we had regained our strength. And that was when the rocking and rolling started in earnest. We made that RV bounce on its springs as we took turns stuffing our cocks up each other's tight asses, banging each other to sheer and utter bliss.

It was like that all weekend. I'd intended to find four days of peace and serenity in the woods, to unwind and escape the pressures of my life. What I found instead was four days of non-stop sucking and fucking with a hot stud in the woods.

And now that we're back in the city, Trent and I are still sucking and fucking. And when those long weekends come along, we head back to that campsite… in one RV!
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