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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

All Male Fiction: The J.O.C.K. Club (Part 1)

By: MrCreamJeans
Kenny couldn't believe he was about to get away with it. He was on the verge of shooting off in his pants during social studies class! He had been steadily rubbing his cock through his pocket, all the while checking to see if anybody noticed his subtle movement. Now he could feel the cum starting to leave his balls.

It had bee
n a difficult morning for Kenny. His family had gone on a camping trip over the weekend, which was fun and everything, but it meant that he had to share a tent with his younger sister, so he never had any privacy to jack off (which he usually did every day). When they all got home and unpacked, he was too tired to play with himself. Then he woke up late for school and didn't have time to do it in the morning. So now, in second period social studies, his cock, which had been hard most of the morning, was demanding the kind of attention it had become so accustomed to.

When he first shoved his hand in his pocket, Kenny figured he'd just rub it a little and then try to concentrate on his studies. But it felt so good, he just kept going. He used a very short stroke so as not to arouse suspicion, and he figured that such a small amount of friction wouldn't be enough to take him over the edge. He really didn't want to make a wet spot on his faded blue jeans, because he knew it would be real obvious.

But now his reservations were giving way to sort of a giddy sense of doing something so taboo and not getting caught. Not only was he going to ejaculate in his underwear, but he was doing it in class! He straightened up in his seat a little in preparation for the explosion that was now inevitable. He was sure his face was quite red, and he tried to keep his breathing under control as his boner released the first spurt of cum in his shorts.

Moving only his eyes, he scanned to see if the students on either side of him had any idea what was going on. More spurts of hot cream gushed out, and he could feel the slippery goo coating his cock and soaking through the fabric of his pocket. He was slightly alarmed when it occurred to him that he was probably making a good-size wet spot on his jeans.

Forgetting to be non-chalant, he looked down into his lap and saw the dark stain spreading quickly. His cock was standing almost straight up, through his pocket. He struggled a little with his still-ejaculating cock to point it more towards his belly, and a new, smaller spot appeared at the new location.

Now his orgasm was fading, and he allowed himself to breathe again. His heart was pounding. Another quick check of his classmates confirmed that no one had seen him. The anxiety of thinking about his wet spot gave way to a return of the exhilaration of getting away with it all. He had trouble not giggling out loud.

The bell rang signaling the end of class and the beginning of morning break, and Kenny stood up with his notebook carefully positioned to cover the tell-tale stain. He figured he'd go to the boys' room and clean up.

"Hey Kenny, wait up," he heard from behind him. It was Jon, a classmate he didn't know too well. When he caught up to Kenny, Jon said, in a low voice, "I saw what you did in there."

Kenny's eyes grew wide and he blushed furiously. "I... I... Oh, geez. Don't tell anyone, ok?"

Jon smiled. "Don't worry about it. I got something to show you," he said. It was then that Kenny noticed that Jon held his notebook in the same place. Jon pulled back his notebook just enough to let Kenny see.

"Wow! You shot off, too!" Kenny said in an awe-struck whispered voice.

"Yup, and I'm not the only one. You gotta join our club, man. Come on," Jon said as he began striding toward the back of the school.

Kenny was torn between following and getting to the boys room, but his curiosity got the better of him and he ran to catch up to his new friend.

"What club? What are you talking about?" Kenny asked.

"It's called the J.O.C.K. club… Jack Off and Cum in Klass club. Class with a 'K', get it," Jon said, grinning from ear to ear.

"Holy shit! You mean there's a bunch of guys that do this?" an astonished Kenny asked.

"Wait 'til you see," Jon replied, as he led Kenny to a back corner of the school – an infrequently traveled area behind the last row of lockers. There was a cluster of guys, all freshmen and sophomores, with their backs to the world, all talking, pointing and laughing.

"Hey guys, check this out!" Jon called out. Everyone turned and looked at the approaching duo. "Show 'em, Kenny."

Kenny wasn't at all sure about it, but he slowly pulled his notebook away from his crotch.


"All right!"

"Nice spot, man!"


Kenny couldn't believe his ears – these guys were all approving of the cum stain on the front of his jeans!

"Come on, Kenny! Check out the rest of the guys," Jon coaxed.

Kenny shuffled into the midst of the growing circle of boys and suddenly realized that every one of them had a wet spot on the front of his pants! Some were just a couple of inches across, some were twice as big. Some were faded; some were fresh and shiny-wet (like his). But everybody had a shit-eating grin, first from having gotten their rocks off in class, and second from knowing all these other guys did the same.

"Whoa, here comes Rod," someone called out.

Jon leaned over to Kenny and whispered, "Rod always shoots a big load."

Kenny turned around and saw a guy from his sixth period geometry class. He was bigger than most of the kids because he had been held back a year in elementary school. As Rod approached the group, Kenny looked down at his crotch and saw that the entire right side of his fly was covered with a huge, shiny cum stain.

The group murmured their collective approval:

"Holy shit!"

"Check it out!"

"What a stain!"

"Awesome, dude!"

Kenny's jaw just hung open. He couldn't believe what was going on.

Someone in the back of the group called out, "Well, I think Rod's the winner!"

"Again," someone else mumbled.

Rod smiled and looked around at the group. His eyes stopped on the new boy. "You're Kenny Marshall, aren't you?"

Kenny just nodded.

Rod eyed his wet spot. "Cool. Welcome to the J.O.C.K. club. Ok guys, who didn't show?"

After a bit of looking at each other, someone said, "Chuck's not here."

Rod said, "That's cool. He came every week last month. Anybody else?" Then after a brief silence, "Everybody got off?" More silence. "All right. Next week... umm...  Wednesday... uhh... beginning of lunch break."

There was a general murmur of reaction. Kenny heard one guy say, "All right! Study hall!" Another said, "Mrs. Romano. I can handle that." One guy said, "Aw fuck! Mr. Houser!" This provoked laughter and several guys saying "Oooo..." like this was something dangerous. Kenny was completely confused.

The group began breaking up, each guy going his separate way. Kenny looked at Jon with a puzzled expression on his face.

Jon smiled. "Come on, I'll tell you all about it. Let's get something to eat."

On the way to the snack bar, Jon explained that everyone in the group had to jack off in class just before the next meeting. The idea was to time it just right so that the cum stain was as large as it could be for the meeting – this usually meant doing it as close as possible to the end of the period. But if you waited too long, and didn't ejaculate in your pants in time, you either had to miss the meeting (and if you missed twice in a month, you were out of the club), or if you went to the meeting, you had to jack off in your pants with everyone watching. This was the most embarrassing, not only because you were jacking off in front of the guys, but because you had to do it standing up, so when you came, it would run down the front of your pants, making the stain harder to hide.

He went on to say that you had to go directly from class to the meeting – if you arrived more than five minutes after the end of class, it was like you missed the meeting. This prevented guys from dashing into the boys' room, jacking off there and claiming they did it in class. The guy with the biggest stain was the winner, and he got to set the next meeting day and time. The time was either the morning break or the beginning of lunch. That was important because it was easier to get away with in some classes than others. The winner could either set the time based on what was easy for him, or on what was hard for another guy he wanted to antagonize. A guy couldn't win two weeks in a row, and he couldn't win in the week after he missed a meeting. If there was a doubt about who won, last week's winner would be the final judge.

"Rod wins pretty much every other week," Jon said. "He can really squirt a load! But I know he saves up his load for a few days and then freeballs on meeting days to make the stain bigger."

"Freeballs?" Kenny asked.

"Yeah, that means he doesn't wear any underwear," Jon replied.

Kenny giggled at the thought. It had never occurred to him not to wear underwear.

Jon continued, "Hey, if you're serious about winning, it's the only way to go. I'm not so much into winning that I want to walk around for half the day with a huge old wet spot. But it's pretty cool to see all those guys with cum stains and know they're totally gettin' away with it in class, huh?"

"Yeah," Kenny said. "I couldn't believe it!"

The bell rang to call the students to their next class, so Kenny and Jon said their good-byes and took off in different directions. Kenny glanced down at his crotch to see that the stain was already fading, so he really didn't need to stop off at the boys' room.

For the rest of the week, Kenny couldn't stop thinking about the club. Several times, he almost found himself jacking off in another class, but he didn't want to make a habit out of it. Mostly he was thinking about second and fourth periods, and how he could get away with jacking off in his pants in these classes. Now he understood why the guy who had study hall fourth period had been so happy about the lunch-time meeting.

As the week went on, Kenny noticed some of the other guys from the club around campus. When they saw him, they'd grin and shove one hand in their pocket, jiggling it slightly.

"It's like a secret handshake," Jon informed him one time when they were together, and after that Kenny began responding the same way.

The Wednesday of the meeting arrived. As Kenny was getting dressed, he debated about not wearing any underwear. Then he remembered Jon's warning about the "huge old wet spot" and decided to wear them after all. He did pick out his softest pair, though, knowing they'd feel good on his dick, and then he put on a pair of soft, faded corduroy jeans. He had also abstained from jerking off since Sunday, wanting to have a respectable spot at the meeting.

Kenny had a boner for most of the morning. Jon noticed it as they left social studies class and kidded him about it. By the time fourth period came around, Kenny knew it wasn't going to take much to blow a big load in his pants. He occasionally teased his cock through his pocket for the first half of the period. It never went soft and leaked pre-cum throughout the class.

With twenty minutes to go, Kenny started rhythmically stroking his unyielding boner. He was shocked when he felt close to cumming just minutes into his stroking! He took his hand out of his pocket and tried to let his over-excited bone calm down. But it was throbbing incessantly, and Kenny was afraid his cum would leak out without him getting to enjoy a real orgasm – kind of like the wet dreams he had every so often. So he returned his hand to its hidden stroking spot. He gripped his shaft with just his thumb and forefinger, and wiggled it gently so that his cockhead slid against the now slippery fabric of his soft underwear. More pre-cum leaked out, this time soaking through his pants, and with only ten minutes to go until the end of class, Kenny couldn't hold back any longer.

With his hand still in his pocket, he arranged his ready-to-spurt hard-on so it poked straight into the front of his pants. Subtly looking around, he straightened in his seat and gripped his cock hard. That did it. A huge glob of cum flooded out into his boxers causing Kenny to gasp – which he followed instantly by a fake cough to cover his outburst. He was astonished by the force and amount of his first spurt, and equally amazed at how much cream sloshed into his pants on the second and third. He was ejaculating in massive quantities, filling his shorts with hot, slimy jizz. He quickly glanced down and was astonished yet again to see a ball of liquid accumulating at the tip of his cock bulge. His cum was gushing right through the fabric of his underwear, and his pants!

Finally, the biggest orgasm Kenny could remember was over. He sat up even straighter when he realized that he wasn't sure if he'd maintained his composure during the climax. He once again glanced around and relaxed a bit when it became obvious that no one was paying the least bit of attention to him.

He looked into his lap and carefully moved his hand down and, acting like he was scratching himself, he squeezed his crotch, feeling the mass of hot cum underneath and how much of it had soaked through. He squeezed some more, hoping to force more of the hot liquid through the corduroy, making his stain even bigger. It made an audible squishing noise. He coughed again.

Kenny had calmed down by the time the bell rang for lunch. He bolted from the classroom, books held tightly against his crotch, and was on his way to the meeting site when he remembered how boldly Rod had walked to the meeting with no books to hide his condition. Kenny's locker was only two rows away, so he decided to do the same.

After depositing his books in his locker, Kenny walked quickly along the back corridor to the meeting site. Several guys were there, including Jon. They were looking at little Mike, whose stain ran embarrassingly down his pant leg. "I couldn't help it!" Mike was saying, "I started cumming after the bell rang, and just kept shooting while I was walking!" Everybody laughed.

Jon grinned broadly when he saw Kenny approaching. "Hey Kenny, how'd it go?" he called out. He looked down at Kenny's crotch and his jaw dropped. "Holy shit!"

Kenny grinned as everyone turned to look at him and their eyes opened wide.

"Fuck, man! You really jizzed 'em," one of the guys said.

Kenny looked down for the first time at the entire result of his classroom cum. Even he was shocked at the size of the spot. It was bigger than Rod's was last week! The middle was still very shiny, and it was obvious that some of the cream was visible on the outside of the corduroy.

Just then, Rod walked up. He was carrying books this time, and pulled them away to reveal his stain to the club. But he didn't get the reaction he was looking for. This week's stain was a little smaller than last week's, and was certainly no match for the newcomer, Kenny.

"Check out what Kenny did," Jon told Rod.

Now all the guys in the club were gathered around Kenny congratulating him on his big classroom cum.

"You must've been freeballing," Rod accused.

"No way," Kenny replied, lifting the bottom of his shirt to reveal the waistband of his underwear.

"Kenny's the winner," a voice called from the back.

Rod had a chagrinned smile on his face, realizing that he now had some real competition.

All eyes were expectantly on Kenny, as he was now in charge. "Uhh, ok… anybody not here?" Silence. "Anybody not shoot off?"

A kid next to him said, "I don't think Chuck got off. That's an awful small spot, and he's still got a boner!"

Chuck got defensive. "Yeah, I came. It just... It just went into the pocket."

This prompted a round of "no ways" from the rest of the group.

Jon leaned over and whispered to Kenny, "Chuck tries this all the time. You gotta check his pocket."

Kenny wasn't eager to do this, but everyone stood around expectantly, so he walked alongside Chuck and gingerly slipped his hand into Chuck's pocket. "Dry as a bone," Kenny punned, resulting in a few laughing groans.

Everyone closed in a circle around Chuck so he was invisible to passersby. With a resigned sigh, Chuck grabbed his cock through his jeans and started stroking the fabric.

The guys were mostly pretty quiet, with one or another occasionally saying, "Go for it, Chuck." or "Cream your jeans, dude."

Everyone got quiet when Chuck finally said, "Ok, here it goes!"


"Look at the spot!"

"He's totally creaming his jeans!"

"Check it out, it's running down the front!"

The round of comments were followed by laughter and the breaking of the circle.

Chuck was now exposed to the school, still gripping his squirting cock through his jeans, with a cum stain running down his leg. Now Mike got to laugh, too. Chuck released the grip on his cock and pulled his books in front of the worst part of the stain.

Relishing his turn as leader, Kenny announced the next meeting. "Ok, see you guys next Tuesday..." Then, thinking about the possibility of watching Jon go for it in class, he finished, "morning break."

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