"We have reason to believe that man first walked upright to free his hands for masturbation."

Friday, November 8, 2013

Bisexual Fiction: Intimate Viewing (Part 1)

By: JRob & Ryan Michaels
The day started out innocently enough, just a dreary, overcast Saturday morning helping my best friend Steve and his wife Jessica move.

Steve and Jessica had been married for three years and were moving from a starter home to a larger single family home being built several miles away. Unfortunately, the sale of house number one was completed before house number two was finalized, and they had to temporarily move into an apartment.

It was one of those "friends moving friends" ventures, where a bunch of guys do the heavy lifting and moving, while the girls packed and ensured the beer was cold, and that there was plenty of it.

Needless to say, helping out wasn't first on my to-do list, but it was one of those things that friends do for each other. Plus, it wasn't all that bad. Given the steamy heat, made steamier by the intermittent rain, some of the women were in skimpy outfits, which made for good eye candy, and provided motivation to complete our work fast and stick around to mingle at the barbecue afterward.

Some of the ladies were a bit more revealing than others. Jessica, for instance, wore prim Bermuda shorts and a loose fitting top - boring, but workable given her duties for the day. Others showed a lot of leg, others some ample cleavage.

Over beers, in private among the guys, Steve complained how his sex life was, well, uneventful, as we shared stories about how we didn't get enough sex and all that... well, guy talk.

I remembered sneaking glances at Jessica, and realized that even in her ho-hum outfit she was really quite cute. Her smile lit up a room, to say nothing of her sweet little ass, which would turn on even a blind man. On the few occasions where she'd bent over to lift a box, my eyes had locked onto her form and my mind wandered. For whatever reason, Jessica was the object of my mind's affections. Kristine, Bill's wife, was a knockout brunette, and Margaret, John's girlfriend, was a real red-headed hottie, but it was Jessica who occupied my fantasy mind.

Moving day was work, hard work, and by the end of the day everyone was beat. Nearly everything had been moved to the temporary apartment when Steve asked if I could store some of the filled packing boxes in my basement. Of course I said yes, and those boxes were loaded into my SUV and ended up in my basement next to various storage boxes of my own.

The very next day, I was looking for several books I knew I had on travel in Ireland. After searching high and low I surmised they might be in the basement, and I went downstairs and started sorting through my own boxes. Lo and behold I found the desired tour guides, and I began perusing the books.

After a bit of reading I decided to go upstairs and grab a beer, but as I stood I accidentally tipped over one of Steve and Jessica's storage boxes. I reached over to pick it up, but noticed the top had come undone, and several items had fallen out.

Now, I'm not a snoop, but I couldn't help looking at the big pile of photos that had spilled onto the floor, and I picked them up. The photos consisted of shots from vacations, softball and baseball games, and shots taken around the house.

After I finished looking through the photos I put them back in the box, but curiosity got the best of me. I grabbed the box, took it upstairs with me, got a beer from the fridge, and then sat on the couch and began rummaging through the rest of their stuff.

There were some books, some old and obviously sentimental items, and an empty box of tissues. That got my attention, because it was out of place in the box. Why would anyone pack an empty tissue box away? Picking it up, though, I realized something was inside it.

I reached in through the slot in the plastic where the tissues would normally stick out and pulled out several provocative photos of Jessica in revealing outfits. These were obviously pictures that had been taken with a digital camera and printed out at home. In one shot she was bent over a table, the bottom of her panties showing, while her face was looking over her shoulder toward the camera. An infectious smile on her face, she was obviously teasing the photographer.

There were several more of this variety, but the last photo was the best of the lot, as she not only had a smile, but she had lifted her top, baring her very nice breasts to the camera.

It's funny, but when I realized I was looking at some private shots, I quickly put them back inside the tissue box and began re-packing the storage box. That task only lasted a few seconds - only long enough to realize there was a mini-disc from a camcorder sticking out from under one of the flaps in the bottom of the box. I knew I shouldn't, but I quickly loaded the mini-disc into my DVD player and sat back to see what was on it.

Let me tell you that any thoughts of Jessica being prim and proper were quickly dispelled. And, as for Steve's complaints about his sex life, well, the man was obviously a liar.

The video opened with a title shot, "Samantha's Afternoon Delight". Yet it wasn't 'Samantha' that came into view. On a large four-poster bed was Steve's wife Jessica, lying back on several pillows and reading a book. She was wearing a dark blue baby doll nightie with light blue satin panties. Her lips were bright red, the same shade as her fingers and toenails. She looked adorable, sexy, and a lot different than the wife of my best friend. She appeared to be so sensual, and all she was doing was reading a book.

That scene didn't last long, as soon her eyes opened wide as she read a passage of the book. Eyes glued to the page, she reached down between her legs with her left hand and began caressing the outside of her panties. It didn't take long for a bit of wetness to appear, and soon she slipped her hand inside the satiny briefs. It didn't take a brain surgeon to know she was slowly fingering her pussy.

I couldn't believe my eyes. Here was my friend's wife performing for the camera - and performing in a very hot manner. Soon, the book was put on the bed stand and Jessica was wiggling out of her underwear, sliding those panties down her thighs and baring a beautiful bald pussy. After leaning back, her hand and one lucky finger began attacking that pussy, and soon her breathing became heavier as she emitted light moans and groans.

"Oh, oh yes," she moaned. "That feels so good."

Jessica fingered herself for several minutes before reaching into the bed stand drawer and removing a long candle, which she proceeded to rub against her pussy. Her eyes were closed as she opened her pussy lips with one hand before slowly sliding the candle up her cunt. She began stroking the candle in and out of her wet pussy, rocking on the bed.

She was obviously hot, very hot, and the camera caught every sensual move. Jessica closed her eyes and moved her ass up and down on the bed as the artificial cock fucked her hole.

The camera moved a bit as the inexperienced operator (Steve, I assumed) watched the writhing woman. He'd zoom in to catch a close-up of the candle inside the pussy, then pan back to reveal Jessica writhing and moaning to the waxy cock's movement.

Seconds later, though, the camera became rock steady, and right after that Jessica opened her eyes and drew back in mock shock.

"Oh no, it's the gardener!" Jessica cried out to nobody in particular. "Go away, go away! Get out of my room!"

What followed was Steve coming into view in work clothes, talking in some sort of strange half-Mexican, half-Chinese accent. "Oh Senorita, what are you doing? Maybe you need some help from a real man?" Steve said. "I have something a lot better than your fingers and that candle."

Jessica drew back, but the candle was still firmly embedded in her wet cunt. The man moved closer, baring his chest. He slowly reached down and unzipped his pants, dropping them to the floor, then kicking them off his feet.

"Oh please, don't rape me, please, please, no!" pleaded Jessica in a B movie starlet voice. "I'm a virgin."

The man leered at the woman. "Not for very much longer, unless..."

"Unless what?"

The intruder smiled.

"Unless you suck my dick!" Steve said. "What do you say? Your mouth or your pussy, I don't care."

Jessica, as 'Samantha,' looked shocked at the thought of putting her perfect lips on this low life's manhood. Now, it wasn't the best acting job I had ever viewed, but my eyes and ears were locked on each and every word. It was like I was invisible, a spec on the wall with a full view of the action. The film wasn't professional, but it was good. And my friend looked great in it.

"I'm getting my rocks off, American woman, and there's nothing you can do about it! Your choice of where you want this big slab of meat," he said as he took hold of the candle and began to push it in and out of her pussy.

Jessica tried to push the 'gardener's' hand away as she squirmed on the bed, before 'submitting' and saying, "My mouth, you can use my mouth for your foul deed."

I pulled my cock out and began to slowly stroke it as I anticipated watching Jessica give Steve a blowjob.

Down came Steve's briefs and out popped his hard cock. I couldn't believe how hung my best friend was! Jessica's eyes widened at its size, and she began to pull away, but soon Steve was kneeling above her head. He stroked his dick in front of her face, and then lowered down a bit and forcefully pulled Jessica's head to it. Jessica pretended to resist, but after a few threatening words from the 'gardener' she opened her mouth, and then closed it over the head of his cock and began polishing the knob with slow, sensual sucks.

Steve began slowly inserting more of his large cock into his wife's mouth. "Oh Mrs. Smith, you have a great mouth! I can't wait to shoot my hot cum in it," he said. "Oh yes, and I will enjoy watching you swallow it down your lily white rich girl throat."

Jessica pulled her mouth off his cock and cowered back. "No, please! Don't make me do that. Please!"

There was no Academy Award in 'Mrs. Smith's' future, but the acting was as realistic as most pornos I had seen.

"You will swallow my cum, whether you like it or not!" Steve replied. "But first, I will reward you for being such an excellent cocksucker," he finished, and then he slipped around into a sixty-nine position. "Suck it!" he ordered as he lowered his cock to Jessica's mouth, and then dipped his head between her legs and started lapping at her pussy while she complied and began sucking on his big dick.

I began to stroke faster as I watched the twosome on the screen rocking in time to each other, locked on to each other's sex organs.
It wasn't long before Jessica let out a cry and began exploding in orgasm. A moment later Steve removed his face from her cunt, threw his head back, groaned loudly and contorted his face in ecstasy as he emptied his nuts into Jessica's sucking mouth.

Pure, prim Jessica took it like a pro.

That set me off, and I shot my wad all over myself.

"Whew, that was hot!" I said aloud.

Needless to say I made a copy of the disc before packing up the box as best I could. I was nearly finished and about to take it back down to the basement when there was a knock on my door.

"Oh, hi Steve," I said, feeling my face reddening. "What's up?"

"I, uh… I need to get one of the, uh… one of the boxes I left with you," Steve stammered, and when he looked over my shoulder and saw one of his packing boxes – the box – in my living room, partially open, I thought he'd collapse. "You didn't look in it, did you?" he asked with panic in his voice.
I said no, but not very convincingly, and he knew right away that I had, so I explained how I'd accidentally knocked the box over, and came across the photos while putting the spilled contents back inside.

"The disc… did you watch it?" he asked nervously.

"What disc?" I asked, unable to keep from cracking a smile.

"You did! You watched it!" Then he took a breath and quietly asked, "Did you make any copies?"

"No, no, I didn't," I replied, again not very convincingly.

"Can I have it back, please? Look, Jessica will kill me if this ever gets out. Please, Jon, don't get me in trouble with this. Please!"

Seeing his desperation, and being my best friend, how could I refuse to give him back his photos and disc, and even the copy I had made? "Sure, of course," I said and motioned for him to step inside.

I headed off to grab first the disc, and then the storage box on the way back. But as I was making my way to retrieve the copy, I remembered how Steve had complained for months about how his sex life with Jessica was boring, when in fact she was of porn star quality. That brought back memories of high school and how Steve always bragged about all the pussy he got, which in turn brought back memories of a girl named Jill Dorsey.

Jill Dorsey was a girl in high school that I liked, a lot. I had been too afraid to ask her out, but, with Steve's encouragement, I finally got up the nerve… and she said yes! The date went really well. She seemed to like me a lot, too. We made out and felt each other up, but she stopped me when I tried to get in her pants, telling me she doesn't do that on the first date. I was disappointed but that quickly changed when she immediately followed that with, "But if I like a guy, if I really like him," and then she reached over and squeezed my crotch, "I will do oral on a second date." Needless to say, I immediately asked her out again, and she accepted.

Then, after sharing all the details of the date with Steve, including what she had promised to do on our second date, he turned around and asked her out behind my back. Not only that, but she cancelled her date with me, making up some excuse. It was later that I found out, overhearing her gossiping with friends at school, without her knowing I was nearby, that not only had she gone out on a date with Steve, but that she had given him a blowjob… and then fucked him! On their first date!

It may have happened back when we were in high school, but the betrayal I felt at the hands of my best friend was something I had never quite gotten over. It was always in the back of my mind when I was around him. Now, it would seem, I had been given the perfect opportunity for a little payback!

With that in mind, instead of getting the copied disc I went right to the storage box, picked it up and then returned to the door. "Here you go, it's all in there," I said handing him the box.

"The copy, too?"

"No, just the original disc, the pictures and whatever else was in there."

"Jon! I need the copy!"

"You can take the box, no problem, but to get the copy back you'll have to, well, pay for it."

"What! You expect me to buy back the copy from you?" Steve asked sounding shocked and angered by my demand.

"Well, yeah, but I don't want money, and no, nothing illegal," I started, then I swallowed hard, looked him in the eye, and told him exactly what I wanted: "I want to watch you and Jessica in action again… live!"

"No way, man! That will never happen! Jessica would never go for that."

"Then you won't get the copy back, Steve."

Steve came at me, but I got out of the way and tripped him, falling on top of him just like in high school, giving him a noogie. "That will cost you, Steve!"

Now, really, Steve was my best friend, but thinking about Jill Dorsey had me pumped up for some long overdue revenge. "Look, all I want to do is watch. She doesn't even need to know."

Thinking of his options, Steve finally relented. What choice did he have? All that was required now was a bit of planning and execution. Over the next several weeks the plan came into place, and two months to the day, just after they moved into their new house, it was hatched.

It was late on a Saturday night and Jessica and Steve had gone out to dinner and a movie. Their new house bordered on state game lands, and the glass sliding door on the back wall of their house looked out at the foliage and trees. Having only recently moved in, and unable to afford them right away, none of the windows had any coverings yet.

The plan was simple. I was to be in the seclusion of the game lands a short while before they were due home, dressed in dark clothing to help me blend into the darkness of the night. Steve, for his part, was to entice the wife into a little breaking in of their new home with a piece of ass on the basement couch... which was situated in full view of the sliding glass door. He was to leave the lights on, and, if necessary, reassure her that with nothing but heavy foliage behind their house nobody would see them. Nobody except for me, but, obviously, only Steve would be in on that fact. When the action started, I was to make my way from my hidden spot to the back of their house and peer around the wall through the glass, giving me a clear, close-up view of the two having sex.

What Steve didn't know was that I had brought a video camera and tripod with me. Upon my arrival, I had quickly set it up in my hiding spot and zoomed it in right on the glass door, allowing me to record all the action for later, repeated, viewings.

After waiting for about ten minutes, a light illuminated on the main floor of the house. Now all I had to do was wait for Steve to bring Jessica downstairs, and then, if all went according to plan, I'd be in for a really hot show.

When another fifteen minutes or so passed and the basement remained dark, I wondered if Steve had chickened out or if Jessica was too modest to mess around outside of the bedroom.

Finally I saw Jessica come into view, wearing a form fitting top and short denim skirt. Steve followed closely behind, a bowl of popcorn in one hand and a movie in the other. Steve went over and popped the disc in the DVD player, then sat next to his wife. I continued to watch from my vantage point, waiting for something to happen.

They watched the movie for about fifteen minutes, and then Steve made his move. Jessica laughed and shook her head no, but soon the two were kissing and playing with each other's bodies like teenagers in their parent's basement. I hit the record button on the camera and then stealthily ventured towards the house.

I was surprised at how soon Jessica got into the action. I mean, they were married, so it wasn't anything new they were doing, but it appeared to me that Jessica was getting into the action as if they hadn't been intimate in ages.

Early on Steve was a little tentative - hell, he knew he was being watched - but once Jessica had him undressed down to his boxers, her soft, sensual, and persuasive touch caused him to soon rise to the occasion.

As I watched the two roaming their hands and mouths all over each other, I was already getting aroused. On one hand it was a bit like watching a movie, but as they advanced further it became more like a peep show.

Steve pulled Jessica's top over her head, all the while writhing as she stroked his mid-section. Jessica stood up and unzipped her skirt, dropping it to the floor, and then knelt down in front of her husband. She scooted in between his legs, stroking his thigh and looking up at him as he leaned backward into the couch.

She bent her head over and planted a kiss on his boxers, and continued kissing the fabric as she reached up and grabbed the elastic top. She slowly removed his underwear, watching as his hefty, hard cock popped into view.

Jessica began stroking his dick and was saying something to him as he luxuriated in the experience. Then Steve suddenly stood up and started walking towards the sliding glass door, his big, hard cock bobbing up and down in front of him. I ducked back out of view. Had Jessica seen the dark figure of someone looking through the glass, or thought she had heard something and asked him to go check?

As I stood hugging the wall, I heard the lock on the sliding door unlatch and then heard the door opening. The next thing I saw was Steve's head popping out, and he looked at me for a second, nodded as if to acknowledge my presence, and then closed the door a bit, leaving it open about an inch. Then he turned and walked away.

I waited several seconds, and then cautiously peered around and looked through the small gap in the now open door. I looked just in time to see Steve sitting back down on the couch, and I gazed on in voyeuristic bliss as Jessica lowered her head and began sucking her husband's cock. I had never seen two people having sex before outside of porn. And let me tell you, it was way hotter than any porn video, and they had only just gotten started!

As Jessica worked the base of Steve's dick with her fist and the head with her lips, Steve began bucking up and down in tune with her mouth action, moaning at the pleasure he was receiving. It was quite the sight. It was then that I realized he had opened the door so that I could hear the sounds of their sex, and I was very glad that he had, because actually hearing them having sex, not just seeing it, made it even hotter.

As Jessica pulled her head off Steve's cock, it came free of her mouth with a wet popping sound, leaving Steve bucking with no receptacle. I watched as she got to her feet and removed her thong, bending my head a bit to get a good look at her pussy from behind as she bent over. She then instructed Steve to lie down on the couch. After he did, she straddled him, with her pussy above his face and her mouth above his cock. Steve grabbed her ass with both hands and pulled his wife's pussy to his face as Jessica lowered her mouth to his cock again.

Seeing my best friend lying on the couch licking his wife's pussy, while she was bobbing her head on his cock at the other end was even hotter than watching her blow him, and had my cock throbbing. Making sure not to make any noise, I moved to the wall and quietly unzipped my pants and pulled my dick out. Moving back to the door, I slowly jerked my cock as I resumed watching Steve and his wife orally servicing each other.

"Oh, Jessie, keep sucking!" Steve groaned several minutes later as he took a break from eating out his wife. "You're a great cocksucker."

He wasn't telling me anything new, as I had a bird's eye view of her ministrations. She really was into his cock, and I could tell he was having trouble holding back. "Oh, god, I'm gonna cum soon."

It appeared as though Steve was going to shoot his wad way too fast for my taste, but I needn't have worried. Jessica brought him to the brink then pulled off his cock, stood and straddled his head, and then sat down on his face. Steve went to town, chowing down on her pussy like he was dying of thirst.

After enough time had passed to let Steve's load settle a bit, Jessica lifted herself off of his face, moved back and straddled him, and then sank her husband's large cock into her pussy. She began bouncing up and down, head flailing side to side, eyes closed as she pleasured herself on Steve's big tool. Then, her movements suddenly slowed and she sank all the way down on his rod and held still. I could see her pussy clenching around the thick pole, and I knew she was having an orgasm.

After her orgasm subsided, Jessica began to lift herself up and Steve moaned as he felt her sopping wet pussy sliding up his cock. When it popped out, it fell to his stomach with a thud, well coated and glistening with his wife's pussy juices.

Jessica motioned for Steve to stand up, and then she sat down on the couch and slouched down against the back so that her pussy was right at the edge of the couch cushion. She spread her legs wide, giving the camera (I hoped) a great shot of her beautiful pussy, which was now gaping open a bit.

Steve quickly positioned himself in front of his wife, spreading his legs slightly and placing one hand on the back of the couch. With his other he grabbed his stiff cock and began rubbing it up and down her slit, then used his hand to push it into her opening. Placing his hand on the back of the couch with the other, he began to slowly fuck in and out until she had taken all of his length, and then he began fucking her pussy with vigor. Steve's ass bounced as he pounded his wife's cunt. The two bucked fast, and then slowed the action, rocking in unison.

They fucked liked the long-time lovers they were, moaning and groaning, and then they started to talk dirty, Jessica wanting it hard and fast again, and Steve only too happy to oblige:

"Oh fuck me, Steve. Fuck me harder!"

"Yeah take it! You love it, don't you?"

"Oh god, yes, yes, your cock feels so good inside me!"

"Oh yeah, your pussy feels so good around my cock, too!"

"Harder! Deeper!"

"Yeah, take my big cock! All fuckin' nine inches of it! Every last inch! Take it hard! Yeah take it deep like only I can give it to you!"

Then, Steve drove his long cock all the way into his wife's cunt and stopped his thrusting. His ass clenched in and out, and Jessica wrapped her legs tightly around his waist and threw her head back. Both were moaning loudly and I knew that the two were cumming in unison.

They continued to moan and pant as they came down from their highs, and then Steve pulled his spent cock out of his wife's pussy, leaving her cunt red, swollen and gaping even more than before, stretched wide from his big, thick pounding piece of meat.

I stayed put, figuring on waiting for the two to head out of view before retreating back to where my camera was situated. But I quickly realized they weren't done, as Jessica spread her legs even wider and Steve slipped onto his knees in front of her, and then leaned in and began licking his wife's cunt.

I was confused at first. Why would he eat her out after cumming inside her? It was kind of gross as far as I was concerned. But the fact that he had just blasted his load into her cunt didn't seem to bother him in the least as he licked and cleaned out his wife's pussy like a cat licks a pan of milk.

Despite my initial reaction, though, I found myself stroking my dick faster as I watched, now finding the idea of him cleaning his wife's pussy after depositing his load inside it kind of arousing rather than gross. Jessica seemed to really like it too, luxuriating in the tongue bath and holding Steve's head tightly against her pussy as his tongue laved the cum-filled hole.

It didn't take long for Jessica to begin bouncing up off the couch again, and Steve helped things along by sliding his hands under his wife's ass and helping her on the upstroke. I marveled at how Steve's head was jerked to and fro, locked to his wife's pussy. Soon another orgasm came to Jessica, and she clamped her legs to Steve's head as she let out powerful moans.

Once she caught her breath, Jessica released her grip on Steve's head and he came up for air, panting heavily. His face was covered with the juices of her orgasm, and even some drops of his cum that he had deposited in her pussy. There was something really hot about seeing my best friend between a woman's legs with his face looking like that and I blasted my wad into my hand.

What a show! I thought as Jessica made her way to her feet and almost danced out of the room. I couldn't wait to get home to see what I had captured. It would be a great addition to my 'Jessica Does Steve' collection.

As Jessica disappeared from the room and headed upstairs, Steve rose from his prone position and started heading for the sliding glass door.

When he got there, he opened it just enough to stick his head out. His eyes immediately fell to my exposed dick and the wad of cum in my hand.

Rather than laughing and making some comment, like, "Guess you really enjoyed the show," he just looked back to my face and said, "Ok, I held up my end of the deal, now you hold up yours," as he stuck his hand out.

"Oh… well, I didn't actually bring the copy with me. I wanted to wait to make sure things went according to plan first. But swing by my place tomorrow and I'll happily give it to you. A deal's a deal, after all," I said.

"Alright, see you tomorrow," he said. "I'll go upstairs and make sure Jessica isn't near any of the windows so you can get out of here without being seen. Just stay there for a couple minutes longer," he finished and then pulled his head in and closed the door.

As I watched Steve pick up his clothes and then head up the stairs, naked, I wondered who was luckier: him for getting some pussy or me for getting to watch him get it. Then, the room went dark as he reached the top of the stairs and shut off the lights.

After a minute or so, I moved out from the house a bit and peered up. The entire back of the house was dark except for the bathroom window. I could see the silhouette of Steve and Jessica through the window's frosted glass as they stepped into the shower together.

With the coast clear, I scurried across the yard towards the games land. When I got there, I shook my cum-filled hand and then wiped it clean on the ground. With my hand now free of my load, I was finally able to put my dick away. After tucking my dick back into my pants and zipping up, I grabbed my camera, disassembled it from the tripod and headed home.

I thought I was going to get a speeding ticket, I was in such a rush to get home to see how the recording turned out. And, it turned out great! The camera captured everything beautifully!

As I started to watch it, I got hard right away, even though I had just cum. I stripped out of my clothes and started working my cock. It took me a while, but I managed to work a second load out of my dick as I enjoyed a replay of Steve and Jessica's hot fuck session.

I started the video over again, but my cock only managed to get half-hard. Secure in the knowledge that my dick would be rock hard and ready for some more lovin' when I woke up in the morning, I wiped up my load and then got up and headed over to my computer.

Once there, I proceeded to transfer the contents of the disc I had copied to the hard drive. I told Steve I would give him the copy of the disc I had made, and I would, but I wasn't quite ready to part with what was on it just yet.

I then headed off to bed, anticipating another viewing of that night's video in the morning.

The next day, Steve came by quite early to pick up the copy of the original disc. I had only been out of bed long enough to take a piss before the doorbell rang. Giving my mouth a quick rinse with mouthwash so as not to subject him to morning breath, I proceeded to the door.

"Hey, Steve," I said as I opened it, standing behind it and poking my head around. I sleep naked and was still naked.

"Hey," he replied and said nothing more. We both knew why he was there.

"Sorry, I just woke up. Let me go grab that disc for you," I said.

Steve took a step forward, inviting himself inside. If I'd known he'd planned on coming in when he stopped by, I certainly would have taken the time to throw on some clothes first. As it was, I simply hadn't wanted to keep him waiting, and, like I said, I wasn't expecting him to come inside. We had never been naked in front of the other before – that is until I saw him naked last night. He had seen my dick when he came to the sliding door, but he still hadn't seen me completely naked… but, not having much of a choice, I guess he was about to, now.

Steve said nothing about my nakedness as I strode away from him with my bare ass on display to get the disc. Before heading back, I stopped in my room and threw on a pair of underwear, both for my comfort and his. The odd thing was, when I came back, it looked as though Steve's cock was a bit hard in his pants. It was hard to miss, being so big, but then again, maybe the fact that it was gave way to the illusion that he was half hard. I didn't think too much more about it.

"Here you go," I said as I handed him the copy of the original disc that I had made. Of course, I failed to mention that I had copied the contents to my hard drive.

"Thanks," he mumbled as he took it from me.

It was hard to read him. I couldn't tell if he was still mad at me, or just embarrassed by the knowledge that I had seen the video and then coerced him into letting me watch him fuck his wife. Right then, I felt kind of bad about what I had done to my friend.

"I'm sorry," I blurted breaking the awkward silence. "Seeing what was in the box was an accident, and looking at the disc was simple curiosity, but I was a lousy friend to make a copy and then hold it over your head, using it to force you into doing what I made you do last night."

"I'm not mad at you… anymore," he replied.


"Really. Once I got going, it really turned me on knowing I was being watched, even more so in knowing that it was you watching me fuck… you know, my best friend watching."

"I thought it was pretty hot, too," I grinned.

Steve smiled for the first time and said, "Yeah, I saw just how hot you got."

I laughed. "Yeah, well, I am a guy after all. You can't expect a guy to watch live porn and not whip it out and take care of business."

"It's all good, buddy. Thanks for the copy," he said and then turned to leave.

When he got to the door, he started to open it, then stopped, turned to face me and said, "Since watching this turned you on so much that you had to make a copy behind my back, and since last night turned us both on so much, maybe, if you promise never to tell Jessica that you saw this," he said holding the disc up, "I could bring the disc over sometime and let you watch it again."

"Sure! That'd be great," I said. "How about right now?"

"Now?" Steve replied seemingly surprised by my immediate request. "Well, uh… sure, why not. Now's a good a time as any to do it, I guess," he smiled as he handed me the disc.

"Great," I said motioning for Steve to close the door. "Then let's do it!"

"Yeah… let's do it," Steve repeated as he followed behind me.
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  1. Hot! Hot! Hot! But why is this listed as bisexual? I don't consider a guy watching his buddy having sex with a girl to be bisexual when they don't do anything to each other.

  2. Glad you liked the story! As for your question, this is only the first part of this story. Future chapters will include both scenes of gay sex and bisexual sex. With the different parts containing straight, gay and bi sex, the story, on a whole, is bisexual in nature.

  3. Fucking hot, well done. Can't wait until Part 2. Dripping precum by the end. And sounds obvious that the best friends are gonna have some hot fun next.

  4. Thanks! You are correct. I put some subtle clues throughout the story and, as you pointed out, ended it with a very obvious clue as to where things were leading.

  5. Very hot. Can't wait foro the next installment.