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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

All Male Fiction: The Awakening (Part 2)

By: Lucas Miller & Ryan Michaels
When I woke up the next morning, Jeff was gone. Jim was up already, rummaging through his suitcase. He obviously hadn't showered yet as his hair was sticking up in dry clumps and he was wearing only a pair of black boxer briefs. They clung to his body revealing a nice sized bulge in the crotch. I stayed in bed with the covers over me to hide my morning erection.

"You want the shower first?" Jim asked when he noticed that I was awake.

Since my cock had returned to a limp state I nodded and got out of bed. I pulled some clothes from my suitcase and went into the bathroom.

To my surprise, Jim followed.

"I'm gonna shave while you shower, if that's okay?"

I couldn't disagree; he was already running the water and preparing the lather. I slipped my boxers off with my back to him and jumped into the shower. The water felt nice against my body, caressing every inch of me.

"I didn't know that…" I heard Jim say from outside the shower. His voice faded, though, and I missed the end of his thought.

Poking my head out from behind the curtain, I asked what he had said. He looked at me through the reflection in the mirror as he shaved and said, "I didn't know that you were a fruit, too."


"Fruit. Homo. Fag."

"I'm not," I replied nervously.

"Sure you are. I heard you and my brother last night. It certainly sounded like you were having fun." He gave me a grin.

I couldn't answer. I was caught. What if he told my sister? I tried to think of an excuse; some other reason that I was moaning with pleasure last night.

"It's not a big deal. I just didn't know you were gay. Your sister doesn't, I know that!"

As he shaved with one hand he scratched his balls through his underwear with the other. My cock began to grow. Was he as big as his brother?

"You're not going to tell her, are you?" I pleaded.

"Of course not, it's your life. But you should be more careful if you're worried about people finding out. Having sex with another guy while your brother-in-law is just a few feet away isn't being careful." He gave me a wink and removed the last of the shaving cream from his face. "Tell me something, though."

I was a bit more relaxed now and felt I had his confidence. "What's that?" I put my head back behind the shower curtain and continued with my shower.

"What does it feel like to have a dick up your ass?"

"I don't know," I replied. It wasn't a lie.

The shower curtain opened and he stepped inside. He was fully naked now. "Well, what do you do? Suck cock?"

"What are you doing?" I asked not necessarily frightened, but concerned about what could happen if he stayed. My eyes kept on moving to his large cock, and images of him shoving it down my throat flitted through my mind.

"It's okay. My brother is out for a run, and even if he was here I'm sure he would approve. No one's here. Let's have some fun." He reached down and touched my growing cock. It went fully erect at his touch. "Very nice. I can see why my brother enjoyed it so much. Your dick is just the right size."

"For what?" I managed to say through my nervousness.

"For my mouth… or for my ass. You pick."

He waited for my reply, but I couldn't talk. My brother-in-law was coming on to me big-time!

"I've never had a cock in my ass," he continued. "I've always wondered how it would feel." He released the grip on my dick and turned away. With both of his hands he spread his cheeks wide displaying the pink center. "You want to fuck this?"

What was going on? Was this a joke? It had to be. Revenge for him having to hear me have sex with his brother? Seeing how gullible I was, perhaps?

He glanced over his shoulder. "Come here and fuck me!"

If this was a joke, he was taking it far. I wanted to see how far. I followed his command and guided my cock to his ass. He didn't move away and laugh out loud that I had fallen for it. I kept going and tried to enter him, and he let me. Ok, obviously he was serious. This was unreal. Was I dreaming? No, I knew I wasn't. Trying to enter him, though, was a struggle. My dick wouldn't push into him.

"Put some shampoo on it to lubricate."

I looked around and grabbed the small hotel-size shampoo bottle. I coated my cock with its contents. Slowly I pushed my cock against his asshole, and my cockhead popped inside him. I gently pushed further into him while he moaned loudly, likely from pain, but he didn't tell me to take it out. When I was halfway in, I began to gently thrust with short strokes, and I felt his ass clamped down onto my dick.

"Holy shit! That hurts like hell!"

I stopped my movements and asked if he wanted me to stop. As if to answer, he pushed his ass back taking the entire length of my cock inside him. That was enough for me to start longer and deeper thrusts. He continued to moan in front of me.

Grabbing both sides of his hips, I increased the speed of my dick moving in and out of him. I was soon like a jackhammer as I pounded into him, and he was taking it like a pro. The harder and faster I got, the more he seemed to enjoy it.

"Yeah, fuck me!" He was pulling at his cock as I continued my assault on his ass. "I'm gonna cum. Oh, shit…" he grunted and I knew he had squirted his load against the wall of the shower.

As he was cumming his ass squeezed my dick. It was enough to make me lose my own load, and with a final thrust I came deep inside him.

"That's what it feels to have a dick up your ass," I said out of breath.

For the rest of that weekend, Jim and his brother Jeff carried on as though nothing had happened. I guess that made sense, though, since they wouldn't want the other to know. But even beyond that weekend, the subject was never mentioned again.

I was kind of surprised that I didn't feel guilty about what I had done, even as time marched on. Not just that I had had sex with another man – well, two men - but that I had had sex with my sister's husband. But, oddly, I didn't. What I experienced that weekend had definitely awakened something in me. And to think, I owed it all to my sister for making me go in the first place. How ironic is that?
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