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Saturday, April 19, 2014

All Male Fiction: Buddies

By: Sean S. Johnson & Ryan Michaels
At first, Mark and I got together to watch the latest and hottest porno movies, and then one night, both of us with bulges in our pants, decided to just go ahead and jerk off right there in front of his television. It was a little embarrassing at first to be doing something like that with someone else in the room, but then the incredible action on the screen took my mind away and before long I was spurting into the tissue that Mark had passed to me.

He was still going when I happened to look over, though, and my eyes went right down to his crotch and I got a look at his dick.

Big, fat, straining out toward the screen, and as I continued to look — watching Mark's careful but quick hand jerks — I felt a bit of a tingle in my own withered pole.

But then I turned back to watch what he was watching right then — two luscious honey-blonde babes jamming eight inch dildos into each other's pussies — and let my dick rise for a second turn.

Then I heard Mark grunt, and when I looked his dick was pulsing out its second jet of cum by that time, adding to the gooey puddle that was already drenching the tissue Mark held in his other hand, and when the third spurt came out, I was hard.

But not for the chicks on the screen!

I backed way off! I'd never had that kind of feeling for another guy before in my life, and it scared me to death! But though I forced my eyes back to the onscreen action, I kept taking little sidelong glances back at my pal's slowly sinking dick.

And the last time I looked Mark was grinning right at me.

"You know," Mark said, smiling, "for the next round, I could... suck it for you while you watched. I wouldn't mind, you know… if you don't..."

I started to shake my head, but didn't.


"Yeah, if you want," I whispered, and though there was a huge lump in my throat I didn't want to swallow right then and show Mark I was scared.

So, with that said, we both leaned back against the front of Mark's sofa and watched the movie. There were all kinds of things going on, but then this one particular chick was doing these three guys, and after she'd sucked on all of them she got one of them in her cunt, the other up her ass, and took the third one in her mouth.

My prick just soared!

But then Mark was sitting next to me and I looked at him.

"Want me to?" he asked, and without really thinking, I nodded.

Then I was having my dick sucked, sucked by a guy! I saw Mark's head going up and down slowly in my lap and tried to understand why I wasn't turned off by the whole thing, but then he stopped, sat up a little and smiled at me.

"Don't watch me," he grinned, "watch the movie."

So I did. I raised my eyes, saw a close up of what that chick's ass looked like with two thick cocks curving into her, but felt the warm, wet mouth gliding up and down over my hard dick and looked down again.

Then, without really meaning to, I put my hand gently on Mark's head and ran my fingers through his soft hair.

He looked up.

"Let me return the favor, huh?" I asked, not even believing the words were actually coming from my mouth.

Mark half frowned, half smiled. "But you haven't cum yet," he said, and I just shrugged.

"Fair's fair, right?" I said, and then Mark nodded, took a breath, and leaned back against the front of the sofa.

I didn't know what to do, but I knew everything. That's how my mind was going at that point. Then, before I could go on thinking about it, I leaned down, opened wide and took my buddy's cock in my mouth!

My dick just about shed its skin from how stiff it rose up just then, but then I was going down. Way down. I wanted to take Mark's whole prick into me and then, remembering something I'd learned while I'd been getting my tonsils checked as a kid, I "yawned" my throat opened wide.

It worked, as the last two inches of Mark's flexing dick slid into my mouth, the tip of his dick already going down past my tonsils, and then, without warning, cum gushed down my throat. I didn't really taste it since where it was coming out was way past my taste buds, but I felt Mark's prick thicken, and then begin to undulate.

I gulped, nearly choked, but pulled back just enough to clear my air passage and take a breath. Then I was deep-throating my buddy again, milking out more of his thick cum and listening to him gasp and sigh at the same time. It was probably the weirdest — and most incredible — thing I'd ever done, and I suddenly hoped this wasn't going to be the last time I'd get the chance.

But then Mark wanted to finish me off, and so I stretched out against the sofa, watched Mark bow down over me, and then raised my eyes to the screen again.

On it, one of the beautiful chicks was just raising her head, cum splattered all over her lips and nose. It didn't take me long to cum.

And the next time Mark and I sat down to watch one of his newest movies, he simply leaned over and started sucking my dick right away.

Then, after sucking me for several minutes, Mark pulled off my prick and stood up from the sofa. "Lie back," he said.

I was already lying back into the couch and I pointed out as much to him, but that wasn't what he had in mind. "No, put your legs on the sofa and lie back, stretch out," he clarified.

I positioned myself on the couch like he wanted, expecting him to kneel on the sofa between my legs and continue blowing me, but he didn't. Instead, he climbed up on the couch and squatted over me, right over my cock! He then pressed his one hand into the sofa cushion for support, and then reached behind himself, grabbed my cock and pointed it straight up, and lowered himself until I felt the tip of my cock against his hole.

"Want to?" he asked.

I nodded with a huge grin on my face. I had never felt that excited when I was about to fuck a girl.

Apparently Mark had done a little "preparation," as I could feel that his hole was lubed. And then he lowered his ass and my cockhead popped inside. He moved his hands to my chest and then he pushed down taking more of my cock into his hole. My eyes and my mouth opened wide. I had never felt anything so tight, so hot, so… so incredible! I never thought it could feel that way! The porno had long been forgotten and it was just me with my dick up my buddy's ass and nothing more. Just a couple of buddies helping each other out, man to man!

Mark let out a deep, satisfied groan as he began to sit down on my cock until it was all the way into him. He took it easily, and I started to wonder if this wasn't Mark's first time doing this.

I took a breath and held it. Just being inside his hot ass would've been enough, loving the feeling of being contained in his body, but then the "fuck-urge" came over me and I started humping into him. Mark got the message and started bouncing up and down on my cock, slowly at first and gradually picking up speed until he was bucking like crazy.

After that it was total, mindless fucking. Just me jamming Mark's greasy asshole full of my own greasy dick meat! I had him by the hips now, helping him bounce on my dick as I thrusted upwards at the same time, and then all of a sudden I was spurting inside him. Way, deep inside!

Mark sat on my cock long enough for us to both catch our breath, then he pulled himself up and my spent cock flopped down against my stomach.

"My turn," Mark said as he stood on the floor next to the sofa beaming down at me.

"Huh? You mean you want to…"

"Fuck your ass, too. Fair's fair, after all," he smiled. "You said that, right?"

"Yeah, but…"

"You want to fuck me again?"

"Yeah! But I don't think I can again so soon."

"No, I mean ever. Because you gotta let me see what it's like to fuck a guy, too, if you want to fuck me again, ok? Fair's fair, remember?"

I never thought I'd end up having sex with another guy, but just like the crazy desire that had washed over me to try sucking a dick, and really wanting to try fucking a dude in the ass when Mark had squatted over my cock, I sort of wanted to see what it was like to be the girl, to take a cock inside. I was just afraid it was going to hurt.

"I would, but I had no idea things would go this far, and I didn't, you know, prepare like you did."

"No worries," Mark grinned and then bent down and pulled some lube from under the couch. He obviously had planned for things to go this way.

"Well… ok, I'll try it. But if it hurts, you gotta stop, ok?"

"Ok," Mark said. "Stand up."

I stood and Mark grabbed my shoulder and turned me around. "Put your hands on the sofa cushions."

I did as he said and presented my firm, well-muscled butt to him. With my ass now up in the air I felt so vulnerable.

There was no hesitation on Mark's part, and before I knew it he'd gotten right up behind my ass and was spreading my cheeks apart.

I braced for the coldness of the lube that was about to touch my hole, but it wasn't cold and it wasn't lube! It was Mark's tongue! Oh my god! I had never felt anything so good before!

Mark licked my asshole and then I heard him open the lube, then I felt his wet finger touch my hole and he rubbed his finger all over it. Then he applied more lube, rubbed my hole a couple of times, and then his finger started to push inside. I grunted. It didn't really hurt, but it did feel weird.

Mark pushed his finger all the way in and then slowly pulled it back and then pushed it in again. Stopping to apply more lube he repeated this, only finger-fucking me a bit faster now. Soon he added a second finger, and then a third! I couldn't believe I had three fingers in my ass!

After he pulled his fingers out of my butt, Mark stood there for a moment, hesitating. "Are you sure you want to try it? I don't want to you to do it only because of what I said about fucking me again."

I looked over my shoulder at him and said, "Yeah, I'm sure. I wanna know what it's like," and then reached behind myself and spread my ass cheeks, looked him in the eye and said, "Fuck me, dude!"

Mark didn't hesitate any longer and grabbed his hard, lubed cock at the base, squatted down behind me and began trying to insert himself. Just the head of his dick at first, but that was enough to give me goose bumps. And when he started inching himself into me, he did it gently, almost lovingly.

It hurt a bit as he worked his hard-on up into me, but I just grimaced my face and clenched my teeth and took it. After that, when he was all the way inside me and the hurt had disappeared I just wanted to feel it, to get my ass fucked royally, and when Mark took hold of my hips and started giving me exactly what I wanted, I all of a sudden felt what it was like to be fucked like a chick. Just like the cute-faced actress who was on the screen right then, taking two huge black dicks up her at the same time!

God, having something in my ass, to have another guy's cock in there! Wow!

My own prick stiffened between my legs, pointing almost straight down at the carpet, and I wondered if I should stroke or just stay where I was. Anything would've been okay, but then I started concentrating just on the feeling of having Mark's prick shoving in and out of my ass, and that became more than enough.

I don't know how long we stayed hooked up like that, but then Mark finally leaned over me and said into my ear, "I'm gonna cum, and I'm gonna blow my load up your ass."

It was a statement, and I liked that, liked how it made me feel like just a fuck hole for my buddy's cock. "Yeah! Cum in me, Mark! Cum right up my fuckin' ass! Do it, dude, DO IT!"

Mark tightened his grip on my hips and after a few more thrusts he slammed all the way into me and moaned loudly as he humped against my ass. I could feel his load shooting out of his cock and up into me. I could feel the wetness and warmness of his seed as it filled my formerly virgin, formerly "out-only" hole… and I absolutely loved it, LOVED IT!

When Mark finished cumming he collapsed onto my back and I let my head fall forward against the couch cushions, and we remained like that until Mark's cock soften and popped out of my ass. Then we got ourselves up and collapsed onto the sofa, sweaty, panting, spent.

I still consider myself straight despite what Mark and I do together, because I still like girls and don't find myself attracted to other men. I'm not even attracted to Mark in that way. I just like getting off with him, in all different ways that feel good. I'm not so sure about Mark, though, for whenever I go over to check out the newest pornos he's rented, there aren't any women in them anymore. Just guys doing guys. Which is fine with me… I'm too busy "getting off" with my buddy to notice!
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