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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

All Male True Experience: Street Trick

By: Unknown Author

I was standing at the corner of Broadway and Mercer the other afternoon, waiting for the light to change, when this dude appeared at the corner as well. He was cruising the street heavily; his skin-tight shorts and tank top practically screaming "come and get it!" Well, I definitely wanted it, and the look the guy gave me when he noticed me checking him out was pretty encouraging.

The light changed and he stepped off the curb, and I made sure to stay a couple of steps behind him so I could watch his ass move. I followed him for three or four blocks, getting hornier with every step. There are few things that I like better than dipping my wick in a hot hole, and this one looked like it was ready to catch fire at any second.

Shortly after we rounded a corner, the guy turned and started up the steps of an apartment building. I stopped right at the bottom of the steps to take in his ass one last time before he disappeared forever.

As he reached for the door, he turned and looked back in my direction, smiled, and motioned an invitation with his head to come inside. I practically took the steps two at a time, and as I reached him he held the door open for me, and I stepped inside.

Without saying a word, he headed to the stairs, and I followed. My cock had been hard for a while by this point, but now, watching his ass at eye level on those stairs, and knowing what was about to happen, my cock was achingly hard, and the head was soaked with pre-cum.

When we arrived at the door to his apartment, I couldn’t resist any longer and I reached out and groped his hot ass. I managed to get my hand inside the back of his shorts and, spreading his cheeks enough for a quick probe, it didn't take much looking to find a moist, springy little pucker that kissed my fingertip in greeting. I put on some pressure and my finger sank into the heat of his hole.

The dude's ass flexed, making his ring clench down nice and tight. I started to finger-fuck him nice and deep, and that got him so hot that he could hardly get the key in the lock. He managed, finally, and I fingered him through the door and into the living room of his apartment.

Popping my finger out, clothes flew and we were soon both naked, facing each other. He looked me up and down with approval, his eyes taking in my heavily muscled chest and arms, and then dropping below waist level. His eyes widened with delight when he saw what I was sporting in the prick department.

I've got a big slab of meat. It’s not that it is unusually large, although it is considered large, measuring in around eight inches, but it is extremely thick, some would say abnormally so, and backed up with a pair of oversized balls. My extraordinary thickness can sometimes be a curse rather than a blessing, but a total bottom pig who got fucked regularly could usually take it no problem, once I got it in and they adjusted to it. I was really hoping this stud from the street would be able to take it because I had to fuck that ass!

My trick licked his lips as he stared at my cock, and then dropped to his knees, kissed my snout, and then got busy exploring it. He had a long, hot tongue, and he knew just exactly what to do with it. It curved along the sensitive underbelly of my prick, tracing my cum-tube from my balls to my piss slit.

After licking my shaft a few times, he somehow managed to pop both of my big balls into his mouth, and then began to work them over. He sucked on them for a minute or two and then went back to the main attraction, licking over every inch of my dick before he finally capped it with his hot mouth. He sucked the knob, and then tried to go down on it. He worked diligently, but he never could get the knob down past his tonsils. I didn't care. Hell, I was confident the other end of his anatomy was much more likely to stretch to meet the challenge.

I couldn’t wait any longer. I had to have my cock in that ass of his, so I reached down, grabbed him under the arms and hauled him to his feet. Then I turned him and forcibly pushed him forward over the back of the old couch in the center of the room. He didn't object or try to protect his little hole, so I figured he wanted it and thought he could take it. I spread his cheeks and lubed his hole with my spit, then spit in my other hand and lubed my cock at the same time. Finally, I straightened up, slapped his tight, round cheeks a few times, then pointed and punched.

I watched in surprise as my large, thick meat sank quickly out of sight. I usually have to feed my bottoms an inch at time, but this dude was stretched, moist, and felt like he had just been fucked. Maybe that is where he was coming from when I spotted him on the street. That thought just made me hotter, and when my balls bounced off his, I kicked into high gear. I laid into him, pumping his butt roughly, savoring the sweet tickle in my prick as I built up a good head of steam.

The guy was squirming, whimpering and moaning, his whole frame twitching and jerking under the impact of my thrusts. His cock was pointing down against the back of the couch, and my nuts were soon soaked with the pre-cum juice I was pounding out of him.

Suddenly, his upper body rose up and smacked back against my chest. I wrapped my arms around his waist and took a few steps backward, my cock never leaving his hole. He began arching his back, and without either of us laying a hand on his cock, he started to cum.

With his hole spasming and masturbating my cock, my trigger was tripped, making me pop my rocks all over that perfect ass of his. I took a minute to catch my breath and then I reached over and grabbed a few Kleenex from the table at one end of the couch.

I wiped the excess and oozing cum from my still hard prick, and then shoved it back up his ass again. I thought he might protest, claim that he was too sore, or something like that, but he didn’t. He just started moaning again and pushed his butt back to meet my thrusts.

After eventually emptying a second load from my nuts, I wiped off my cock again, got dressed, and left, leaving the guy bow-legged, but happy!

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