"We have reason to believe that man first walked upright to free his hands for masturbation."

Monday, April 21, 2014

All Male Fiction: The Nude Beach (Part 1)

By: Ryan Michaels

It was a Sunday morning, nearing 10am. I had just woken up and was lying in my bed lazily fondling my cock when my cell phone chimed. Reaching over to my bed-side table, I picked it up in my left hand, my right remaining on my cock. The text message was from my friend Jeff.

"Hey, Mark and I are going to the beach, and you're coming, too," it read.

"I am?" I texted back.

"Yeah. We're going to the nude beach," he replied and that was followed by a grinning emoticon.

The nude beach! Fuck, I couldn't go to a nude beach! Mark and Jeff were my best friends, but what they didn't know, what no one knew, was that I was gay. At eighteen, going to the nude beach wasn't about the freedom or thrill of being naked in public, it was, for them, all about seeing naked women. It was an adult nude beach – in other words, no kids were allowed – and Jeff had often talked about going there as soon as he turned eighteen, just for that reason, to see naked women. I hadn't ever really thought he was serious, or if he was I figured he'd never have the nerve to actually go. As for me, well, I'd be checking out the naked guys, and I was terrified that I would get a hard-on, get a hard-on in front of my buddies, in front of everyone.

There was also the fact that I would be naked with my two best friends. I'd be seeing their cocks. Just seeing cock, anyone's cock, is enough to make my dick tingle, and their dicks were going to be totally exposed right in front of me. What if I got a stiffy from seeing my friends' cocks?

But Jeff wasn't taking no for an answer. Not wanting to raise any suspicions as to why I, a healthy, presumably straight eighteen-year-old guy was so against going to a nude beach to scope out naked women, I finally gave in, figuring that if I was that nervous about getting hard, my nervousness would actually prevent me from getting boned up.

If I was going to go to a nude beach, which apparently I was, I needed to cum first. I had planned to anyway, but now there was no time for casual fondling and eventual masturbation. I needed to play with my cock for the express purpose of making it cum. If I came before I went to the nude beach, combined with my nervousness, there was a good chance I wouldn't get an embarrassing boner in public. Although, it wasn't a guarantee, I was eighteen after all. But at least shooting a load first would help to lessen the odds of it happening.

Wrapping my fist around my cock, I pumped it up and down for a minute or so, and then I flipped over onto my stomach. I began rubbing my cock against the sheets, slowly at first, rotating my hips, and then I started to hump against them. Soon I was raising my hips and letting them fall back down into the bed. I was fucking my mattress with a passion now, and it wasn't long before I felt that familiar feeling in my balls. With a final hard fuck into the bed, my cum spewed out of my cock and onto the sheets.
After taking a couple of seconds to catch my breath, I raised myself up onto my knees and scooped up the small wad of cum that was clinging to my stomach and licked it off my fingers. Then I put my hands out in front of me and leaned my face down and lapped up my puddle of cum from the bed sheet, and then licked the wet spot until I had eaten all of my load. I loved cum and hadn't gotten it from very many guys yet, so I always ate my own to satisfy the craving.

After getting off, I lay in the wet spot for a short while and then finally got out of bed and went and took a shower.

A couple of hours later Mark and Jeff and I were getting out of the car and heading towards the beach. There were a good amount of people there, but it was far from being crowded. Probably had something to do with it being a Sunday afternoon early in the season, and the fact that most people probably go to regular beaches.

There were a few older people in the crowd, and by older I mean old, but most seemed to range in age from early twenties to mid-forties. And, just like most people have heard about nude beaches, there were some people there that just shouldn't have been naked in public, but there were probably almost an equal amount of people in good and even great shape as well. The men also outnumbered the women.

Mark and Jeff scoped out the naked woman as we found a spot to spread out our towels, making quiet comments about some of them. They didn't hesitate to start removing their clothing.

I didn't want to appear afraid to get naked so I started to undress as well, albeit more slowly than them.

When they were down to their underwear, both just yanked them down and off without any hesitation. I avoided all eye contact, knowing if I looked my eyes would go right to their dicks.

When I got down to just my underwear I momentarily hesitated, but I didn't want to draw attention to myself and risk my buddies teasing me and even looking right at me when I removed them. So I just counted to three in my head and then pulled my underwear down and off, and then I very quickly sat on my towel, legs up, hands wrapped around them, hiding my dick from view.

"Shit! Check out the tits on that one!" Mark said quietly.

"Nice!" Jeff said. "I'd love to bury my face in those!"

"Fuck that, I'd rather bury my face in her snatch," Mark said. "What about you?"

Jeff didn't answer, and it quickly became apparent why.

"Yo, Ryan," Mark said. "Her tits or her snatch?"

"Oh, uh, tits," I replied.

"Ok, fine, you and Jeff can each take a tit, but I'd be eating that pussy. I'd eat it all day long!"

Their conversation, although spoken quietly, probably wasn't considered appropriate behavior for a nude beach, but I was glad they were saying the things they were. I certainly wasn't going to spring a rod while hearing how much Mark liked to eat pussy.

As time passed the guys were quiet, dividing their time between people watching – well girl watching – and sunbathing on their backs or stomachs. I was doing much the same and, happily, I hadn't even felt the slightest tingle in my dick since we had arrived.

"Guys, I'll be back in a few," Mark said.

Lying on my back with my eyes closed, I placed my hand above my eyes to block the sun and looked up. Mark was standing up. He was facing away from the water and I made sure to look straight up to his face, avoiding his cock.

"Where are you going, dude?" Jeff asked as he sat up.

I sat up as well.

"I'm gonna take a walk around, check out some of the naked chicks," he grinned as he shoved his feet into his sandals.

"I'll come with you," Jeff said.

"You can't," Mark replied.

"Why not?" Jeff chuckled.

"Because, it would be really obvious if two of us were walking around together."

"Yeah, you're probably right," Jeff concurred. "Ok, well, if you see a really hot naked chick I'll go check her out when you get back."

"Ok, dude," Mark replied and then wandered off.

Jeff lay back down and closed his eyes.

I remained sitting up, and then it happened: a really hot guy and his girlfriend came along the beach and stopped a short distance ahead of us. The guy bent over to spread his towel and his cheeks parted a bit exposing his asshole. I could also see his balls dangling between his legs… and my dick began to tingle!

Shit! My worst fear was coming true. I was going to get a hard-on in front of my buddy, in front everyone!

"I'll-I'll be right back," I said. "I gotta take a leak."

"Ok, dude," Jeff said, not opening his eyes.

I stood, slipped on my flip-flops and hurriedly made my way towards the washroom. The washroom was on the beach so getting dressed wasn't necessary, and getting dressed to go to the washroom would seem odd, to Jeff, and to everyone else. I just hoped I would make it there before I got too noticeably aroused.

By the time I got there my dick had lengthened and thickened, jutting out slightly. I scrambled into a stall, took a seat on the toilet and began to jerk off. Cumming would get rid of my horniness and, hopefully, prevent anymore tingles in my dick for the rest of my time on the beach.

As soon as I started, I heard what sounded like a very quiet moan. I stopped stroking and listened. I could definitely hear a quiet wap-wap-wap sound, and it was coming from the next stall. I guess I wasn't the only guy that got aroused looking at naked people on the beach. And, since he didn't seem to mind or care that someone was in the next stall while he was beating off I figured there was no reason for me to stop either. It was actually kind of hot and made me even hornier.

When I started to stroke my dick again, the other guy quietly moaned again. He must've known I was doing the same thing and it turned him on as much as it did me, or else he simply wanted others to know what he was doing.

Taking a cue from him, I let out a quiet moan of my own. The wap-wap-wap sound in the next stall got faster in response and was followed by another, slightly louder moan.

Then, all of a sudden, there was movement in the stall, and I listened carefully, figuring the dick whacker next door was standing up to face the toilet because he was going to cum. But then the movement happened again, this time in the form of a finger coming under the stall wall and moving back and forth a couple of times before it disappeared.

I knew what that meant and I couldn't believe my luck. I'd come in here to take care of my dick so I wouldn't get hard in front of my buddies, and now I was about to get a blowjob!  And to think, I tried everything to get out of coming to the beach.

I wasted no time in getting up from the toilet and down on the floor on my knees facing the other stall. Resting on my heels, I leaned my upper body back and thrust my hips forward, jutting my hard five inch cock under the stall wall. A hand immediately wrapped around it near the base, and then a wet, warm mouth slipped over the head and very quickly slid down my shaft.

Normally I would have cursed and said something like, "Yeah, suck it!" but given where we were, being quiet was important. So instead I just moaned quietly as the stranger in the next stall devoured my cock with his mouth.

I don't know if the guy was just a really good cocksucker or if it was because of where it was happening or if it was because I was picturing the hot guy on the beach as I got blown, or a combination of all three, but the blowjob was intense and I was ready to blow fairly quickly. That's the great thing about being eighteen: you can cum multiple times a day and every time it is effortless, just as intense, and the load is just as big as the last one.

"I'm gonna cum!" I panted in a whisper, warning the guy in case he didn't want to swallow.

His mouth-bobbing picked up speed and his hand began furiously stroking my shaft.

"Shit," I whispered. "I'm gonna cum any second now," I said giving him one last warning.

He kept sucking and stroking.

"Uhnghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I groaned out as quietly as I could as my cum was ejected from my cock right into the anonymous cocksucker's mouth.

My whole body was shaking as I came and I knew he wasn't just taking my load in his mouth but that he was swallowing it down, as I could feel his throat muscles as he gulped.

Once I finished shooting, he kept sucking, squeezing up my shaft at the same time, trying to get every last drop of cum out of my cock before he let it go.

Finally, his mouth action was too much for my sensitive prick and I pulled back. He clamped down on my cock trying to keep it in his mouth. I could hear that he was jerking off and figured he probably wanted to cum while sucking a dick, but I just couldn't take anymore so I stood up, giving him no choice but to set my cock free.

Grabbing some toilet paper, I attempted to wipe off my cock, but the toilet paper stuck to his spit and the cum residue. It was obvious that I would need to wet some paper hand towel and wash it off at the sink before going back out to the beach.

As I dropped the toilet paper in the toilet and reached to flush it, I could hear the guy whacking his dick. His quick breaths and quiet, successive moans made it clear that he was very close. "I want to watch you cum," I whispered, flushed the toilet and then unlatched my stall door.

As I stepped out of my stall, I heard his unlatch and I opened the door.


"Ryan!" Mark's head spun past his shoulder, the color draining from his face, looking much the same as mine now, I imagined, but that's all he was able to say. It was too late. He had reached the point of no return just as I opened the door. "Unghhhhh, unghhhhh, uhhhh!" he grunted as his cum started to shoot forth from his cock and into the toilet bowl below.

I stood in stunned silence, watched a few spurts of cum shoot from his cock until he turned to face the toilet again and his body blocked the view. At that point I closed his stall door, stood there for a moment and then walked over to the sink, my mind swirling.

I rested my hands on the counter and looked at myself in the mirror, still stunned. Then the toilet in Mark's stall flushed and I looked at the reflection of the stall door in the mirror. When Mark slowly started to open it, I averted my eyes and grabbed some paper towels and started to wet them.

Mark slowly made his way to the sink area. I glanced up into the mirror at him, meeting his eyes looking at me in the mirror. I quickly looked away.

As Mark grabbed some paper towels and began to wet them down in order to tidy up his own dick, we stood next to each other in complete silence, each of us stealing awkward glances at the other in the mirror and then looking away when our eyes met.

Finally, Mark spoke. "I-I didn't know it was you. You've got to believe me."

"I do. I didn't know it was you, either."

"You've got to promise you won't tell anyone, especially Jeff. No one knows I'm gay. Promise me you won't tell."

"I won't tell anyone, I promise. As long as you don't."

"I won't tell anyone either, promise."

The whole conversation was spoken quietly, awkwardly, and the silence that followed was deafening.

I looked at Mark. I could tell that he was feeling really awkward and embarrassed about what had just happened. I was too, but I'm sure it was worse for him. After all, I had only gotten a blowjob, but he was the one that just found out he'd had the dick of his best friend in his mouth, swallowed his load. I didn't want it to be that way for him, for either of us. What was done was done, so I tried to make things less awkward. "Man, you can really suck a dick!" I grinned at him.

Mark looked at me with that same embarrassed look but it quickly changed into a grin and he said, "Yeah?"

"Yeah, it was great, man."


I could swear he was blushing, but it worked. The awkwardness seemed to dissipate.

"So, have you ever been sucked off by another guy before?" Mark asked, his eyes looking at my dick as I began to wipe it off. "I mean, I'm only asking because I know a lot of straight guys let other guys' blow them when they need some quick head."

This took me by surprise. Mark still thought I was straight. My first instinct was to tell him that I was gay, too, but I decided to hold off on that truth, for now anyway. I wanted to wait and see how things were between us in the next while. Plus, if he knew that I was gay, too, he might want to become fuck buddies or something. I wasn't sure I wanted to have sex with Mark, on purpose I mean.

So I lied and said, "Yeah, once before, in a porno booth that had a glory hole." That wasn't a lie – that's where I learned about the finger signal. The part about it only happening once before was the lie. I'd had my cock sucked by three other guys, but I'd had more than three blowjobs. One sucked me all the time for a while.

"Really? Well, just so you know, I think it's cool that you don't mind letting a guy blow you when you need some head. I bet you never thought you'd be sucked off by me, though."

"No, not in a million years," I laughed.

"Yeah, me neither," Mark laughed.

And then a thought occurred to me and I laughed some more.

"It's not that funny," Mark said as he began wiping off his own cock.

"Yeah, it kind of is. I just realized that I should've figured out you were gay. I mean it's so obvious."

"Obvious?!" Mark replied sounding angry. "There's nothing about me that screams gay. No one would ever know I was gay unless I told them!"

"No, what I meant was, guys who always mention pussy anytime they're around other guys and go on about how much they love it usually end up being gay guys that are trying too hard to act straight."

"Oh… you think?"


"Shit! You don't think anyone else thinks that, do you?"

"I doubt it," I said as I tossed the wadded up paper towel into the garbage.

"Good," Mark replied as he tossed his paper towel in the garbage. "So are we cool, you know, about what happened?"

"Yeah, it's all good. Everything that happened in here will be our secret."

"Cool," Mark said and then the two of us headed out of the washroom.

As we arrived back at our towels, Jeff opened his eyes and propped himself up on his elbows. "I know what you two did together!"

© 2014 Ryan Michaels

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