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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Bisexual Fiction: Tag Teaming Buddies (Part 1)

By: Unknown Author & Ryan Michaels
Mark and Dan were the best of friends. They first met in a Biology study group and hit it off immediately. They quickly became workout partners and that transitioned into a competition for the best girls.

They didn't play any sports - though in high school both excelled in the usual, football, basketball, and baseball – but both men were absolutely amazing in terms of their bodies, having spent at least four years competing with each other over the weights.

Mark was taller at six-foot-five, while Dan came in at six-three. They were both blessed below the waist, too. Dan had an extremely thick eight inch cock and Mark had a long nine inches. Those cocks had gained a reputation all around campus. Every girl - and even a lot of the guys (through word of mouth) - knew they were the kings. These guys were in top form. Both were complete studs and they took full advantage of it.

College gave them both the opportunity to shine, catching the eye of every girl, it seemed, on campus. Both seniors, they had battled with each other for four years, trying to out-due each other lifting, and for the attention of girls. Both were continuously fucking in their dorms, sometimes next door to each other on the same night, taking the time after to speak of their conquests.

It was the first of September, and this year was their final year of college. After that the two best friends would be separated, with Mark heading to an Investment firm in New York and Dan heading to a computer programming company out West. This was their year to capitalize on the fuck scene, to get it in on with every available girl they could before college was over.

Recently, a girl named Michelle had popped back onto their radar. She had been in their classes since freshman year, but according to gossip mongers had been in a relationship since high school. That relationship ended abruptly when Michelle caught her boyfriend cheating on her with a cheerleader. Go figure.

Once the news spread around campus Dan and Mark both took bets on who would be the one to get her in bed. Dan ended up the winner of the most crucial part of the competition - getting her out on a date. He and Michelle were to hook up after class around two o'clock for a late lunch.

When that time came, they sat and talked about the usual, and the conversation definitely began to turn sexual, when all of a sudden Mark walked up to the table.

"What's up bro?" Mark asked.

"Mark, have you met Michelle?" asked Dan.

"I have now. Pleasure to meet you Michelle. Dan been boring you with all his stories?"

"We've been having a good time, though it just got better," Michelle replied with a smile. "Want to join us?"

Mark pulled a chair up and sat down, leaving Michelle in between the two studs.

They had been talking for over an hour when Dan suggested that they head over to his and Mark's dorm, and Michelle accepted.

Once back at the dorm, Michelle took a seat in a chair and Dan offered a drink, which turned into several shots. Soon the sun started going down and the mood in the room started to get pretty hot. They were all pretty drunk when Mark started kissing on Michelle's neck.

She was extremely horny at this point and both guys knew it. They wanted her and both started to pull her shirt over her head, Dan licking on her nipples and Mark kissing her neck.

Mark moved his hand towards her jeans and slid it inside, rubbing against her panties. Michelle was getting pretty wet at this point, and when Mark slipped a finger inside her panties and let it enter her pussy Michelle moaned out in pleasure. This is what these studs had wanted for a long time, and they were going to take full advantage of the situation. They had never slept with a girl at the same time and gave each other wide grins.

Michelle quickly found Dan's cock and Dan just as quickly opened his jeans and shoved them and his underwear down. Michelle started running her hand up and down the hardening shaft. She was having trouble keeping her hand wrapped around Dan's extremely thick cock. She had no hope of getting her mouth around it, but that wasn't where she wanted it anyway.

Meanwhile, Mark had had enough of fingering her; he wanted his cock inside of her. He laid her flat on the couch and took her pants and panties off in one swift move. Dan started to suck on Michelle's nipples as Mark quickly undressed, pulling his shirt over his head and then shucking his jeans and underwear. He then just as quickly positioned himself on the couch, lining his cockhead up to her quivering pussy.

Michelle had not seen Mark's huge cock but she quickly felt every inch of it when he slid into her. "Oh my god, your cock is huge, Mark!" she yelled out.

Mark kept going, knowing he got that reaction all the time and that she would loosen up quickly; his powerful thrusts would do the trick.

Dan pulled his mouth off of Michelle's tit, grabbed his cock and climbed up onto the couch straddling her. Just like her pussy, her mouth was about to get invaded, also.

As Dan pressed his cock to her lips, Michelle opened her mouth wide to accommodate Dan's thick dick as he pushed it in. She gagged trying to take it, but Dan just kept pushing his big, fat cock into her mouth. He loved feeling her mouth wrapped around his shaft. It was driving him crazy.

It was a struggle trying to take both these big cocks inside her openings, but Michelle really didn't mind at all. She never thought she would be getting it from either of these guys, let alone at the same time, and she was in heaven.

Mark kept his pace, in and out of her now very wet pussy, edging her on, making her take all of his long dick, "You're so hot Michelle. I love seeing my cock in you! Take it all! Yeah!"

"Yeah, take all of my buddy's big cock! Take all of my big cock, too!" Dan said, shoving it in her mouth, causing Michelle to gag.

Dan pulled back and began pushing as much of his big cock as Michelle could take in and out of her mouth in sync with his buddy's thrusts.

Michelle's tight pussy had Mark getting really close already, which was a common problem for him, so he slowed down and pulled out.

As Mark stepped back, Dan pulled his dick out of Michelle's mouth and pulled her up from the couch. Dan and Mark led Michelle to Dan's bed, both stud's knowing that they were nowhere close to being done.

Once they got there, Dan positioned Michelle on her hands and knees at the bottom of the bed. Standing on the floor behind her, he then wrapped his arm underneath her stomach and leaned over her, his face right next to hers, and whispered in her ear, "I'm going to fuck you deep and hard."

Michelle was totally taken by Dan's powerful arms holding her stomach tight as she felt the large head of his thick dick penetrate her dripping and eager pussy. With her position and his tight grip on her, she was powerless to stop him from driving it in deep, if that's what he wanted to do. But that's what she wanted, too. She wanted to feel every inch penetrate her body.

"You're gonna scream out as you feel my big cock stretch open your tight little pink pussy," Dan said into her ear as he slowly worked his fat cock into her cunt, this time loud enough so that his buddy would clearly hear his words. It wasn't a request or even an order, it was simply a fact. Every girl he'd ever fucked screamed out when he invaded their pussies with his huge member, and, without a shadow of a doubt, he knew Michelle would, too.

Dan's thick dick was stretching her wide, wider than she'd ever been stretched before as he slowly inched into her. Mark's cock was big, really long, longer than Dan's, but it was of average thickness. Her ex-boyfriend's dick, the only guy she'd ever been with before now, was average in length and perhaps a bit below average in girth. But even if she had been with other guys, she doubted she would have experienced anything as big as these two studs, or as thick as Dan's.

And, just as Dan knew she would, with such a monster cock entering her Michelle lowered he head to the bed and screamed, "Oh god! Oh god! Your cock is so big, so thick! Uhhhhh!" her loud exclamation muffled by the bedding.

Dan grinned. Even though he heard that all the time, he liked hearing it each and every time. It made him harder, hornier, and dialed up his desire to fuck and fuck hard.

Mark was standing behind the twosome, watching. Most guys would have climbed on the bed and shoved their cock in the girl's mouth, but Mark was getting more turned on by watching his buddy fuck a girl, something he'd often heard about but never seen before. He didn't dare touch his cock, though. He knew he needed to let his balls settle so he could eventually get back in on the action.

As Dan slid the last inch of his cock into Michelle's pussy, he held it there for just a moment and then slowly pulled back until just his head remained inside. Then he started to slowly push back in. Michelle's pussy was literally dripping, and once he had three inches in her he knew she could take the rest easily, knew she wanted every last inch, and he shoved the remaining five inches into her cunt in one hard push.

Michelle's head came up off the bed like a shot and she let out a gasp and then a long moan. Dan didn't waste any more time. Once his balls contacted her body, he pulled back to the head again and went right back in to the hilt, then repeated this over and over, fucking her hard and fast.

Michelle's hands formed into fists and grasped handfuls of the bedding as she moaned and whimpered in reaction to Dan's assault on her pussy.

Mark found his hand unconsciously going to his cock and he began to slowly stroke it as he watched Dan fuck Michelle with reckless abandon right in front of him. He noticed how all of his buddy's muscles seemed to work in one motion, and he found himself giving his cock quicker tugs as he witnessed a bead of sweat roll down Dan's back to his muscular ass and then run down and over his winking asshole.

Michelle felt herself orgasm on the big cock that was pummeling her pussy. Nothing had ever felt so good and her juices began to run down her thigh as the ridiculously hung stud kept on fucking her hard and deep.

Mark couldn't stand to watch Dan and Michelle fucking any longer, and he walked over to the side of the bed, his hard nine inch dick bobbing and throbbing at full attention. But it wasn't a blowjob he was after. It was a fuck, a kind of fuck he had never experienced before.

He bent down next to Michelle, his mouth inches from her face, and whispered, "I'm going to fuck you, too. Can you take two big dicks?" That question was not meant to be answered; she was going to get it.

Michelle had never been fucked in her ass before. Her ex-boyfriend had never asked her to do that and she wasn't really sure she wanted to, especially given the size of Mark's cock. But she couldn't respond anyway, the after effects of her orgasm still using up all her breath. Luckily for her, that wasn't what Mark had in mind anyway.

Mark climbed on the bed in front of Michelle. He sat down and slid forward, pushing his legs under her body. He worked his way all the way under her until her nipples were touching his chiseled pecs, and his hard cock was down near his buddy's.

Seeing what Mark had in mind, Dan slowed down and held his cock in place as Mark reached under Michelle and pushed his inside, the underside of his nine inch cock sliding up against the underside of his buddy's thick eight inch cock.

Michelle now had all eight inches of Dan and all nine inches of Mark deep in her pussy. She was now being stretched beyond what she once thought humanly possible, and felt as if she were a virgin again; being stretched farther than any other man had taken her.

Dan began fucking her again, and every time he drove his dick all the way into her, his balls slapped against Mark's balls. Not only that, but it was like Dan was fucking Mark's cock as he fucked her pussy, and Mark loved how it felt.

Soon Dan stopped thrusting and Mark knew it was his turn to fuck now – fuck Michelle's pussy, and fuck his buddy's cock.

"Oh, fuck, you like that?" Mark groaned as he raised and lowered his hips, thrusting in and out of Michelle's cunt.

"Fuck yeah!"

Mark was surprised by that response, because it wasn't Michelle that had answered, but Dan. That turned him on even more for some reason and he began fucking against his buddy's cock even faster.

Hearing the dual moaning that now filled the room, knowing that not only Michelle, but his buddy as well, were moaning because his big cock was fucking both of them had Mark turned on like crazy.

But now he wanted to feel Dan's cock sliding up and down on his again.

Mark let his ass fall to the bed, and without missing a beat Dan started to fuck in and out of Michelle's cunt again. Now it was Mark's turn to moan from the cock-fucking his buddy was giving him.

Mark and Dan quickly got into a rhythm, taking turns fucking Michelle's pussy and each other's cocks. Michelle couldn't believe she had two cocks in her cunt, two big cocks, and struggled to keep up with their piston-style fucking.

Feeling that they had been ignoring Michelle, Dan bent down and kissed her as he took his turn thrusting in and out of her, and as Mark enjoyed Dan's cock-fucking action he started to lick and nibble on Michelle's neck and ear.

As an orgasm hit, Michelle pulled her mouth free of Dan's and tossed her head back and to the side as she moaned in pleasure… and the two hung stud's mouths came together, accidentally kissing each other.

This accidental kiss caused a shocked pause. Dan stopped thrusting his cock and Mark failed to take over. But as they looked into each other's eyes the shock and embarrassment quickly faded, replaced by something else. Desire, perhaps? It was a feeling both of them did not quite understand, but before they could dwell on it their shared gaze was broken by Michelle's voice.

"C'mon guys, don't stop! Keep fucking me, both of you. Fuck me together, at the same time."

Without even a thought towards coordinating their movements, the two horny guys just started to thrust up into her at the same time, and both guys immediately realized that they were amazing in tandem. The fucking picked up a certain intensity and both guys used their powerful leg muscles to ram into her now well-stretched and dripping pussy.

Michelle was in a completely euphoric state, randomly moaning the words "fuck me," sometimes not even realizing she was panting it.

Mark was incredibly close to shooting his load again and decided to pull out, and when he did, Michelle certainly felt a void.

Mark slid out from under Michelle, got off the bed, and walked behind the action, once again watching Dan ram her from behind.

A lot of guys envied guys that were hung like Mark and Dan. Even though Mark had a bigger cock than Dan, he envied him, too. Not because of his thickness, but because of how long Dan could last. Mark had gotten close a couple of times already. Dan hadn't even gotten close to cumming once yet. He couldn't help but think that his buddy was born to fuck and built to last, and that he was born to fuck just long enough to cum, which, if he didn't stop when he got close, wouldn't be very long at all.

Mark's cock was still rock hard, but he didn't dare to touch it, at least not until he had given his load some time to settle down. But he wanted to touch it, wanted to jerk himself off to the view of Dan's tight ass flexing as he pounded his big cock in and out of a pussy.

"You look great from here, man. Those back muscles are glistening. Your ass too, man," Mark said without stopping to think about it before he spoke the words.

"Yeah, you like that?" Dan replied. "You like seeing me fuck this pussy? Like seeing my big cock stretching it to its limit? Seeing me fuck it hard and deep?"

Mark eminently loved the sight. He was in awe of his stud of a friend, but not with jealousy, but rather with desire, and he suddenly wanted to feel what it would be like to fuck his buddy. Never before did he ever think that he would want to fuck a guy, but something was coming over him, something he didn't understand but suddenly had to do.

He walked up behind Dan and rubbed his hand over his back, feeling his back muscles, feeling the heat of his body and wiping up some of the sweat that was forming with each thrust. His dick felt harder than it had ever been.

While he was feeling Dan's back his dick head unintentionally made contact with Dan's exposed asshole. "What the fuck bro? I feel your dick back there," Dan said as he turned his head to look over his shoulder.

"Sorry man, just wanted to get a good look."

"Cool, but watch it with that thing. Don't think I could handle that dick man, ha-ha," joked Dan.

"Sure you could, Michelle took it," Mark said, everything he was thinking just coming out of his mouth with reckless abandon.

"That was definitely hot, man. Fucked that pussy deep with that long cock, man!"

They had this conversation as Dan was still fucking Michelle from behind. It seemed as if these guys had continuous energy. This was what it was like to get tagged teamed by these two college studs.

"Ever wondered what that must feel like?" asked Mark right up against Dan's ear. "You ever wanted to get fucked in the butt, Dan?"
"You like that ass Mark? Want to fuck your bro?" Dan laughed.

"Yeah, I think I really do want to push my cock inside you." Mark was all business at this point. He wanted to fuck Dan. He had never wanted anything more in his entire life.

"Well I'm drunk, so I guess I'm willing to give it a go, if Michelle doesn't mind two guys getting it on."

Michelle wasn't at all surprised that these two wanted to fuck each other. With their good looks, amazing bodies and big cocks, along with the fact that they spent most of their time together working out half naked, admiring each other's bodies, and probably each other's ample cocks, and were also roommates, sharing a cramped dorm room, there had been whispers around campus as to whether or not these two studs were doing each other.

Dan and Mark had heard these rumors, too, and they just laughed at them. They were a couple of hung studs that had banged every hot chick on campus, and everyone knew it. How could anyone think that they were fucking each other? The thought, nor the desire, had ever even entered their minds before… that is, until now. But even now, they couldn't explain why.

Michelle had been hoping that the rumors were true. Two guys having sex with each other turned her on a lot. In fact, the only reason she accepted the date with Dan, the only reason she invited Mark to join them on their date when he appeared at their table, the only reason she was willing to do them together was in the hopes that they would do each other, too.

She had constantly tried to convince her ex-boyfriend to try being with a guy for her, but he refused. In fact, Michelle knew that is why he strayed and fucked another girl, because she kept pressuring him to fuck a guy. Now it looked like she was finally going to get what she had wanted for so long.

"I think it's hot," she moaned, and then Dan just reached under his bed and presented Mark with a bottle of lube.

Mark couldn't believe that Dan was seriously going to let him fuck him up the butt. Opening the bottle, he squirted some onto his fingers and then wiped them over Dan's asshole. A tingle went through Mark's body as he felt Dan's hole against his skin.

Applying some more lube, he let the tip of his finger pop inside Dan's hole. Dan just grunted but kept on fucking Michelle. With the liberal amount of lube he had applied, his finger started to slide up his buddy's butt quite effortlessly. It was so warm inside, and it seemed so welcoming, so ridiculously tight.

Mark tried to put a second finger in and was surprised when it slid right in the tight hole alongside the other. Soon he had three fingers in Dan's butt. He couldn't believe it! He had three fingers inside and was standing there finger-fucking his buddy's ass!

Mark just had to know what it would feel like to put his cock inside his buddy, now more than ever. He pulled his fingers out and then poured lube all over his achingly stiff prick and stroked himself a few times to distribute it all over his nine inches. Then he positioned his cockhead right at Dan's asshole and pushed into his hole. "Oh! Fuck!" Mark exclaimed as he felt his cockhead enter the extremely tight, warm hole of his buddy.

Dan grunted "unh," and pulled his ass forward a bit and said, "Take it easy bro, that's virgin territory you know."

Mark put his hand over top of Dan's mouth and said in his ear, "Don't scream man, you'll love my dick, everyone does. I don't know why but I really want to fuck you, man. I want to fuck my best bro up the ass so bad."

Dan didn't know what to think. He had never wanted to do anything with another guy, let alone get fucked in the ass by one. But Mark was his best bro, they did everything together and the more they worked out and took classes together the more Dan realized Mark was the only guy he trusted, and, right then, he would do anything Mark wanted.
Mark began to push his cock into Dan's ass. Damn the pain was incredible for Dan, and he pushed off of Mark's cock, causing him to push his dick all the way into Michelle, and she yelped out at the sudden deep and strong thrust.

But Mark just grabbed hold of Dan's hips and kept pushing. "Push out on my dick, Dan," Mark told him.

Nothing had ever hurt so much, and Dan bit down on the palm of Mark's hand, breathing heavily as he felt his ass getting stretched open as inch after inch of Mark's huge cock slid inside of him.

He lost his rhythm with Michelle, falling out of her for a second, but was back in once Mark reached under him and guided his bro's cock back into her pussy, and then pushed his own cock further into Dan's ass.

Fucking Michelle was an afterthought at this moment, Dan couldn't think of anything but the pain that was coursing through his body. All nine inches of Mark's cock were now buried deep inside Dan's virgin ass; he felt violated and at the same time began to like the feeling of his competitor, his stud best friend hitting his ass.

Mark began to slowly fuck in and out of his buddy's ass. And then, all of a sudden, the pain started to go away and was replaced by the most incredible feeling Dan had ever felt and he let out a moan of pleasure.

Michelle was still moaning, and as Dan's ass began to loosen up and adjust to the big cock that was filling it, he started to whimper as Mark began to gradually increase his pace, fucking him faster and harder, hitting deeper and deeper into Dan.

It took a while, but with gradual increases to his speed, soon enough Dan was taking Mark's huge cock deep and hard, just like Michelle had taken it. And after a few minutes, the rhythm was set, and when Mark pumped into Dan, Dan pushed into Michelle. Just like before, the two studs were amazing in tandem.

Mark was a fuck machine now, and Dan now knew exactly what it felt like to be one of the many, many girls Mark had fucked with his big dick. And he loved it. He fucking LOVED it! So much so that it seemed like he would pass out from the sheer pleasure he was getting from his buddy's awesome dick.

For Mark the feeling was intense, also. Dan's ass was so tight, it was amazing. But it was more than just that. He couldn't believe that just a few hours ago they were laughing and drinking, making small talk, and now the friend he competed with for girls, grades, and muscles in the gym was taking every inch of his dick up his ass. Mark thought that was so hot! But it wasn't going to last as long as he wanted it to, because just like always, Mark was close to blowing his load in no time.

Knowing he was going to lose his wad, Mark slowed down a bit, but with his cock in a pussy and a cock up his ass, it was too much for Dan. "Mark, I'm cumming from your dick man, don't stop fucking me!" Dan cried out.

Mark started fucking Dan deep and hard again and in just seconds Dan unloaded a huge load into Michelle's pussy. Mark was already so close, but when he felt the new, incredible sensation of Dan's ass muscles clamping on his dick, he was done. With a huge groan Mark started to cum, shooting his load deep inside Dan's ass.

Mark withdrew his spent cock from his buddy's ass a moment later, and then Dan let his cock fall out of Michelle's well-used pussy. Michelle crawled up to the pillows and then flipped over on to her back. Dan followed to lie beside her.

Mark stood and looked at the two, spent on the bed; he felt victorious having fucked both of them hard and deep for what seemed like hours. He too then fell onto the bed, and all three fell asleep.
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