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Friday, March 20, 2015

All Male Fiction: I Spy (Part 3)

By: Unknown Author

Several weeks later, Eric found himself in another predicament. Shortly after his steamy encounter with Andy in the coach's office, Coach Anson had been suspended by the school board on unspecified grounds. Everyone knew the reason though. Rumors had spread that school employees and students were fucking in the men's locker room. Charges were not laid, as there was no proof found, but even so, parents didn't want Coach Anson around their kids after that, and he was not expected to return to Southfield High.

Eric felt badly about the coach's situation and, given that Alex Diego, Andy Garner, the coach and Eric were the only ones who knew what had been going on in the coach's office, he wanted to make sure the coach understood that he hadn't told anyone or started the rumor. He didn't think Coach Anson would agree to meet with him, though, so he decided he'd just drop by the coach's house and pay him a surprise visit instead.

The coach lived in a small ranch-style house on the far edge of town. Friday night, after Eric's parents were asleep, he rode his bike out to Coach's Anson's house. Eric knocked on the front door, but no one answered. As he went to leave, he saw that there was a light on in a room on the side of the house. He wondered if that was Coach Anson's bedroom, and if he might be undressing. He couldn't help himself and, after hiding his bike behind some bushes, crept around to the side of the building.

The small window was a couple of feet above Eric's eye level, but he stood on the air-conditioning unit and stared inside. Eric saw a bachelor's bedroom - a few pieces of furniture, a king-size bed with white sheets, and a closet with athletic clothes stuffed in at all angles. The light came from a lamp next to the bed. No one was in the room.

Just then, Eric saw Coach Anson strut into the bedroom from the hallway, and he was fully naked, with a towel slung over his shoulder. He was dry, so Eric figured he was only just about to take a shower. He watched the coach's big cock sway between his muscular thighs, as he walked over and took something from the dresser drawer. Eric couldn't see what, as the coach's back was now to him, but he could see the coach's broad, muscular shoulders, his rippling back, and his tight, muscular ass. He took in the sight until Coach Anson walked back out of the bedroom.

Eric's curiosity to see Coach Anson in the shower overwhelmed him. He pushed up on the double-hung window and happily found that it wasn't latched. He quietly slid it open and stepped cautiously through. He quietly pushed the window closed again, before tiptoeing across the room to the open bedroom door.

The sound of Coach Anson's shower filled the hallway; wisps of steam escaped through the bathroom door that was slightly ajar. Eric crept over to the door, pushed it slowly, and peered in. Steam fogged up the bathroom mirror that ran the length of the room. The coach had various bathroom items along the wall near his sink – after shave, shaving cream, cologne, workout supplements, and... What the fuck was that? Right next to the shower was an eight-inch, flesh-colored dildo standing on its base. Eric had never seen anything like it; he took in a quick breath to regain his composure.

Coach Anson stood in the shower, behind a clear, slightly opaque shower curtain. Due to the bathroom ceiling lights, Eric could make out the coach's silhouette - his meaty shoulders, his bulging pecs, his powerful back, his thick glutes, and his bulging prick. Eric watched in awe as Coach Anson soaped up his cock and massaged it in his soapy hands.

Eric's attention quickly returned to the eight-inch dildo standing erect outside the shower. As he nervously and boldly opened the door wider and took a few steps into the bathroom to get a better look at it, he slid on the bathroom tile floor. He caught himself, but not before his right foot smacked the underside of the sink with a loud slap.

Coach Anson was startled by the unexpected noise, and dropped his soap on the tub floor. His hand brushed back the shower curtain to see his intruder standing in his bathroom. He stared at Eric, while Eric's eyes absorbed the sight of Coach Anson standing naked and wet. The coach's muscular 5'10", 190-pound frame glistened from the steamy hot shower, and his nipples became erect from the cold breeze of the bathroom. The coach's cock stood semi-erect below a dense bush of wet pubic hair, and was all covered in soap suds; his balls were shaved smooth.

Eric tried to turn and bolt, but Coach Anson stepped out of the shower and tackled him, knocking Eric to the floor, just outside the bathroom door. He then roughly flipped Eric over onto his back. "Eric Anderson! I don't know what the fuck you think you're doing here, breaking into my house in the middle of the night, but you're not going anywhere just yet!" Coach Anson bellowed with authority.

Eric cowered up at Coach Anson, trembling, too afraid to move as he watched the coach step back into the bathroom and grab his towel. As the coach wrapped it around his waist, he approached Eric with an angry scowl on his face. Eric feared the coach was going to beat him up, but instead he spoke sternly again. "I don't know what possessed you to sneak into my house, but I still have a score to settle with you. I lost my job only a few days after our little incident in the locker room. And I think you may have had something to do with it!"

Eric spoke up for the first time, "No, coach, I didn't say anything. I swear!"

"Just the same, now that I no longer work for the school district, I can finally discipline you the way I wanted to on that day you saw me bang Diego," Coach Anson responded, and then he grabbed Eric by the arm, yanked him to his feet, and pulled him by his arm all the way to the bedroom.

Coach Anson shoved Eric to the floor, and then pulled his towel open and threw it on the chair that stood next to the dresser. Eric looked straight ahead, staring directly at the coach's beer-can-sized dick and clean-shaven ball sack. Coach Anson stepped closer to Eric, pulled him by the neck from his position on the floor, up onto his knees and growled, "Open wide, you little cocksucker!"

Eric opened his mouth instinctively and let his tongue massage the thick dick that parted his moist lips. His mouth wrapped around Coach Anson's meat, and he moistened the coach's cockhead thoroughly. Coach Anson wanted more than the head swabbed, though, and was not a patient man, and began to forcibly push his cock into his young cocksucker's mouth.

The coach let out a quiet sigh as his cock quickly disappeared into Eric's warm, sucking mouth, and then he reached down and guided Eric's hands around until they grabbed hold of his meaty muscled ass cheeks. Eric's hands immediately began to massage the coach's butt cheeks, his mouth working the coach's prick into an 8.5-by-6-inch fuck stick. Eric wished he could spy on himself at this moment, to see himself on his knees with his mouth stuffed full of cock.

Coach Anson removed his cock from Eric's mouth when the boy gagged on his fully-lengthened prick. He held it tight in his hand for a moment, letting Eric get a real good look at how big and fat it was, and then he moved in closer and forced Eric's mouth to his hairless ball sack. Eric instinctively reached out with his tongue and glided it across the cool skin of Coach Anson's balls, licking the coach's balls softly, slowly.

By this time, Eric's cock was leaking a noticeable amount of pre-cum. His shorts showed a big wet spot, and his cock jutted out. Coach Anson had clearly seen this as well, as he reached down and guided his hand inside Eric's shorts. The coach's strong, masculine hand grabbed Eric's oozing prick and squeezed, hard. Eric breathed in quickly and groaned in discomfort.

Eric worked back up to Coach Anson's cock and, as he swallowed every inch he could take of the thick piece of meat, he snuck a finger up to massage the coach's puckered hole. Coach Anson sighed louder and rammed his cock deep into the warm, moist recesses of Eric's gullet. Eric gagged, but somehow managed to adjust and kept the coach's cock in his mouth. At the same time, he applied slightly more pressure to his finger, and inserted it shallowly and cautiously into the coach's ass.

Suddenly, Coach Anson broke away from Eric and walked out of the room. Eric feared he had gone too far in touching the coach's asshole, but calmed himself when the coach returned with a smile on his face moments later. That calm was short lived when Coach Anson pulled his arm from behind his back, grasping the eight-inch dildo from the bathroom in his hand. Eric's eyes widened as the coach spoke. "Anderson, I think it's time you learned a valuable lesson!" he growled.

Coach Anson reached down and grabbed Eric under the arms and lifted him to his feet, and then promptly threw him face down on the bed. The sheets smelled musty, and Eric smelled the coach's cum. As Eric lay face down on the bed, Coach Anson took his thick, now lubed middle finger and inserted it deep into Eric's ass. Eric cried out in pleasure and in pain.

Coach Anson moved his thick finger in and out of Eric's ass, ensuring his hole was thoroughly lubed. Once he was satisfied that it was, he removed his finger and forced the oversized head of the eight-inch dildo into Eric's ass, ordering Eric to spread his ass cheeks apart in order to accommodate the large fake dick in his hole. Eric did as he was told, and the coach continued to push the dildo inside, pausing every couple of inches to allow Eric to adjust.

Eric breathed in and out, panting and moaning from the mixture of the pleasure and pain. The coach kept pushing the dildo in, until Eric could feel its head poke deep inside him. He felt like he'd been pierced with a sword, but the feeling of the dildo against his prostate caused him to relax and begin to enjoy the sensation.

Coach Anson pulled the dildo out slowly, feeling the resistance of Eric's tight pucker clinging to the dildo's stiffness. He only removed about half of the dildo, before he plunged it back into Eric's ass with a more abrupt motion.

Eric's head lolled back and his eyes opened wide. There was a large framed mirror hanging on the wall to the side of the bed, and Eric could see that the coach's cock was standing fully erect, with a drop of moist pre-cum in its slit, as he assaulted Eric's ass with the big dildo.

Coach Anson began to fuck Eric in earnest with the dildo now. He pushed the dildo in quickly and deeply, and then he withdrew it slowly while caressing Eric's ass cheek with his free hand, occasionally slapping Eric's ass while jockeying the dildo in and out of the boy's hole.

After several minutes, the coach removed the dildo and greased up his own cock with lube, then got behind Eric. Without a moment's hesitation, he pushed his beer-can prick straight up Eric's ass, forcing the boy's hole to expand to take in his width. Eric's head shot up, and he cried out, but Coach Anson didn't seem to care.

Coach Anson breathed deeply as he lay across Eric's body from head to toe, smothering the eighteen year old with his manly strength. He then curled his back muscles to withdraw his cock, only to drive it home harder and deeper on the next push. Again Eric cried out, and again, the coach didn't seem to care.

Soon, though, Coach Anson's cock started to feel better in his ass, and, when Eric quietly sighed, Coach Anson began to buck harder and faster, like an animal in heat, grunting and groaning into Eric's ear, "You fuckin' like this don't you? You're fuckin' taking my cock like a pro, you fuckin' slut. No wonder Andy Garner broke up with his girlfriend after I let him fuck your ass. You've wanted this for a long time, haven't you, cunt? Wanted my cock up your tight ass, fuckin' you hard! Getting that tight hole pounded by your coach!"

Eric just moaned his answer.

"Yeah, that's right. Moan like a little bitch while you take this big cock!" Coach Anson barked, slapping Eric's ass, hard as he said it.

Shortly after, Coach Anson suddenly withdrew his cock from Eric's ass and spurted several long cum shots across his back and shoulders, crying out loudly during each shot of his orgasm. He then pulled his cock out of Eric's ass, and Eric could feel how open his asshole was after being emptied of the coach's thick prick. Coach Anson then quickly left for the bathroom to clean up. Eric wasn't sure if he should follow. Since the coach hadn't instructed him to do so, he stayed where he was and rolled over onto his back.

A huge puddle of cum had soaked the coach's bed sheets. Eric had cum twice - once when Coach Anson was fucking him hard with the dildo, and the other when the coach had buried his cock deep in his ass.

As he lay quietly with his back on the coach’s wet and tousled bed sheets, Eric suddenly heard a light tapping at the bedroom door. He was too scared to move - what would anyone think, seeing a high school kid lying naked on Coach Anson’s bed in a puddle of cum?


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