"We have reason to believe that man first walked upright to free his hands for masturbation."

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

All Male Fiction: The Nude Beach (Part 2)

By: Ryan Michaels

"What do you mean?" asked Mark, a slight tone of panic in his voice.

"You said you were going to walk around checking out the naked chicks," Jeff said to Mark.

"I was."

"And you said you were going to take a piss," he said to me.

"I did."

"Yeah, maybe you did, but you were gone way too long just to take a piss. You two hooked up! I know you did!"

Both Mark and I stared at Jeff in disbelief. How could he know that? There was no way that he could. No one else came into the washroom while we were in there.

"I… we… how…" Mark stuttered, the color once again draining from his face.

"I can't believe you two snuck off together to scope out the naked chicks. Especially after you said I couldn't come with you, because it would be too obvious," Jeff said, directing the last part at Mark.

Now all of his statements had become clear. "You've got it all wrong," I spoke up. "After I took a leak, I wandered around a bit and ran into Mark on my way back," I covered.

"Yeah, I just hooked up with Ryan… on the beach… that's all."

Oh," Jeff replied, and then his tone immediately changed as he asked, "So, did you see any hot naked chicks or what?"

"Yeah!" Mark replied enthusiastically. "Not only did I see one, but she asked for my number!"

"No shit?"

"Yeah, and the entire time we were talking she kept looking at my dick. I know she's gonna call, and you can bet that when she does I'll be getting some pussy for sure! Man, I can't wait to get between her legs and eat her smooth, shaved pussy!"

Mark caught my smile and, probably remembering what I had said about guys who talk eagerly and constantly about pussy around other guys, added, "I mean, maybe. Who knows? Whatever happens, happens."

Jeff got up to his feet and put on his flip flops.

"Where the fuck are you going?" Mark asked.

"Hey if you can find some hot naked chick that's hot for your dick, than so can I!" he answered, and then bounded off on his quest.

Mark and I sat on our towels in silence, and after a few minutes Mark lay down on his back.

I remained sitting and took advantage of the fact that Mark was lying down with his eyes closed, my eyes focused on the hot guy ahead of us. He was sunning himself on his stomach and I could see the curve of his ass cheeks, and then he turned over. I saw his cock flop as he turned, and got a good view of it before he propped himself up on his elbow, leaned over to his girlfriend, and began to kiss her, his hand moving over her stomach, coming very near to her snatch, and then moving up to quickly graze over her tits.

After just a few moments, he leaned in to his girlfriend and said something to her, and then seconds later he stood up. Turning so that he was now facing in my direction, I could see that his cock had lengthened a bit as he stepped into his shoes. It was still pointed down, but it was definitely hanging a bit longer than it had looked when he first flipped over. I was overjoyed at seeing his cock on full display… and even more so that my own dick didn't even get the slightest tingle.

The hot guy started to walk towards us. He caught my stare, smiled and nodded, and then walked on by.

I turned my body and lay down on my stomach, my chin resting on my crossed arms, and stared at the hot guy's ass as he walked off. And as I watched, I suddenly realized that he was heading in the direction of the washroom.

I continued to stare until he disappeared from view and then said, "I'll be right back," and stood up.

"What? Where are you going?" Mark asked, lifting his head and shielding his eyes.

"I gotta take a leak; for real this time."

"Ok," Mark said and put his head back down.

It was true, I really did need to take a leak, but I was also hoping to get a good look at that hot guy's cock at the urinal. I wasn't foolish enough to think that anything was going to happen between the two of us. I mean, just because he had smiled and nodded at me didn't mean he was giving me some sort of signal. I was staring at him after all, and he was just being polite, nodding a hello. Besides, he was there with his girlfriend, right? He was obviously straight.

Having waited a few minutes before getting up to head to the washroom myself, so it wouldn't look too obvious that I was following him, I entered the washroom to find it empty except for one stall that was occupied.

Of course, I thought. He hadn't come in here to piss. He had just made the excuse of needing to use the men's room for the same reason I had earlier – to take care of his rising dick by beating off in one of the stalls!

My own dick was definitely tingling now, and starting to rise, and I made my way over and entered the stall next to his.

Sitting down on the toilet, I immediately began to casually fondle my cock as I listened for any sounds of meat beating in the next stall. There was nothing; complete silence. I was disappointed, to say the least, but then I started to get even more aroused by the idea of beating my own meat with a hot, straight stud sitting naked in the next stall, hearing me.

I began to pump my cock, slowly and quietly at first, but then I started stroking it a bit faster, and faster still, that unmistakable wap-wap-wap sound now clearly audible throughout the entire washroom.

I listened as I beat off noisily, but there was still nothing but silence coming from the next stall. So, I dared to let out a quiet moan. There was a slight shuffling from next door, so I let out another moan, a bit louder this time.

I leaned my head over and placed my ear against the divider. I still heard nothing, but then there was suddenly movement. I pulled my ear away and bent my head slightly to look down and under the space between the stalls. My eyes were immediately met with a pair of feet, facing my stall; that sight quickly followed by a pair of knees contacting the floor, and then, a hard cock came into view.

I couldn't fucking believe it! Not only had I come in there just a short while ago to take a piss, and ended up getting a blowjob – from someone I never expected to get one from – but now here was this hot straight guy presenting me with his cock to suck!

My dick got so hard it hurt, and I literally leapt up from the toilet and got down on my knees on the washroom floor. Moving myself back, I started to lean down so I could get his dick into my mouth, but just as I put my head down, I almost got poked in the eye as he stuck his finger under the stall and wiggled it at me.

No fucking way! I thought. This hot stud is actually looking to suck dick?  I felt I must be dreaming, but obviously I wasn't, and I very quickly repositioned myself to get my achingly stiff cock underneath the divider.

As soon as I poked my dick under, there was no hand on my shaft, no tongue lapping the pre-cum that was already copiously oozing from my cockhead; just a wet mouth clamping down on it and sliding forward, eating my cock all the way to the base. I guess this guy was bi, because he didn't even gag, not that my dick was huge or anything, but deep-throating in general, even an average sized dick, is not generally a skill first timers or inexperienced individuals possess. Another thing that made it obvious this wasn't his first time sucking dick; this guy wasn't just good at giving head, he was amazing!

I was moaning pretty loudly and consistently, pretty much so enthralled by the hot suck-job I was getting that I had totally forgotten where I was. Given the incredible head I was getting, I was surprised I was lasting as long as I was, but it turned out not to be that long at all. I was there, ready to cum.

"I'm gonna cum!" I whispered.

A soft moan came from the other stall, the first sound that he had made the entire time, and the suction of his mouth got stronger as he worked to suck the cum out of my cock. And I went over the edge, moaning and grunting, throwing my head back and squeezing my eyes shut as I unloaded into his mouth, feeding this hot stud with a girlfriend my hot cum.

As I shot off, the hot stud groaned, and I leaned my upper body back, tilted my head and looked under the stall. His one hand was pumping his dick, and the other was cupped underneath it catching the wad of cum that was now spurting out.

As soon as he was done cumming, he pulled his mouth off my dick and stood up. I heard the sound of toilet paper being torn off the roll, and I did the same. Before I had even finished wiping my own dick off, the guy threw open his stall door and made his way out of the washroom.

A few moments later, I exited the stall and went to the sink to wash my dick off properly, and, when I was done, I started to head out of the washroom, but stopped and went over to a urinal when I remembered I still hadn't taken that piss I needed to take.

With my dick drained in more ways than one, I headed back outside to make my way back to my spot on the beach.

When I got there, Mark raised his head, shielded his eyes again, and said, "That was a long piss."

"I took a walk around after," I replied as I sat down.

"A walk, huh? Yeah, ok," he smiled at me.

"No, really, I did," I lied. "Do you really think after what happened between us that I went right back there looking for more, and there just happened to be another guy there that likes to do what you did?"

"Yeah, what are the chances," Mark laughed and then lay back down and closed his eyes.

Yeah, what are the chances indeed! I thought as I looked ahead to the hot guy, who was now once again lying beside his girlfriend, on his stomach, head up and resting on his forearms.

His eyes caught mine, and he again smiled and gave a nod. This time I knew it wasn't just a polite nod to say hello, but a nod of acknowledgement or thanks for letting him suck my cock, and I returned his nod with the same intended meaning, and then quickly looked away as Mark opened his eyes and propped himself up on his elbows.

Moments later, Jeff came jogging towards us, dripping wet, obviously having gone for a dip in the lake.

"I thought you were walking around checking out hot naked babes?" I said as he plopped down on his towel.

"I was, and they got me so hot I had to go cool off," he laughed, and then lay back on his towel to dry under the sun.

As I sat there soaking up the rays, I started to get kind of thirsty. "I'm gonna go to the food truck and grab myself a bottle of water or something. You guys want anything?" I asked as I reached over to my pants and started to dig out some money.

"No thanks," Mark answered.

"I'm good," Jeff replied.

"Ok, be right back," I said standing up, and, when I did, the hot guy stood up too.

Our eyes met and he smiled at me again. Not wanting to smile back with Mark and Jeff right there, I turned on my heel, stepped into my flip flops and started walking towards the parking lot, where the food truck was parked, at the edge of the beach not far from where the washroom was.

As I walked, I glanced over my shoulder and saw the hot guy walking a short distance behind me, as though he was following me. He can't think I'm looking to hook up again for another blowjob, so soon anyway? I thought, and then I started to ramble in my own head. Hey! Maybe he's looking to get a blowjob now! But he just came, too. But then again, that didn't stop me from cumming twice in a row. I'd definitely love to return the favor and suck his cock if that's what he's after!

As I got even closer to the food truck, I glanced over my shoulder again, and he was still following me. If he was heading for the washroom, he should have veered off by now.

Arriving at the food truck, there were two people being served and another woman behind them waiting her turn. Her turn came just moments later, and, as I took a few steps forward to wait my turn, the hot guy did as well, and I felt his dick brush against my naked ass.

"Sorry, man," he said with a smile as I looked over my shoulder at him, and he took a step back.

"No worries," I said.

"So, you come here often?"

I smiled at the double entendre as I immediately thought of what we had done in the washroom, and then replied, "No. This is my first time."

"Yeah, I didn't think I'd seen you here before. My girlfriend and I come here every Sunday."

"You come to the nude beach every Sunday?"

"Yeah, to keep up our tans. Same time, same area of the beach… every Sunday."

I nodded in acknowledgement and then it was my turn at the truck.

"So, maybe I'll see you again sometime?" the hot guy said as I turned after receiving my drink, and as he moved to be served.

"Maybe," I replied. "Take care," I said and then walked away.

The hot guy returned to his towel a few minutes later and handed his girlfriend a cardboard tray of fries. He then lay down beside her, but lay with his head by her feet, and began to rub her foot, giving me a full-on view of his cock and balls. I didn't know if he had done it on purpose, for my benefit, but I got my answer pretty quickly when he looked to me, gave his balls a scratch, and then let his hand trail up over his dick as he smiled at me.

Although it was difficult not to – the view was amazing - I tried very hard not to look at him at all, not because I was afraid I would get a boner on the beach - thankfully, having cum twice, three times counting the load I had spilled at home that morning, my dick didn't even twitch – but because I didn't want Mark or Jeff to notice at whom I was staring.

About an hour later, Jeff wanted to call it a day. Mark and I both voiced that we were ready to leave, too, and the three of us went about putting our clothes back on, shaking the sand from our towels, and then we trudged off through the sand towards the parking lot.

As we drove, things were quiet at first, and then Mark, sitting in the back seat, spoke. "So, Jeff, did you get the number of the hot naked babe that got you so horned up that you had to jump in the cold lake?" he asked, laughing.

"No! And that's not why I went for a swim. I was just hot and wanted to cool off."

"Yeah, hot and getting boned!" Mark laughed.

"Fuck off," Jeff said.

"Well, at least I met a girl who asked for my phone number," Mark said.

"Yeah, like she's actually gonna call," Jeff laughed. "I saw what you got hanging between your legs, and, well, it doesn't really hang at all. I'm just saying," he laughed some more.

"Fuck you! I'm a grower, not a show-er!"

I could attest to that. Mark's cock didn't look like much soft, just a tiny bit of shaft and the head. The head of his dick didn't even reach the bottom of his nut sac. Hell, mine hung longer soft than his, and it was only five inches erect. But hard, Mark had me beat with a decent size of about six and a half inches. Of course, I wasn't about to jump to his defense.

"Sure, that's what they all say," Jeff laughed.

"Go fuck yourself, Jeff!"

"Relax, man, I'm only joking with you. I'm sure, if she calls, you've got enough to get the job done."

"Fuckin' right I do!"

Things got quiet again for a few minutes, and then the conversation changed directions and the three of us just shot the shit for a bit until we arrived at Mark's house to drop him off.

"Later," Mark said as he got out of the car and headed off towards his house.

As Jeff and I started off towards my house, he glanced over at me and then said, "So, you're not gonna tell anyone about what we did today, are you?"

"About going to a nude beach? Nah. If I told any of my other friends that I went to a nude beach with two guys, they might get the wrong idea," I laughed, playing straight.

"Not that; the other thing."

"Oh, you mean about you having to jump in the lake because you started to get a boner on the beach looking at naked girls?" I laughed some more.

"No!" Jeff snapped. "You know what I'm talking about; what we did in the washroom."

Although I couldn't see it, I knew my face turned white as a ghost as I stared at him, my ears not believing what I had just heard. That hot guy on the beach had blown me, hadn't he? "That-that was you?"

"C'mon, you know it was!"

"No, of course I didn't know it was you." I couldn't believe this!

"You didn't?"

I shook my head. "How did you know it was me?"

"When I came out of the stall, I saw you through the space in the door. You were standing sideways, wiping yourself off. You started to turn your head, and I thought you saw… you mean you really didn't know?"

"I swear."

"So, if I had just kept my fuckin' mouth shut, you never would have known. Shit!" he cursed, paused and then, turning to look at me with a look of panic on his face, said, "You gotta promise not to tell anyone. Especially Mark; he doesn't know I'm gay. No one does."

"I won't tell anyone, I promise; as long as you don't either." I felt like I was experiencing déjà vu.

"Trust me, I won't tell a soul. I don't want anyone to know. Well, anyone else, that is. That's the real reason I went in the water, you know."

"What do you mean?"

"To wash the cum off my dick. When I thought you saw me, I took off and didn't get to clean it off properly. I didn't want Mark or anyone else to see cum oozing out of my dick, or see dried cum on it."


Jeff was silent for a moment, and then said, "So… have you let other guys suck you off before?"

"Uh, yeah, a few times…"

"I think that's so cool."

"What, that I let other guys suck my dick?"

"Yeah, that you are open-minded enough, and secure enough to let another guy suck your dick when you need it, even though you're straight."

I couldn't believe this! Here I was, gay, and afraid that my two best friends would find out and not want to be my friend anymore, and now, not only had I gone to a nude beach with them, but both ended up sucking me off, both confessed that they were gay, and both still think I'm straight!

"It's just a way to get off," I shrugged, again not wanting to reveal that I was gay until I knew how things would be between us in time after what we had done together, just like with Mark.

"Very cool, man. Fuck, I feel so much better now that we've talked about it."

"Well, now that you are feeling ok with what happened between us, can I tell you something?"


"You give amazing head!"


"Oh yeah, that was one of the best… no, probably the best blowjob I've ever had."

"Thanks, man," Jeff beamed. "The best huh? Just how many have you had?"

"I don't know, around twenty."

"Yeah? Twenty?"

"Yeah." It was true, although most of them were from the same guy. As far as number of guys, I had only been with three so far, well, five now, including Mark and Jeff.

"Any from girls?"

"Of course, most of them were from girls!" I lied some more, trying to sound almost offended by the question.

"Well, if I really was the best you've had, then I hope you have a good memory."


"Well, don't be expecting me to blow you again," he chuckled.

"I wasn't, but why do you say that?"

"You're one of my best friends. It would just be too weird, don't you think?"

"Yeah, probably," I replied as Jeff pulled into my driveway. And I did agree. Just like with Mark, I wasn't sure that I wanted to knowingly have sex with Jeff again, but at the same time, as he said that, I was feeling somewhat disappointed that I wouldn't get to experience Jeff's amazing oral skills again.

"Thanks," Jeff said as I grabbed the door handle.

"I should be thanking you," I smiled.

Jeff actually blushed a little, and then said, "I meant for promising not to tell anyone."

"No worries; your secret's safe with me. Later dude," I said and then got out of the car.

As I started heading for my house, I couldn't help but think about the strange day I had had, and all that had occurred. It was a lot to take in, but out of all of it, the one thing I still couldn't wrap my head around was the fact that my two best buddies, who I now knew were both gay, both still thought I was straight, even after they had sucked my cock. I was fine with that, though, at least for now.

As I jumped in the shower to wash off the day's sweat and some remnants of sand, I started to think about that hot straight guy. He may not have been the one who had sucked me off after all, but, based on his obvious flirtations - the many smiles, the dick on my ass, rubbing his dick and balls while smiling at me – there was no doubt in my mind that he was clearly interested in a little guy-on-guy action, too.

A smile crept over my face. When I woke that morning, the last thing I had wanted to do was go to a nude beach, but now I knew I was definitely going to go back - next Sunday, at the same time, and to the same place on the beach; only this time without Mark and Jeff!


© 2015 Ryan Michaels
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    Can't wait for the truth to come out and the guys have a no-holes-barred 3-way.

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