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Sunday, February 8, 2015

All Male Fiction: Good Vibrations

By: Ryan Michaels

Stepping inside my apartment late Saturday night, I came to a dead stop. The place was a mess. There were beer bottles all over the coffee table, some standing and some tipped over, and some on the floor as well. But the beer bottles weren't the only thing on the floor. Lying there, face down, and completely naked, was my roommate, Matt, apparently passed out drunk. But the most shocking thing about the whole picture was that he had a vibrator stuffed up his butt, with duct tape over the end of it and stuck down on either side to his butt cheeks. It was turned on, too, because I could hear it quietly buzzing.

Matt was twenty-three, a year younger than me, and we had come to be roommates after being introduced by a mutual friend, Paul. At that time, both Matt and I were looking to move out of our respective parents homes and start our adult lives working and living on our own. Unfortunately, as it turned out, neither he nor I was having any luck finding a place that we could afford on our own. Enter Paul, who knew both our situations, introduced us, and suggested that we get a place together and share costs. We ended up hitting it off pretty well, and found a place to share two months later. In the two years that we have now been roommates, we have gotten to be good friends as well.

The two of us had never thrown any wild parties at our place before, but after finding out that I was going to visit my parents in the suburbs for a few days, leaving Thursday evening after work (Friday was a holiday), and returning Sunday afternoon, it seemed quite obvious that Matt had taken full advantage of the fact that I was away to have some of his buddies over to drink and get wasted, or, perhaps, he had invited a mixed crowd over for a good time of drinking and partying. But that still didn't explain the vibrator up his ass.

As far as I had known, Matt was just as straight as I was. He talked about girls, girls he thought were hot, girls he wanted to do, and, like most straight guys, talked about pussy a lot, in general. Matt was a good looking guy and the girls seemed to like his looks, too. He had brought lots of girls home in the time that we had been roommates, and, as often happens when sharing space with another young, horny, single guy, I had even heard him having sex with most of them. Knowing all that, I just couldn't wrap my head around what I was now seeing.

Then, all of a sudden, it hit me. This was a prank, one perpetrated by some of his buddies. So drunk that he passed out, they probably stripped him and stuck the toy up his ass just for a laugh, and getting an even bigger laugh out of leaving him there to come to and find himself naked with a vibrator stuffed up his butt. Made sense. They were probably as drunk as he was, and, in their drunken state, doing that to him probably sounded like a really funny idea. Especially if there were girls there too.

It would be humiliating enough for Matt to wake up and find out what his so-called friends had done to him, but it would be even worse knowing that his roommate, and friend, had decided to come home early and had seen him like that. So, I decided to leave. I had a friend nearby and knew that I could crash on his couch if ever I needed to. I would simply return home the next day as originally planned, as if I had been at my parents until then and had never returned home that evening.

As I turned to leave, I stopped in my tracks again, thinking: How can I call the guys who did this to him his so-called friends, and then, calling myself a friend, just walk away and leave him there like that? I can't, I decided, and turned and made my way over to where he lay naked on the floor.

Kneeling down behind him, and straddling either side of his legs, I reached towards his naked ass and grabbed the edge of the tape. I scrunched up my face as my fingertips lightly grazed his naked butt. Being that close to a guy's naked butt was not something I was exactly thrilled about, friends or not, but I persevered and slowly started to peel the tape, trying to remove it from his skin gently.

I managed to get the tape removed from his one cheek, and it came away from the end of the vibrator quite easily, and then, still slowly, I managed to get the tape fully removed from his other butt cheek. The vibrator came out of his butt a bit, but only ever so slightly. I couldn't believe it. I expected that once the duct tape was removed, it would just pop right out. I guess maybe it was because his legs were together and his butt was squeezed shut. But, hey, what did I know about vibrators being up a guy's butt?

Since it didn't come out, I knew what I had to do next, and to say I was not looking forward to it would be an understatement. So, once again with a scrunched up face, I reached my hand out and down towards the vibrator. When my fingers gripped the edges of the dial on the base, I looked away, and blindly began to turn it to shut the thing off before pulling it out of him. I definitely didn't want the thing vibrating about after I had pulled it out. But, as I turned the dial all the way around as far as it would go, instead of turning off, I had mistakenly turned it all the way up to full blast.

Matt stirred and let out a soft moan, and his hips moved ever so slightly. I froze for a moment, letting go of the vibrator, but then I saw that he was still completely out of it. I put my fingers back on the dial, then turned it in the opposite direction until it shut off.

Tightening my fingers on the base, and still not looking, I began to pull up on the vibrator, in order to slowly remove it from his butt. Once I had accomplished this, I planned to carry it by the base with just my fingertips to the kitchen, drop it in the trash can, and then take the trash bag and throw it down the garbage chute so that Matt wouldn't discover it in the garbage the next day.

That's what I had planned to do, anyway, but as I slowly slid it out bit by bit, Matt moaned again and mumbled, "Mmm that feels good."

I froze again, letting go of it again, and crooked my neck to get a look at his face. He was still out of it. Obviously, in his passed out state, his body was registering what must have been a sense of pleasure, though I couldn't imagine how having something in and being slid out of your butt could feel pleasurable, and he was unconsciously responding to that sensation. I was sure if he was aware of what was going on, he'd be having an entirely different reaction.

I went back to slowly removing the vibrator from his butt, and when I gripped my fingers onto the base again, they caused the dial to turn slightly, turning the vibrator back on and sending a low vibration back up his ass.

"Unnhhh," he groaned, a little louder and a little longer than the quiet moan he had let out previously.

Again, I pulled my hand back and froze, and he began to grind his hips ever so slightly, which had to be causing his dick to grind against the floor underneath himself as the vibrator stayed stuck more than half-way up his ass buzzing away.

I started to panic, fearing that he was coming to more and more and would very soon awaken to realize that he was naked and there was a vibrator stuck up his butt. It was safe to assume that, if he came around to find himself in that situation with me kneeling right behind his naked ass, he would think I was the one who had done this to him, that I had stripped him naked and sodomized him while he lay passed out drunk.

I had to get out of there before he fully came to, and I got to my feet, but I didn't take off running for the door. Instead I just stood there, once again in total shock when Matt mumbled, "Fuck me, Scott." Scott was one of his friends.

I couldn't believe what he was saying, and I just stood there staring down at his prone body in disbelief. Matt, gay? There's no way. He couldn't be, could he? I wondered silently.

Then he mumbled "Fuck me" again and the vibrator pushed up and out of his butt as his legs came apart a bit, and landed between them. It was clear that he was still out of it, only now it was also clear that he knew exactly what he was saying, knew exactly what he wanted, even in his semi-unconscious state of mind.

Maybe he's bi? I thought. Shit, I never would have guessed in a million years that Matt liked guys, too. I didn't, but as I finished those thoughts, I realized that I was staring right at his now fully exposed asshole. My next realization was even more mind-boggling: my dick had gotten semi-hard.

It doesn't mean anything. You know you're straight. You don't like other guys in that way. It's not even a question, I told myself. You've just found yourself in a strange, somewhat sexual situation. Your body is just reacting, just like Matt's did to the vibrator while he was unconscious, that's all. It happens. It's perfectly normal.

Matt then mumbled again, saying "fuck me" once more to who in his dream-like state he thought was his friend Scott.

I didn't know what to do. Should I just leave and go to my friend's place and return the next day, or should I just try to get him to his bed so he could sleep it off? Strangely, as I tried to decide what best to do, my dick was growing harder as I continued to stare down at my passed out friend.

"It does look really tight," I heard myself say quietly out loud to myself as I found my eyes drifting back to his exposed butt hole. "What the fuck are you saying?" I said aloud as well and then thought: You're not gay, you're not bi, you're not even the least bit curious. What you are is just really horny because you haven't had sex in a while and you haven't jerked off since Thursday, and you're used to doing it three times a day.

It was true, I hadn't gotten laid for over two months, and, as for jerking off, well, my old bedroom at my parent's house was right next to theirs, and my old bed squeaked, even from the slightest of arm movements, and you could hear everything through the walls. And I was never one to jerk off in the shower, especially not in the same tub my parents showered and bathed in. I was also too paranoid to stand in front of the toilet beating off like some horny teenager, afraid that my parents would know what I was doing for being in there too long. It was probably a dumb fear, now that I was an adult – I could have just been reading on the toilet for all they knew – but it was still something I had in my head from my teen years. So, from the time I had arrived on Thursday until I left Saturday evening, I had not been able to jerk off at all.
Yes, just go to your room and jerk off. That will rid you of your horniness and the strange thoughts you are having about fucking another guy in the ass.

Then I started arguing with myself in my head:

On the other hand, it would be a lot more fun, a lot more satisfying to get off using a tight hole instead of your hand, and, although it shocked the hell out of me, Matt apparently likes taking cock up his butt, and really seems to want one in there now…

No, you need to just go to your room and work a load out of your cock before you do something that is not you…

But then again, you fucked one girl you slept with in the ass, and, man, fucking her in the butt was so good. It was so tight doing her there. Doing this would really be no different. Maybe you could do it. It is just a hole to fuck. It wouldn't be gay. It's not like you have to suck dick or take one up your own butt…

No, I can't… I can't put it in Matt's butt… Can I?
My dick was rock hard now.

Shit! I thought. How can any guy be expected to resist a tight hole that is staring him in the face and offering itself up for the taking when his dick's as hard as mine is right now and he's as horny as I am right now, straight or not?  "They can't. I can't!" I decided aloud and then said, "I know I might regret this later, but…" and began to undo my pants.

Now being totally controlled by my hard, horny, young dick, all questions and hesitation disappeared as I pushed my pants and underwear down to my ankles, kicked them off and knelt down between Matt's spread legs. I could tell that Matt's buddies had at least been considerate enough to lube him up so as not to hurt him or cause him pain before shoving the vibrator up his ass, as I could see his asshole had been lubed, and there was a bottle of it on the coffee table. I recognized it as Matt's lube. I had seen it on his night stand a few times when standing in his bedroom doorway talking to him.

Reaching for it, I squeezed a big glob onto the top of my dick and then smeared it all over. Then, with my hand on my cock, I leaned forward, pushed my legs out behind me a bit, and then guided my cock towards Matt's asshole.

I actually heard myself moan when the head of my dick contacted his butt hole. It was so warm, so inviting, and then the head just slipped right in, easily, with all the lube and the vibrator having opened him up a bit, I guess.

"Oh fuck!" I groaned as I felt the heat and tightness envelop my cockhead. Matt moaned softly at the same time.

I only held my dick head there for a second, and then I just started to push myself into Matt's butt. "Holy shit! Oh my god!" I half groaned, half screamed as Matt moaned some more, too. His butt hole was so fucking tight! It was gripping my penis like a vice, and it was so hot inside. I had never felt anything like it before, not even when I fucked that one girl in her ass.

All six inches of my thick dick slid into his greased hole almost effortlessly, despite its tightness, and then I began to fuck his butt. I started at a nice slow pace, then very quickly sped up a little bit. I was moaning and groaning constantly as I pleasured my cock with Matt's asshole, and he too was moaning quietly here and there and randomly mumbling incoherently. It was quite obvious that Matt was still very out of it.

He seemed to be able to take what I was giving him. And by that I mean his ass wasn't resisting and he wasn't coming to because of any pain or anything, so I began to fuck him faster, harder. I was doing this for my pleasure, after all, to get my dick off.

After a couple of hard thrusts, on a downward thrust, my leg must have come into contact with the dial on the vibrator that was still between Matt's legs, just below his butt, because it turned on, and began to vibrate against my balls. Rather than reaching under myself and flinging it out away, I left it there. The vibration on my balls also sent good vibrations up through my cock every time I thrust into him, and it felt amazing!

The vibrations, the fact that I hadn't cum for a couple of days, and hadn't had sex for a couple of months, and the very tight hole that was now providing my cock with such incredible pleasure, all combined to bring me to orgasm pretty quickly, long before I was ready, a lot sooner than I would normally. And, with a final hard thrust into his ass, I started to cum.

"Holy fuck! Oh god! Unghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I pretty much screamed as I blew my load right up inside my passed out roommate's ass, my pelvis pressed hard against his ass, and my head thrown back in ecstasy as I had the most incredible orgasm. And, it was an orgasm, not just cumming. There is a difference, even for guys. I thought I'd had one before, but now, in that moment, I knew I never had.

With my balls drained, I pulled my cock out of Matt's ass and leaned back and rested on my heels to catch my breath, and I could see my cum seeping out of his butt. I don't know why, maybe I was kind of thinking like his friends now, too, but I grabbed the vibrator and pushed it back up Matt's ass, pushing my cum into him. Then I turned it on, full, delivering some of those good vibrations to Matt straight up his butt hole.

Matt moaned and his hips wiggled a bit, and then, ever so quietly, he gave a couple of almost half-grunts, and I realized that he must be cumming onto the floor beneath himself as he lay on his cock.

I didn't plan to check or stick around. Having satisfied my own needs, and then some – god, what an orgasm – I left the vibrator buzzing and shaking on the floor as it popped out of Matt's ass, and got to my feet. I figured since Matt thought I was his friend Scott and it was now pretty apparent that he liked things up his butt, it was probably his, and, if I got rid of it, he would probably wonder what happened to it. So I just left it there. I figured the batteries would die before morning.

Reaching down and grabbing my pants and underwear, I then went to the bathroom and cleaned the lube and cum off my cock. Then I went to my bedroom, and, being as late as it was, I went to bed.

As I lay there, still enjoying the afterglow of having sex and getting my rocks off, I didn't feel guilty, weird or ashamed about what I'd done, but I did wonder if I might feel all or any of those things come morning. Right then, though, I was too tired to worry about it, and found myself very quickly drifting off to sleep.

The next morning I awoke with my usual morning hard-on, and, just as I did every morning, I pushed the blankets down and wrapped my fist around my stiff dick for the first of what was to be at least three jack off sessions for the day.

Of course, I remembered very clearly what I had done the night before. After all, I wasn't the one who was drunk out of his skull, and I didn't feel weird, ashamed or guilty at all. It had just been a tight hole that I used to get my nut, just as I had told myself the night before. I knew I liked girls and only girls. Always had, always will. What I did to Matt didn't change that and never would.

After spraying a load of cum all over my stomach while fantasizing about this hot girl at work that I would love to fuck, I wiped it up and then got out of bed. Throwing on just a pair of boxer shorts, I opened my bedroom door to make my way to the kitchen to put on some coffee to brew while I took a shower and brushed my teeth.
As I neared the living room, I heard Matt's voice. He was obviously on the phone, and I stopped where I was as I heard him say, "What do you mean you didn't fuck me last night?" I figured he had to be talking to Scott, and there was a pause while, I assumed, Scott replied, and then Matt said, "Well, if you didn't fuck me, then who did?"

I waited a few moments so that it wouldn't appear I had been near enough to overhear, and then I walked out into the living room. Matt's head shot around in my direction when he saw me enter. He told his friend to hang on a sec and then said, "When did you get home?"

"Last night," I grinned at him, and then reached down and gave my still semi-erect cock a nice squeeze, and then headed to the kitchen.

The look on Matt's face as he put two and two together was absolutely priceless!

©2015 By Ryan Michaels 

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