"We have reason to believe that man first walked upright to free his hands for masturbation."

Thursday, February 19, 2015

All Male Fiction: Reunited (Part 1)

By: Ryan Michaels

The following story is based on real people, places, and events; however, the main sex scene in this and future installments is completely fictional.


It was that time of year again; the warm weather had arrived, and, Pride was just a few days away. I was very excited about going to Pride this year, for a couple of reasons.

The first was because it was World Pride. World Pride was like the Olympics, in that it only occurred every few years, and was always hosted in a different city in different parts of the world. This year marked the first time that it was being held anywhere in North America, and it was being held in my city, Toronto. It was going to be an historical event for that reason, and I wasn't going to miss it.

The other reason I was so excited, even more so than going to World Pride, was because Scott was going to be there. Scott was the ex-boyfriend of my former roommate. The first time we met, there was an instant, yet unspoken attraction between us. Scott even lived in the same building, so I saw him a lot at our place. Of course, given that he was my roommate's boyfriend, we never did anything about it. At least not for a long time.

That all changed when the two of them broke up and, without getting into too much detail (which would be a complete story all on its own), the two of us ended up hooking up almost right away. That first time took place in the stairwell outside of my apartment, while my roommate, his ex, was home. Scott had a roommate too, who was not only a homebody, but also worked from home, so he was always around, and we were both concerned that our hooking up at Scott's place would get back to my roommate, something we both knew would not go over well. With time being of the essence, due to our public location, I ended up giving Scott a quick blowjob and milking a load out of his cock and right down my throat.

We hooked up several more times after that, with one of us giving the other a blowjob or trading blowjobs. We never did any more than that because we were always meeting in secret places where we couldn't get naked, and didn't have a lot of time to take our time and do more. Basically, we just met up and one or both of us pulled our dick out through our fly.

Eventually, on a rare occasion when his roommate was out of the apartment, I went up to his place and fucked him. Scott was versatile, or I should say a versatile bottom; he much preferred to get fucked, loved it actually, but he'd fuck, too, every once in a while, if the guy he was with was a strict bottom, and he was in the mood to do it. As it turned out, that first fuck I gave him turned out to be the last, as Scott met someone right after and they started dating. They even ended up moving into together a short time later.

A couple of years after that, he relocated to Vancouver, and still lives there to this day. It has been years since we've seen each other in-person, but, over the years, we have kept in touch via email, texts, and the odd phone call every now and then – which usually ended up in us having phone sex, or, sometimes, phone sex was the purpose of the call. No matter how much time passed, even in the words of our emails and text exchanges, not to mention dirty phone calls, it was evident there was still a very strong sexual attraction between us.

When Scott had emailed me to let me know he was making the trip from Vancouver to attend the World Pride event, and to see me while he was there, to say I was excited about this news would be an understatement. I couldn't wait to see him again, and I knew he was just as excited about getting to see me again, too. Looking back, as well as thinking about the many conversations we'd had over the years talking about that time in our past, the two of us had had so many missed opportunities, and I for one planned to make up for some of them during Scott's visit.

Scott was arriving late Friday afternoon, and leaving on the Monday. Plans were made for me to meet him at his downtown hotel shortly after his arrival, and for me to spend the entire weekend with him, not just at Pride, but at the hotel as well.

When the day arrived, I had butterflies in my stomach as I made my way to his hotel. I wasn't nervous, just excited. As soon as I got there, I wasn't sure if I needed to check in at the front desk or if I could just go on up to his room. With World Pride and a few other events taking place in the downtown core, the lobby was a flurry of people, and the desk clerks were busily occupied, so I ended up just spying the elevators and making my way right to them.

The butterflies increased as I arrived in front of the door to Scott's room. I reached out and knocked on it, and just seconds later it opened and there stood Scott. He had a big smile on his face, as did I, and as soon as I stepped through the door, I dropped my overnight bag and we hugged each other as the door swung closed behind me.

Our embrace didn't go on for very long, and as soon as we had broken apart, I dropped down to my knees in front of him and grabbed at the front of his pants.

"Whoa, uh, Ryan, don't…" Scott said as his hands came down to mine, trying to stop me from getting at his cock.

I had no idea why he'd want to stop me. All I could figure was that he was just as desperate to get his lips around my cock again as I was his, and he wanted to suck my dick first. But he didn't have a chance to say any more than he did, for I had his pants and underwear pushed down below his balls and his cock in my warm, wet mouth in a flash.

My hands reached around behind him and held onto his firm ass, gently squeezing it, and, giving into the pleasure, his hand fell to my head and rested lightly atop it and he just moaned softly as I began to blow him.

After a couple of minutes, Scott began to gently hunch his cock at my mouth and I knew he was about to cum. A look down to his balls also told me the same thing. And then he confirmed it when he quietly moaned, "Uhhh, I'm gonna cum!"

I immediately pulled my mouth off his cock and looked up at him with a grin and said, "Not yet. We still have a lot more to do first."

As I stood back up, Scott bent to pull up his underwear and pants, and my mouth fell open and my cheeks flushed red, for behind him in the room were three other guys, and all three had just quietly witnessed everything.

After fastening his pants, Scott looked at me and said, "Uh, yeah, I tried to tell you… I'm not here alone."

Then he turned slightly to stand beside me, put his hand between my shoulder blades and led me further into the room. The room had two double beds, with a night stand in between, a love seat next to the second bed, and across from that was a table with two chairs. Beside that was a long, low dresser with a TV on top of it. The bathroom was to the right of the front door.

Coming to a stop by the end of the second bed, Scott introduced me to his friends. "Ryan, this is my friend Greg," he said indicating the guy sitting in one of the chairs. And then he motioned to the love seat, where two of the guys that had been standing by the table when I realized Scott was not alone were now seated. "And this is Matt," he said pointing out one of the guys. "And this is Mark," he said indicating the guy sitting next to Matt on the love seat. "Guys, this is my friend Ryan from Toronto that I told you about."

"Hi," I said, still blushing a bit.

Greg nodded a hello back, and Matt did the same, with a huge grin on his face, but Mark, also grinning, spoke and said, "I'd love for you to meat me like you did Scott," and then he gave his crotch a squeeze.

"Sorry guys, but he's all mine," Scott said, and then, after a slight pause, grinned at his friends and said, "But you guys can watch if you want," and then he chuckled and added, "Get yourselves a real good view this time."

I couldn't believe my ears. Did Scott really just say what I thought he said? And was he actually being serious or just joking around, making light of the situation that had transpired inside the front door?

I got my answer as soon as he finished uttering the words, when Scott turned and looked at me, still grinning, grabbed my arms, turned my back to the end of the bed and pushed me down onto my ass.

"Lie back and get comfortable, because now it's my turn to finally have your cock in my mouth again!" he said as his hand reached down and gave my cock a squeeze.

Generally, I'm a shy guy when I am around people I don't know, however, sexually, I can be quite adventurous, especially with people I do know. And even though I was feeling awkward around his friends, because of what had happened and from my shyness, the idea of having sex with Scott while his three friends watched sounded pretty hot. Still, I don't know if I could have gone through with it having just met them, had it not been for the fact that he touched my dick. After that, I couldn't have made myself stop him, even if I wanted to. Not that he was giving me much choice anyway, and, I kind of liked that.

I shimmied my butt up further on the bed and rested on my elbows. Scott undid the laces on one of my shoes and then removed it from my foot. He then did the same with the other shoe, and then pulled off my socks.

Leaning forward, he hooked his fingers into the elastic waistband of the nylon jogging pants I was wearing, and, with a grin as he looked me in the eye, he pulled down my pants and underwear at the same time, taking them all the way down to my feet and then removing them completely and tossing them to the floor.

Naked now except for my t-shirt, my semi-erect cock now on display to his friends, Scott placed his hands on the bed on either side of my legs and then extended his tongue above the base of my cock. With his eyes looking at mine, he licked the length of my shaft with his tongue just slightly above it, not making contact, teasing me. Then he got on the bed between my legs and pushed my t-shirt up a bit and licked my stomach, and kept licking upwards as he pushed the t-shirt up as well.

After licking and chewing on my nipples, Scott pulled my t-shirt over my head and removed it. He then crossed his arms in front of his hips, pulled his own shirt up and over his head and tossed it to the floor.

Licking down my chest to my stomach, Scott stopped when he reached my trimmed pubes, turned his head and smiled at his friends as he spread my legs a bit, and then he dropped his head into my crotch and licked the underside of my shaft for real this time, laughed as I gasped, and then took my cock into his mouth and began to suck on it.

I moaned as I felt his mouth slowly sliding up and down my shaft. It had been a while since I had had a blowjob, quite a while. I got hard pretty quickly because of that, as well as from the excitement of having Scott sucking my cock again for the first time in years, and right in front of his friends! He looked so hot on his knees with his ass up in the air as his head bobbed up and down between my legs.

The unmistakable sound of a zipper being pulled down drew my attention away from the sight of Scott between my legs, and over to the love seat. I looked just in time to see Mark, who was sitting closest to the bed, haul his already hard cock out through his fly. It was quite large in length, maybe eight inches, and of average thickness, and he immediately began to beat his meat, his eyes glazed over with horniness and focused on the action between my legs.

I saw Matt tear his eyes away from the view on the bed and glance down at Mark's exposed prick, and then his hand went to his own zipper. When he pulled his cock out, Mark turned and looked briefly and then returned his eyes back to the bed. Matt's cock wasn't as large as Mark's, maybe six-and-a-half inches, but it was a bit thicker.

"Uhh, suck my cock!" I moaned to Scott while staring at Mark's big piece of meat, and then continued to moan and groan as I watched Scott's two friends stroke their cocks together as they watched me getting blown.

After several moments I tore my eyes away and looked over to Greg to see if he too had pulled his cock out. He hadn't. In fact, he wasn't even paying attention. He was instead focused on his cell phone, texting or browsing the Internet.

When I looked back down to watch Scott sucking me off, his eyes were now raised and he was watching Matt and Mark pumping their dicks. I looked back over to them again, too, and then switched between watching them and watching Scott sucking me while he watched them, my moaning getting louder as the whole scene turned me on even more.

The whole situation had me ready to cum in no time. "Fuck! I'm close!" I groaned and began to thrust up at Scott's mouth.

Matt and Mark's hands started pumping faster as they prepared to witness me blowing my load into Scott's mouth. But obviously Scott didn't want me to cum just yet, as he pulled his mouth off my dick.

He then smiled up at me, and then again licked up the underside of my shaft, and then squeezed it with his hand as he swirled his tongue on the now engorged tip of my dick, lapping up the oozing pre-cum.

My dick was super sensitive by this point and his tongue action was making me groan and squirm. And just when I thought I couldn't take it anymore, Scott stopped and moved his body up above mine so that we were face to face. He then lowered his crotch against my bare dick and began to grind himself against it. I could feel his hard cock through his pants, and I wanted it in my mouth again!

"Ok, my turn!" I said, pushing on his shoulder and flipping him on his back on the bed beside me. Rather than in the middle like I had been, he was now lying right near the edge of the bed, right next to the love seat where his buddies sat.

Getting off the bed, I reached down and undid his pants, and slowly, teasingly pulled his zipper down as I stared into his eyes. Then, just like he had done to me, I hooked my fingers inside the waistband of his pants and pulled them down, but leaving his underwear. After working his pants down his legs, I pulled them off of him and then removed his socks. He hadn't been wearing shoes.

Getting back on the bed on my knees, I leaned down and dug my nose into his underwear-covered balls. Scott began to moan softly as I then began to chew up his shaft through his underwear, his hard cock pointed on an angle towards his left hip.

Reaching the top, I hooked one finger inside the elastic of his underwear right next to where his cock lay, and pulled it down just enough to expose the head. Sticking out my tongue, I lightly tickled the underside with it, which elicited another moan from Scott. Then I dug my tongue in harder, causing Scott to moan again, a bit louder this time.

Slowly, I lowered his underwear bit by bit, exposing his cock a little at a time, firmly licking down each new area of his shaft that came into view as Scott moaned over and over, until I had his underwear down beneath his balls.

Grasping his underwear, I walked backwards on my knees as I pulled them down, until I needed to get off the bed to remove them completely. As soon as I had, I was back on the bed in a flash and dove right between Scott's legs and started sniffing his horny balls. Then I started to lick them, and then I sucked on them.

"Fuck, suck my cock!" Scott panted, grabbing his cock at the base and lifting it straight up into the air.

Releasing his balls, I wanted to tease him a bit more, knowing how desperate he was to feel my mouth on his cock some more after so many years, but I wanted it in my mouth just as much and couldn't resist it any longer, and I lunged at his upright cock and sank it down my throat until my nose was in his pubes.

"Oh! Fuck!" Scott groaned feeling me deep-throat his meat.

I slowly pulled my mouth up until I reached the head and then began to suck his dick at a nice, slow pace, but only for a few seconds. Then I started bobbing up and down on his cock quite rapidly.

"Oh shit! Fuck! Yeah! Huhhh! Huhhh! Yeah! Huhhh!" Scott panted.

But my mouth wasn't the only thing going up and down rapidly. In the background the quick-paced sound of 'wap-wap-wap' could be heard in stereo.

"Shit, I'm close!" Scott panted.

"Mmm," I moaned around his cock, desperate to taste his cum again.

"Stop, stop!" Scott said, pushing on me.

"Why'd you tell me to stop? I want to make you cum. I want to taste your load again. I need to taste your load again!" I said after he'd forced my mouth off his dick.

"For the same reason I didn't want you to cum before," he grinned at me, and then he flipped over onto his stomach. "Fuck me!"

I'd wondered if that was why Scott hadn't wanted me to cum earlier, and I was glad I had been correct. Although, I hadn't expected that he would want to go that far in front of his friends, and had figured the load he was making me save would be for later, when we were alone. But, he wanted a fuck, right then, right there, in front of his friends and all, and I was more than willing to oblige, happy to finally get my dick in his ass again.

Hopping off the bed, I jogged over to my overnight bag that I had dropped inside the door, and opened it. I dug around until I located the lube I had brought with me, just in case Scott didn't bring any, knowing we'd need lube at some point, and then jogged back over and onto the bed again.

With his hands folded on the pillow and his face in it, Scott spread his legs until his ass crack parted and his asshole was fully visible. I stopped to admire it for a moment (Scott had a hot ass, a really hot ass!) as I popped open the lid on the lube bottle with my thumb. I then squirted some onto his exposed hole and then onto my finger. I wiggled the tip of my lubed finger on his hole and then slowly inserted it, and we both moaned. This was followed by more lube and two more fingers before I lubed my cock and mounted him.

With my hands to each side of him, and the tip of my cock resting against his asshole, I lowered my weight down onto him, letting the head of my cock pop inside his hole. Scott moaned softly into the pillow, and then his moans increased in volume and frequency as I continued to slip my hard dick into him until my balls were contacting his ass.

I lay on top of him for just a few moments, and then I slowly withdrew my cock to the head. Then I slowly pushed it all the way back in. I repeated this a half dozen times, and then, knowing Scott loved to be fucked and could take it, I started to pump in and out of his ass at a quicker pace.

"Oh, yeah!" Scott moaned into the pillow. "Fuck me, Ryan! Fuck my ass!"

I sped up, fucked him a bit harder.

Scott's head came up from the pillow. "OH! YEAH! OH! FUCK! YEAH! FUCK MY HOLE!" he shouted.

My cock was driving him crazy, and I loved that, loved knowing that it wasn't just a cock in his ass that was getting him off, but that it was having my cock in his hole that was driving him wild.

"Harder, Ryan! Fuck me harder! Give me that cock!"

I started to really pound him, and, even though he was moaning up a storm, the sound of two cocks being quickly pumped by their owners hands could also be clearly heard, and as I fucked in and out of Scott's hole, I looked over to watch his two buddies beat their horny meat as they watched their friend getting his ass pounded right in front of them.

Then, suddenly, Scott's ass muscles started to squeeze and spasm around my cock in rapid succession, and I knew Scott was cumming. He was flat on his stomach, but the stimulation to his prostate, along with the action of my thrusting body repeatedly pushing his cock into and slightly forwards and backwards against the bed beneath him must have been enough to cause him to cum hands-free.

And when he came, the cock-milking from his clenching ass muscles put me over the edge, too. "Oh, god, yeah, gonna cum!" I panted.

"Yeah, shoot it! Shoot your load up his butt!" Mark said excitedly, speaking for the first time since the action on the bed had started.

"Uhhh! Uhhh! Uhhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhhhhhhh! Unghhhhhhhhhh!" I groaned as I drove my cock all the way into Scott's ass and unloaded my seed up inside his hole.

After I deposited my load, I put my hands on Scott's shoulders and rested my cheek on the back of his neck, both of us breathing heavily, my dick quickly softening inside his hole.

After a few moments, I rolled off of him, my flaccid penis popping out of his butt as I moved, bringing some of my cum-load to the surface of his hole.

Scott turned his head and smiled at me as I lay on my side beside him. "Damn, that was worth the wait, Ryan!"

I didn't respond, as my attention was suddenly averted as Mark stood up, cock still in his pistoning hand, and moved over beside the bed. Reaching out, he put his free hand on Scott's ass cheek and spread it. Feeling this, Scott turned his head to his other side, lifted it and looked over his shoulder, but said nothing.
"Fuckin' hot!" Mark said as he looked at my cum seeping out of Scott's ass.

As he said that, Matt got up off the couch and came over and stood next to Mark, taking a look at Scott's freshly fucked, cum-filled hole as well.

Mark jutted out his hips just a few seconds later, thrust his cock forward, aimed it down and then blew his load all over Scott's naked butt, grunting and hunching his hips forward as he manually drained his cock. Then he squeezed his dick, making more cum ooze out, and then wiped the tip on Scott's ass until he had used Scott's ass cheek to clean off most of the cum that covered his cock tip.

As he took a step back, Matt moved sideways, bumping into Mark with his body, forcing Mark to move out of the way, and then he stood on his toes, leaned forward, and then he too blasted his hot load of dick-juice all over Scott's bare ass. As Mark watched Matt cum, he went about stuffing his spent cock back in his pants.

After Matt came, he started to walk off towards the bathroom, presumably to clean off his dick, take a piss, or both.

"Hey, Matt, wanna bring a towel back with you so I can wipe your loads off my fuckin' ass," Scott laughed.

I don't know what came over me, but all of a sudden I heard myself say, "No need," and then I found myself scooting down to kneel by Scott's hip, and then leaning over his ass and lowering my head.

Matt stopped where he was and both he and Mark, as well as Scott, watched as I extended my tongue and began to lick all over his ass cheeks, making quiet, almost animalistic sounds as I consumed the cum-loads of both of his friends until the only wetness left on his ass was my saliva. Then I spread Scott's ass cheeks apart and went about licking my own load of cum from his seeping asshole.

When I was done, still looking over his shoulder, Scott said, "Wow, Ryan, didn't expect that. It was fuckin' hot, though!"

I smiled at him and then I put my hand on his hip and pushed on it. Scott looked at me inquisitively as he let his body roll onto its side. Then I lowered my head to the wet spot he had made, and lapped up his puddle of cum.

After I had cleaned up his load from the bedspread with my tongue, I reached out and grabbed hold of his flaccid dick, squeezed it gently, and then went about rolling my tongue all over the head and the tip, cleaning it for him, getting every last drop of cum he had to offer.

"Hey, Scott, you never told me your friend was such a cum-whore," Mark laughed.

"I didn't know," Scott replied chuckling as well.

With his dick clean, I let go of it, and, with the action over, Matt once again headed off for the bathroom, Mark took a seat back on the love seat, and Greg decided right then to stop occupying his time with his cell phone and lay it on the table.

"After that, I need a cigarette," I sighed.

"You'll have to smoke outside," Scott said. "We asked for a non-smoking room."

"No problem," I said and got off the bed.

As I moved to the end of the bed to grab my underwear to get dressed, Scott said, "You don't have to get dressed. Just go out like that."


"Yeah," Scott laughed. "The barrier of the balcony is solid concrete, and we're three floors up. No one will know you are naked. It will just look like you don't have a shirt on."

I looked over to the sliding glass door and out to the balcony. It was pretty private from the waist down, so I didn't have any problem going out there naked. I could use the cooling off before putting my clothes back on anyway. But I guess Scott mistook my pausing to look as hesitancy and said, "I'll go with you," as he got up from the bed.

"Ok," I said and then bent down to get my cigarettes and lighter out of my pants pocket.

"Nice ass!" Scott teased, reaching out behind me and grabbing a handful of my naked butt as I was bent over, and then giving it a playful slap.

"Oooh, harder," I cooed in a joking fashion.

Scott slapped me across the butt pretty firmly and then, with a chuckle, said, "Ok, let's go," and we headed out to the balcony.

As I lit my cigarette and we leaned on the ledge of the concrete barrier, Scott said, "It's kind of hot being out here with all the cars going by and the crowds of people walking past on the sidewalk below not having a clue that were standing here completely naked, dontcha think?"

"Yeah, it is," I agreed, took a drag of my cigarette, and then said, "So, how come when you told me you were coming to Toronto this weekend, you never mentioned that you were bringing some friends with you?"

"Honestly, I know you are a bit shy around people you don't know, and I thought it would be easier for you to walk in the room not expecting anyone else but me and meet them that way, rather than knowing ahead of time."

"Yeah, but if you'd told me beforehand, I wouldn't have done what I did at the door, knowing we weren't alone.

"Yeah," Scott chuckled, "that was a bit of a surprise, but I liked that you did it."

"So, everything that happened in there, did you plan it?"

"No, not at all. I knew after you did what you did at the door, you wanted your dick in my mouth again as much as you'd wanted mine in yours."

"Yeah, that's true. But that was before I knew we had an audience, and you just said you know I'm shy around people I don't know."

"It was all just a spur of the moment kind of thing. I knew you felt kind of embarrassed after you did what you did and then found out my friends saw the whole thing, but I also knew from things you've told me that deep-down you loved that they saw. So, even though I know you can be shy, I hoped that once I started sucking you any shyness or awkwardness you might be feeling would go away, and you'd totally get into be sucked off with other guys watching and think it was hot," he grinned. "So, was I right?"

"Yeah, it was pretty hot."

"Pretty hot? It was fuckin' hot!"

"Yeah," I said, took a drag on my cigarette and asked, "So what's up with your friend Greg?"

"What do you mean?"

"He just sat there, thumbing on his phone, totally disinterested, while two guys were fucking on a bed right across from him, and two other guys were jerking their dicks. How could anyone not watch two people having sex right in front of them?"

"Oh, Greg's straight."


"Yeah. Why do you sound so surprised by that?" Scott laughed. "You think if a straight guy is friends with gay guys, then he can't be straight?"

"Oh, not at all. I'm not one of those people who thinks like that. I mean, there are some straight guys that will even stick their cock in another guy's mouth just to get off, and others who claim that any guy that does anything with another guy is not straight, even if he claims to be. I don't believe that, though. In order to be bi or gay they'd have to be attracted physically and sexually to men, and they're not. It's just a mouth, a means to an end. People are too caught up in labelling people anyway. Sex is sex. Attraction is something else altogether."

"That's a great attitude. I like the way you think. But you still didn't tell me why you sounded so surprised to hear that Greg's straight."

"Oh… my surprise had more to do with the fact that he stayed in the room while two guys fucked right in front of him. I mean, if I was straight, and two guys started to have sex, I'd probably leave the room, wouldn't you?"

"Yeah, probably, but he's never been to Toronto before, so doesn't know it at all, and really had nowhere else to go, at least on his own."

"So, if he's straight, not that I'm doubting that he is, why did he want to come to Toronto with you when you were coming here for Gay Pride?"

"Well, like I said, he's never been here before, but he has always wanted to visit. So, when he found out I was coming to Toronto, he asked if he could come too."

"Even though you and two of his other gay friends were coming here for Pride?"

He and I are friends, but he's not friends with Mark and Matt. He only knows them casually through me. As for Pride, you and I both know that it is the biggest party in town every year, and that everyone goes, straight, gay, bi, whatever. And Greg likes to party. He'll go out with us to the bars and clubs to party and drink, but he isn't going to go to Church Street during the day or attend the parade or anything like that. That's probably what he was doing on his phone while we were having sex, looking up tourist-type places to go to on Sunday when we're at the parade."

"Ah, ok, now it all makes more sense."

"Yeah, I doubt he wanted to be in the room while we were going at it," Scott laughed, "But I also know that he doesn't get all freaked out about stuff like that either. Still, I probably shouldn't have instigated sex between us right then, but I just couldn't wait to be with you after so long, especially after you got my dick in your mouth. It was gonna happen right then and there for sure after that, no matter what!"

"I'm just glad I didn't know he was straight before, otherwise I probably wouldn't have done what we did in front of him, no matter how much you wanted to do it right then," I laughed.

"Really?" Scott laughed. "Somehow I don't believe that."

"Well… if I'm being honest, I might have protested when you went for my pants, but as soon as I felt your hand on my dick, my protest would have weakened, and when I felt your mouth on my cock, it would have ended. And, I probably would have sucked your cock after, too, like I did, but probably wouldn't have fucked you… and, I definitely wouldn't have acted like a horny slut and gobbled up all the cum in the room," I laughed some more.

"Well, I'm really glad you assumed he was gay, then!"

"Yeah, I'm sure you are," I said as I exhaled. "So, are you, Matt and Mark fuck buddies?"

"No, not at all," Scott laughed. "We've never had sex before, and they haven't slept with each other, either. We're all just friends."


"Yeah. It is possible for gay guys to meet and become friends and never have sex with each other, you know."

"Oh, I know. That was more of an excited "really" than a questioning one. Knowing now that you guys are and always have been just platonic friends, I think it's even hotter that they watched you have sex, and fucking hot that Mark came over and touched your naked ass, looked at your hole with cum on it, and then both he and Matt shot their loads on your butt."

"Yeah, when Mark came over and touched me, it did kind of freak me out, and when I realized that he was planning to shoot on my ass, that freaked me out, too, at first. But, just like you said, it was also pretty fucking hot just because we don't have sex. Fuck, I've never even seen their dicks hard before today. It was so hot even just seeing them hard and jerking off."

"Yeah, I liked watching them jerk off, too. So, I guess it turned out to be a pretty good idea not to tell me you were going to have three friends with you, or I wouldn’t have pulled your cock out at the door, and then none of this would have happened," I said as I butted out my cigarette.

"The best idea I've ever had!" Scott grinned, and then the two of us headed back inside to rejoin his friends.


© 2015 Ryan Michaels

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