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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

All Male Fiction: Secret Liaisons

By: Unknown Author & Ryan Michaels

I work for a wholesale distributor of particle board products. Not the most exciting work in the world, but the pay is decent, the benefits are good, and the employees are a pretty close knit group. Everyone gets along really well, and we often socialize together outside of the office.

I spend my days behind a desk, managing customer accounts, and often have to coordinate the out-shipment of orders with the guys in the warehouse. Even though I'm glad I don't work in the warehouse, I love walking to the other end of our enormous building to meet with the logistics manager several times a day. Why? The answer is easy. I'm gay, and I enjoy checking out the guys who spend their days loading and unloading our trucks. You know the kinds of guys I'm talking about; those muscular guys with tattoos who've sweated through their shirts by ten in the morning, are constantly swapping crude, sexual jokes with each other, and drink a six pack of beer every night before climbing on top of their girlfriends to grunt out a load.

Back in June, one of the girls I work with in the office invited me to attend an upcoming Metallica concert. She and several of our co-workers were planning to buy tickets, and then party together the night of the concert. I have to admit, I'm not a big Metallica fan. In fact, I'm not a fan at all. I hate loud music, and the thought of being wedged in the middle of a huge, drunken crowd, listening to ear splitting heavy metal, was just about the most horrible way to spend an evening that I could possibly imagine. But, I knew that everyone would party after, and I loved a good party, so I accepted her invitation.

Nine days later, I found myself wedged in the middle of a huge, drunken crowd, listening to ear splitting heavy metal music.

After the concert, everyone went to Dan's house to party. Dan was our warehouse manager. There were seven of us altogether: Dan and his wife Amy, Jen, the girl from the office who had invited me, Todd and Darren, who both worked in the warehouse, Todd's girlfriend, Rachel, and of course myself. Everyone was pretty well messed up before we got there, then began doing shots of tequila together in the kitchen... while listening to even more Metallica on the CD player!

By the time three o'clock rolled around, the entire group was scattered around the living room, passed out in front of some infomercial playing on the TV. I had declined the tequila bottle, so I was still half awake as I sat, slouched on the couch next to Rachel, contemplating a much needed trip down the long hallway to the bathroom.

A couple of minutes later I got myself up, and as I headed down the hall I could hear a woman whimpering in the last bedroom. The door was pushed almost shut, but open just a crack. It had to be Dan and Amy. That was their bedroom. They were both pretty drunk and probably didn't know the door hadn't latched shut, and must've thought everyone was asleep, or else they probably wouldn't have been fucking, or at least not making obvious sounds.

As I hesitated just outside the bathroom, it occurred to me that I'd seen Dan asleep in the recliner in the living room. Well, who the hell was it then? I tried to remember who had been missing from the living room, but my head was fuzzy from all the beer I'd consumed earlier in the evening. Unable to resist the temptation, I quietly crept down the hall to the door. I just had to know.

The lights weren't on in the bedroom, but with light from the hallway streaming into the room, I could see well enough. Whoever the girl was, it was pretty obvious she was getting a big one, and I nearly gasped out loud when I saw who was giving it to her. It was Darren!

Darren has been with the company since last summer and, unlike the majority of the other warehouse guys, he wasn't actually all that big and muscular, but more tall and lanky. Since the warehouse isn't air conditioned, I've seen him working without a shirt during the summer, and I will say that he definitely has a hot body. He's very lean and firm, with just a hint of a six-pack, a nice patch of treasure trail hair, and several tattoos.

In the dimly lit bedroom, his naked body was lying on top of the girl as he eagerly humped his cock into her pussy from behind. She was lying flat on her stomach, with her ass slightly raised, and both of their legs were spread wide, giving me a perfect view of his thick, hard shaft as it pumped in and out of the wet hole between her legs. After every three or four thrusts he'd pause, pushing it all the way in, causing her to moan as she got his entire length. God, it was big, and he was giving it to her good!

My cock sprang to life inside my pants as I watched, and it wasn't long before I had to adjust it. Just as I was about to turn and hit the bathroom, where I could jerk off while I listened, Darren shoved his cock deep, burying it just as far he could. The girl squealed, lifting her head off the bed, and I nearly fell over when I realized it was Amy, Dan's wife, getting that big cock!

My god! Dan was just twenty feet away, snoring softly in the living room, while his wife was in their bed getting herself a good fuck from one of his warehouse boys! Without even realizing what I was doing, I suddenly found myself with my pants unzipped, gently stroking my horny cock as I watched Darren pounding away on top of his boss's wife.

After making her moan a few more times, he suddenly lifted off her, pulling his cock out, and I watched as he began pumping his big, stiff dick with his hand until it spurted several long, thick streams of cum all over her back. That's all it took for me. With a low, involuntary groan, I felt my balls release their load as a huge gush of cum suddenly flooded the hand I held beneath my cock. Fuck, it felt good.

In that same instant, hearing a groan behind him, Darren shot a brief look over his shoulder at the door. I quickly shrank back against the wall, silently praying that he hadn't seen me as I made my way to the bathroom, slipped inside, and quietly closed the door.

I stayed in that bathroom for about ten minutes, and by the time I quietly opened the door and peeked into the hallway, the house was silent. I quickly slipped down the hall and made my escape through a door in kitchen.

Fortunately, the concert took place on a Friday night, which gave me all weekend to recover myself before having to face Darren again at work on Monday. To my surprise, he didn't so much as even glance in my direction when I had to visit the warehouse that day and speak with Dan about an out-bound shipment. Perhaps he hadn't seen me after all. I was sure he knew someone was there, but maybe he hadn't been able to tell who it was. Actually, as long as it wasn't Dan, he probably didn't care.

As I nonchalantly watched him work, I wondered just how long he'd been servicing Amy with his big equipment. Had that been the very first time, or had he been slipping over to the house on a regular basis when Dan wasn't home to make her whimper from his big cock? Returning to the office, I resigned myself to the fact that I would more than likely never know.

On the following Thursday, my car broke down at work. It was shortly after five o'clock, and my sorry little Mazda had decided it just didn't feel like driving home that night. As I sat there, coaxing it into turning over, getting more and more frustrated by the second, Dan and Darren came walking across the parking lot together, heading for their cars. A few minutes later, seeing that I was having car trouble, they came over to assist and were soon both poking around under the hood, trying to help get it started.

Once it finally turned over, I was surprised when Darren offered to follow me in his car, just to make sure I made it all the way home.

When we arrived at the parking lot of my apartment complex, he pulled into the parking spot next to mine, waved and smiled. I thought he was going to drive off, but he simply sat there as I got out of my car and locked the door. Not exactly sure what he was waiting for, I leaned down on the passenger door of his car in front of the open window to thank him for seeing that I made it home okay. I was surprised when he grinned and said, "I was kinda hoping you were gonna thank me with a beer."

A few minutes later we were sitting in my living room, having a beer together while we enjoyed the coolness of the air conditioning. Being mid-June, it was unbelievably hot and humid, and Darren's hair was soaking wet and stuck to his head from working in the heat all day. He was wearing a white, sleeveless "Counting Crows" t-shirt, and a pair of old, faded blue jeans with a large, frayed hole on his inner left thigh. As much as I tried, I just couldn't keep my eyes off that hole. Although I fought to push the thought out of my head, I kept finding myself hoping for a brief glimpse of the long dick that I knew was tucked inside those dirty, thread worn jeans.

I didn't know for sure if he'd caught me looking, or if he simply did it on impulse, but he dropped back against the couch with a long, tired sigh and began casually fingering the hole in his jeans as he swigged on his beer and took in his surroundings.

I was nervously chattering away about nothing of importance, while picturing him thrusting his big cock into Amy, when he looked over and said, "Can I ask you something?"

Surprised by his sudden question, I shot back, "Sure."

He looked down at his beer can for a long moment, then glanced up with a sheepish smile and said, "Did you tell anyone about what you saw that night after the concert?"

I was stunned, speechless actually, and when I didn't respond, he quickly added, "You know... over at Dan's house."

Finally finding my voice, I stammered, "No. I wouldn't say anything. That's nobody's business but yours."

I felt my face turn red as he continued to look at me, tipping his beer up for a swallow. After giving my statements a few moments thought, he sniffed and pushed the wet hair off his forehead and simply replied, "That's cool. We were both pretty drunk, and it just sorta happened, you know?"

"Sure, I understand," I replied.

With an evil grin, he said in a low voice, "That doesn't mean I've never fucked her before. Just means it happened that night, with Dan in the house, because we were fucked up, and Amy begged for it. She said that when Dan passes out even an earthquake couldn't wake him, so if she wanted it, who was I to turn down some pussy, right?"

I just nodded my head, more in a sense of acknowledgement that I was listening, not that I agreed with what he was doing.

He then continued, "Don't get me wrong. I like Dan. He's a cool boss and everything, you know? But, hey, if he ain't takin' care of business at home, then someone's gotta do it. Know what I'm sayin'?"

Feeling awkward talking about Dan like that, I tried to hide my rattled nerves as I chuckled and agreed with him. He gave me a dirty, sneaky smile, raising an eyebrow, and slid his left hand over to the inside of his leg, just above the hole in his jeans. He saw me look down at his hand, and kept it there, caressing what I could now make out as a bulge of dick beneath his jeans.

He then glanced past me, and, checking out the large black and white artistic framed picture of a naked man on the wall, my mouth went dry as he smiled and said, "So, that night, were you lookin' at her, or were you watchin' me?"

Feeling my face get hot, I cleared my throat a little and nervously whispered, "I dunno, a little of both I guess."

He began openly squeezing and rubbing his bulge, which was definitely getting bigger, smiled and said, "That's cool. I like hittin' the pussy, but don't mind gettin' off with a buddy now and then, too. I'm cool with that."

His comment took me by surprise and I didn't really know what to say. Was he just joking around or was he being serious? If he was just joking and I said I did too, he could tell everyone at work, so I simply chuckled and shrugged as I watched him casually fondling himself as his cock slowly crept down his leg until the head appeared from the hole in his jeans.

He pushed down on it, thrusting his hips forward on the couch as he looked down at it, then smiled and said, "You like gettin' off with a buddy now and then?"

I couldn't seem to make my lips work, but after taking a deep breath I finally managed to speak and said, "Yeah."

He laughed. "Yeah, I figured."

"What do you mean, you figured?"

"I know you thought you were being inconspicuous, but I've seen you starin' at me at work, and I'm pretty sure you've been checkin' out my goods tonight; plus you have a picture of a naked dude on your wall," he said pointing at it.

"That's art!" I said.

"Yeah, okay, whatever dude," he said with a laugh. "So how 'bout it, you feel like gettin' off with a buddy?" he asked.

"Um, what exactly did you have in mind?" I asked, my voice a little shaky.

"I was thinkin' along the lines of you suckin' my dick. So how 'bout it, you feel like suckin' some dick right now?"

My head seemed to nod all on its own, and the next thing I knew he was standing up and unfastening his pants, and I was feeling dizzy and light headed as I found myself dropping to my knees in front of him. His long cock was pushing against his jeans as he quickly unzipped, then wrestled to pull it out. He wasn't wearing any underwear, and his dick stood straight out from his body as he gave it several casual strokes before turning it over to me.

My god, it was beautiful; long and straight, with a nice heft that felt good in my hand as I leaned forward to take the large, swollen head between my hungry lips. I couldn't believe it. I absolutely couldn't believe it. One of the hot, sweaty warehouse guys from my work had his cock in my mouth! I was so wrapped up in the smell and taste of him that I completely forgot all my cocksucking skills and just went right down on the full length, and gagged as his long length slid into my throat.

After a brief fit of coughing, and apologizing, I began concentrating on the task at hand, doing what I was born to do; service other men. It wasn't long before I had begun to relax, and was able to enjoy the feeling of his long, thick cock sliding in and out of my throat.

Pushing his jeans down to his ankles, I caressed the back of his long, slender legs as I worked his cock, anxiously working to help him release the horny load he'd been carrying around in his big, sweaty nuts all day. The only thing he said, other than to utter a few low groans, was when he gripped each side of my head and whispered, "Just let me do it," and then began to slowly face fuck me.

After that, I was no longer a participant, but simply an object he was using to masturbate himself. I didn't care one bit, either. He was giving me exactly what I needed, too, and that was to be used by a guy for his own pleasure. I was perfectly content tasting the steady flow of salty pre-cum against the back of my tongue as Darren eagerly took what he needed, my own horny cock straining painfully inside my pants.

I reached down between my legs and fumbled for my zipper so I could free my dick from its constricting confines, and also jerk myself off while sucking Darren's cock. But he stopped me. "No, don't. I don't wanna see that. You can beat your meat later, after you get me off and I leave. Right now, it's all about my cock."

That's fucking hot! I thought. Yeah, just use me to get your cock off, and make me wait to get my own load off, to even touch myself, until after you are satisfied and out the door!

I moaned around Darren's mouth-fucking cock as I had these thoughts, and that must have been enough to send him over the edge, because, suddenly, he slammed his cock down my throat, almost toppling me over backwards, and let out a guttural groan as a huge blast of cum exploded from his long cock and into the back of my throat. Arching his back slightly, his cock moved out of my throat as he let the rest of his jizz spurt from his dick, spraying all over my tongue. His cock shot the biggest load, filling my mouth almost to overflowing, and it felt and tasted amazing as I hungrily gulped, trying to swallow it all down without losing a drop.

Once his big dick finished emptying its load, he fell back, his cock popping out of my mouth, and dropped back down on the couch, letting out a long, slow, sigh of relief. I continued to kneel silently, and simply watched him fondle his cock affectionately as it began to quickly soften. Letting out a "whew," he smiled and said, "Man, I've needed to do that all day."

Obviously! What a load! I thought as I stood up, and then asked, "How was it? Did it feel good?"

"Hell yeah! Felt better than good. It felt great!" he said picking up his can of beer. Draining the last of it, he put the can down and said, "So you like to swallow spunk, huh?"

"Yeah, I do."

"You always swallow it?"

I nodded and said, "Yeah, always."

"Amy doesn't swallow, and a lot of the girls I've been with didn't like to either, and some flat out refused. It was nice to finally shoot my load into someone's mouth for a change."

"I consider it my reward for my efforts. No point in sucking a dick otherwise," I smiled.

He laughed at my remark, and then glanced around the room, sighed, and said, "I should probably be going." He then stood up, and I watched as he pulled up his pants and tucked his long, soft dick back inside them, zipped up, and then adjusted himself.

As we walked to the door, he stopped when we reached it and said, "So, you're cool with keeping this between us?"

"Yeah. Don't worry, this will be our little secret."

Nodding, he replied, "That's cool. It doesn't bother me or anything... I mean, you know, doing what we did, but I just wouldn't want people talkin' about it, you know, at work and all."

I nodded and he turned to open the door and then turned back and said, "And you won't tell anyone at work that I'm fuckin' the boss's wife will you?"

"No. Like I said that's nobody's business but yours."

He smiled and then chuckled, "Yeah, I guess I know you would never tell my secret around work, or I would have to tell yours… that you're, you know..." he paused as if searching for the word.

"Gay," I said to help him out.

He laughed, "No I was thinkin' cocksucker, actually… yeah, that you're a cocksucker."

"I am," I smiled. I liked being called a cocksucker, especially by guys that fucked girls but weren't opposed to using a guy's mouth when they needed it. "I'm pretty sure both our secrets will be kept secrets. You needn't worry," I assured him.

"Yeah, it's not like I suck cock or ever would, and, I mean, it's not like I do this all the time or anything, so I have nothing to worry about. Know what I mean?"

I nodded. Yeah, I knew exactly what he meant. He wanted to make it clear that he wasn't a homo, like me.

"Good. Well, see you at work tomorrow," he said, and then opened the door and left.

As soon as he was gone, I pulled out my aching cock and gave it the relief it had craved while I was being a cocksucker for Darren.

Darren continues to fuck Amy, but not nearly as much as he used to. Instead, he opts to regularly drop by my place to use my mouth when he needs to cum. "It's quick, easy, and efficient, and requires a lot less effort than fucking Amy," is how he sums up our time together. He has even started to privately refer to me as his personal cocksucker. Being a personal cocksucker for a straight guy was always my number one fantasy, and now I am living it! I guess it's true what they say; some dreams really do come true!

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  1. Great story between two Men. Even though one sided, it is really hot. Nice work.