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Monday, February 16, 2015

All Male Fiction: Rocks for Jocks

By: Natty Soltesz

I was taking a summer physics course to bone up on my skills and pass some time. The campus was pretty deserted in the summer and the mood was nice — quiet and serene. There was this one guy who always sat in the front row, not that it did him much good, educationally speaking. Nick Anthony was what you might call an oaf: a big, dumb jock with a thick neck and an even thicker skull, and a prime candidate for "Rocks for Jocks" — which is how the rest of us referred to the Mickey Mouse science prerequisite typically snatched up by athletes and underachievers.

But 'Intro to Physics' was where he'd somehow ended up, an unwitting cog in the tyranny that was a liberal arts education, trying to wrap his head around Newtonian mechanics and kinetic theory when I suspected he'd rather focus on the trajectory of a football sailing through the air. He was trying so hard, intently taking notes as our professor explained equations on the board. But you could tell it wasn't getting through.

I stared as much as I dared. He always wore athletic gear — thin white t-shirts that hugged his buff and beefy body, and blue silky track pants with buttons going down the sides. A few times he wore a sleeveless Texas Longhorns shirt. His arms were so tan and toned. I lived for the days when he came in wearing his mesh basketball shorts, his ass flexing as he walked, his package flopping up front — Jesus! He had short dark hair and a stubbly face with sensuous lips. I'm sure he had no trouble getting laid on a Saturday night, but physics just wasn't his forte.

The prof and I had become friendly by the third week of the course. He asked me if I'd consider tutoring Nick and racking up some extra credit in the process. I didn't need the credit, but I enjoyed tutoring, regardless of whether I was fantasizing about the pupil sitting on my face, so I said yes.

We were formally introduced one day after class. Nick shook my hand, smiling. He seemed like a genuinely nice guy, and we walked out of class together. I offered to meet with him that night.

"Well, tonight, I got this girl I'm supposed to see…"

"Oh. No worries," I replied. "If you got a girl, we'll do it some other time."

He said tomorrow worked better for him, and I figured some lucky girl was going to be freshly fucked by then.

Thirty hours later, Nick pulled up to my off campus apartment. He couldn't have dressed any better — that goddamn sleeveless Longhorns shirt and the mesh shorts. I was dying.

I offered him a cold drink, and we sat down at the kitchen table. I guess I was a bit older and wiser than Nick, but only by a couple of years. That said, I never planned to seduce him — at least, not at first.

We started on some equations. He wasn't getting it and began to get frustrated. My place was hot and I didn't have AC, so after a half hour I suggested we take a break and try to catch a breeze on my balcony. Nick sat in my patio chair and downed the rest of his drink.

"So," I said, "you went out with your girl last night?"

"Yeah… well, we didn't really go out, y'know?" Nick said, smirking at me to see if I got the gist.

I laughed. "And you'd rather do that than work equations? Unreal," I joked.

Nick laughed and then sighed. "Man, I really hate this stuff. I dunno why it's supposed to be important."

"Well, you'll probably never use it again. But it's a requirement, right?"

"Yeah. Coach says I have to get at least a C. I dunno why I suck so bad."

"You'll get it. Besides, it's not that important in the grand scheme of things. I'm sure there's other stuff you're much better at."

"Yeah, you could say that," he said, giving me a sly lift of his eyebrows.

Fuck it, I thought. "So you're a real stud, huh?"

"Yeah," he answered, chuckling.

"I'm not surprised. You've got a really hot body," I said.

"Yeah, I do," he replied cockily.

I decided to go for it, put the moves on him. What's the worst he could do? Freak out, try to hit me? If that's how he reacted, I'd simply apologize, tell him I just admired his body, that no matter how much I tried to build up my muscles, I couldn't get a body like his. I felt I had nothing to lose, and possibly a big cock to gain, so I leaned forward and put my hand on his beefy thigh.

He didn't stop me.

I boldly ran my hand up his shorts, almost caressing his balls. "Bet you got a big cock, too," I said, putting my hand on the front of his shorts.

His eyes simply followed my fingers, as if transfixed from the sensation. His dick was half hard. It jerked against my palm.

"Yeah, I knew it."

Nick was clutching both sides of the chair as I stroked his cock through his slick black shorts. For the first time since I'd seen him, he came alive. His breathing quickened; his body rose and fell with each breath.

I got down on my knees and pulled off his shorts. I didn't need to ask permission, his body language said everything — it was his clearest, most confident voice. I slipped his briefs down his thighs, and his huge cock lurched out. It was as thick as a python and stood up tall. He had a big sac that languidly draped over the space between his front and back ends.

"Fuck! Nice cock!" I said, stroking it up and down, admiring it for the pure piece of beauty that it was. It felt good to give him an honest compliment after all those strained attempts at mathematics.

Nick moved his hands up under his shirt, feeling his chest and tweaking his nipples.

"Take it off," I said, helping him to pull his shirt over his head. And now I had him naked, his muscled chest and ripped midsection looming over me, his dick like a monolith towering in front of my face.

I couldn't help a little moan of satisfaction as I went down on him. Nick involuntarily jerked upward, sending his cock back into my throat. It slid so easily back there. Again and again I slurped his cock all the way down to the root. It was strangely effortless for such a big dick, but I guess I was especially hungry.

Nick's eyes were closed, his head thrown back. He opened his eyes, took my head in his big hands, and thrust his hips in and out, mindlessly fucking my throat. I felt like I could have been an apple pie; all Nick knew was that he had his dick in something warm and suction-y, and he was good to go.

I licked and sucked up his sweaty nuts, my tongue venturing to the surprisingly smooth space underneath.

When I came off and looked him in the face, Nick seemed a little addled, confused. "Are you gay?" he said.

"Uh…" It was an odd question to ask considering what I was doing to him.

"Cause you don't, like, talk girly or nothing."

"Huh," I said, getting back on my feet. "No, I guess I don't. I just enjoy doing this for guys sometimes."

"Ok," he said, apparently willing to accept that explanation for the time being. His dick still throbbed against his stomach. I took it in my hand.

"Have you ever had your ass eaten?"


"Stand up," I told him. "Brace yourself against the chair."

He looked at me for a moment, but then he stood up and turned around. His back was broad and muscular. And, sweet Jesus, his ass, it was incredible: shapely and firm. I reached out and touched it, spreading open his cheeks to reveal his butt hole. "Brace yourself," I said again, and dove in.

Nick let out a gasp and arched his back as I buried my face in that butt, tonguing up and down his crack. He seemed taken aback at first but he quickly adjusted, holding firmly onto the chair, which allowed me to push my whole face against his ass, squirming my tongue against that tight yet relaxed asshole and jamming it inside. He was moaning, and moaned even louder as I reached between his legs and took his cock in my hand and stroked him as I rimmed him.

"You like it?" I asked. It was an easy question; we both knew the answer.

"Uh-huh," he grunted. It occurred to me that Nick wasn't wired to think about complex things. He was an animal, programmed to only react to external stimuli.

"I want to feel that big cock of yours inside me," I said. From the look he shot back over his shoulder at me, I could tell that would require some guidance.

I led him back inside and into the kitchen, then ran and grabbed some lube from my nightstand. "I want you to fuck my ass, man," I explained, stripping off my clothes. I swept the books aside and positioned myself on the kitchen table, drawing my legs up to my chest and showing him my smooth and ready asshole. I've got a pretty sexy body — lithe and smooth and well taken care of, not that Nick necessarily noticed or cared.

Maybe he'd never fucked anyone in the ass before, because for a moment he just stood there, his dick hanging out in front of him like a truncheon, his puzzled eyes on me lying on the table.

"C'mere," I said and leaned forward, pulling him by the cock and bringing him close to me. I took the bottle of lube and slicked up his dick. That he understood; he started fucking my fist like it was a reflex and his cock quickly grew back to full tumescence.

I lifted my legs again and brought a dollop of lube to my butt hole. Now he was getting it. I grabbed hold of his hips and positioned him at the entrance to my ass.

"Go easy," I said, knowing that it was falling on deaf ears. Once his dick was against me, the blunt head getting massaged and drawn in by my tight, pulsing asshole, he was gone. He sunk that fucking thing all the way inside me, inch by fat inch until his balls were pressed tight against my cheeks. "Oh fuck!" I cried out.

"Uhhh," he moaned, looking me in the eyes as he inched back out. I was struggling a bit — it wasn't often I got a ride on a dick of Nick's size — and though he wasn't ramming it in, he wasn't being particularly gentle. He was a stud jock with his cock in a nice, hot, tight hole, and we both knew how good that could feel.

It didn't take long for the discomfort to pass. And when all was said and done, Nick was actually a pretty good lay. He fucked me with clean, even strokes; slow and steady but never timid or unsure. His cock felt incredible inside me, sending me to a place beyond thought or control. All I could do was let the sensation of it wash over me. I wondered if this was how Nick felt day to day — just feeling, not thinking. It wasn't such a bad thing.

Nick was watching his big, thick dick plunge in and out of my tight butt. Then he started to pay a little more attention to me; it was almost as if the thrusting relaxed him and freed his mind to explore my body a little. By now it was obvious that I was the first guy he'd ever messed around with. He felt my smooth chest with his big hands, feeling down my stomach and even grabbing my cock for a few tentative strokes.

I was too close to the edge for even that, and I knocked his hand away. He grabbed me by the waist then, and I'm sure we looked like what you'd have seen if King Kong had fucked that blond chick. He was a beast, a fucking machine, but he worked me over with a certain savage grace that had me panting.

"Shit, man, I want you to cum all over my face," I told him. He processed this immediately, sliding out of me.

I slid down off the table and got under him, feeling up his tree trunk thighs, running my hands to the twin boulders of his ass and drawing my fingers in his crack. With my other hand I stroked my dick, acutely aware of the well-fucked feeling in my ass. Nick's breathing was so modulated, his body working in perfect harmony to bring himself to orgasm. I pressed my finger to his butt hole, and slowly slipped it inside.

His mouth dropped open. His eyes shut tight, his forehead crinkled up. In a matter of seconds he was shooting heavy jets of cream that splattered across my face like paint on a Pollock canvas. I lost it then, my cum spurting up like a fountain out of the top of my fist and landing in between his big feet. Nick grabbed my head and held me steady; the next shot went right into my mouth. I opened up for him, taking more of his cream on my tongue. With each shot his butt hole tightened around my finger.

"Fuh … fuh, fuh," he grunted, looking down to see his dick spewing on my face and in my mouth. When he'd shot all he could, he leaned back against the wall, basking in his orgasm.

I grabbed a towel and cleaned him up. I sopped up his dick and ball sweat, along with the lube and cum that still dripped from his floppy cock. That towel went unwashed for a good week or so afterward.

"Thanks, man," he said.

"Maybe we should get back to work?" I suggested.

"Guess so," he said, shrugging.

"You don't have to put your clothes on. I mean, not if you don't want to." The lovable oaf just smirked at me and put on his shorts. I don't think I could've focused on the material anyway if he hadn't.

We hit the books again. It took another hour or so, but by the time night fell Nick was starting to get it. It was pretty cool to watch his eyes light up, to observe his obvious relief when it started to make some sense.

He thanked me again on the way out, and, of course, I thanked him right back. "I'll see you in class, and we'll set a date for when you can come again," I said, not mentioning my plan to get him to sit on my face and feed me a few loads during study breaks, maybe go for another ride on his big cock, too.

"More equations?" Nick asked.

"What else?" I replied. "We'll get you that C, no matter what I have to do to help you get there."

Nick stared at me for a few moments then said, "Yeah, I bet you're hoping to suck my cock again, huh?"

"Uh, yeah, as often as you want."

"The thing is, if you're gonna suck my cock every day when you are tutoring me, I don't think I should have to pay you for the tutoring. I mean, letting you suck my cock is kind of like a payment, know what I'm mean?"

"Yeah, I guess we could do that."

"Great," Nick said and then he laughed and continued, "Actually, maybe you should pay me."

I laughed, too, but Nick no longer was.

"Wait, you're serious?"

"Yeah, I mean, why not. I can get my dick sucked by any number of girls anytime I want. So I don't have to let you suck it again. I'm actually doing you a favor by letting you blow me, know what I mean?"

I nodded.

"So, instead of me paying you for tutoring, you can just pay me the same amount to suck my cock? Is that a deal?" he asked, giving me that sly lift of his eyebrows again, and groping his large basket, both of which made me swoon a little.

I nodded again.

"Alright, I'll call you tomorrow," he said, and then he turned and left.

I lingered in the doorway to watch his muscular butt bounce as he walked to his car. Then it hit me: Nick had just used my desire for his big cock to get me to agree to not only give him free tutoring, but to actually pay him!

Maybe that dumb jock had a few things to teach me as well.

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