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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Bisexual Fiction: David's Summer Job (Part 1)

By: Bi Guy & Ryan Michaels

David mopped the droplets of sweat that were dripping from his forehead and into his eyes. It was hot - the middle of July - and he was busy cleaning and scrubbing the beach snack shack at the Indian Lake Resort.

David's dad owned part interest in the place, and that's how David ended up as a gofer, clean-up person and lifeguard. The pay wasn't much, but he enjoyed meeting the vacationers, and he especially liked his lifeguard duty.

David had been a competition swimmer in high school. He liked the water, and he liked being with the guys. Sometimes he even thought he liked looking at the guys in their tight swimming trunks. He'd never fool around with a guy, at least that's what he had convinced himself, but looking wasn't a crime, was it?

Outwardly, David was your typical All-American stud, chasing girls and discovering how good sex feels when you're young and strong and always ready.

So far this summer, he'd played with more than one sweet, young girl who'd gotten turned on by David's muscular twenty-year-old body and even disposition. He'd always been attracted to girls around his age, so that's why his infatuation with Mrs. Dexter seemed unusual. Not that she was so old, but anyone over thirty seems old when you're twenty.

Mrs. Dexter - Jessica was her first name - and her husband, Michael, had been at the resort for a week. In that time, David had flirted verbally with Jessica each time he had served her at the snack stand.

David found himself daydreaming about Jessica's big tits and curvy ass. He had seen her and her tall, good-looking husband swimming and playing at the beach. She wore the tiniest bikini he'd ever seen, while Michael favored Speedos, just like the swim team. David had seen the bulge in those tiny swim briefs, and knew there was a large piece of meat inside. Too bad he couldn't see it in the shower room like he did the dudes at school. The thoughts about Michael unsettled David, but turned him on, nonetheless.

Jessica and Michael sunned themselves on the beach and commented to each other about the young lifeguard and how he seemed to enjoy watching them. Jessica told Michael about the little flirtations. Michael stared at David's sexy young body, and his cock grew hard.

Jessica teased him as she rubbed the front of his swimsuit. "David must really turn you on," she said, winking at her aroused husband.

Michael's bisexuality was no secret. In the five years they had been married, Michael had had several affairs, with Jessica's knowledge and blessing. But now it was Jessica who wanted a fling.

"He's so sweet and innocent, Michael. I want him. Will you let me have him?" she asked, almost in a kidding way.

"As long as I can watch him fuck you. He's my type, too."

Jessica's eyes widened. Michael kissed her and whispered in her ear, "Let him have you, and then let me have him."

Michael's tongue delved deeply into his wife's sweet, warm mouth and they clung together, each anticipating the hot time David could bring them. Michael's fingers pushed aside Jessica's skimpy bikini bottoms and he sensuously rubbed his aroused wife's pussy. Jessica thrust her hand inside Michael's Speedos and gently toyed with his erect penis and squeezed his large, heavy balls.

They wanted to do more, but not under David's watchful eyes. Not yet, anyway.

David watched from his lifeguard tower vantage point as the horny lovers played their erotic games. David's prick caused his swim trunks to tent up in the front, and a wet area started to emerge as his cock responded.

Michael and Jessica walked hand in hand back to their cottage, and as they passed the lifeguard station, Jessica winked at David and stroked the nipple of her left breast.

David's hand wandered to his crotch and he rubbed his bulge, nearly shooting his wad when Jessica played with her nipple. Was she hot for him, too? Why, he wondered, with a big stud like Michael to fill her needs? David then thought of Michael's dick and how good Jessica must feel as it pumps her cunt. He wasn't sure what excited him more, the thought of fucking her, or taking hold of Michael's prick and maybe sucking it; or maybe being fucked by him. The thought caused David to shiver with uneasiness.

The next day, David greeted Jessica with his usual big smile and friendly hello as she wandered near him as he was working at the snack stand. His bright blue eyes opened wide as he saw her approach in a skin-tight t-shirt and those skimpy bikini bottoms. The nipples of her ample tits protruded erotically from the thin material of the t-shirt, and David lustily thought how nice it would be to nurse them in his mouth.

"Watcha up to little boy?" Jessica asked with a wink.

"Cut out that little boy stuff!" David responded.

"Ok, ok. I can see you're more than a boy." Jessica gave his body a quick stare, lingering at his crotch.

The unsubtle glance was not lost on David.

"Maybe I need to prove to you I'm no boy," David flirted back.

Jessica extended her hand to David's face. She stroked his tanned skin and smiled. "Michael's gone to Stadium City on business today. I'm available if you are."

The proposition stunned David. He'd been dreaming about Jessica's body since she'd arrived. Now she wanted him. Or was she just flirting, teasing him? "Are you serious?" he asked.

"Very," she smiled.

David couldn't believe what was happening, and he quickly finished his chores at the snack stand and followed Jessica back to her cabin.

Of course, she had lied; Michael was gone, but not far. And he would arrive in time for the show. And maybe more.

As soon as they entered the cabin, Jessica and David hugged and kissed deeply. Her hands felt David's strong young body, and her fingers reached under his t-shirt and played with his nipples. She then pulled the shirt up with both hands and revealed his tanned chest, the strong muscles rippling under the tight skin.

David did the same with Jessica's t-shirt. Her breasts tumbled into his waiting hands and he lowered his head and began licking and sucking them.

Jessica pushed him back on the bed and immediately felt his erect cock pushing through the fabric of his swim trunks. David raised his ass and Jessica quickly stripped the trunks down his thighs.

David's thick seven inches of meat stood up straight and hard, and Jessica kissed it and licked along its length. David moaned in pleasure as he felt the woman's warm mouth slip over his prick, sucking it.

Out of sight, in the next room, but with a clear view of the action, Michael watched as his wife devoured the boy's penis. His hand stroked his hard dick and he dreamed of sucking David's cock.

Jessica bobbed her head up and down the entire length of David's dick, and he closed his eyes and enjoyed the erotic pleasure she gave so freely.

Soon she sat upright, and then stood up and spread her legs wide above David's face. David smiled and his tongue wetted his lips. Jessica slowly lowered her pussy atop David's waiting mouth, and his eager tongue licked at the slit and fucked into her hole.

Jessica rubbed her cunt all over David's face, pushing and grinding it, making her body writhe in spasms of sexual pleasure.

Soon, she stood again over David's body and moved backward. This time she lowered her dripping pussy onto David's thick prick. Slowly she pushed down on the youth's cock until it filled her.

Michael watched from his secret vantage point and marveled at the sight of his wife and the young stud.

Jessica rode the boy's cock as he caressed her breasts. Then she pulled off his fat meat and lay on her back, her legs spread wide.

"Ride me, cowboy," she said with a wink and a sly smile.

David wasted no time getting into the saddle. His penis lodged between her labia, and in one easy thrust he impaled her on his dick.

Michael watched the boy's firm young ass clench as David fucked Jessica's pussy. Michael could wait no longer. Now was the time.

"I hope you two are having fun," Michael announced as he strolled into the room, naked and hard.

David stopped humping immediately, his face and body frozen in fear.

"It's ok, kid. I want you to fuck her, we both do," Michael said as he moved over to the bed.

David couldn't believe what he was hearing, but was relieved to know that Michael wasn't going to yank him off of his wife and proceed to kick the shit out of him.

"Her pussy is pretty tight, isn't it kid?"

David could only moan and nod in agreement.

Michael let his hand wander to the smooth untanned ass that turned him on so much, and David flinched, then groaned, strangely becoming even more aroused as Michael felt up his naked ass.

"Go ahead, keep dicking her, kid, while I give her something to suck on," Michael instructed as he removed his hand from David's butt, and then moved to the front of the bed and placed his eight inch prick next to Jessica's cheek. He rubbed the cockhead over her lips and her mouth opened to allow her husband's large prick to slither into her mouth.

David could not believe this; his cock pounding in Jessica's sweet pussy and this big cock just inches from his face. The combination was too much for him. His thrusts became faster and harder. He couldn't hold back now even if he had wanted to, and just seconds later he moaned loudly as a load of his hot cum filled Jessica's waiting pussy.

Michael massaged the boy's shoulders as David collapsed atop Jessica.

Michael continued rubbing the boy's body as David rolled off Jessica. He stroked the boy's smooth chest and played with each nipple, and then lightly touched the still erect penis that had just fucked his wife.

David was confused and not sure what was happening, but his cock started to twitch from the man's touch.

"I need to taste your cum, kid," Michael said as he moved between Jessica's legs, David's seed dripping from the lips of her freshly fucked pussy, and buried his face between her legs.

David watched entranced as Michael went about licking and sucking his cum out of his wife's pussy, the man's cock still hard and dripping pre-cum juices.

Soon Michael moved his tongue to her clit, and it wasn't long before Jessica reached orgasm.

Michael pulled away and watched his wife writhing in orgasm, and then, when she was done, said, "Fuck, my balls are so full. I really need to cum now, too!"

Jessica smiled. She knew what Michael really wanted. "Maybe David can help you, babe?"

Michael stood and walked toward David, his cock leading the way.

David shivered nervously, but his own cock remained solid.

As Michael came to stand right in front of him, David stared nervously at Michael's cock, then up at his face, then back at his cock. Michael reached out and put his hands on David's shoulder, only gently pushing on them, and David found his knees willingly starting to bend, until he was down upon them in front of the looming cock.

Michael rubbed his slick penis all over his boy's face, then took David's face in his hands. He guided the youth's mouth onto his cock, and slowly and gently began pushing it into the boy's mouth.

Once lodged completely in the mouth of his sexy young companion, he began slow fucking motions in and out of David's throat. Michael caressed the boy's cheeks and tousled his hair as David sucked his first cock.

Jessica watched, this the first time she had seen her husband have sex with another man. The sight aroused her and she began fingering her cunt with one hand, and squeezing her erect nipple with the other.

Michael's mouth-fucking of young David neared climax. Faster and faster his stiff prick fucked the boy's mouth. Michael marveled at how the boy, who he suspected had never been with another man before, could take it so easily and so well, only gagging a bit here and there.

Soon Michael's body stiffened and he clenched his muscular ass and pulled the boy's head deep onto his prick. Spasm after spasm of sticky, warm cum poured from Michael's cock into the boy's waiting mouth. So much of it that David couldn't swallow it all, and streams of cum dripped down the sides of his mouth.

As Michael slowly removed his cock, David wasn't sure he liked the taste of cum, and then Michael wiped some of his cum from the young stud's chin, and inserted his finger into the David's mouth.

"Suck it!" Michael said, again in a demanding tone, and David complied and suckled on Michael's finger as he looked over and watched Jessica playing with her pussy, nearing climax again.

Michael looked over his shoulder to see what had David's attention. Smiling, he pulled his finger from the boy's mouth, and then said in a somewhat demanding tone, "Go on kid, get over there and eat my wife's pussy."

David willingly complied, getting to his feet right away and diving between Jessica's legs. Michael got on the bed as well and leaned his head down near David's, watching the boy lick and tongue his wife's cunt. He didn't get to watch for long, though, as just a few flicks of David's cum-coated tongue on her clit was enough to push Jessica over the edge.

David crawled up the bed, lying down next to Jessica, and Michael lay down next to David. Heavy breaths filled the otherwise silent room, and the three of them soon drifted off into a sex-induced slumber.

David awoke some time later to the feel of Michael's cock against his ass, which was starting to awaken now, as was its owner. The feel of Michael's penis gradually hardening between the cheeks of his ass felt so strange, yet David found it kind of arousing as well. So much so that he found himself pushing his ass into it. Michael responded instantly, and began pushing and grinding his prick against the youth's firm young butt.

David knew it had felt so good to fuck Jessica, and he even kind of liked sucking Michael's dick, but did he want to do that? Did he want to get fucked in the ass?

He then noticed that Jessica had awoken, too, and was watching her husband humping him, with a smile on her face. She then scooted underneath the blankets and began to suck David's already bone-hard cock while playing with her husband's balls between David's legs.

Sensing that David was about to cum all too quickly, Jessica removed her mouth from his cock and came out from under the blankets. She smiled at her husband, who then immediately stopped grinding against the boy's ass. Without spoken words, the husband and wife team then rolled David onto his stomach. David knew what was coming, and surprised even himself when he didn't protest.

Moving to kneel between David's legs, Michael began to toy with the boy's large balls a bit, and then he pushed his hand between the bed and the boy's erect penis and began to slide it back and forth, until David nearly came.

Michael's hands then moved to the boy's ass and began to rub it at first, and then pried it open, exposing the boy's asshole. Dipping his head, Michael swiped his tongue over David's asshole. David groaned, and then groaned continuously as Michael ate him out back there like the two of them had eaten Jessica's pussy. He had never felt anything like it before. It felt incredible!
When Michael removed his face from David's ass, David's eyes widened with a bit of lust and curiosity, and a lot of fear as Jessica pulled a tube of K-Y from the nightstand drawer and handed it to her husband.

When David heard the cap of the K-Y tube pop open, he looked over his shoulder. "It's so big!" he said taking in Michael's rock hard eight inch, pre-cum dripping cock. He now became filled with even more fear and began to second-guess himself as to whether or not this was something he really wanted to do.

"Easy, kid. It'll feel good in your ass. Trust me. I know it will," Michael said as he squeezed the tube of K-Y and generously applied the slick lube to his prick.

Jessica then spread David's ass cheeks open for her husband, and Michael squeezed a huge dollop of the lube onto the boy's hole. Applying slight pressure, he slowly pushed his finger and the lube into the boy's ass. David moaned in discomfort from the intrusion and raised his ass a bit, which only served to cause Michael's finger to enter him more deeply.

When Michael had his finger all the way up David's butt, he turned it about, which elicited more moans of obvious discomfort from David. Those moans increased in volume as Michael went about inserting a second finger right next to the first, and then, after a minute or so, a third. After a few moments, the fingers actually started to feel good, and David's moans changed in tone, and he began pushing his hips upward to receive the probing fingers shoved up his butt.

Michael smiled as the moaning boy then began to thrust back against his fingers, knowing then that David was ready for more. Michael was more than ready to give him what he craved, too, and slowly withdrew all three of his fingers and quickly moved his cock to behind the boy's ass.

As David lay with his butt so vulnerable, waiting to experience his first ass fucking, Jessica moved to sit on the pillow in front of him, spread her legs, and then put her hand on the back of David's head and guided it down to her pussy. She wanted to watch Michael fuck this boy's ass, and what better way to do it than with the boy licking her cunt at the same time?

David started licking Jessica's cunt, and Michael positioned his cock against David's opening and slowly pushed the head of his prick into the boy's ass.

David's head shot up. "Oh fuck! It hurts!"

"It always does a bit, at first, but, trust me, it will start to feel really good, really soon," Michael soothed, reaching out and pushing David's head back down to his wife's cunt.

David began licking Jessica's pussy again, and Jessica watched intently as her husband's dick entered their new playmate. She knew how good it felt to have Michael fuck her. Now it was David's turn.

It didn't, however, feel that good to David, and he pulled his head back again as Michael pushed more of his cock into him. "Fuck! It hurts! It hurts a lot! Stop! Take it out!" David pleaded.

"Just concentrate your mind and your efforts on eating my wife's pussy," Michael said, again pushing the boy's head back down. "It will help you to relax your ass, and then it won't hurt as much going in."  He then pushed some more of his cock into the boy's ass, and again David raised his head. This time, though, Michael didn't say a word or give David a chance to either, and just pushed his head back down again.

As he inched more of his cock into David's hole, and David was about to raise his head again, this time Jessica placed her hand on his head and held it firmly against her cunt. David squeezed his eyes shut and scrunched up his face as he continued to lick Jessica's pussy while more and more of Michael's large prick slowly invaded his tight, virgin asshole.

A few moments later, Michael gave one more push, and David felt Michael's balls against his ass. He couldn't believe it. He had a cock up his butt, all the way up it, and a big cock, too! It still hurt, though, and he was now afraid of how much it was going to hurt coming back out.

Michael had his eyes closed, enjoying the wonderful sensation as he rested inside of the warm ass to let David get used to it, then he slowly began to pull it back out. David groaned. It still hurt, but not as much as it did going in, and then David's groan turned into a whimper as Michael began to push his prick back in, and the pain came back.

With Jessica's hand firmly holding his head down, David concentrated on licking Jessica's pussy as Michael began to slowly push his prick in and out of him, and then, all of a sudden, the pain and discomfort disappeared in a flash and was replaced with the most wonderful feeling. Now, David moaned in pure pleasure.

This didn't go unnoticed by Michael, and he immediately increased the tempo of his thrusts, which quickly built in intensity, until he was fucking in and out of David's ass with full, quick strokes, head to base.

David couldn't believe how good it felt to get fucked up the ass, especially considering how much it had hurt at first, and with how big Michael's cock was. But now, Michael's cock was touching pleasure points inside his butt he never knew he had. His tongue was now pressing and swirling like crazy on Jessica's pussy as the butt fucking he was getting filled him with an increased passion.

David now wanted to eat Jessica's pussy for hours while getting butt fucked by Michael, but the new and amazing pleasure he was experiencing had him ready to cum in no time, despite the fact that neither he nor Jessica or Michael had even so much as touched his stiff prick.

"I-I I'm gonna cum!" David panted.

"Not yet. Hold it for a few more seconds!" David almost shouted, as he grasped the boy's shoulder and pulled David's back against his body.

"I-I don't think I can!" David moaned.

Jessica made eye contact with her husband, and then slid forward on the bed. Michael then reached in front of David with his free hand, wrapped his fist around the boy's cock, and pushed him forward again. He then guided the boy's cock to his wife's pussy, and then he thrust his cock up the boy's ass, causing David's cock to be driven balls deep into Jessica's pussy.

"Uhh, uhh, uhh, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" David groaned as he squirted his load up inside Jessica's cunt.

"Fuck!" Michael yelled as the boy's ass muscles gripped his cock tightly and milked it to the point of no return. Michael then began to grunt almost like an animal as he emptied his seed into the boy's butt.

Michael collapsed on top of David, who was lying on top of Jessica. He lay there for a moment catching his breath, and then pulled his deflating dick out of David's ass. He took a moment to look at the boy's tight hole, now opened up by his prick and full of his cum.

As Michael rolled over on his side next to his wife, David pulled his youthfully hard cock out of Jessica's cunt, and rolled over by her other side. All three just lay there for several moments, and then Michael propped himself on one elbow and looked at David's cum oozing out of his wife's pussy.

David watched him, expecting Michael to move between her legs and lick his cum out of her again, but Michael had other ideas. "Well, go ahead, kid, clean up the mess you made."

"Me?" David questioned.

"Yeah, you," Michael chuckled. "C'mon, kid, it's the least you can do to thank me for letting you fuck my wife… twice. Do it!"

David didn't really want to eat his own load, but with the dominating tone Michael was using, and with Michael being ten years older than he, David felt he almost didn't have a choice in the matter. Did he like a man dominating him like this? He wasn't sure, but, nonetheless, he did as he was told and moved over to kneel in between Jessica's legs.

Michael moved his head to rest on Jessica's hip and watched as the boy licked and slurped up his own cum from his wife's pussy.

When he was done, David raised his head and wiped his mouth, the taste of his own cum lingering on his tongue. He had never tasted his own before. It tasted a bit different than Michael's, but he kind of liked the way it tasted, and now concluded that he liked the way Michael's had tasted, too.

When he moved out from between Jessica's legs, Michael immediately took his place and said, "My wife still needs to get off." Then he reached up and, again in a dominating fashion, pulled David's head down to Jessica's crotch and pretty much demanded, "Lick her clit, kid."

David did as he was instructed and began swirling and flicking his tongue on Jessica's clit, watching as Michael inserted three fingers into his wife's pussy and began to rapidly frig her cunt.

Jessica writhed and rolled on the bed, moaning up a storm. Then she thrust her hips forward and Michael kept thrusting his fingers in and out of her, and David kept licking her clit as she reached climax.

When she was done, the two men removed their faces from her cunt, and, as Jessica lay heaving on the bed, Michael put one of his pussy juice soaked fingers into his mouth and licked it clean. He then reached over and pressed the other two fingers that had been up her cunt against David's mouth. David opened his mouth willingly and sucked Michael's finger, just like he had sucked his cock, moaning quietly as he tasted Jessica's juices.

When Michael withdrew his fingers from the boy's mouth, the two of them stretched out next to Jessica, and the three of them lay together in joyful erotic exhaustion.

David looked over and took in Jessica's naked body, and then took in Michael's. He then turned his head in the other direction and looked at the clock. A mere four hours ago he was a virgin is so many ways. Now, he had not only had a hot threesome with a married couple, but he had also learned the joys of man-sex. It was a lesson he'd never forget, and one that he definitely planned to explore some more.


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