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Friday, March 6, 2015

All Male Fiction: Head in the Clouds

By: Unknown Author & Ryan Michaels

It had been a long, horny five weeks. It was the summer of '95, and I had just toured twenty European cities with two of my straight college buddies. My two friends knew that I was gay, and didn't give a shit, but on this trip I had promised that I would not drift off by myself looking for some hot European cock. They didn't want me wandering through bars or streets by myself, for safety reasons, being a foreign visitor in a foreign land. Plus, we had a pretty strict itinerary, and if I spent the night with a guy and didn't get back on time in the morning, I could mess up our whole trip.

Of course, it was ok for them to go out and look for some pussy together, the difference being that they were both together, and, if they got lucky, they could bring the girl (or girls) back to our hotel room for a bit of fun. Naturally, my two straight buddies didn't want to go to a gay bar with me, and definitely didn't want to see me having sex with another guy in our room. It wasn't really fair, but I kinda understood.

I was hoping that I might at least bump into and be able to hook up with one good looking gay tourist who happened to be staying at any of the motels we used during our travels, but Lady Luck hadn't seen fit to shine her luck down on me at all.

I did of course masturbate during those five weeks, in the shower, and I guessed that my buddies did as well - they hadn't actually scored with any women during our trip - but I didn't get to do it every day, like I got to do back home. The reason I didn't get to do it every day was because I had always had a problem getting off quickly in the shower. I think it might have something to do with the heat and steam. All I knew was that it took me a lot longer to 'get there' in the shower, and with my buddies always rushing me in the mornings so we wouldn't miss out on what was on our itinerary, our busy schedule didn't always allow me to take the time I needed.

In fact, I hadn't had the chance to jerk off even once over the past week! I was way past due to shoot a load, and was very seriously contemplating making a trip to the restroom on the plane ride home to pump a load out of my cock. But needing to shoot my load was only the half of it. While jerking off always felt good, it didn't give me the same feeling or level of satisfaction as sex; that was what I was had a more desperate need for, even more than simply cumming, and I hadn't had any on this trip.

So, needless to say, by the end of these five weeks I was extremely horny and anxious to get back to my familiar gay Chicago scene. Never did I think that I would get the sexual relief I so desperately needed while flying through the clouds!

It all started when our plane had landed in Washington D.C.'s Dulles airport from Brussels, and we had to switch planes to connect us to O'Hare. Our new plane was one of United's new 777's. These 777's were the first fully computerized commercial planes, and had been designed with the passengers' comfort in mind - roomier seating, personal TV screens at every seat, three or four movie channels, dozens of other TV channels (sports, news, sitcoms, etc.), twenty channels of CD-quality audio selections; all at the control of a few buttons located on the armrest. This was the first week that United had these 777's in the air, and the flight attendants informed us that they had a special technician on board to troubleshoot any problems we may have with our entertainment systems.

A few minutes after takeoff, the entertainment systems were turned on. My buddies by the window were watching sports, the attractive girl in front of them was watching a gymnastics competition, and the little boy behind them was singing Disney songs from one of the audio channels. But when I switched mine on, all I could get was the music channels; my TV screen was not working. Just my luck!

As one of the flight attendants passed by, I informed her of the situation, and she made a mental note of my row and seat number, and told me she would let the technician on board know so that he could look into it.

Several minutes went by, and still my screen wasn't working. I glanced up the aisle, getting impatient, and noticed a man in a United Airlines uniform walking along the aisle looking at the row numbers.

When he got to my row, he stopped, asking, "Are you having problems with your screen, sir?"

"Yes, I am. I can get music, but I can't get any TV channels at all," I answered, casually drinking him in. He was really good looking, young, maybe twenty-four, about six-foot tall, with stylish short brown hair, and in great shape. Normally, I would have enjoyed the eye candy, but right now, the sight of a hot man was the last thing I needed to see in my condition!

"Ok, let me have a look," he said, and then his right arm stretched out, resting on the storage cabin above. Then he leaned forward and moved his left hand to the armrest buttons to see if he could turn on my screen.

As he did so, his fingertips ever so slightly grazed my leg. His light touch on my vulnerable, I-haven't-had-it-in-five-weeks body felt so good, and a tingling sensation went right through me, and straight to my neglected dick.
In his position, his crotch was perfectly aligned to my field of sight, and I casually looked at it as I pretended to be watching him fiddle with the armrest buttons. His uniform pants tapered in at his crotch, leaving the fabric to hug and accentuate his package, and it was a very nice looking bulge, one that I just wanted to reach out and grab.

"Hmm," he said after a few moments of trying to fix my TV, unable to get it turned on, either. The same could not be said for me! My dick was slowly on the rise, but uncomfortably so, as it lay bent in half inside my briefs.

"Well, after taking a good look, it's obvious you're at least partially turned on. I'm sure if I play around with something up front, I can get you fully turned on, though," he said.

My heart started racing. Did he just say what I think he said? Or could I just be misinterpreting what he actually said for what I wanted it to mean? I've never been very good about picking up hints like this. I decided that five weeks of pent up desire was just fucking with my mind.

"I'll be back shortly to see if you are or not," he said with a friendly smile, and I was pretty sure I caught him taking a look at my ever expanding crotch before he turned and walked away.

I couldn't help but stare at his nice ass as he walked up the aisle. Fuck! I felt like my dick was going to rip through my jeans at any moment and erupt like a volcano!

A few moments later I heard his voice again. He announced over everyone's headsets that they were experiencing a few problems with the new entertainment system and that everything should be fixed in no time. With that, everyone's screens went blank. However, in a few minutes, as promised all screens flickered on again, even mine.

I tuned into a rerun of "Roseanne", but my mind was not on the show. Instead, it was on the sexy technician, and I started daydreaming that he was again by my side, trying to fix my TV, only this time he was completely naked.

In my daydream, just as the technician's hand fell to my shoulder to pull my head to his now hard cock, a real hand on my shoulder awoke me from my fantasy. I looked up and saw the technician standing next to me. It was kind of freaky.


"Uh, yeah... I'm turned on now," I blurted as he jolted me from my daydream.

"I can see that," he smiled, and again, I was pretty sure I saw his eyes dart to my noticeably throbbing package as he spoke the words. "My name is Derek," he continued. "Let me know if I can be of any more service to you."

"Thanks," I said, shifting a bit in my seat, my dick now rock hard and just aching to get out. This time my eyes remained on his, and there was no doubt where his eyes went, as he stood there for a moment longer, smiled, and then walked away.

My dick was telling me that he had looked at my bulge because he was gay and was interested, but my brain told me that I was reading too much into it, that his smile was one of silent laughter over the fact that some young guy on the flight had sprung one of those spontaneous boners that young guys often get at the most inopportune times.

I wasn't embarrassed, though. Even if he was straight, it turned me on knowing that such a hot looking guy was aware that I had gotten a hard-on in my pants. But that wasn't helping me at all, and so I decided it would be best to do my damnedest to focus my attention and thoughts on the TV show in front of me, and off my needy dick.

I had only just managed to relax a bit and start to enjoy the TV show when I started to doze off. "Hey stud," a voice suddenly said over the headset. It was the technician's voice. "I know you want me! Meet me in the middle restroom if you wanna have a bit of fun!"

Shocked, I looked around to see that everyone else was just sitting there watching their screens or listening to their audio channels. Was I dreaming or did I really just hear what I heard. Did the technician somehow rig the headset and send me a private invitation… for sex… with him?

It had to be all in my imagination; just something I dreamt during my brief nap, I thought, but then I started to question whether it had all just been a dream or not when I saw Derek coming down the aisle.

I didn't take my eyes off of him as he got nearer and nearer, and then he smiled at me just before he passed by my seat, and kept walking. I turned my head, trying to be somewhat discrete about it, and saw him continue down the aisle until he got to where the restrooms were. He stopped outside the door to the middle one, reached for the handle, and then turned and looked right at me and beckoned me to join him with a head motion. He then opened the door and disappeared into the restroom.

I couldn't believe this was really happening, but with the state my cock was in I wasn't about to question it or hesitate, and, after waiting a few moments so it wouldn't look too obvious, I got up out of my seat and headed down the aisle towards the restroom as well.

Derek had shut the door but left it unlocked. I looked around casually, making sure nobody was watching, and then I opened it and quickly stepped inside, locking the door behind me.

Derek was standing in front of the toilet as if taking a leak, and as soon as I shut the door, he turned around. His cock wasn't actually out yet, though, but I could see that he was already aroused.

"I was hoping I'd be able to turn something else on besides your screen!" he whispered.

"Oh, fuck, did you ever!" I blurted.

"Shhh," Derek said. "We have to be quiet."

"Yeah, sorry," I whispered back. "I just need this right now so badly, you don't even know!" and then I blurted, "You're so fucking hot!"

"So are you," he said, and then he brought his hands to my body, and slipped them under my shirt, his hands roaming over my lightly rippled stomach, then up to my chiseled pecs. I gasped when he pinched my nipples, and my now fully hard cock strained in my pants, desperate to escape and finally get what it needed.

Derek removed his hands from under my shirt and, as he looked into my eyes, he popped open the button of his pants, and then, smiling at me, lowered his zipper.

Damn! I was so desperate for a blowjob that I guess I had just assumed he was going to blow me. Still, I gladly would have returned the favor if he had wanted me to, and now that it was blatantly obvious that he came in there expecting me to blow him, I was more than willing to oblige. I just hoped and prayed that he would do the same for me after I emptied his nuts for him.

I was already down on my knees in front of him by the time he was just starting to push his pants down, just waiting to see my prize. As soon as he had his pants to his knees, I reached out and grabbed ahold of his underwear, eager to get at his cock, and then I lustfully yanked them down his thighs.

This stud was hung, having what looked to be around nine inches of thick, uncut meat sticking out from between his legs. It was so long, that in the cramped space, it had actually smacked me in the face when I released it from his underwear! It might have been because I had gone so long without, but right then, his cock was the most beautiful, perfectly shaped uncut piece of man-meat I had ever seen, and I immediately gobbled him up.

I began sucking him slowly at first, working about half of his extra-long shaft in and out of my mouth. Then, I slowly inched forward until I had taken all nine inches of him down my throat. I had never had much problem deep-throating, and Derek's long, low, quiet moan as he felt his entire cock being swallowed showed that he appreciated my talent.

I held his dick in my throat for a moment and then slid back to the head. Sinking back down onto it, I began bobbing my head up and down between his legs at a good pace, occasionally letting my mouth travel all the way to the base. My own cock was throbbing painfully in my pants as Derek grabbed at my hair and just moaned repeatedly as I blew him.

Suddenly, in a strained whisper, Derek said, "Oh, man, you're gonna make me cum!"

I wanted him to cum. That was the whole idea, wasn't it? So I began to suck his cock harder and faster, looking up at him as I did so. Derek was staring down at me at the same time, watching his cock disappearing in and out of my mouth, and then, just seconds later, I felt his dick start to throb. His breathing quickened, and then he pulled in his lips to keep himself from groaning out loudly, and then he began to unload his hot seed all over my tongue.

"Wow! That was great," he whispered as he pulled his spent cock out of my mouth. "I've been with a lot of guys before, not hundreds or anything like that, and no one has ever been able to deep-throat my cock before."

"I'm not all that surprised. You've got a huge dick!" I said, taking a look at his still semi-erect big dick in front of my face, before standing from my kneeling position in front of him.

"I know," he said smugly, and then he reached his hands down and pulled his underwear up, and then went for his pants, as if he was done and planning to just leave.

Oh god, I know he just got off and probably isn't horny anymore, but please let him offer to suck my dick now! Please! I need it, so badly! God, please! I silently, desperately prayed.

I hadn't literally been praying to god, but, thankfully, my prayers were answered anyway, as Derek sat down on the toilet, and said, "Now it's your turn!" and grabbed at the button on my pants and popped it open, then pulled my zipper down.

So desperate for it, I helped him out and pushed my pants down past my hips to my knees. I moved to push my underwear down, too, but his hand immediately reached out and rubbed over the front, feeling my hard cock.

"Uhhh!" I groaned, my cock immediately spitting out more pre-cum.

Derek wasted no more time and pulled my underwear down. My cock was nowhere near as big as his; it was just average in both length and thickness, and I was circumcised. His hand went to my loaded nuts and fondled them as he checked out what I was packing. His facial expression didn't give any indication as to whether or not he was happy or disappointed with its average length. Then, he leaned forward slightly, and his hot, wet tongue went to the head of my dick and began licking away my pre-cum. He then grabbed my naked ass, and I quietly groaned "Oh my god!" as he pulled my cock all the way down his throat, leaving me literally trembling as I finally got what I had been craving for over a month, and so desperately needed.

He kept sucking me furiously, his soft moans matching mine. I normally had no problem lasting a decent amount of time, but after being in Europe for five weeks without being with a man, and not having cum at all for an entire week, my horny twenty-two year old cock was ready to explode its load after only about thirty seconds!

With his hand still on my now quickly drawn-up balls, Derek could tell I was ready to blow my wad, too, and he pulled his mouth off my dick. He replaced it with his hand and began to slowly stroke it with just a light grip, barely touching it, as he gently massaged my balls. He continued to use his hand like this for at least a full minute or so; god, he was driving me crazy! I just wanted him to suck it so I could finally cum in someone's mouth again. I really didn't want to end up cumming from just a hand job. I could give myself a hand job, and had done just that for four out of the last five fucking weeks!

Then, just when I was about to cry out and quite literally beg for him to suck me off, he released his hand from around my dick, dove forward, and finally sank his mouth back down on it again. Thank god!

He slid his mouth right down to the root, his hands gripping my ass, and then he pulled back and started bobbing his head on my cock quite quickly. I couldn't take it, and after only a few head bobs, I was ready to bust a nut.

"I'm close!" I panted.

Derek strengthened his mouth on my cock, and moved his hand on my ass, and then pushed his middle finger against my hole, wiggling it as he put pressure on it, allowing it to pop inside. He pushed slowly but steadily, and that did it! There was no stopping my cum from erupting now!

I struggled to keep quiet as I felt my cum travel up my cock. "I'm cumming! I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" I panted quietly as I started to blow my wad into the technician's mouth. It wasn't a warning, but more of a statement to myself. I couldn't believe I was finally cumming in someone's mouth again!

As I started to cum, Derek slid his mouth back and concentrated on just sucking on my swollen, sensitive cockhead. "Oh god! Ooohhh! Ooohhh! Ooohhh! Uhhhhhhhhhhhh! Uhhhhhhhhhhhh! Uhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I groaned, reaching over top of him and putting my hand against the wall for support as my legs began to shake so much that I thought my knees might give out.

Derek swallowed my load down just as hungrily as I had swallowed his, and slurped on my cock as he used his hand to milk out every last drop. As much as I had longed to be sucked off, I couldn't take his mouth anymore and had to physically withdraw my still hard cock from between his sucking lips.

As I stood there catching my breath, Derek smiled up at me and said, "I'm glad my little plan worked."

"Plan?" I repeated as I reached to pull up my underwear and pants.

His smile grew broader. "I saw you boarding the plane, and I thought you were hot," he started. "I figured you were straight, especially when I saw you were with some buddies, and they were checking out women on the plane. But then I noticed you checking out some of the male passengers', specifically their asses and crotches, and I was pretty sure that you weren't so straight," he chuckled. "So, I came up with the plan to rig your TV screen so that I would have to come and fix it, allowing me to interact with you and maybe get a better sense of whether or not you were actually gay, and if maybe you liked what you saw, too."

I couldn't believe this. I had wanted him the moment I saw him, but he had actually seen and wanted me first! "So, when you said things about trying to get me turned on, and needing to go off and play with something, you were saying it like that on purpose?"

"Yeah," he grinned.

"Man, I took your words with innuendo, but I thought it was just wishful thinking because I was so horny."

"Nope. And when I saw that you started to get a hard-on when I was next to your seat, and it kept getting harder and harder until you had a full-on boner in your pants, that's when I knew you were definitely gay, and interested in me, too. Well, that and when you looked at my crotch," he chuckled.

"You saw that?"

He nodded. "Oh yeah. I very carefully positioned my crotch at a perfect viewing angle for your eyes… and you don't think my fingers touching your leg was an accident, do you?" he laughed.

"Very sneaky," I smiled. "But I must say I am very glad you did it!"

"Me too," he replied, and then said, "But now that we've had our fun, we better get the hell out of here before anyone discovers we're in here together."

"That's probably a good idea," I agreed.

"You go first," Derek suggested. "If someone is approaching and goes for this restroom, just tell them they might want to choose another one, and hold your stomach to indicate you just had the shits or threw up or something."


"And if no one is around, and the coast is clear, lightly tap the door with the back of your hand, so I know I can exit after a few moments."

"Got it," I said and then exited the restroom, my cock having finally gone completely soft for the first time since Derek had first approached me at my seat. No one was in the vicinity, and no one was looking or paying attention in that direction, so I gave the door a light tap and then made my way back to my seat.

My friends both looked at me as I sat down. "You feel ok?" my friend Dan asked, worried that I was sick since I had been in the restroom for so long.

"I feel fine; great, actually!" I said, trying hard to hold back a smile.

Just then, Derek came from the direction of the restrooms to stand next to my seat. "Sorry to bother you sir, but I just wanted to let you know if you need any more assistance, don't hesitate to call upon me to use my services."

"Thank you," I replied, and then he smiled, very openly looked at my crotch, and then walked away.

My two friends sat there with their mouths agape as the realization hit them as to the real reason why I was in the restroom for so long. It was then that a grin finally emerged across my face.

"Dude, seriously?" Dan said. It was not said in a tone of disgust, but rather one of surprise.

"What can I say, I've always wanted to join the mile high club."

"Way to go, man!" my other friend Steve said, leaning over Dan and offering me a high five.

I took it, and then the two of them put their headsets back on and returned to their TV viewing. I did the same, but didn't see much of the show that was now on; having finally had my cock drained and feeling totally relaxed, I ended up falling asleep again instead.

After our plane landed, I didn't see Derek standing with the flight attendants at the door as the passengers started to disembark. When I stopped to think about it, I guess it was to be expected. After all, he was a technician, not a flight attendant.

As I got off the plane and started walking across the tarmac, I couldn't help but smile to myself as I thought of what had taken place on the flight. One thing was for sure, my time in Europe may not have been as exciting as I had wanted it be, sex wise, but I would always remember the flight home, and the United Airlines technician who went above and beyond the call of duty to provide this customer with some excellent service! Friendly skies, indeed!

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  1. a very hot story, indeed. I picked up a young kid once in a plane, and brought him home after the plane landed for some fun.