"We have reason to believe that man first walked upright to free his hands for masturbation."

Thursday, March 19, 2015

All Male Fiction: The J.O.C.K. Club (Part 7)

By: MrCreamJeans

Kenny had really been thinking about what the jocks had said to him. He also had another reason not to go to the meeting. "I don't know, man," he said to Jon. "I think I might lay low for a while with the jeans creaming thing."

The disappointment on Jon's face was obvious. The Tuesday morning meetings were his favorites, because he had a perfect view of Kenny's desk in the class right before the meeting.

Kenny continued, "Besides, I got nothin' saved up, you know?"

"You been beating off again?" Jon asked teasingly. His hand went into his pocket.

"Not exactly," Kenny replied. "You know Suzie, the blond cheerleader?"


Kenny looked his friend in the eye, barely able to contain his glee. "She sucked me off yesterday after school!"

"No way!" Jon shouted as his cock began to stiffen at the thought. "Oh, man! Details, details!"

"Well, she was at the dance, you know?" Kenny said. He noticed Jon's hand already busy in his pocket and decided to make the story as arousing as he could. "And she saw me walking around all hard and everything."

"Everybody saw that, dude," Jon kidded.

"Yeah, but it gets her all hot, you know? So yesterday at school, she comes up to me and says what Michelle did was really awful, and how she wanted me to come to her house after school."

"Oh, fuck!" Jon exclaimed.

"So I go over there, and she, like, doesn't waste any time at all. The next thing I know, we're on the couch makin' out like crazy." Kenny's voice took on a different tone as he remembered the events. "Oh man, her lips were so soft, and she totally wanted to French and everything."

"Yeah? Yeah? Get to the good stuff!" Kenny's impatient friend insisted, his loose jeans tented and wiggling.

"Ok, so she starts rubbing my cock through my pants... and she's even better at it than Michelle! Pretty soon I'm thinking, 'Fuck, this was all a setup. She just wants to make me cream my pants like Michelle!' But just then, she reaches for my belt and starts undoing it. I'm like, 'Whoa!'"

"I bet!" Jon said, his breathing becoming erratic.

"And so she opens my pants, and she sees my boxers..." Kenny said, suddenly remembering Jon's "thing" for his boxers, "...the real faded ones, you know?"

"Oh fuck," Jon murmured.

Kenny smiled as he continued, "And she goes, 'Oooooh, I like your boxers!'" Kenny was embellishing the truth a little for Jon's benefit. Jon was so easy to mess with. "Then she starts rubbing my cock through my boxers! Aww, man that felt soooo good!" Jon was quiet, so Kenny continued. "And then, man, and then I could feel some pre-cum coming out, and like all of a sudden there's this wet spot on my boxers."

"Wow," Jon sighed.

"And I couldn't believe it, man. She leaned over and stuck her tongue out, and licked the wet spot!"

Jon couldn't do anything but whimper. He was stroking his cock like crazy through his pocket picturing Suzie licking Kenny's hot boxers.

"Well, my cock really jumped when she did that. She looked up at me and grinned, and then... well, you're not gonna believe this, man."

"What? What?" Jon rasped.

"She grabbed my boner in my boxers and put her lips all the way around it," Kenny said. It was actually a lie – Suzie had taken his cock out of his boxers before she sucked on it, but he knew this would send Jon into a frenzy.

It was working. Jon was blatantly jacking off inside his pants. Anyone who even glanced their way would have seen Jon's fly rhythmically jumping and his face bright red with arousal.

"Then she started licking the head right through my boxers, and pretty soon she was moving her lips up and down, giving me a blowjob right through my fuckin' shorts!" Kenny said. "Aww man, I couldn't hold back. I totally creamed in her mouth right through my favorite boxers."

Kenny hadn't really been watching Jon very closely. He knew Jon was masturbating in his jeans, but didn't realize how far things had gone. With only one block before they got to school, Kenny turned to his shaking, panting buddy.

"Dude! Don't shoot now! You got the contest second period. Don't waste it!" Kenny urged.

"Mmmphh!" Jon grunted, using all his will power to hold back his load. Through clenched teeth, he hissed, "Can't... hold... it! Gotta... gotta... oh fuck!" Abandoning all hope of holding back his load, Jon grasped his cock through his pocket and boxer shorts and started milking his hot, slippery juice into his jeans. Streams of cum shot out and began soaking through the fabric and running down his leg.

"Aww, mannnn!" Kenny taunted. "You got noooo self-control! What a dude!" He knew this humiliating talk would arouse Jon even more. "You're totally jizzing your jeans, man. Right out in front of everyone!" There were actually only a handful of students in range, and none looking in their direction, but it added to the embarrassing picture. "Look at that wet spot! What a fucking mess!"

Jon stroked his trapped cock furiously as Kenny put him down for his lack of control. It was embarrassing. He knew he didn't have any control over his dick. He knew he was making a big mess of his jeans even before school started, and he'd have to walk around all morning with a big sperm stain. But it was worth it. His cool buddy Kenny was the one who made him do it, and now he was the one who was making fun of him, this cool kid teasing him about wetting his pants in public; wetting them with cum.

Finally, Jon sighed deeply and took his hand out of his pocket. Kenny just grinned and shook his head.

"That's gonna dry before the contest, man," Kenny said. "Are you gonna be able to get off again by second period?"

"I will if you will," Jon said, grinning.

"I don't know, man. It's like everybody was looking at my pants yesterday, expecting to see a cum stain or something. I don't think I want to walk around with cum soaked pants after what happened." Kenny suddenly remembered something that he thought would help his friend. "Tell you what, though. You know those boxers that Suzie sucked me off through?"

"Yeah, they're totally my favorites," Jon said, the cooling wetness now making him feel self-conscious about his messy jeans as they approached the school gates.

"They are? I thought the 'magic' boxers were your favorites? You know the ones that have yours, mine and Rod's dried cum in them. I promised you could have them, because you loved them so much, remember?"

"Yeah, those used to be my favorites, until all the guys bought the same ones. Now I like the faded ones the best. They felt so good around my cock," Jon explained.

"Oh, ok. Anyway, I wore them again today," Kenny said, grinning from ear to ear. "The faded ones, the ones she sucked me off through."

Jon's eyes widened. "No shit?!"

"Yeah, and I can feel them all stiff and everything right where I shot off in them yesterday," Kenny said. While it was true he was wearing what he now knew to be Jon's new favorite boxer shorts, he hadn't actually worn them to Suzie's, but Kenny knew Jon would freak out thinking he was wearing cum-stained, sucked-on boxers. "I'll give you a peek during class, ok?"

"Ok!" Jon smiled widely.

"Hey, uh, don't take this personally, but with everything that's happened, I... uh... well, I don't really want to be walking with you at school with your pants like that," Kenny said.

"It's cool," Jon said.

"I'll hang back. Catch you later."

Jon boldly walked onto campus, his jeans covered in shiny wetness. Kenny was surprised that no one seemed to notice. He too was able to get to his locker without anyone seeming to notice him.

Kenny felt kind of bad for making Jon masturbate before school like that, so he wanted to make it up to him. He thought about how he was going to exhibit his boxers for Jon, and came up with something different. He was wearing a long t-shirt and a longer jacket, neither of which would show anything no matter how much he leaned over. So, in between first and second periods, he went into a stall in the boys' room and tucked his t-shirt inside his boxers. It felt kind of weird, but he carefully arranged his boxers so they showed a lot in back. Then he put his windbreaker back on and walked to class.

Throughout the class, Jon, whose earlier wet spot was now dry, was trying to get himself to cum again. His shorts were still damp, but not wet enough to be slippery, so the sensation wasn't as exciting as he would have liked. And Kenny still wasn't showing those boxers! There was only fifteen minutes left before morning break, and he was getting worried that he wouldn't be able to cum again. He didn't want to miss the meeting, because he promised to meet Rod there.

Kenny could hear all the rustling going on back at Jon's desk. He had a pretty good idea what his friend was going through, but he wanted to torture him just a little longer. With twelve minutes left, Kenny took off his windbreaker, laying it in his lap. From behind him, he heard a quiet gasp. Kenny smiled.

Jon couldn't believe his eyes. Cool Kenny was showing off his boxers in a way he'd never seen before. It wasn't just that there was about four inches of patterns showing, but with his t-shirt tucked into his boxers, there was no doubt that Kenny was deliberately showing off Jon's favorite boxers, big time. For the first time since he'd sat down, Jon's cock became fully hard.

Kenny hoped his display was having the desired effect. He felt a little self-conscious with his shirt tucked into his boxers. He figured if anybody called him on it, he could always claim he got dressed in a hurry and tucked his shirt in by mistake. But there was something kind of hot about showing his boxers like this. Hearing Jon's reaction, and knowing he was, at that very moment, jacking off over his boxers, gave Kenny his own hard-on. Quietly, he reached under his jacket and adjusted his growing cock into a more comfortable position.

Suddenly, Kenny heard a whispered "All right!" He knew it came from Jon, and that Jon thought he had started jacking off. Smiling, Kenny made his jacket move in a subtle rhythm, just enough to let Jon's imagination go wild.

It was working. But Jon's cock was getting a little raw from forty minutes of rubbing against the damp cotton of his boxers. He switched to a mostly squeezing stroke, still desperate to ejaculate before class was over.

The boys continued their classroom games until the bell rang. Kenny donned his jacket, both to cover his boxers and his boner. Unfortunately, Jon still had a boner as well.

"Dude, didn't you get off?" Kenny asked when they got outside.

"No," Jon said, sounding miserable. "My shorts weren't wet enough or dry enough. It just didn't feel good. And now my dick's sore."

"I told you to hold it," Kenny said.

"Hey, it's your fault I couldn't hold it," Jon countered. "You have to come with me to the meeting. I'm gonna have to jack off in front of all the guys, and I'm gonna need some help."

"Aww, mannnn," Kenny whined. "I don't want to have to jack off, too!"

"You gotta come with me, Kenny!" Jon pleaded.

Kenny sighed. "All right."

When they turned the corner to where the club was meeting, they saw the usual assortment of guys comparing wet cum stains they had made in their last class. Mikey looked up and saw the dry duo walking towards them.

"A double!" he piped up. "Check it out!"

All the guys turned and looked at Kenny and Jon's bulging but dry pants. There was a lot of commotion; it had been a long time since two guys had shown up to a meeting without having creamed their pants.

Jon and Kenny were quickly surrounded to shield their now-mandatory public masturbation from view. Kenny dutifully wrapped his hand around his still hard cock and began rubbing. Jon started to do the same, but winced at the touch.

"Open your jacket," Jon said to Kenny.

Kenny looked around, rolled his eyes and opened his jacket revealing his boxers. The guys in the club didn't know how to react. Everyone knew Kenny wore the coolest boxers, but with them showing like that, the guys had to decide if it was cool or just strange.

Rod was there, sporting an exceptionally large cum stain. It only took him a moment to decide that Kenny's display was really hot. "Awesome, dude," he said.

"Oh man, I gotta try that," a guy named Travis said, putting his books down and tucking his own t-shirt into his boxers.

Jon watched him do that, and started dividing his gaze between Travis and Kenny. He was really turned on, but he was afraid he wouldn't be able to get off before the break was over. Suddenly, he lifted his shirt, spit into his hand and shoved his hand down inside his pants.

Underneath the cover of his already-spermed shorts, Jon got his cock nice and slick and started jacking furiously.

A couple of guys laughed. "Look at him go!" one called out.

Kenny, who really didn't want to cum, but knew the club rules required it, was rubbing across the head of his cock faster and faster. He hoped he could cum quickly so it wouldn't be a really big orgasm. It turned him on to have Jon and the rest of the guys looking at his boxer shorts, so he took his free hand and pulled his shorts up out of his pants even more.

Jon got a pained look on his face; Kenny's exaggerated display was really getting to him. He quickly withdrew his hand and spit into it again, then thrust it back into his pants to resume stroking.

Travis saw Jon's reaction and moved next to Kenny, pulling his own underwear up higher for Jon's benefit.

Rod wished he could do the same for Jon, but he had freeballed that day so his wet stain would win the contest.

It wouldn't have mattered to Jon. He was on overload with two cute guys showing off their boxers for him. With an agonized, strangled cry, Jon began shooting his second load of the morning into his boxers and jeans. His cock was aching and raw, and his semen burned as it came up through his shaft, but the release was very intense.

Kenny saw Jon cum, saw the wet spot begin to form at the tip, and that caused him to begin releasing his own load. He deliberately tried not to let his orgasm get very intense; he just wanted to make a small spot. But teen balls will not be denied, and they decided they wanted to be completely drained.

Memories of his last dance with Michelle suddenly took over Kenny's brain. Just as on that night, he was once again horrified at how much cum was now flowing into his pants. Despite the embarrassment of that night, it was one of the hottest orgasms he'd ever had. He hadn't cum in his pants since the dance, but it was now obvious that his cock really liked releasing sperm inside his pants. So, standing there, grasping at them, showing his boxers, Kenny drenched the whole front of his jeans with hot cream.

The rest of the guys were mesmerized by the sight of two guys masturbating and cumming so intensely in their pants. Several guys were rubbing their already wet pants, their cocks springing up from the excitement of the situation.

Usually, once the guy who didn't get off in class had finished jacking off in front of the others, the other guys would move away, exposing him and his dripping cum stain to the rest of the school. This time, however, nobody moved. They stood in silence, overcome by the intensity of Jon's climax, and the quantity of Kenny's.

Kenny stood up straight and pulled his windbreaker closed. Most of his wet stain was covered by the move. Jon carefully pulled his jizz-smeared hand out of his pants. He looked at the gooey mess. He wanted to lick it all off his hand, but he knew he couldn't do that in front of all the guys. So, unable to think of what else to do with it, he shoved his hand back into his pants and wiped as much as he could off on his wet boxers. Only when he finished did the tight circle of cum-stained boys open up.

"Guys, I gotta tell you something," Kenny said, catching his breath. "That was Jon's second cum this morning. He creamed his pants on the way to school. Check out his jeans and you'll see the first one."

Several guys crowded around Jon, closely inspecting the front of his jeans.

"You mean all this?" one guy said, pointing to the outline of a large, dried cum stain.

"Yup," Kenny said.

"And you came again?" the guy asked Jon incredulously.

Jon, wilted and sweating, just nodded.

Now everyone was scrambling to get a close look at Jon's stained jeans.

When everyone had checked it out, Kenny said, "I think he's the winner, don't you?"

There was agreement all around. Jon smiled and completed the meeting, choosing (surprise, surprise) next Tuesday's morning break for the next meeting.


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