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Monday, March 16, 2015

Straight True Experience: Poor Little Me

By: Unknown Author

I'm twenty four years old, considered good-looking, I work out regularly, and have a nice athletic build. I also have a small penis. Tiny would be the more appropriate word. In clinical terms, my penis is referred to as a micro penis. Erect I am only two inches long… or I guess I should say, two inches short.

I've always been quite shy in general, but especially around girls, and I never get laid. I've never even had my tiny dick in a pussy, yet. If I had a bigger dick, I'm sure I would have more confidence in trying to get girls into bed, despite my shyness. Don't misunderstand, I've been with a few girls, three to be exact, but I only got a hand job from two of them, and a blowjob from the third (and I came as soon as she started mouthing my tiny member.)

Those three encounters happened a while ago now, the last one taking place when I was nineteen. Needless to say, the only 'action' I've had since has been from my own hand, and, being a horny young guy, I jerk off a lot.

Jerking off to porn can get pretty boring after a while, when masturbation is your only sexual outlet, so what I liked to do on Friday and Saturday nights, was to go to a particular downtown bar that was always busy. I would hang out inside the bar and check out attractive women, and then go out to my car and play with myself as I imagined myself getting to have sex with any one of them. This was how I spent pretty much every weekend evening.

I know what you're probably thinking, and yeah, you're right, it is pretty pathetic. I told someone online once about what I do, and they called me a small-dicked loser. I don't care though. Jerking off is all I have, and so I love to play with myself in the dark parking lot as I fantasize about the attractive women, watch babes coming and going, and, sometimes, even seeing some lucky guy getting head in his car. It's certainly more fun than sitting at home jerking off over and over to porn videos.

Last weekend, though, something different happened, something that was quite exciting, something that I will always remember. That experience is what I'd like to share with you now.

It all started when I walked into the place on the Saturday night and went up to the bar to get a beer. I usually sat at the bar, as it gave me a good view of the place. On this night, there was this girl in a short skirt sitting on a barstool. A lot of guys were checking her out, even whispering to their buddies and discreetly pointing her out. Some guys even came up to her and started flirting. I didn't think much about it; she was an attractive girl. But when I sat down on a barstool after being served my beer, I saw what all the fuss was really about.

From my barstool, I now had an unobstructed view of her. With her feet on the rung of her barstool, and her legs open a bit, I could see right up her skirt, as could a lot of others, and she wasn't wearing any panties! It was obvious she was pretty drunk, and she didn't even seem to notice, or simply didn't care, that her pussy was on view to everyone.

I certainly wasn't complaining! I was in heaven! But, eventually I couldn't take it anymore and headed out to my car to play with myself. There was a cop car in the parking lot, so I decided I had better not play with myself there. I drove off down the street; my little penis so hard, just aching for me to touch it.

I came to a red light, and there were two prostitutes standing at the corner. One was young, maybe in her early twenties, and the other was older, maybe in her mid-thirties. The older one made eye contact and walked up to the open passenger window.

"Hey baby, wanna have some fun?"

I had never done that before, picked up a hooker, and would never normally have the thought or nerve to actually do so, but with her approaching me, and being so unbelievably horny from staring at that girl's bare pussy in the bar, I heard myself immediately blurting, "Yes!" As soon as I said it, she opened the door and hopped in my car.

"It's fifty for a blowjob, and a hundred for a fuck," she informed me right away. "What's your pleasure, baby?"

I told her I wanted a blowjob. I worked full-time and made good money, so I could have afforded to pay a hundred bucks for a fuck, just this once, anyway, but I didn't want my first time doing that to be with some hooker. But it would definitely be worth the fifty bucks to get a blowjob; only my second, and the first in five years! The only problem was, I didn't have fifty bucks on me. Obviously she wasn't going to take a check or a credit card, so I told her I would need to stop at an ATM.

I only had seventeen dollars and a small amount of change in my wallet, so I withdrew sixty dollars from the ATM, not wanting to be left with only seven dollars on-hand after paying the hooker.

After taking the money out from the ATM and returning to the car, she instructed me to drive to a place nearby to where I had picked her up, and we ended up parked behind some building that was closed down for the night.

After I put the car in park and turned off the ignition, I turned and looked at her. Having never picked up a hooker before, I was nervous and unsure of what to do next, and was just sort of waiting for her to take the lead and get things started. She just looked at me, and then said, "Money first, baby."

I dug into my back pocket, pulled out my wallet, and took out two twenties and two fives, and offered it to her. She took it, counted it, and then deposited it into the small, glittery purse she carried, then sat there and just looked at me. After a moment, she laughed and said, "You need to take your pants off first, honey. Is this your first time or something?"

I told her that it was not, as I was opening the button on my pants, and continued on, first pulling my zipper down, and then pushing my pants down.

Everything that happened next, everything that was said, will be forever ingrained in my memory!

When I hooked my fingers under the elastic waistband of my underwear to pull them down, too, she reached into her purse and pulled out a condom. When she turned in my direction again, my underwear was down, and my dick was rock hard. When she saw it, she giggled and said, "Oh my, poor little you."

I felt myself blush, and asked her what the condom was for, since I was only getting a blowjob and not going to fuck her. She told me that she doesn't suck off johns without a condom, because she doesn't know where their dicks have been, then added, "Although I'm sure yours hasn't been anywhere except in your own hand, but still…" and she laughed.

My dick had throbbed at her giggle and first reaction to my dick, and it throbbed even more now, hearing her laughter and comment. It had also throbbed with each of the three girls I had fooled around with in the past, when each either giggled and/or shockingly remarked on how small I was. I even felt that the girl who gave me my first blowjob had only done it out of pity when she saw that I had such a little dick, and that had turned me on, too.

Later, I learned that there is this thing called 'small penis humiliation' or 'SPH' for short, and, apparently, it is quite common for men with small penises to enjoy or even crave it. For some reason, the 'SPH' I had endured with those three girls had really turned me on a lot, and as the hooker tore open the condom packet, I asked her if she could make fun of me. She responded by asking me what I meant exactly, and, in a really meek voice, I told her I meant I wanted her to make fun of my small dick, that I liked it.

After explaining that to her, she looked down at my hard, little dick, and she started laughing and said, "That won’t be too difficult, but it will cost you an extra twenty five. Nothin' is for free, honey."

I really wanted the small penis humiliation and was willing to pay extra for it if I had to, so I opened my wallet again and took out my remaining twenty and remaining five dollar bill, and passed it to her.

She shoved the additional money into her purse, and then she went back to the condom and slid it out from the torn wrapper. She then moved her hands to between my legs, and tried to roll it down over my dick. She was having difficulty getting it on, though. I had never used a condom before, never having had the opportunity to be in need of one before, and, with my dick being short, and not overly thick, the problem was the condom was kind of loose, and also didn't need to be unrolled very much at all, so it didn't have any real length to help keep it in place.

"Oh, honey, this just isn't going to work," the hooker said as she removed the somewhat baggy rubber from my dick. "This is just a regular condom, not a large or extra-large one or anything, but even it is too big for your little baby dick," she finished, and then tossed it out of the open passenger window.

I asked her if she was still going to suck me off, and she reminded me that she didn't suck off johns without a condom. I then admitted that I had never fucked anyone before, and had only had a couple of hand jobs, and one blowjob, and that the last time happened five years ago.

She wouldn't budge on her policy, though, but then offered to get me off with a hand job instead. I asked her how much, and she said a hand job was the same price as a blowjob. I didn't know if that was true or if she was just taking advantage of my extremely horny state, so she could make an easy fifty bucks instead of less, but just the thought of someone else touching my dick besides me had me agreeing to her price without asking any questions.

As soon as I had, she reached her hand between my legs and put her thumb and forefinger on the shaft of my penis, and I drew a sharp breath in as I felt myself being touched there by someone else.

Giving me what I paid for, she giggled and said, "It's so tiny!" and then began stroking me with just her two fingers. When she started doing that, I started letting out what could only be described as soft, quiet whimpers.

She laughed some more when she heard that, and then said, "You like having your little baby dick played with, don't you?"

I told her I did, as she continued to pleasure my little guy with her two fingers.

"I bet you've never even had a girlfriend, have you?"


"You said you've never even fucked a girl before, either, is that right?"


"That's because your dick is too teeny-tiny to fuck a girl with," she laughed.

When she said that, I let out a loud whimper.

"Do you play with yourself a lot?" she asked.

"Yes, all the time," I panted.

"I would imagine so," she agreed. "What choice do you really have? Your little baby dick is kind of cute, but women don't want cute when it comes to what a man has between his legs," she said, laughing.

I whimpered loudly again at this remark, getting closer and closer to the edge, just moaning and whimpering, trying so hard not to cum, wanting this to last forever as she continued to play with and ridicule my manhood.

"Tell me, baby, just how long has it been since someone else touched your little pee-pee?"

"Five years," I panted.

She laughed once again, and then said, "I'm not surprised. You know why?"

"Wh-why?" I panted heavily.

"Because girls don't like playing with pee-pees, they like to play with nice, long, hard cocks!"

That was just too fucking hot; not only did she really humiliate me with those particular words, but she had also succeeded in completely emasculating me with them as well, and my little dick started to spit, some of my cum running down and getting onto her fingers.

She took her hand off my dick right away, and wiped her cum-coated fingers on my shirt, then she immediately opened the car door and got out. "Bye-bye little boy," she laughed as she shut the door, and walked away laughing, leaving me sitting there with my pants around my ankles, my cum all over my now shriveled dick, a wet spot on my shirt, and feeling totally humiliated.

As I started to make my way home, I could feel the wetness of my cum on my skin, on my soft penis (which, when soft, was just a nub) and on the front of my underwear. I had a huge grin on my face, too, as I thought about how I had just paid a hooker, who would give a guy a blowjob for fifty bucks, seventy five dollars for just a hand job and to be verbally humiliated. Best weekend ever!

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