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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

All Male Fiction: The Right Words

By: Unknown Author

For quite a few years now, I have been making a pretty good living as a writer of porn. A few months ago, though, all of my stories were being rejected for publication. For the life of me, I could not figure out what the hell was wrong. I was on a first-name basis with the editor I sold to the most. We would call each other from time to time and talk business. Now I hadn't heard from him for a while, and I was beginning to think I had bad breath. To say I was getting nervous was some kind of understatement. If I wasn't ready to push the panic button yet, I was sure getting close.

From the sales I had made before the rejections started, I figured I could hold out for another couple of months or so, but if I couldn't figure out what was causing my stories to be rejected, I was going to be forced into working for a living again. Now, there was a thought that scared the shit out of me!

The worst part of all this was, the worrying was starting to have an adverse effect on my writing. I was having trouble concentrating, and for the first time in my life I discovered what it was like to have writer's block. Days would go by when I would just sit and stare at the blank document page on my computer screen. My muse had deserted me. When a small spider took up residence behind my backspace key, I knew I was in real trouble.

So I did what every other normal, red-blooded, depressed American would do; I decided to go and have a talk with my bartender. Now, Sam was a good guy, and if he could help you he was damn sure going to try. He kept a small humorous sign behind the bar that said "Psychiatric help: $5." What could I lose? I would order a beer and look as forlorn as possible, hoping to get some sympathy, and maybe some good advice.

"Well now, if it isn't the Ernest Hemingway of smut! How you doin'?" Sam said, as I walked into the cool interior of the bar.

"Not so good Sam. I don't know what's happening to me, but all of a sudden nobody wants my stuff. So I came here for a beer and some good advice."

"Beer I can give you," he said as he lay a tall cool one down in front of me. "Advice costs extra, ya know."

"Sam, right now I'd give just about anything to know what the hell I'm doing wrong. My stories used to sell like hot cakes, and now I can't give them away. It doesn't make any sense."

"What have you been writing about?"

"Well, for the last few months, I've been writing stories for a gay magazine one of my regular editors started working on. All the stories were rejected. I don't know what I did wrong. I wrote them just like I write all my other stuff, you know, real hot."

"How can you write about the sex life of gay men when you're straight?" he asked.

"Easy. You take out all of the 'she' and 'her' words, and put in 'he' and 'him' words, and substitute the words ass and butt for pussy and cunt," I replied.

"Oh really? Aren't you the guy that once told me a good writer only writes what he knows about, because that's the only way to get the words right?"

"Sure, but..."

"Sure but nothing. There is no possible way that you can write about the sex life of gay men without experiencing life as a gay man, the sex life of a gay man; in other words, having sex with another man. Maybe you better stick with what you know," he said, and then walked away to serve a man who had just come in.

As much as I hated to say it, he was right. I had taken on these gay story assignments out of loyalty to that particular editor, and had convinced myself that I could do it, with the thought that my own experiences with women was the same thing. I mean sex is sex right? But, I guess it is different when it comes to writing about it in a believable way, expressing the feelings and emotions in words. I had no idea what two men experienced by having sex together, and was simply describing what I knew it to be like with women. Obviously it wasn't the same with gay sex, since my stories were just as hot as all the straight stories I had sold, but no one wanted to buy the gay ones I wrote. See, I told you Sam knows his stuff, and based on his good advice, there was only one thing to do… research!

Now all I had to do was find a man with whom I could learn the things that go on between two men, through observation, so I could stop faking my way through my writing.

I live in a large Midwestern city, so I decided to go to a gay bar and take some notes, maybe talk to a few guys, get to know them a bit. I left Sam a bigger than average tip and headed uptown.

After buying a gay newspaper to find out where the joints were, I made a list and started out. I observed the gay guys interacting, but it didn't really feel any different than being in a sports bar full of men; well, other than seeing some guys kissing each other. I wasn't really learning anything, though, so, in the third bar on my list, when I was propositioned, although I'm straight, I decided to accept.

The way I looked at it was, at worst I would get a blowjob, and maybe he would want to be fucked in the ass. Big deal! I was open-minded, and although I had no sexual desires towards men, I could do those things in the name of research and know that I was still straight. I mean a blowjob's a blowjob, and I've fucked girls in the ass before, so what's the difference, right? Now if he wanted me to suck his dick or stick it up my butt that was a whole different story. That was where I drew the line!

The guy wanted to know what my name was, so I told him it was Lance. A long time ago somebody told me that gay guys like to use that kind of name. It turned out that his name was Joe, which left me a little disappointed. I half expected it to be Rod or Brett. He looked at me a little strangely when, after he told me I had a nice basket, I thought he was referring to my briefcase. When he explained himself, I was really embarrassed, but I was learning, and that's what I'd come for. It was all I could do to keep from whipping out my notebook.

We went to his place in my car, and by the time we got there he had run his hands all over me. There was nothing subtle about Joe. He knew what he wanted and was doing his best to get to it. Once in the door, we went straight to the bedroom. I knew he was going to want to kiss me and I was terrified of how I would react.

He walked over to me, took me in his arms, and gently kissed me. His tongue slid into my mouth and I was surprised to find it didn't feel any different than when a girl did that. Then, he reached down between our bodies and gently stroked my cock through my pants. I was surprised once again when my cock started to respond and get hard.

I tried my best not to act like a first-time greenhorn. I locked my arms behind him and concentrated on his kisses, keeping my eyes closed and pretending it was a girl. My cock was acting like it belonged to somebody else. It was fully erect and throbbing.

Joe sat down on the bed and pulled me over to stand in front of him. He reached out and undid my pants. My stomach was doing flip flops and it was all I could do to keep my legs from shaking. I couldn't believe I was going to let another guy suck my cock. When he had my pants open and my zipper down, he yanked my pants and underwear down together and immediately lowered his face to my cock and began to lick it like it was a Popsicle.

I stood above him with my legs apart, my hands on my hips, watching in utter fascination as another dude licked and laved his way up and down the length of my cock. He slid off the bed onto his knees, lowered his head even farther, and started to lick my balls. My turgid cock glistened from his spittle. Joe turned around, sat down on the floor, and ducked his head up and under me. He started to lick the back of my balls while I squirmed like a worm on a hook above him.

He kept going farther and farther back, until he reached the crack of my ass. He thrust his tongue into it, which made my knees feel so weak I thought I would fall down. I had never felt anything like that before! Joe lay back on the floor and told me to squat over his face. When I did, he again started to lick my ass, only now, because I was squatting, my ass crack was wide open to him. He thrust his searing tongue deep into my ass crack and ran it around my tender asshole. I thought I would blow my load right then and there!

He paused briefly to comment on how much I seemed to like getting a rim job. A rim job, that was a term I had never heard before, but I would definitely be jotting it down in my notes, and including it in my stories. The research was paying off already, and it was well worth doing what I was doing to get it. A rim job had to be one of the most wonderful feelings I had ever felt.

Just when I didn't think it could get any more pleasurable, Joe really outdid himself when he shoved his rigid tongue deeply up into my asshole. He was fucking me with his tongue, and that wonderful feeling I had felt before was surpassed by leaps and bounds.

I was moaning and thrashing around, completely out of control. I looked down and saw that the head of my cock was covered over with a thin film of pre-cum. That tongue was scorching my asshole, and it felt like my brain was melting from the heat. He kept stabbing me and stabbing me with his tongue until I thought I would have a seizure. The squishing sound coming up from below me was driving me nuts. If I didn't cum soon, I thought the top of my head was going to blow off!

As I looked down at his prone body, I couldn't help but notice that his cock was standing as rigid as a flagpole. I was so overcome with lust that I lay down on top of him and sucked his engorged cock into my mouth, without even really stopping to think about it first.

I lay on top of him and rocked back and forth in time with his plundering tongue. Each time I rocked back, his tongue would go deep into my ass and his cock would slide out of my mouth a little, and each time I rocked forward his long hard cock would violate the back of my throat while his tongue would slide out of my ass. I quickly learned how to breathe, so as not to gag or bite, and within moments he began to heave his ass up off the floor in time with my sucking. My cock was trapped between our bodies and was rubbing on his belly; the heat from the friction was maddening.

When I first felt the orgasm building, I would have sworn he had his tongue two inches up into my inflamed ass. I pushed up off him with my hands and pounced my ass back down on his face.

"Oh... oh god, you're making me cum! Oh yeah, rim it!" I gasped as I grabbed my cock and beat it as fast as I could.

I moved back off his face, so that my cock was close to his mouth, and the first steaming jet of hot roiling jism burst from my cock and streaked across his lips. He opened his mouth wide to catch the next spurt, and it landed on his quivering tongue. He started slurping it up as fast as he could, but there was no way he could swallow fast enough to get it all. I was covered with sweat and now understood what it felt like to be rocked by a grand mal seizure.

After my cock had finished draining itself of all its creamy liquid, I fell on the floor next to Joe. He rolled over to face me, and then began to raise himself up over me. I could see that his mouth was still smeared with my cum, and I felt a second of panic when I realized he was going to kiss me with my spunk all over his lips; I had never tasted my own cum before. When our lips met and I got a taste of my own jizz, I quickly changed my mind. It didn't have a pleasant taste but, even so, I couldn't seem to get enough of it. I licked his mouth, teeth and face clean, and loved it.

We both rolled over on our sides in a sixty-nine position and started to suck each other's cocks. Both of our cocks had gone almost flaccid when we started, but not for long. It was very exciting to feel his cock grow to full size inside of my mouth. It was great to know that it was my sucking that was causing him to get hard. I truly wanted to experience sucking a cock to the fullest; I wanted Joe to cum in my mouth.

A strange taste invaded my mouth, and I removed his cock and saw that it was oozing just like mine had before. His cock was throbbing in my hand as I licked up the seepage. Soft, guttural cries were coming from deep in his throat as I rolled his cock around in my mouth. I really had to struggle to maintain control, because Joe was one hell of a cocksucker.

Suddenly Joe got up and stood behind me. He rolled me over onto my belly and slid my knees up. I then understood that he wanted my ass again. As I spread my legs, he knelt down behind me and again started to lick my asshole. Somehow I knew what was coming, but I didn't try to stop it. I just lay there, letting whatever was going to happen, happen, while my mind was asking me why, why wasn't I protesting, trying to stop what I knew he was going to do to me. I couldn't figure it out, but I didn't really care at that point, either.

Joe took something from a drawer in an end table, and the next thing I knew I could feel his cock rubbing up against my asshole. I really expected it to hurt like hell. I expected to scream like a rusty hinge when he first put it in. I thought I was going to feel like he was killing me, one inch at a time.

Joe had put a lot of KY jelly both on his cock and on my ass before he attempted to put his cock in me. When he finally started to go in, it hurt a bit, but not that much; nothing I couldn't take, anyway. In fact, after he got the head in, I heard moaning, not realizing right away that it was me who was moaning, and not him. Once his cock was in about an inch or so, he paused, and then slowly inched more and more of it into me. Once he was in pretty deep, my ass seemed to suck it in the rest of the way. It was a great sensation; his tool buried in my ass.

Joe started to slowly stroke his rigid cock in and out of my ass. Though he said nothing, I knew that he could tell I had not been had back there before. He knew he was fucking a virgin ass. I felt impaled on his pounding cock, but slowly he began to fuck me faster and faster. My asshole was being gored and… I loved it!

He took my hand and reached it back between his legs and told me to play with his balls as he continued to fuck me - another tidbit for my notes. His balls were nice and soft in contrast to the hardness of his cock. I was murmuring words of encouragement as he pillaged my ass. My own cock was now up to full size, and throbbing as it stuck out, stone-hard beneath me.

Joe continued to hammer away at my ass relentlessly for what seemed like forever. My whole body was inflamed by my feverish heat. I was afraid I would cum before him and tried my best to control my libidinous urges, but pretty soon after I had that thought, I could feel his cock swelling inside my ass, and I knew he was getting close, too.

He reached around me and grabbed my cock, stroking it in time with his fucking. This drove me right over the edge. Joe reached around with his other hand and, as I came, he used it to catch my steaming cum. I reared back, pushing back against his cock as hard as I could. I was bellowing like a wounded bull as Joe smeared my own cum across my mouth. I grabbed his hand and sucked each finger to make sure I got it all.

As I was busy sucking his fingers, I heard him gasp, "Oh yesssss! Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… cumming! Now!"

That's when I felt his cock erupt in my ass like Mount Vesuvius. I slammed my ass back as hard as I could and ground my butt up against his body as wave after wave of his cum invaded my ass.

When he pulled it out of me, I fell forward in a heap, unable to move a muscle, and eventually collapsed, panting, soaked with sweat. Joe joined me and we lay there panting together like we had just run a marathon.

I couldn't remember being so spent, so totally ravaged. It had been a long time since I had had such satisfying sex, and the fact that it had been with a man didn't even seem to faze me for some reason.

After recovering, we headed out to his living room, had a cold beer, and chatted as if we had known each other for a while, rather than just meeting in a bar that night. I asked him some more questions about gay sex, playing on it being my first time and having no experience in that world, and he filled me in on some other interesting details when it came to man-to-man sex; a bit later, he showed me!

I had gone to the gay bars to be educated, and boy was I glad I went! Not only did my research pay off - I got the words right and my stories were selling like hotcakes again - but I also found out that I wasn't so straight after all! I now consider myself bisexual, which has opened the doors to even more types of stories.

And speaking of stories, I just noticed the time and have to run. I'm late for a research assignment… with a bisexual guy and his wife!

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