"We have reason to believe that man first walked upright to free his hands for masturbation."

Sunday, July 7, 2013

All Male Fiction: Cory's Lesson (Part 2)

By: MrCreamJeans
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Two weeks had passed since Jason took Cory to the beach and gave him a "lesson" in holding back his cum. And every day each boy remembered the hot scene with mixed emotions.

Cory had been really embarrassed by the uncontrollable ejaculation that happened inside his pants while Jason squeezed his cock. He still believed, even after Jason wet his own pants with cum, that he had failed a test of manliness, that he should have been able to hold it.

But despite these feelings of embarrassment and humiliation, it was the most arousing event of his young life. The guy he looked up to more than anyone had actually touched his boner (even if it was through a couple layers of fabric) and he even jerked him off!

Remembering this didn't help Cory in his efforts to prolong his masturbation sessions, though. In fact, he found himself cumming right away every time he envisioned Jason's hand on his jeans, and the wet spot that appeared moments later on Jason's pants.

Jason was actually more shaken up than Cory. He never thought of himself as having gay tendencies, but just as with Cory, this experience was the most exciting he could remember – after all, he creamed in his jeans without even touching his cock! He'd never even done that with a girl.

During his nightly jack-off sessions since their trip to the beach, Jason tried to think about the girls at school or even looked at the girlie magazines he kept hidden in his bedroom closet, but his thoughts always came back to the feel of Cory's hard-on throbbing in his hand as the boy's hot jizz spurted inside his jeans. And that always made him cum.

Jason was worried, though, about Cory's reaction to his own accident that day. The way he jizzed his shorts in front of the boy, and then tried to downplay it – well, he wasn't sure Cory bought it. And the last thing he needed was Cory telling anyone about that!

They had seen each other a couple times since then, passing each other outside their homes. They smiled and said "Hi," but there wasn't really time to talk. Jason was hoping to spend some time with Cory over the weekend, if only to find out what Cory was thinking. But it was Cory who broke the ice.

The doorbell at Jason's house rang. Jason answered the door.

"Hi Jason," Cory said. "You busy?"

"Nah, c'mon in," Jason said.

"I saw your folks leave and figured it would be cool to come over."

"Sure, anytime, man. So what's been happening?"

"Well, I've been thinking a lot about what happened coming back from the beach..." Cory started.

Here it comes, Jason thought.

"...and, well, I really need help with this whole holding back thing," Cory admitted.

Jason breathed an audible sigh of relief.

"I mean, I'm getting worried that if I do go out with a girl and we're making out and everything, that I might get... well... that the same thing would happen and I'd embarrass myself."

Jason took on his cool persona and pumped Cory for details. "Have you been trying to hold back when you jerk off?"

"Well, yeah! I mean, I can stop rubbing myself and that helps, but it doesn't take much rubbing before I know it's going to come out. And if I stop, then, most times, it still comes out," Cory whined.

Both boys' cocks were stiffening as the conversation continued.

"Sometimes I think about something gross, like old Mrs. Biedermeier," Jason said, referring to a teacher they'd both had.

Cory laughed.

"But usually, I can tell myself to just hold back, to hang tough, to have self-control, you know?"

"I tried that, but it didn't do anything. I'm really getting worried about this," Cory said. "I mean, if I cream my pants in front of a girl everybody in school's gonna hear about it!"

Jason nodded. That was true enough. In fact, it almost happened to him. The first time he creamed his pants on a date he couldn't hide the fact from the girl. He was breathing heavily and bucking his hips uncontrollably. He had to beg the girl not to tell anyone, and luckily she didn't.

"Well, I think you need to practice holding back more," Jason said, now scheming to play around with Cory again. "But I don't think it will do you any good to do it by yourself. You have too much control over when you can stop and start. When a girl's rubbing your cock, you can't just turn her on and off."

"But I can't practice with a girl!" Cory exclaimed. "I mean, if I'm with a girl it's too late to be practicing!"

Jason waited a moment as if he was thinking of other possibilities. Then he said, "Well, you want to practice with me some more?"

Cory's eyes widened. "Would you?"

"No prob. Looks like you're ready," Jason said, nodding at Cory's tented pants.

Cory blushed.

"Hey, it's normal for a guy your age to pop a boner when you're talking about sex."

"Thanks, Jason." Cory suddenly felt a kind of love for his cool older neighbor, the guy who was always there to help him.

"Ok, you trust me, right?" Jason asked.

Cory nodded.

"I'm gonna rub your jeans like I did before, only this time, when you tell me you think you can't hold it, I'll take my hand away."

Cory nodded again.

Both boys' hearts were beating hard as Jason once again wrapped his hand around Cory's cock bulge. He could feel it throb, which caused his own cock to throb even harder. In fact, Jason felt a little drop of pre-cum escaping from his boner, wetting his dry boxers. He began moving his hand up and down.

"So this girl's been making out with you for a while, and you started feeling her tits, and now she's rubbing your boner. What are you thinking?"

Cory repeated the words he'd heard before. "Hang tough. Self-control. Just hold back."

"That's good," Jason said. "You know what helps me sometimes?"


"Well, if I cream in an old pair of shorts, it doesn't matter if they disappear from the wash. My mom would never notice. But, if I wear some brand new boxers on a date, I think to myself that I better hold back or my mom will notice them missing and probably figure out why."

"Oh wow," Cory said. "I am wearing new boxers! My mom just got them yesterday!"

"See, now you have to hold back, or your mom will know you creamed them if they disappear from the laundry," Jason said. "What kind are they?"

"Umm... I think they're Hanes," Cory said. "Kind of a green pattern. They're pretty cool." Cory lifted his t-shirt so the waistband showed.

"Yeah, they are cool," Jason said, his own cock jumping as he could now envision the fabric that enveloped Cory's cock. As before, he subtly changed his stroking to make the fabric rub over Cory's inflamed cockhead. The effect was immediate.

"Oh wow, Jason," Cory breathed. "That's gonna make me squirt my load for sure!"

"Already?" Jason mocked. "Come on, man, do your holding back!"

"Self-control," Cory murmured. "Hang tough. Hold back."

"That's it," Jason said quietly. His own cock was throbbing as he watched the younger boy squirming and straining to contain his churning load. He kept up a steady rhythm on Cory's bulge and felt it getting hard as steel under his fingers.

"Hang tough," Cory murmured again, an edge of desperation setting in. "I'm cool. I can hold it. Hunh!" The last exclamation was accompanied by a powerful lurch of Cory's trapped cock. "I can't mess up my new boxers or my mom will know I creamed in them," he said out loud, the tension in his voice becoming more intense. "Oh jeez. Mrs. Biedermeier! Mrs. Biedermeier!"

Jason was speeding up his stroking now, bringing Cory right to the edge.

Cory was now silent, his eyes tightly shut, his whole body taut as a guitar string. Finally, he blurted out, "Oh shit! Stop, Jason! Stop!"

True to his word this time, Jason removed his hand. Cory sat motionless, now mouthing the phrases Jason had taught him. Jason could make out, "Self-control" and "New boxers" but not much else.

"C'mon Cory, hold it. Don't let go. Be a stud. Hold back," Jason quietly encouraged.

A tiny wet spot appeared at the tip of Cory's bulge, and for a moment Jason thought it was too late. But moments later, the tension ebbed from Cory's body and he looked up at Jason with a smile.

"I held it!" he said joyfully. "I mean, a couple of drops leaked out, but I didn't shoot or anything."

"All right, man! You did it," Jason congratulated. "I'll let you rest a minute before the next test."

"Next test?" Cory asked.

"Yeah, dry humping," Jason said with an evil grin on his face. "You know, you got the girl in the back seat and you move on top of her and rub your bulge into her pussy. Or sometimes she gets on top of you. That's the real test."

Cory's face instantly switched from happy to anxious. "Oh wow. How do you keep from cumming if a girl's doing that?"

Jason grinned. "Check this out," he said as he got up and rummaged through the bottom of his closet. He pulled out one of his girlie magazines and opened it up to a spread showing strippers performing lap dances. "See all these guys? They're all paying these hot chicks to rub against the front of their pants. And they all hold their loads."

That wasn't exactly true, and Jason knew it. In the article that accompanied the pictures, one of the strippers admitted that she really enjoyed making men soak their shorts with cum. Jason had cum several times in his own shorts from reading that and looking at the pictures.

"Wow!" Cory exclaimed softly as he looked at all the hot pictures. His cock, which hadn't softened one bit, jumped again. "I don't think I could hold it."

Jason laughed. "Of course you couldn't! But someday you'll be able to. Ok, lie down on the couch."

"On my stomach?" Cory asked, somewhat confused about what Jason had in mind.

"No, doofus! On your back!"


"Now I'm gonna get on top of you."

"Um... are you sure about this? I mean..."

"It's ok," Jason said. "We both got our clothes on and everything. And we know we're not queer."

"No, I mean, are your parents coming home?"

"Hey, trust me, ok?"

Cory nodded, and Jason carefully moved on top of him. Both boys could feel the warmth of each other's bodies through their t-shirts. Cory could feel something else, too – the hard bulge of Jason's trapped boner. He thought about saying something but decided against it.

"Now when a girl gets on top of you, she's trying to wedge your cock bulge against her pussy. That way she gets you to rub against her clit," Jason instructed, even though his own notion of this was vague at best. "So you have to push your hips up into her. Yeah, like that. Now keep doing it."

Cory did as Jason told him, and began rhythmically thrusting his hips. The sensation was different than when Jason was jacking him off, but just as stimulating. His cockhead was rubbing against his smooth belly, and the underside was being stimulated by his new boxers.

"Yeah, that's it," Jason said. "She's going to get into the rhythm with you, and that's when you really have to be careful to hold back." Jason began returning Cory's thrusts, amplifying the feeling for both boys. "And you'll be kissing, and French kissing and stuff."

"You're not gonna kiss me, are you?" Cory asked warily. This was already going a lot further than he ever imagined.

"No way! I'm not gay!" Jason said defensively. "But if you're kissing a chick, it's gonna turn you on even more. So you really have to hold back."

"Well, what if you think it's gonna... I mean... like you know you can't stop it?"

Jason didn't answer right away. He was engrossed in the sensation of rubbing his boner into Cory's and feeling Cory's hardness throbbing against him. He knew how this would end – he knew Cory wouldn't be able to hold his cum, and as soon as Cory lost his load that would take him over the edge, too.

"Well," Jason finally replied. "The trick is to let your juice out without letting her know you're doing it."

"How do you do that?" Cory asked, feeling his orgasm building once again.

"Well, you know how when you cum when you're jacking off you might, like, moan or breathe hard, and your cum really squirts?"


"So if you have to cream your pants and you're with a girl, you can't do any of that stuff. Like when you're holding it and holding it and you know it's gonna come out anyway, you hold on until the last moment, then you just relax and don't try to hold it anymore. You know what I mean?"

"I guess," Cory said. He really had no idea what Jason was talking about, but didn't want to admit it.

Jason realized that he really didn't know how to describe his quiet orgasm technique, but he had an inkling he'd be demonstrating it soon enough.

Cory's cock was leaking a steady stream of pre-cum all over his belly. The slippery sensations were quickly taking him to an unstoppable orgasm. He looked up into Jason's face. His neighbor buddy still looked really cool, but Cory saw a flash of something else. Jason looked... determined.

Jason was determined, all right. He wanted to make young Cory ejaculate in his pants underneath him. He wanted to feel Cory's cock jumping as it released his embarrassing load of cum. He wanted to make fun of the younger boy's lack of control just as he had done on the way back from the beach two weeks ago. Then he wanted to show the boy how a cool guy creams his jeans. The trouble was Jason was now actively holding back his own load. He was in real danger of cumming before Cory!

"So, you gonna cum in your new boxers, Cory?" Jason asked.

"No way," Cory said, trying to be as cool as Jason, but knowing he was lying. "I'm gonna hang tough."

"Cool," Jason said as he intensified his thrusting. "You gotta hold your load. Don't wimp out. Don't let your mommy know her little boy creamed his shorts. Be a man."

"Yeah, be a man," Cory intoned. "Hold it back. Self-control. I can't cum in my new boxers."

Picturing Cory's new boxers brought Jason even closer to the edge. This was a grueling test of his will power. Globs of pre-cum were soaking into Jason's underwear, and his prick was so hard he thought it would burst. But he had to outlast the younger boy.

"I'm holding it, Jason," Cory said. "I mean, I can feel that it wants to come out, but I'm really holding back hard and its working. Maybe it's because I'm wearing my new boxers."

"Good for you, Cory," Jason managed to say. He sped up his thrusting motions. "Let's see if you can hold back now."

"Oh fuck! That feel so good, Jason," Cory said. "You're getting me really close. But I can't stain my new boxers! I gotta... mmphh... hold it!"

As Jason writhed against the younger boy, with the cum churning in his nuts, aching to get out, pure lust overtook Jason. Suddenly he was back in the car two weeks ago, forcing his horny young friend to squirt into his pants.

"You can't hold your cum, man!" Jason hissed at Cory. "You cream your jeans all the time. And I'm gonna make you do it again!" Jason's hips were working fast and furious as his own load worked its way up the shaft of his trapped boner.

"No way Jason, I'm holding it. It's working. You can't make me cum in my new boxers, it's self-control, like you said." Suddenly Cory realized that Jason was the one who was close to shooting off. "Are you gonna cum, Jason? Can't you hold it?"

Jason's hot load started flowing from his cock and soaking into his underwear as the kid's questions shocked him back to reality. He instantly resumed his cool attitude and lied, "Sure I can hold it." He kept thrusting as wad after wad of cum was being pumped into his jeans. "Don't you want to let it out?"

"It's really close, man," Cory said. "I mean, I've never been this close for this long, but I can still hold it back. This is so cool!"

Now Jason's orgasm was becoming a humiliating lesson for himself. He resolved to do everything he could to conceal it from Cory. It felt like gallons of slimy wetness were filling his boxers, and still he kept thrusting his cloth-enveloped cock against his friend, trying to force Cory to let go, but also milking even more juice from his own boner. What he didn't realize was that there was so much cream that it was seeping through his jeans and soaking right into Cory's!

At the same moment Cory felt the wetness, he also heard a wet sloshing noise coming from between their bodies. He quickly put two and two together. "You came! You creamed your jeans!" Cory exclaimed.

"No way, man. That must've been you."

"But I didn't cum! And I'm getting all wet!"

Jason figured there was no point in denying it now. He had finished depositing a huge load of cum inside his jeans, and because he was face-down when it happened every drop was soaking right through the fabric. He sighed and rolled over. The whole front of his jeans was a gooey, slimy mess.

"Ha-ha-ha-ha," Cory laughed, pointing at Jason's wet pants. "You came before I did!"

Jason's face was burning crimson, but he managed to salvage the moment. "You remember I told you about cumming and not letting the chick know you were doing it?"

Cory's eyes widened. "Oh, yeah."

"See? I came in my pants and you didn't know about it until it was all over."

"It's still pretty funny. But now I got this boner and I really want to cum."

Jason's first reaction was to tell the boy to go home and finish it himself. He was pissed at himself for losing his load while the younger boy was able to hold his. But then he thought about how much he enjoyed jacking the Cory off. "Sit up. I'll make you cum."

Cory grinned and lifted himself up.

Jason sat next to him and wrapped one arm around his shoulders. It wasn't a sexual gesture, just a friendly one, and Cory felt warm and secure in his embrace. Jason reached his other hand over and enveloped Cory's boner once again. Cory sighed contentedly. Jason felt the cold wetness of his own load on the front of Cory's jeans.

The sound of rustling fabric was the only sound in the room as Jason began stroking. He remembered Cory's boxers and began using that special stroke that made the fabric slide over his cockhead.

"Ohhhh. That's great," Cory said, "but what if I cum in my new boxers? Won't it stain?"

"It might. Are you still going to try to hold back?"

"God, I really ought to. I mean all those things you said about my mother finding out, I couldn't handle her knowing something like that. I can hold back, no problem."

Jason could tell that Cory was the one who was posturing now. His cock was throbbing like crazy and was moments away from exploding. "Ok, man. Hold your cum. Tough it out. Keep it in. Be a stud."

"Mmm, yeah. I gotta hold it. I have self-control now. I can keep it in. I can't... I can't... cream... my new... new... boxers!"

Jason felt Cory's cock expand and then throb powerfully on that last word. "Can't... hold... it! Mmmph! Cumming! Cumming in my... pants!"

Not a second later, hot wetness began soaking the material over his cockhead. Jason smiled as Cory began bucking his hips and groaning.

Jason milked the boy for all he was worth, and he loved every moment. Even though Cory had already demonstrated better staying power, Jason delighted in once again "forcing" him to wet his jeans with cum. Despite his recent orgasm, his cum-slicked cock was rock hard inside his soggy jeans as he watched his friend wetting his with a massive load.

When Cory's balls finally finished draining their entire load into his boxers, his body slumped against Jason.

After a couple moments, he looked up at Jason, a big smile on his face. "That was so cool. Looks like we both have to practice holding back – a lot!"

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