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Friday, July 26, 2013

All Male Fiction: The Executive

By: MrCreamJeans
>knock knock<

"Mr. Smith?"

The vice-president looked up from his desk to see Jimmy from the mail room. Jimmy was a college student working part-time to help pay his tuition. "Jimmy. You're working late," Kip said. "What can I do for you?"

"Well, I was piling the inter-office mail on the cart when one of the envelopes fell open and everything spilled out. Your expense report and receipts were in there." He held up a disorganized pile of papers.

Kip stood up with a slight look of anxiety and walked over to where Jimmy stood. "Oh, don't worry about it, Jimmy. Shit happens," he said as he reached for the papers.

Jimmy backed away holding the papers out of Kip's reach. "The thing is, Mr. Smith, one of the receipts was kind of interesting. You went to Orlando, and that's where I'm from. I couldn't help but see that you expensed a trip to Kitty's Kavern."

"So?" Kip asked, his unease becoming more apparent.

"Well, like I said, I'm from Orlando, and I know what goes on at Kitty's Kavern. That's a lap dance club, isn't it?"

Kip was dumbfounded and unable to speak. Jimmy closed the office door.

"I can't imagine what Mr. Thompson would think if he knew you were billing the company for your lap dances," Jimmy said as he circled around to the back of Kip's desk. He made himself at home in Kip's chair.

Kip's shoulders sagged. He could tell this would not be easy.

"So, what went on at the Kavern? Was Crystal working? Man, she sure knows how to make a guy blow his load. Did you cream in your pants there... Kip?"

Jimmy put particular emphasis on using Mr. Smith's first name. Kip got the message - he was at this young man's mercy.

"I don't see what this has to do with..." Kip blustered.

"Aw, c'mon, it's just us guys here. Did some young Florida honey make you cream your boxers?" Jimmy could tell Kip was wearing boxers because he could see the fabric lines through the supple suit fabric.

Well, maybe if I play along, Kip thought. "Yeah, she was too good. I couldn't have held back if I wanted to," he said.

Jimmy leaned forward. "You mean you weren't even trying to hold back? You wanted to shoot your load inside your shorts?"

Kip was on the defensive again. "Well, of course I was trying to hold back."

Jimmy saw the lie in Kip's eyes. "Sure you were. With that fine young ass sliding over your bulge - back and forth, up and down - all you were thinking about was staying in control." Jimmy could see a bulge growing in Kip's crotch. He kept going. "She's pushing her tits in your face and rubbing her pussy over your trapped cock. She's telling you what a big cock you have. Your boxers are getting damp with pre-cum..."

With that, Kip's cock gave a lurch and grew to its full length, jutting oh-so-obviously down his thigh. The high-powered executive stood helplessly in front of the mail room boy with a major boner tenting out in his suit pants.

Jimmy was getting hard as well. He hadn't gotten off in several days. What's more, he was enjoying having some power over Kip. Ever since he started working there, Kip had been aloof and condescending toward him. Now this straight-laced executive was in his power.

Jimmy continued, "Pretty soon, you feel the cum trying to get out of your balls. You know it's going to soak through your boxers and make a stain on your pants, but you just can't help it. She knows it, too, and she starts really working on the head of your prick."

Kip's cock throbbed.

"Then you reach the point of no return. Hot cream starts leaking, then spurting right inside your pants. The girl on your lap feels the wetness soaking through, and she reaches back and finishes you off with her hand. Is that the way it happened, Kip?"

There was silence for several seconds. Finally Kip said, "What do you want?"

Jimmy leaned back in Kip's executive chair. "I could use some lap dance action."

Kip could see the rigid outline of Jimmy's hard-on snaking up alongside the fly of his slacks. He was speechless at the thought of what Jimmy seemed to be proposing.

"C'mere," Jimmy said.

"You've got to be kidding," Kip stammered.

"I've stashed copies of the receipts in several safe places, Kip. I suggest you help out your ol' buddy Jimmy."

Kip came around the desk, his hard-on wagging inside his suit pants. "What do you want me to do?"

"Why don't you start by feeling my pants with your hands? Get to know 'little Jimmy' here."

Slowly, Kip reached out and did something he hadn't done since an episode in a Boy Scout pup tent - he felt another guy's cock through his pants.

Jimmy's hard-on throbbed powerfully when he felt Kip's hand covering it. Jimmy liked to masturbate inside his pants. In fact, he often did it right in the mail room at the end of the day, getting on the bus to go home with obvious wet patches on his pants.

"Oh, yeah, that's nice, Kip."

Kip began slowly stroking Jimmy's cock, sliding the fabric of his pants and boxers over the rigid pole. Kip's own cock hadn't softened a bit; in fact, it had started leaking pre-cum into his shorts. A small damp spot appeared on the fabric of his pants.

"Now I think a little ass action would be hot," Jimmy said. "Rub your ass over my cock."

Kip's humiliation was complete. Realizing it would be futile to resist, he got between the smirking college boy's legs and turned around, gingerly lowering his ass until it made contact with the front of Jimmy's pants. Even through the layers of fabric between the two of them, Kip could feel the heat from Jimmy's cock, and the throbbing that started when he began to slide over it.

The fine fabric of Kip's suit pants slipped easily over Jimmy's pants, creating silky sensations that moved right through Jimmy's cock and balls.

"Oh, yeah, that's nice," Jimmy sighed.

Kip began moving his butt up and down with more speed, all the while feeling the guy's cock pushing the material of his boxers into his crack. With his cheeks surrounding the cock bulge, Kip went to work, wanting to finish this embarrassing episode quickly. But at least one part of him was enjoying this; his cock was leaking hot juice into his boxers at an alarming rate.

Jimmy was totally enjoying this. Here was a big shot at his company, waving his ass in front of him, jacking off his cock with his ass cheeks. Jimmy noticed the fine fabric of the suit and had an idea for further embarrassing the stuffy executive. He reached around Kip's waist and grabbed ahold of the tent-pole he found there. He immediately felt the wetness at the tip.

"Whoa! Looks like you're enjoying this, Kip. Maybe I should return the favor," Jimmy said as he began stroking Kip's cock through his pants.

Kip was aghast. He could tell that Jimmy had just the right technique to make him lose his load, but he didn't want to go home to his wife with his pants all wet with cum. "Please don't..." he pleaded half-heartedly.

"Aw, c'mon, you know you like this," Jimmy said, giving an extra flourish to his stroking that made Kip gasp. "Just go with the flow."

By now a rhythm had been established. When Kip would thrust his hips forward, Jimmy would slide his hand down Kip's shaft. Then when Kip would move his hips backward, Jimmy would make sure the smooth fabric of Kip's boxers would slide deliciously over his cockhead.

Both men were close to shooting their loads as the only sounds in the office became heavy breathing and the sliding of fabric over throbbing, leaking cocks.

Jimmy glanced at his own crotch and saw a rather large pre-cum stain starting to form. He knew it wouldn't be long before he would drench his pants with a long-overdue ejaculation.

"I can't hold back much longer. Please stop, Jimmy!"

"Oh, you can't mean that, Kip," Jimmy sneered. "You can hold back your cum, can't you? Where's your self-control? You don't want to stain those nice suit pants, do you?"

"No..." Kip said through clenched teeth. "But..."

"You're doing such a good job, Kip," Jimmy panted. "My boxers are really getting wet from my pre-fuck juice. It's soaking through my pants and everything. You're gonna make me cum in my boxers pretty soon."

Kip redoubled his efforts to get Jimmy off with his ass, thinking that if he could make Jimmy cum first, he might be spared the embarrassment of creaming in his own trousers. What he didn't count on was that the added movement was also transmitted to his own cock through Jimmy's hand.

"Oh yeah, now you're getting into it," Jimmy hissed through clenched teeth. "You're gonna make me shoot in my boxers, Mr. Smith!"

Despite his desire to make Jimmy shoot first, Kip was the first one to lose control. With an animal groan, Kip let a huge wad of hot cum squirt hard into his boxers. Since the fabric of his suit pants was stretched tight over his cockhead, most of it bubbled through both his boxers and the pants fabric and ran over Jimmy's hand.

Jimmy felt the hot, slippery wetness and quickly gathered up the liquid and smeared it all over Kip's cock bulge. He then began jacking furiously, using the wetness like a lubricant.

The sensations were incredible. Kip's body spasmed as wad after wad of juice squirted uncontrollably into his pants. His boxers were getting completely drenched and Jimmy was making sure that what soaked through was getting rubbed all over the front of his suit pants.

Knowing that he made this high-ranking executive lose his load in his suit gave Jimmy the jolt he needed to get his rocks off. He pushed his hips hard into Kip's ass and began firing his seed into his boxers. The boxers were already saturated with pre-cum, so they couldn't absorb the flow. Much of it ran down his cock and into his pubic hair, but some bubbled through the fabric and started to wet the back of Kip's suit pants!

Jimmy watched the wet spot spread over his light-colored slacks and saw how it was smearing onto the back of Kip's pants. That only intensified his orgasm. "Aw! Fuck! Yeah! I'm jizzin' my pants! Unh! Cummin'! Aw!"

Eventually, both men finished their intense orgasms, and as Kip's cock began to soften, Jimmy released it.

Kip stood up and faced his tormentor. His crotch was at Jimmy's eye level. Jimmy looked at it. One entire side of Kip's suit pants was wet and glistening, with small blobs of white stuff dripping down. Jimmy cracked up.

"What a load!" he guffawed. "Man, you totally creamed your pants, Mr. Smith!"

Kip was completely embarrassed. He had jacked off a subordinate with his ass cheeks and uncontrollably orgasmed inside his own suit pants in the process.

Jimmy stood up and examined his own wet stain. It wasn't as large as Kip's, but that was mainly because so much of the cum had run down into his groin. Still, it was at least five inches across and terribly obvious on his tan slacks. "Guess I did a pretty good job on myself, too," he mused. "Oh, well."

Cheerily, Jimmy gathered up the papers he'd brought with him. He then turned to Kip and said, "Well, I guess you'll be keeping an eye on my career, Mr. Smith. Maybe I'll be seeing you in the executive washroom someday."

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