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Monday, July 8, 2013

Bisexual True Experience: Bisexual Beginnings

By: Unknown Author
This story is a true-life account of our first bisexual experience.

My wife and I had great sex right from the time we started dating, and still do now that we are married. It was only just before we were to be married that we found out that we were both bisexual. We had a talk and decided that before being married we both needed to reveal everything about ourselves that the other may not know. It was my wife's idea, and when she dropped what she thought would be a bombshell, that she was bisexual, I was not shocked but rather overjoyed. She was the one that seemed a bit shocked when I revealed that I was as well.

Once that came out, we began talking about it and it was soon revealed that even though we both knew we were bisexual, neither one of us had actually been with a member of the same sex yet. We were married young, at twenty, and had dated throughout high school before that, and we were both each other's first.

I guess, technically, we were bi-curious at that point, since we hadn't actually done anything with the same sex yet. But it's pretty safe to assume that if you've had those desires for as long as you've been sexually aware, you're bisexual, not just curious.

After being married for almost two years, it came out one night during sex that we both really wanted to know what it would be like to be with someone of the same sex. We loved each other enough to be open and honest with our fantasies, and we talked it over at length.

We came to the decision that if we were to ever be with someone of the same sex, we did not want to go off and have sex with someone else in a one-on-one type situation. We had to do it as a couple, or it couldn't happen at all. We didn't need to cheat on each other to get our thrills, and because of that we could do this sort of thing, and jealously wouldn't be an issue.

After a few minutes of thinking about the idea of it, we began to discuss the possibility of making it happen, and how we could make it happen. We decided that if we did it, it would have to be with a man and a woman together, not just one or the other and one of us only watching. Eventually we came up with the idea that we could look for swinger ads on adult dating sites and see if we could find a male/female bisexual couple to help us out.

Like most heterosexual males out there, even being bisexual, I too had a fantasy of seeing two women together, so I was really excited, not only about the possibility of experiencing sex with another man, but also at seeing my wife with another woman. I knew I would go through with it, but I had my doubts that when my wife calmed down from her horniness she might change her mind. Oh, I had no doubt she would look at the swinger ads with me, but I had this sinking feeling that when it came time for me to suggest posting an ad she would chicken out.

As it turned out, thankfully, I was completely wrong. My wife was even more excited about the idea the next morning and the first thing she wanted to do was look at the ads. Once we had, she tugged at my arm and excitedly said we needed to come up with an ad and post it. So we put our ad out on various Internet swinger sites and waited.

We were excited at the prospect of getting a reply, even just one, but we weren't very confident that we would. It's very rare to find a swinging couple where both are bisexual. Usually just the female is. Fortunately, we got lucky with the third response we got. Billy and Amanda (names changed) were everything we were looking for, both twenty-four, only two years older than us, both bisexual, and looking for another bisexual couple like themselves.

We decided to meet them for dinner and drinks at bar in downtown Pittsburgh, and let me tell you, meeting someone like that is very hard on the nerves. You have a lot of worries built up in your head. What if they are obnoxious? What if they don't shower? What if she is wonderful, but he is an asshole? Stuff like that.

Well, with this couple, everything was wonderful. Billy was quite handsome, about 5'10", with short dark hair, and thin but well developed muscles, and a nice looking ass and package. Amanda was attractive, too, about 5'8", with long curly brown hair, a wonderful smile, great legs, and tits and an ass that most men wish they could just touch. I could tell with just a glance that my wife approved of Amanda as much as I approved of Billy.

We talked for several hours about what we were hoping to find, what we found sexually exciting, and we also spoke a lot about just the normal things like music, movies, community events, and the weather. When we parted, although we hadn't made arrangements to get together again for something more intimate, my wife and I were definitely interested, and we were pretty sure they were as well.

Well, Billy and Amanda's interest was confirmed when we got a call the very next day inviting us over the following Saturday for some drinks... and some fun. Not much was said about anything, but we knew what they were implying and that they were just as excited as we were.

Over the next few days, while lying in bed together, my wife and I told each other our fantasies, describing what we wanted to do, me with Billy, and my wife with Amanda. Having met them and talking about what we wanted to do with them in bed was one thing, but having received an invitation to their house, which was an invitation into their bed, it suddenly made it all the more real. That made us both a bit nervous, but in a good way, and also very horny, and we had one of the best fucks we've ever had.

The day finally arrived for our visit, and we were as excited as school children on the first day of summer break. The hard part of any situation like this is breaking the ice that very first time. Everyone knew what was going to happen. Everyone approved. But getting things started was something else entirely.

Beers were served, and we began to play a nice relaxing game of pool. Soon Billy broke that ice by suggesting a bet that the losers would sexually service the winners. It seemed like a great way to get things going, so my wife and I agreed to the idea.

My wife is a wonderful pool player, but somehow missed every opportunity to sink a ball. I whispered to her at one point and jokingly accused her of throwing the game. She swore she hadn't, saying it was just nerves, which made sense I guess. I wasn't that great of a pool player to begin with, so, needless to say, we lost, and Billy promptly invited us upstairs to pay off our bet.

Once in the bedroom, both my wife and I were obviously nervous, knowing it was actually going to happen, what we had been dreaming about was going to come true, right now, right here.

Billy and Amanda looked at us, then at each other, and then back at us smiling, and Billy said, "Is this your first time doing this kind of thing?"

We both nodded in unison.

"Just try to relax," Amanda told us as she approached my wife, and Billy approached me.

Billy pulled his shirt off over his head, and after taking a look at his naked upper body I glanced over at my wife. Amanda was removing my wife's top, and when she unhooked and removed my wife's bra, and my wife's 34D breasts were exposed, Amanda reached out and cupped them. That made my dick twitch and start to grow.

I turned back to look at Billy to find that he had taken off his pants and was standing there in just his boxer briefs, a very obvious hard-on inside them. He reached out and pulled my shirt over my head. As soon as he did that, he popped the button on my pants while staring into my eyes and smiling the entire time.

Soon my pants were at my ankles and I stepped out of them. As soon as they were off, Billy put his hand on mine and put it on his crotch. A bolt of electricity went through my body as my hand felt, for the first time, the hardness of another man's cock.

I looked over at my wife and Amanda again. Amanda had just finished slipping off her panties and was now reaching over and gently tugging down my wife's panties. That's when I got up the nerve and pulled down Billy's underwear and got my first glimpse of the first cock I was going to suck. Billy returned the favor and slid my underwear down. All four of us were now naked.

Amanda and Billy looked at each other and grinned, and then both sat down beside each other on the floor with their backs against the bed. "Okay guys, it's time to pay off that bet you lost," Billy said with a wide grin.

My wife and I looked at each other and then both, nervously, got down on our knees in front of them, getting ready to do something we have wanted so badly, and in full view of each other.

I could smell Billy's scent. Much like my own, it filled my nose with a scent so manly I just knew what I wanted to do next. I took the head of Billy's cock in my mouth and slowly sucked as much of the entire six inch length down my throat as I could. Cupping his balls with my right hand, and pinching his nipple with my left, I did everything for him that I like having done to me.

With his cock in my mouth, I turned my head to look at what my wife was doing, and she had Amanda's legs over her shoulders and she was licking and sucking on her first pussy. By the looks of it Amanda had no complaints about the licking that she was receiving. My wife turned her head slightly and, looking under Amanda's raised leg, we traded knowing smiles at finally experiencing bisexualism.

Billy now had his hand on the back of my head, gently thrusting, which made me gag a few times when he pushed it in too far. The taste of his cock was wonderful, and the pre-cum was a wonderful tease of the mouthful I wanted, had always dreamed of.

As I sucked on his cock, he slouched down a bit and spread his legs, giving me access to his balls and asshole. I didn't pass up the opportunity either. I began to massage his balls, and every now and then I'd slip a finger back to his asshole and probe it.

He began to breathe hard and was now telling me that he was about to cum. Perhaps he meant it as a warning, but I took it as a cue to suck harder and get ready to be rewarded with his hot load.

I wanted every drop of it. The biggest aspect of any of my bisexual fantasies has been wanting to know what it was like to have a man ejaculate in my mouth. I wanted to taste it, to know that I was good at cocksucking.

About a minute later, he raised his hips up into my face, and pushed down on my head and let loose what felt like a quart of cum. I didn't miss a drop. I even milked it for more.

I pulled my mouth off his cock when we heard his wife Amanda having an orgasm. We both looked over and watched Billy's wife squirming, bucking and moaning with my wife's head between her legs, her mouth planted on a pussy. I've known my wife for a long time, and I just knew she was proud to know that she was good enough at licking pussy to give someone else an orgasm.

Amanda's orgasm seemed intense, but when she was done she wasted no time in flipping positions and going down on my wife. I think one of the most exciting things I witnessed that night was the look on my wife's face as Amanda started to kiss the inside of her thighs. She knew she was in for the ride of her life.

After making another guy cum and seeing my wife make another woman cum, I now desperately wanted to experience what it would feel like to get a blowjob from another man. I was just about to vocalize that when Billy scooted away from the bed and motioned for me to sit where he had been.

Rather than sucking my cock into his mouth like I had so greedily done to his, he started licking and biting my nipples and rubbing my cock in his muscular hand. I grabbed his well-defined arms and just enjoyed knowing that a man was about to suck my cock and make me cum. His beard scruff hit my belly, and with both of his hands on my chest, pinching my nipples, he took my cock in his mouth.

I never thought about it before, but guys have really powerful mouths, and Billy was proving it. He was sucking me hard, and it felt damn good, better than when my wife does it, and she's not unskilled by any means. When he started playing with my balls, it drove me wild.

My wife was now groaning. Amanda had her finger in my wife's pussy along with her tongue, pushing her over the edge. I knew her well, and the look on her face told me that Amanda was licking her better than I probably ever had. My wife's hands were stroking the back of Amanda's head, being very gentle but urgent. My wife's nipples were rock hard and her ass was hovering off the floor, trying to give Amanda every little bit of her luscious pink pussy.

My wife came, loudly, and hearing that, along with seeing her body convulse and another woman between her legs causing it, pushed me over the edge. I grabbed Billy's head and tried to force it down on my cock. My concentration zeroed in on his mouth and tongue, and I'm pretty sure I forgot how to speak English for a few moments. Billy swallowed me and continued to tease the head of my cock with his tongue. The man was an amazing cocksucker.

All four drained and satisfied, Billy moved and sat beside me while Amanda moved and sat next to my wife. My wife and I took hold of each other's hands. We all sat there quietly for a few minutes, sweaty and breathing heavily.

After a few minutes Amanda was the first to speak, and she asked my wife and me how we were now that we had had the experience. My wife and I looked at each other, smiled, and both said we felt fine, great actually.

Billy then said, "Well in that case, why don't we have some more fun and do some partner swapping."

My wife and I looked at each other and had a certain look on our faces that I guess made Billy mistakenly think we didn't know what he meant.

"Partner swapping, you know? I fuck your wife, you fuck mine."

We knew what he meant but we hadn't been expecting that to be suggested.

We only wanted to experience oral sex and thought we had made that clear when discussing what we were after during that first meeting. I answered for the both of us and told them that we were not interested in taking things to that level.

"Oh," was all Billy said, sounding a bit disappointed or pissed off, and then he stood and started to get dressed, as did Amanda.

My wife and I took that as a cue and began to get dressed as well. There was no further conversation.

They walked us downstairs to the front door and, before leaving, I looked at my wife and she gave me a nod knowing what I was silently asking her. "We would love to get together and do this again," I said.

"Nah, that's okay," Billy replied. "We are really looking to do more than just guy on guy and girl on girl oral sex. We want to fuck, too, but thanks for tonight, though. We both had a good time."

We let them know that we had a good time as well, said goodbye and left.

We talked about the experience all the way home in the car, and by the time we got home we were all over each other. We made our way quickly to the bedroom, and the first thing I did was lick my wife's pussy, very intensely, knowing another woman's mouth had been all over it. Next my wife sucked my cock, my cock that was covered with the dry spit of another man. Then I fucked her so hard!

At the time of this writing, that first bisexual swinging experience happened about a year ago. Even though Billy and Amanda weren't interested in getting together with us again, after having experienced same sex relations, both my wife and I wanted to do it again.

We put out more ads and got a number of responses, but none of them were what we were looking for. Most of them were from couples where only one of them was bisexual, a few were from older couples who were old enough to be our parents, and some were from couples who wanted to wife swap as well.

About three months ago we finally got a response from a couple who were both bisexual and in our age range. We met with them, hit it off, and got together to have some fun. It was great, but after coupling up by sex and orally servicing each other, they too wanted to swap partners and fuck, so we never saw them again.

I was actually totally in to seeing some other guy pounding my wife's pussy, and after only ever having had my wife's I was more than willing, and ready, to stick my dick in another pussy. But my wife didn't want to do that, and rather than coming out and telling her that I did want to do that, instead I suggested to her that it seemed most bisexual swinging couples wanted to do that, and perhaps if we meet with another and they suggest it, we should just try it. She said she would think about it.

We have another ad up now, and I'm really hoping we end up hooking up with another bisexual couple, and that my wife will give in and let the guy fuck her and let me fuck his wife!

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