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Monday, July 8, 2013

Straight Fiction: On Fire!

By: Unknown Author
It is a slow night. I am in the twelfth hour of my twenty-four hour shift. It is a small town, so we only had the one fire truck and only had two firefighters on at a time, working twenty-four hour shifts.

Working twenty-four hour shifts isn't as bad as it sounds, though. When there are no fires, we get to watch TV and we can sleep in the night as well, just as if we were at home. If the tones drop, they are loud enough to wake you, and then we go out and do our jobs.

The hours pass without any excitement, and 8am finally arrives, and the next shift comes in.

I am about to clock out when Bill, the station chief, tells me to come into the office.

Lord, what have I done now? I wonder. Being the only woman on the roster... and in a mostly male dominated job, I catch all the slack. It seems nothing I do is right.

"I need you to stay another shift. Dale called in, his wife is in labor, and there is no one else to cover him," Bill tells me as he tosses some papers in his brief case.

"Sure I'll stay. I had a good night's sleep, so it's no big deal," I reply, not like I really had a choice anyway.

Bill nods his head. "You'll be working with Brian. I have a meeting in the city, so it will be just you two here. You think you can handle things ok?"

My heart skips a beat. Brian, god I hadn't seen him in eons. We worked different shifts, but I had always been attracted to him. He was good looking with sandy blonde hair and blue eyes. He was also only twenty-one… but I could deal with that!

"Of course we can. It's not like anything's been happening around here for weeks," I reply.

Bill thanks me for staying, and a few minutes later he is gone.

A few minutes after that Brian shows up. He can't see me because I am on the other side of the fire truck going through the check list, peeking around at him as he enters. He has changed a bit since I last saw him. He has filled out even more and has become quite toned and muscular. God, he looks good.

"Hello, is anyone in here? I was sent to work this shift," I hear his voice calling out.

My knees buckle. He still looks good to me after all this time. Would he think the same of me? Well, I can't worry about that, I have a job to do, and I have to do it with him.

"Hey I'm over here!" I yell out to him.

He comes around the corner. "Well holy shit, didn't know you would be here," he says grinning.

"Hi to you, too, stranger," I say, and he gives me a big hug.

I can feel myself tingling in my crotch. God I have to stop this. I have to work with him till Dale gets back. I know he is taking a week off. Mmm! A whole week working with Brian, I could take that.

Brian is getting the hose and bucket ready so he can wash the truck. It's a routine thing, whether it is dirty or not. Anyway, it gives us something to do.

Once the truck is washed, we decide to watch some TV to pass the time. Soon we both become sick of looking at the TV. We get out the deck of cards and start to play Rummy. Damn should have suggested strip poker or something.

The tones suddenly drop, and I jump, startled, as I haven't heard that sound in a while.

The dispatcher comes over the radio, "Station 2, Station 2, house fire, 169 River Ave., PD and ambulance are en route."

We run to the truck as Brian answers dispatch, "Dispatch this is 2 en route!"

The radio crackles. "Station 2 be advised, two people still inside the residence. Be prepared for a DOA situation."

We look at each other. Damn this is gonna be a mother of a call; victims trapped inside, with a possible DOA. The adrenaline rush is nice, and I got into this job to help people, but why do they have to die?

We arrive to the scene in three minutes. It is not pretty. The house is totally ablaze. Brian and I enter as fire trucks from a nearby town arrive on the scene as well.

I stumble across one victim and determine that she is dead. Brian locates the other victim who is still alive. We take them outside and I cover the deceased with a blue tarp. The ambulances load up the two victims, and we return to the scene to help put out the blaze.

A while later, we climb in the truck to head back to the station house. It is now after 10pm and dark out. We are both exhausted, and filthy.

"Do you mind if I shower first?" I ask when we arrive back at the station.

"No, not at all. Go ahead. I'll finish the report," Brian says, and then turns to the office.

In the shower all I can think about is Brian: I bet he is good in bed. I bet he has a big cock, too.
These thoughts leave me with the need to get off. I start to finger my clit, leaning against the cool tile wall for support. I put in my two middle fingers, and pump my wet, hot pussy. I had just shaved it the other day and I am so sensitive.

I don't realize I am making so much noise till I hear a knock at the door. "Hey you ok in there? Anything I can help you with?" I hear Brian ask.

"N-no, I'm ok. Just ready to get out," I stammer. If he only knew that I am getting my groove on while thinking of him and his hard dick.

I get out right after his knock, deciding I better stop so as not to be heard again. As I begin to dry myself, the towel brushes my right nipple and I shudder. That was all it took. I had to finish what I had started. I run the towel between my legs and hit my still swollen, red clit. I replace the towel with my finger and rub my clit harder, as I slip a finger inside my cunt.

I must have been enjoying myself more loudly than I thought again, because I don't hear the door open. I look to see Brian standing in the doorway. "Jesus how long have you been there?" I ask, yanking my fingers from my pussy and covering it with my one hand, while draping my other hand and arm across my breasts to cover them, too.

"Long enough. Is this a one person party or can anyone join in?" he grins mischievously.

I see the bulge in his pants. Oh god, is this really happening? I've wanted him all day, but I also have to work with him. Should I do it? I wonder.

Brian made up my mind for me. He walks over to me, moves my hand and replaces it with his. "Mmm, so hot and wet. What were you thinking of?" He takes my hand and puts it on his hard dick, "This? Is this what you were thinking of?"

All I can do is nod my head. I rub his raging hard-on. He continues to stroke my clit, and puts two fingers in my snatch. "Oh god, yes!" I whisper.

He continues to pump my pussy with three fingers. I feel my orgasm coming. "Oh, don't stop, don't stop!" My juices flow into his hand.

"Yeah that's it, baby!" he says excitedly.

I get on my knees in front of him. I undo the zipper and his rock hard cock leaps out. It is big - at least eight inches, and thick. I lick the tip, and pull his pants down to his ankles and he kicks them off. I cup his balls in my hand and lovingly lick them.

He puts his hands in my hair and urges me to suck him. I take his entire member in my mouth. I try to deep-throat him, and I can't. It's just too big. I start to suck him and pump him with my hand.

"Oh yeah that's it! Mmm, yeah, keep going, suck me!" he keeps moaning over and over again.

He pulls my head away. He lays me on the floor and puts his face in my smooth, shaved pussy. He just does little licks on my clit. It drives me wild. Then he starts to suck and nibble on it while he has his fingers in me.

"Oh, oh, oh, I'm going to cum." I say as I arch my pussy closer to his tongue, and I feel him licking up my hot love juice a few more times, and then pulling his mouth away.

He grabs me, pulling me up, and turns me around on my knees. "I'm going to fuck you like I've always wanted to do. I have been waiting for this, and I'm going to fuck the hell out of you."

He slams his cock into me, hard. I almost cum right then. Jesus, he is so big in my pussy, filling me completely. He reaches around and grabs my tits, and uses them to help him get in deeper.

I can feel an orgasm coming on. The feel of his huge cock and his balls hitting my swollen hard clit is too much. "Yes! Harder! Harder, just like that, yes! I'm almost there!" I shout. "Aaaahahahaggghhhaaaaaa!" I feel my juices go down his balls, and onto my legs. He pumps me a few more times until he is sure I have finished my orgasm.

I roll over on my back, and put my legs around his neck. Brian looks at my wet, hot, swollen pussy. He puts in two fingers and fucks me that way. Then I feel him put in another. His thumb is strumming my clit, and then I feel the fourth one.

"I'm going to fist you, have you ever been fisted?" he asks as he pumps me with his fingers some more.

I just shake my head no. I have never been fisted. The biggest thing I have ever had in my pussy is his shaft. He keeps going, and then he puts his thumb in with his fingers.

"OH MY GOD!" I yelp.

"Mmm, yeah, there we go! Take my whole fist in your juicy pussy," he moaned.

"AHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!" is all I can manage to vocalize.

"Now that's what I like to hear!"

Taking his hand out, he replaces it with his cock. He pumps me hard. Taking it all the way out and slamming it all the way in.
"I'm going to cum in you. I'm going to fill your pussy with my jizz!"
I feel his cock jerk, and his hot cum fills me.

We collapse on the floor. We lie there together, his now limp dick still in my pussy.

He pulls out and, sitting, props his back on the sink cabinet. He pulls out a pack of cigarettes, takes two out and lights them both. He hands one to me, and we just sit quietly.

The tones drop and the radio has the familiar voice, "Station 2, Station 2..."

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