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Saturday, July 27, 2013

All Male True Experience: Extra Hot Sauna

By: Unknown Author
The gym wasn't too busy when I arrived, and after I worked out a little with the weights, I headed to the locker room to hit the sauna.

I proceeded to shower first, to get wet, and that's when I noticed Jim. He was a fairly young guy, in his early twenties, with a tight body and a long fat cock hanging between his legs. I saw him every once in a while at the gym, but not a lot. I loved when I did see him, though, and as I followed him into the showers I watched him out of the corner of my eye. I tried not to be obvious, but my cock had other ideas.

I thought perhaps Jim was into other guys, but I wasn't positive, so, after getting a semi in the showers, and not wanting him to see it, just in case he was straight, I grabbed my towel and quickly headed into the sauna.

I took a seat on the bench in the far corner, and it wasn't long before the door opened and in came Jim. Jim chose the opposite corner, directly across from me. As he sat down a few more guys came in right after him, and there were now five of us in the dimly lit sauna.

I raised one leg up so my cock would be in full view, with no one else being able to see it except for the person sitting directly across from me - Jim. One by one the others gradually left, and now it was just Jim and me once again.

My towel was open slightly, and my cock was now semi-hard. I caught Jim glancing over and knew he could see my excited state. He stood suddenly and I thought that he must be straight after all and I had scared him off, but he didn't leave. He simply took off his towel, wrapped it around his neck, and sat back down. He rested his head against the wall and closed his eyes.

I took that opportunity to take in his entire naked body. I wanted to get naked, too, in hopes of getting something started, but I didn't just want to take my towel off for fear of making it too obvious. I was pretty sure now that Jim was into cock, so I thought I'd test the waters. "It seems to be a lot hotter than normal in here today," I said.

Jim opened his eyes and looked over at me and agreed. I repeated his actions and stood, took off my towel and wrapped it around my neck. My cock was still semi-erect but wasn't even close to standing up and being obviously hard. I swore I saw him lick his lips when he got a look at it.

"Fuck, my balls feel like they are being boiled," I said, being bold, and gave them a quick fondle, and then moved my hand to my cock and gave it a little tug, looking right at him as I did so. Then I moved forward so my balls were hanging over the bench.

I guess that's all he needed to see and hear to get the hint, because without a word he quickly jumped off the bench and was down in front of me lapping the sweat off my balls. I kept my eye on the door as he worked over my balls with his tongue, the thought of getting caught keeping me from getting fully hard.
"My mouth is really hot, too," he said looking up at me.

I was about to tell him that perhaps we should find another place to continue our fun, but he took my semi-hard dick into his mouth and I found I couldn't speak.

He began to suck it and it quickly got hard. He alternated between my cock and my nuts, keeping one in his mouth just long enough for sweat beads to form on the other, and told me that he loved the taste of a sweaty man and, believe me, I could tell he loved my sweat.

As he sucked I reached down to feel his dick. He pushed my hand away saying he wanted nothing in return, all he wanted was to wash the sweat off my cock and balls with his mouth, and that he would stroke himself and cum on his own.

I moved closer to the edge of the bench and spread my legs a little. He took the hint and started to lick my ass. He flicked his tongue over my tight asshole, and began wildly licking the sweat from my hole and crack. I was in heaven. He looked up and saw that I was oozing a lot of pre-cum, and he moved back to my cock.

He started by taking long strokes, sucking me all in, flicking my nuts, then backing out. He was stroking himself as he sucked me, and I could tell he was getting close when he started bobbing his head up and down faster and sucking me harder. He swallowed my cock completely and gagged a little as he came.

What happened next just blew my mind. He had his cum in his hand, and after holding it up for me to see, he then scooped it up with his tongue making sure he got it all, but he didn't swallow it. Instead, he kept it in his mouth and started sucking me again.

Wow, what a new feeling that was. His mouth took on a new silky feeling, and I loved it. I threw my head back and started to buck my hips slightly. I told him I was about to shoot and he responded with renewed suction and pushed a finger up my ass.

That's all I needed. I must have pumped five shots of spunk into his mouth. He kept sucking until I went limp. He had literally just let my cock pop out of his mouth when the sauna door began to open, and he quickly wrapped his towel around his waist and left as an older gentleman entered.

After taking a few seconds to catch my breath, I wrapped my towel around my waist and exited the sauna to shower off. Jim was nowhere in sight, and I never saw him again.

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