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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Straight Fiction: Weekly Maintenance

By: Kiti
It was yet another hot, sunny afternoon when I headed up to the building's rooftop to perform my weekly maintenance. As an actor, keeping my body nicely bronzed all over was an asset. I carefully spread out my reflectors in the usual place, removed my shorts, turned on my iPod, and lay down to soak up the rays.

The sun's warmth was so luxurious, and the music drifting into my ears so relaxing that I soon slipped off to sleep. When I awoke, my body was comfortably calm, except for one part – which was so tense that I knew I had to do something immediately to relieve the pressure.

As I reached down to begin the process, I heard a sultry voice say, "I didn't know I was going to find a human sundial up here today."

I opened my eyes and found myself looking up at the most gorgeous raven-haired beauty in a gold bikini. Her startling green eyes were intently focused on my lower anatomy.

She knelt down beside me and slowly began to run her hand up my leg towards my hips. "I thought this was my private place," she said with a slightly accusing tone to her voice.

Since the building was usually empty on a Wednesday afternoon, I hadn't worried that my nude sunbathing would offend anyone. Or embarrass me for that matter. However, I was feeling anything but embarrassed as her hand began to gracefully stroke my ever-stiffening prick while licking her lips in anticipation of what might come. She placed her other hand against my mouth to prevent me from saying anything, then bent down and proceeded to thoroughly lick my cock from my ball sac to the tip of my dick before fully engulfing it in her mouth.

I ran my hand along the side of her face and grabbed hold of her hair in order to control the speed of her ministrations to me. My hips began to rise as I assisted her by thrusting gently in and out of her welcoming lips.

Despite how great all this was feeling, I wondered what it would be like to really fuck this woman. I used my other hand to begin untying the strings on her bikini. She lifted her body slightly to allow her bottoms to drop to the ground. I grabbed her hips with both hands and began to pull her closer to my urgently throbbing dick.

She lifted her head and chuckled softly. She impaled herself solidly on me and arched her back, allowing me a beautiful view of the fullest breasts I'd ever seen. My hands drifted up from her hips to stroke those luscious breasts. I lifted my head up to grasp the loosened string of her top with my teeth. Using my teeth and mouth I pulled that tiny wisp of fabric from her body and dropped it onto the ground beside the bottoms.

We both began to move together more frantically as she sensed my climax coming closer to release. I tried to hold back, but she was so tight and wet that it was almost impossible. She began to moan as her climax neared as well. Hearing that sound pushed me over the edge, and I exploded convulsively deep inside her. She began to orgasm, too, with wave after wave rippling through her cunt and drawing more and more cum from within me.

I slid my hands up to her shoulders in order to pull her face down to mine. I gave her the deepest, most thorough thank you kiss I'd ever planted on a woman. She responded just as enthusiastically.

By the time her orgasm finished, I could only lie beneath her spent and exhausted. She gave me a brief kiss on the cheek before rising up from my languid body.

The last thing I saw before my eyes drifted closed was her gathering up the discarded bathing suit and heading off towards the building door.

When I awoke again later, I couldn't be sure if this wonderful event had actually happened, or if it was just the best dream I'd ever had. Either way, it was the most satisfying sun session I've ever experienced in my life.

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