"We have reason to believe that man first walked upright to free his hands for masturbation."

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

All Male Fiction: Civil Lessons

By: Unknown Author
Okay, I'll admit it—I was acting like a damned kid. There was no reason for a twenty-year-old man to behave like such a jerk to his sister and her new boyfriend. Still, I'd had a bad time at college the past couple of months, and I wasn't too happy about coming home on break and finding that I'd been ousted from my room by one of Susan's prospective husbands. Hell, she'd been engaged more times than I could count, for fucks sakes!
So I wasn't very nice to her—or to him, for that matter. Pete wasn't bad, but he had a shitty haircut and lousy taste in clothes. I was the big, bad college sophisticate, don't you know, so I was very concerned about things like that. I made some remarks and reduced my sister to tears more than once. Pete hadn't said much at the time, but I could tell that he was doing a slow burn. What I didn't suspect was what he was going to do about it.
The evening of the third day I'd been at home, Mom and Susan went out shopping. Dad was working late, so it was just Pete and me, all alone in the house. He tried to talk to me, but I made some crack and walked off. I went on up to the bathroom to take a shower, planning to go out and get away from the zoo my home had become.
I had just gotten all soaped up when the bathroom door flew open. Pete reached in and turned off the hot water, then blocked my escape until I was fucking freezing. I got really pissed and grabbed at him. I missed, coming away with nothing but a handful of his shirt. Then he yanked the shower curtain aside, grabbed me, and pulled me kicking and screaming down the hall.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

All Male Fiction: Primal Need

By: Unknown Author
They tell you in those locker-room pep talks that every guy on the hockey team is an equal, each respected and expected to do his part for the honor of the college - no golden boys, no stars. I knew it was pretty much horseshit, because over the course of the season I'd seen maybe six minutes out on the ice. My ass and the pine bench got well acquainted, while better players like our hot-dog captain, six-foot-two defenseman Tom Lindy, racked up the bulk of the playing time. He also got most of the attention of the professional hockey scouts who came to watch our team destroy our opponents.

See, I love hockey, always have. It's in my blood, though I'm not that good at it. Ice hockey's just about the toughest sport around, and it's played by the ballsiest guys on any college campus. No other sport makes you sweat so much or work so hard, and all that nut-busting effort really makes a bunch of guys into a team. You guard your buddies' butts, they protect yours. To me, there's always been something sweet about that.

I'm 5 foot 11, pretty decent for college hockey, and I know how to hold my own on the ice. But in one of the last games of the season, on one of those rare occasions when I saw some actual ice time, I found myself knocked into the boards by a human freight train dressed in the other team's ugly orange and black. We slammed into the left wing boards hard. I scrambled up, pushed the fucker off me as I dug for the puck, then took an elbow to my chin from another opposing player, trapping me in a cluster fuck.

I managed to get the puck off to my line mate and out of our zone, and as I skated away, our team's enforcer, twenty-one-year-old Tom Lindy, a blur of dark blue and gold, entered my line of sight He gave me a knowing look before slamming into the dick who'd made me eat the sleeve of his Jersey A fight started, with gloves dropped and punches flying. Both benches cleared.

Hey, I'm not one for violence in college-level sports, but how can you not love it when the toughest guy on your team comes running to protect your ass?

The ref's whistle brought the fight to an end and sent Tom to the penalty box for five minutes. That didn't sit well with our coach - we were down by a goal with the clock ticking closer to a notch in the loss column.

We did lose, and Coach Hammond chewed Tom's ass off for what he considered a bad choice with the game on the line. I have to admit I felt pretty bad about it too, but for Tom, not the team. He chose protecting my butt over winning a big game and there were plenty of National League scouts up in the stands.

I like hockey jocks. There's nothing better than a locker room full of hot, sweaty guys who've just played their asses off for three solid periods. But when you lose… shit.

After the game the mood was pretty grim, heads held low, nobody talking except for Coach Hammond, who was ripping into Tom behind the door to his office. I tried not to think about what it must be like in there, though we could all hear the coach's yelling. Most of the guys stripped and hit the showers in record time, leaving their perspiration-soaked gear in nasty piles around the room in their haste to avoid getting the same treatment. The pussies. The air quickly turned ripe with the stink of stale socks and jocks, and sweaty nuts and pits.

I'm not sure why, but I couldn't do the same, couldn't drop trou, shower and bolt, leaving Tom to deal with Coach Hammond's bad mood alone. Shit, it was the least I could do, guard his back in my own small way just like he'd done for me.

So I yanked off my jersey, unhooked my shoulder pads and chest gear, and sat on the bench in front of my own locker until the furor died down and Coach Hammond came storming out of his office, probably headed for the nearest bar. I heard the scrape of skates across the rubber mats and looked up to see our team's captain cross to his bench.

Tom was red in the face, his helmet still on his head, the chin strap undone. He brushed past me, close enough for me to smell the scent of his cooling sweat. I took a deep whiff. I'd done that every chance I got since joining the team. I didn't know why, it just was. Guys were NOT my thing but the scent of that man... well, it just fucked my mind up.

"You ok, dude?" I asked, peeling off my t-shirt as he passed.

"Yeah," was all he said.

I undressed in silence, aware that Tom was doing the same thing. Fuck, everybody pops a locker-room boner sometimes, but it's still embarrassing. I felt my tool toughen as more of Tom came out of that funky hockey uniform. I stole a look at his chest once he'd removed all the gear. He was mostly smooth except for the fur in his pits, a trace of hair dusting his toned pecs and a happy trail cutting him from his belly button down the top of his hockey pants to his crotch. I was getting excited... strange I thought, but there it was.

Dropping my skates, I watched him unlace his own, baring his damp white socks. He undid the black tape holding them tight around his toned calves, then slipped out of his pants. That left him only in his socks and padded nut protector. I pushed my pants down and tried not to think how good it felt when a gust of steamy air teased my sweaty balls.

Playing hockey - or any sport - has a way of making a dude horny. All that exertion gets the testosterone flowing. I swear my nuts get twice as big after every practice and game, and since I'd gotten some ice time in this one, they were feeling painfully full. I grabbed my towel, stepped into my flip-flops and headed for the showers to join my brothers in washing off the stink of a bad game.

I passed my reflection in the mirror above the sinks, saw my short, neat, sandy-blond hair, my green eyes and tight jock body. And though I knew I was never gonna be much of a hockey player, at least that day I felt like one of them.

Most of the dudes were done by the time I strutted into the showers, my semi-stiff dick tick-tacking between my legs. A lot of soap helped me hide it, though most of the guys wouldn't have cared. Woodies following a game are a given in this sport. But this was different, I was embarrassing myself.

I lathered up my toes and legs, then ran the bar over my meaty nuts, knowing I was gonna shoot what promised to be one hell of a load once I got back to my dorm room. I'd just taken hold of my decent-sized tool when Tom walked into the showers.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Bisexual Fiction: The Deal (Part 2)

By: dl2827

Read Part 1

The following day was Saturday and we spent the day idling around. We went for a swim at the swimming hole and had lunch at the burger shack. We were sitting at one of the benches outside when she brought it up again.

"So, when are we gonna do this?" she asked.

"Dunno. Kind of nervous about it."

"Oh, my poor baby. Having second thoughts?"

"No, it's just... I mean, what if Marcus freaks and thinks I'm a fag?"

"Well are you?"

"Fuck no! Did I seem like a fag last night?"

"I don't know. You seemed to like it up the ass a lot."

"Jill! I swear. Sometimes..."

Jill got up and walked slowly to the jeep. She stopped and looked back at me seductively and then dropped her keys on the ground. Slowly she bent down, from the waist, giving me a show of her ass. I hadn't realized that after we went swimming she had taken off her bikini bottom and now was completely nude under her skirt.

I looked around quickly to see if anyone else could see, but no one could from where they were. She spent an agonizingly long time bent over, exposing her ass and pussy to me. I went rock hard in a flash. Finally, Jill stood up and motioned me towards the jeep with her finger.

"Get in," she purred.

I stood up, my fat cock tenting my board shorts absurdly. I walked quickly to the jeep as Jill laughed at my predicament. She hopped in the car and we tore out of the parking lot.

"Maybe you're not such a fag after all," she said, groping my stiff dick.

"Careful there, it's loaded."

We sped off in the open-topped jeep, and I ran my hand up her thigh and slid my fingers into her warm, wet cunt. She groaned and threw her head back. She pulled off onto a dirt road.
As soon as we were out of view of the main road she stopped the car. I reached around her and put her seat back. I climbed on top of her and roughly pushed up her skirt. I ripped opened my shorts, pulled out my throbbing cock and sank it into her cunt.

Jill gasped as I thrust all of my sizeable meat into her tight pussy in one thrust. I grabbed her tits through her bikini top as I fucked her in the car. She moaned as I fucked her fast and hard. In this position, there wasn't much she could do but lie back and take it. It was a thrill doing it out in the open, something we'd never tried before.

The sun streamed through the trees above, and we were both sweating from the heat. Jill ran her hands over my big, muscled arms and down my back, grabbing my ass cheeks as I fucked her hard. Her tight pussy lips were like a vacuum on my thick, uncut cock. My big sweaty nuts slapped against her ass.

"Like that, Jill? You like me fucking you?"

"Oh, yeah, Danny. Fuck me. Do it harder."

I kept at her. Occasionally I'd take it all the way out and rub my fat cockhead on her soft pussy lips, teasing her. Then I'd slam all eight thick inches back in her and watch her writhe and groan.

She started moaning and thrusting. I could tell she was gonna cum soon. I sped up my thrusts as she bucked up against me. I could see in her face, eyes squeezed shut, the orgasm wash over her body. Watching her orgasm like that sent me over the edge and soon I was pumping her full of cum. My toes curled and my whole body went stiff as I fell over the edge.

"Shit," I cried. "Holy fuck!"

I pumped her hard as jet after jet of cum shot up her cunt. My nuts drew up so tight they hurt. My aching dick was spewing like mad and I could feel it jerk and throb inside her. I kept thrusting as I emptied my nuts deep inside her. Eventually I slowed, and then finally I pulled out of her and collapsed on top of her, panting.

"Still think I'm a fag?"

"Guess not," she said with a laugh.

We made a plan to get Marcus to her place the next weekend. All week I couldn't think of anything else. I found it difficult to concentrate on my schoolwork, always daydreaming about what would happen.

On Tuesday, after practice, I found myself in the locker room with Marcus again. I was getting dressed and he was just coming back from the showers.

"Hey, Danny."

"Oh, hey Marcus."

My heart sped up. He was toweling off, and his soft, uncut cock and bouncing nuts were perfectly at eye level. I tried not to stare, but found myself transfixed. He had a thin line of dark hair that ran down from his belly button to his dark, bushy pubes.

"So, whatever happened with that chick Jill wanted to set me up with?"

"Oh, funny you should ask. Jill just called me and wanted to see if you were free on Saturday. She told Amy about you, and she was into it."

"So what's this Amy like?"

"Dunno. Jill said she's pretty hot. And between you and me, Jill said she's pretty wild, too. I've never met her."

"Yeah? Sounds interesting. So what's the plan?"

"Why don't you come by Jill's place around eight, and we'll take it from there."

"Cool! Sounds good. I need to get laid so badly," he said with a laugh.

While we were talking I was stealing glances at his body. He may be even bigger than me. He had good proportions, solid muscles. Like a Greek god, I thought. I was weirdly fascinated by his body. His skin looked smooth and its olive color made it look like it would be warm to the touch.

"Alright then, we're on," I said and we high-fived.

As soon as I was out of the gym I texted Jill to update her.

She texted back right away, "Say goodbye to your cherry," accompanied by a wide-grinned emoticon.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

All Male True Experience: Extra Hot Sauna

By: Unknown Author
The gym wasn't too busy when I arrived, and after I worked out a little with the weights, I headed to the locker room to hit the sauna.

I proceeded to shower first, to get wet, and that's when I noticed Jim. He was a fairly young guy, in his early twenties, with a tight body and a long fat cock hanging between his legs. I saw him every once in a while at the gym, but not a lot. I loved when I did see him, though, and as I followed him into the showers I watched him out of the corner of my eye. I tried not to be obvious, but my cock had other ideas.

I thought perhaps Jim was into other guys, but I wasn't positive, so, after getting a semi in the showers, and not wanting him to see it, just in case he was straight, I grabbed my towel and quickly headed into the sauna.

I took a seat on the bench in the far corner, and it wasn't long before the door opened and in came Jim. Jim chose the opposite corner, directly across from me. As he sat down a few more guys came in right after him, and there were now five of us in the dimly lit sauna.

I raised one leg up so my cock would be in full view, with no one else being able to see it except for the person sitting directly across from me - Jim. One by one the others gradually left, and now it was just Jim and me once again.

Friday, July 26, 2013

All Male Fiction: The Executive

By: MrCreamJeans
>knock knock<

"Mr. Smith?"

The vice-president looked up from his desk to see Jimmy from the mail room. Jimmy was a college student working part-time to help pay his tuition. "Jimmy. You're working late," Kip said. "What can I do for you?"

"Well, I was piling the inter-office mail on the cart when one of the envelopes fell open and everything spilled out. Your expense report and receipts were in there." He held up a disorganized pile of papers.

Kip stood up with a slight look of anxiety and walked over to where Jimmy stood. "Oh, don't worry about it, Jimmy. Shit happens," he said as he reached for the papers.

Jimmy backed away holding the papers out of Kip's reach. "The thing is, Mr. Smith, one of the receipts was kind of interesting. You went to Orlando, and that's where I'm from. I couldn't help but see that you expensed a trip to Kitty's Kavern."

"So?" Kip asked, his unease becoming more apparent.

"Well, like I said, I'm from Orlando, and I know what goes on at Kitty's Kavern. That's a lap dance club, isn't it?"

Kip was dumbfounded and unable to speak. Jimmy closed the office door.

"I can't imagine what Mr. Thompson would think if he knew you were billing the company for your lap dances," Jimmy said as he circled around to the back of Kip's desk. He made himself at home in Kip's chair.

Kip's shoulders sagged. He could tell this would not be easy.

"So, what went on at the Kavern? Was Crystal working? Man, she sure knows how to make a guy blow his load. Did you cream in your pants there... Kip?"

Jimmy put particular emphasis on using Mr. Smith's first name. Kip got the message - he was at this young man's mercy.

"I don't see what this has to do with..." Kip blustered.

"Aw, c'mon, it's just us guys here. Did some young Florida honey make you cream your boxers?" Jimmy could tell Kip was wearing boxers because he could see the fabric lines through the supple suit fabric.

Well, maybe if I play along, Kip thought. "Yeah, she was too good. I couldn't have held back if I wanted to," he said.

Jimmy leaned forward. "You mean you weren't even trying to hold back? You wanted to shoot your load inside your shorts?"

Kip was on the defensive again. "Well, of course I was trying to hold back."

Jimmy saw the lie in Kip's eyes. "Sure you were. With that fine young ass sliding over your bulge - back and forth, up and down - all you were thinking about was staying in control." Jimmy could see a bulge growing in Kip's crotch. He kept going. "She's pushing her tits in your face and rubbing her pussy over your trapped cock. She's telling you what a big cock you have. Your boxers are getting damp with pre-cum..."

With that, Kip's cock gave a lurch and grew to its full length, jutting oh-so-obviously down his thigh. The high-powered executive stood helplessly in front of the mail room boy with a major boner tenting out in his suit pants.

Jimmy was getting hard as well. He hadn't gotten off in several days. What's more, he was enjoying having some power over Kip. Ever since he started working there, Kip had been aloof and condescending toward him. Now this straight-laced executive was in his power.

Jimmy continued, "Pretty soon, you feel the cum trying to get out of your balls. You know it's going to soak through your boxers and make a stain on your pants, but you just can't help it. She knows it, too, and she starts really working on the head of your prick."

Kip's cock throbbed.

"Then you reach the point of no return. Hot cream starts leaking, then spurting right inside your pants. The girl on your lap feels the wetness soaking through, and she reaches back and finishes you off with her hand. Is that the way it happened, Kip?"

There was silence for several seconds. Finally Kip said, "What do you want?"

All Male Fiction: The Last Campfire

By: Tommyhawk1
"It doesn't get any better than this," Troy said as he handed around the beers.

I caught the one he tossed my way and looked into the fire. There's something about a campfire in the early fall, when the weather is just cool enough to make the fire welcome, but not so frigid as to make the camping experience miserable. There would be few more days of this to come. We all knew full well the turn of the seasons. So, when Troy's cousin Mark had suggested this weekend away, we all agreed just to have one last camping trip before winter set in.

For me, it was the last in more ways than one. I was transferring to Leeds Academy in the spring, and so this semester was going to be my last with my old college friends. Oh, we had promised to keep in touch, but we also all knew how poorly people kept such promises.

We've been through a lot together, I thought as I lifted the cool can to my lips and imbibed the tepid beer. You can get a beer cool with an ice cooler, but not the actual cold of a refrigerator. The beer being only slightly below the temperature of the air was a part of its charm on these trips.

When we'd come up to the lake, we'd spend the days doing a little fishing, a little card playing and a lot of drinking and talking. No women, no books, no hassles, just the guys, hanging together and being buddies. We talked a little football, a little basketball, a little fishing, and a little about women, but not as much as women would think. It was just... being with your buddies. This trip was no different.

And now it was Sunday night, and we'd have to head back tomorrow morning, and the weekend would be over.

"Yeah, this place is great," Lucas was saying. "You know, guys, we should come back up here on spring break."

I wouldn't be around next spring. I'd be at Leeds Academy. I'd made my life's plans, and they were good plans... only they cut me off from every friend I had.

"Yeah, next spring; let's plan on having a real week up here, not this piddling couple of days," Troy agreed.

"And the lake will probably be warm enough then to get in some swimming. Not like this weekend," Mark put in.

He was nuts about swimming, even though it ruined our fishing as often as not. I thought about him wearing only a pair of ragged cut-off jeans as he dove into the water, his body shining and throwing off sparks of water in the warm summer sun. My friends joining him, the sun-bronzed bodies gleaming in the innocent joy of exuberant young manhood, their bodies moving around and beside and against each other, flesh touching flesh, hand upon shoulder, leg against arm... and I'd never see it again, never be a part of it again.

"I gotta go take a leak," I said feeling depressed and wanting a bit of time to myself. "See yah!" I said as I stood and staggered out into the trees outside the warm circle of the fire, the warm circle of my friends. Making their plans that would never, never again include me.

It just wasn't fair! I should have been able to have both my dreams and my friends! Why did I have to choose! It just wasn't fair!

After pissing, I hunkered down behind a bush, suddenly second guessing my decision to leave.

"Hey, John," came the voice. It was Gregory. "Are you all right?"

"Huh? Uh, yeah, yeah," I said. "I'm sorry. I just realized that this was the last camping trip for me."

Gregory put an arm around my shoulder. "Hey, we're going to miss you, too," he said. "It was kind of why we all came on this trip. Troy mentioned it was our last chance to camp out with you before you took off for Leeds."

"Really?" I turned and looked at Gregory, so close to me. So very close. "That's great."

"Hey, what are friends for?" Gregory smiled.

"Yeah," I said softly.

"Friends," Gregory said, "are for being together."

I watched his lips as he spoke. Gregory's lips had always enticed me, such full, soft-looking lips that curved like a pair of archer's bows. In my hunkered position, I almost fell on my ass from surprise and shock, when Gregory suddenly leaned in and those lips touched mine.

I enjoyed it for only a brief moment and then pulled my mouth from his and said, "Oh, God, Gregory, I can't believe what you're doing!"

"I'm... I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, John." Gregory said and began to stand, embarrassed, likely worried that I might tell the others what he did.

"You just took me by surprise, that's all. I never knew that you were... well, gay," I said.

"I'm not. I'm just drunk. Don't know why I did that."

"It's ok, Gregory. I'm not going to tell the others. I won't because… I am gay."

"You are?" Gregory said looking surprised. "I always thought you were straight."

"Well, I always thought you were too, but you're not... are you?"

"N-no. But, but I'm not gay... I'm bi. I like pussy, too. Like it a lot. A hell of a lot. More than dick to tell the truth."

"That's fine," I said as I reached up, grabbed his arm and pulled him back down to the ground. "You can love pussy, and love it a lot, as long as you like dick at least a little bit, because I like dick and I want us to have some fun with our dicks... if you do, too, that is?"

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Straight Fiction: Weekly Maintenance

By: Kiti
It was yet another hot, sunny afternoon when I headed up to the building's rooftop to perform my weekly maintenance. As an actor, keeping my body nicely bronzed all over was an asset. I carefully spread out my reflectors in the usual place, removed my shorts, turned on my iPod, and lay down to soak up the rays.

The sun's warmth was so luxurious, and the music drifting into my ears so relaxing that I soon slipped off to sleep. When I awoke, my body was comfortably calm, except for one part – which was so tense that I knew I had to do something immediately to relieve the pressure.

As I reached down to begin the process, I heard a sultry voice say, "I didn't know I was going to find a human sundial up here today."

I opened my eyes and found myself looking up at the most gorgeous raven-haired beauty in a gold bikini. Her startling green eyes were intently focused on my lower anatomy.

She knelt down beside me and slowly began to run her hand up my leg towards my hips. "I thought this was my private place," she said with a slightly accusing tone to her voice.

Monday, July 8, 2013

All Male True Experience: The Ranger's Hot Rod

By: Scott C.
Evening was coming on fast, so I decided to stop and take in the sunset over the Pacific Ocean. Pulling off onto a dirt road that led to a little clearing right on a bluff above the beach, I got out of my van and took in the view.

It had been a hot day so I decided to go on down to the beach, and the closer I got to the water, the better it looked. I checked around and didn't see anybody, so I stripped out of my shorts and boots and waded out into the surf.

The water was really refreshing, snapping my nuts up into a hard knob between my legs and shrinking my pecker up into a little nub that was trying to hide in my pubes. I swam out and watched the sunset until the sun sank below the horizon, then paddled back to shore. I grabbed my clothes and headed back to the bluff, naked, letting myself air dry.

When I got back to my van, I discovered I wasn't alone. There was a California State Parks Jeep pulled up behind it with a shadowy figure sitting inside, probably just waiting to give me a ticket.

"There's no overnight camping here, sir," the man said as he climbed out from behind the wheel of the Jeep.

He looked more like my idea of a California surfer than a park ranger; thick blond hair that fell down over his forehead, a deep golden tan, big, wide-set blue eyes, and a hell of a body packed beneath his uniform. We're talking major chest and arms, and a pair of thighs that were putting a strain on the fabric of his pants, emphasizing a big fat lump packing his crotch.

"Hey, man, I'm really sorry," I said, walking up really close to him. "It's just that I'm so damned beat, I'm afraid I'll drive right off the road if I try to go any further. Can't you give me a break?"

"I'm sorry, but I have to enforce the rules, it's my job," he replied.

I noticed his eyes roving over my naked body, checking out every curve and bulge of my physique. Hell, I didn't much care. I've got nothing to be ashamed of in the body department, and I have no objection to a hot stud giving me the once over.

"Oh please, man. I will literally fall asleep if I get behind the wheel again, and I have no other real option. Can't you just let the rules slide, just this once? I mean, you don't want to be responsible for me getting myself killed or causing an accident and hurting someone else, do you? Can't you just pretend you never saw me? Please, Ranger, I'll do anything."

"It's a tough situation," he said looking over my naked body again, and letting his eyes linger on my cock. "You're one of those homos, aren't you?"

"Pardon?" I said, surprised by his question.

"I said you're one of the homos, aren't you? I could tell by the way you checked out my package."

"Look, whether I am or not is irrelevant to the situation. All I want to know is if you will bend the rules a bit and let me sleep here tonight," I replied.

"Well, I am sworn to follow the rules, but I wouldn't want you to be a hazard to yourself or others on the road. That is far worse in my opinion, so maybe we can make some kind of a deal," he replied.

"Ok," I said. "So what is it that you want? Money?"

The Ranger smiled widely at me and then said, "No, I wasn't talking about money. It would be illegal for me to take a bribe. I was thinking more along the lines of something that would be mutually beneficial."

When he said that, I had a pretty good idea what he was getting at. "And, what exactly would that be?" I asked.

"Right now I am so horny that I could go for a hot blowjob, and I don't care who does it, even a homo. So, you give me what I want, a hot blowjob, and I'll give you what you want, permission to sleep in your van overnight."

Straight Fiction: On Fire!

By: Unknown Author
It is a slow night. I am in the twelfth hour of my twenty-four hour shift. It is a small town, so we only had the one fire truck and only had two firefighters on at a time, working twenty-four hour shifts.

Working twenty-four hour shifts isn't as bad as it sounds, though. When there are no fires, we get to watch TV and we can sleep in the night as well, just as if we were at home. If the tones drop, they are loud enough to wake you, and then we go out and do our jobs.

The hours pass without any excitement, and 8am finally arrives, and the next shift comes in.

I am about to clock out when Bill, the station chief, tells me to come into the office.

Lord, what have I done now? I wonder. Being the only woman on the roster... and in a mostly male dominated job, I catch all the slack. It seems nothing I do is right.

"I need you to stay another shift. Dale called in, his wife is in labor, and there is no one else to cover him," Bill tells me as he tosses some papers in his brief case.

"Sure I'll stay. I had a good night's sleep, so it's no big deal," I reply, not like I really had a choice anyway.

Bill nods his head. "You'll be working with Brian. I have a meeting in the city, so it will be just you two here. You think you can handle things ok?"

My heart skips a beat. Brian, god I hadn't seen him in eons. We worked different shifts, but I had always been attracted to him. He was good looking with sandy blonde hair and blue eyes. He was also only twenty-one… but I could deal with that!

"Of course we can. It's not like anything's been happening around here for weeks," I reply.

Bill thanks me for staying, and a few minutes later he is gone.

A few minutes after that Brian shows up. He can't see me because I am on the other side of the fire truck going through the check list, peeking around at him as he enters. He has changed a bit since I last saw him. He has filled out even more and has become quite toned and muscular. God, he looks good.

"Hello, is anyone in here? I was sent to work this shift," I hear his voice calling out.

My knees buckle. He still looks good to me after all this time. Would he think the same of me? Well, I can't worry about that, I have a job to do, and I have to do it with him.

"Hey I'm over here!" I yell out to him.

He comes around the corner. "Well holy shit, didn't know you would be here," he says grinning.

"Hi to you, too, stranger," I say, and he gives me a big hug.

I can feel myself tingling in my crotch. God I have to stop this. I have to work with him till Dale gets back. I know he is taking a week off. Mmm! A whole week working with Brian, I could take that.

Brian is getting the hose and bucket ready so he can wash the truck. It's a routine thing, whether it is dirty or not. Anyway, it gives us something to do.

Once the truck is washed, we decide to watch some TV to pass the time. Soon we both become sick of looking at the TV. We get out the deck of cards and start to play Rummy. Damn should have suggested strip poker or something.

The tones suddenly drop, and I jump, startled, as I haven't heard that sound in a while.

The dispatcher comes over the radio, "Station 2, Station 2, house fire, 169 River Ave., PD and ambulance are en route."

We run to the truck as Brian answers dispatch, "Dispatch this is 2 en route!"

The radio crackles. "Station 2 be advised, two people still inside the residence. Be prepared for a DOA situation."

We look at each other. Damn this is gonna be a mother of a call; victims trapped inside, with a possible DOA. The adrenaline rush is nice, and I got into this job to help people, but why do they have to die?

We arrive to the scene in three minutes. It is not pretty. The house is totally ablaze. Brian and I enter as fire trucks from a nearby town arrive on the scene as well.

I stumble across one victim and determine that she is dead. Brian locates the other victim who is still alive. We take them outside and I cover the deceased with a blue tarp. The ambulances load up the two victims, and we return to the scene to help put out the blaze.

A while later, we climb in the truck to head back to the station house. It is now after 10pm and dark out. We are both exhausted, and filthy.

"Do you mind if I shower first?" I ask when we arrive back at the station.

"No, not at all. Go ahead. I'll finish the report," Brian says, and then turns to the office.

In the shower all I can think about is Brian: I bet he is good in bed. I bet he has a big cock, too.
These thoughts leave me with the need to get off. I start to finger my clit, leaning against the cool tile wall for support. I put in my two middle fingers, and pump my wet, hot pussy. I had just shaved it the other day and I am so sensitive.

I don't realize I am making so much noise till I hear a knock at the door. "Hey you ok in there? Anything I can help you with?" I hear Brian ask.

"N-no, I'm ok. Just ready to get out," I stammer. If he only knew that I am getting my groove on while thinking of him and his hard dick.

I get out right after his knock, deciding I better stop so as not to be heard again. As I begin to dry myself, the towel brushes my right nipple and I shudder. That was all it took. I had to finish what I had started. I run the towel between my legs and hit my still swollen, red clit. I replace the towel with my finger and rub my clit harder, as I slip a finger inside my cunt.

I must have been enjoying myself more loudly than I thought again, because I don't hear the door open. I look to see Brian standing in the doorway. "Jesus how long have you been there?" I ask, yanking my fingers from my pussy and covering it with my one hand, while draping my other hand and arm across my breasts to cover them, too.

"Long enough. Is this a one person party or can anyone join in?" he grins mischievously.

Bisexual True Experience: Bisexual Beginnings

By: Unknown Author
This story is a true-life account of our first bisexual experience.

My wife and I had great sex right from the time we started dating, and still do now that we are married. It was only just before we were to be married that we found out that we were both bisexual. We had a talk and decided that before being married we both needed to reveal everything about ourselves that the other may not know. It was my wife's idea, and when she dropped what she thought would be a bombshell, that she was bisexual, I was not shocked but rather overjoyed. She was the one that seemed a bit shocked when I revealed that I was as well.

Once that came out, we began talking about it and it was soon revealed that even though we both knew we were bisexual, neither one of us had actually been with a member of the same sex yet. We were married young, at twenty, and had dated throughout high school before that, and we were both each other's first.

I guess, technically, we were bi-curious at that point, since we hadn't actually done anything with the same sex yet. But it's pretty safe to assume that if you've had those desires for as long as you've been sexually aware, you're bisexual, not just curious.

After being married for almost two years, it came out one night during sex that we both really wanted to know what it would be like to be with someone of the same sex. We loved each other enough to be open and honest with our fantasies, and we talked it over at length.

We came to the decision that if we were to ever be with someone of the same sex, we did not want to go off and have sex with someone else in a one-on-one type situation. We had to do it as a couple, or it couldn't happen at all. We didn't need to cheat on each other to get our thrills, and because of that we could do this sort of thing, and jealously wouldn't be an issue.

After a few minutes of thinking about the idea of it, we began to discuss the possibility of making it happen, and how we could make it happen. We decided that if we did it, it would have to be with a man and a woman together, not just one or the other and one of us only watching. Eventually we came up with the idea that we could look for swinger ads on adult dating sites and see if we could find a male/female bisexual couple to help us out.

Like most heterosexual males out there, even being bisexual, I too had a fantasy of seeing two women together, so I was really excited, not only about the possibility of experiencing sex with another man, but also at seeing my wife with another woman. I knew I would go through with it, but I had my doubts that when my wife calmed down from her horniness she might change her mind. Oh, I had no doubt she would look at the swinger ads with me, but I had this sinking feeling that when it came time for me to suggest posting an ad she would chicken out.

As it turned out, thankfully, I was completely wrong. My wife was even more excited about the idea the next morning and the first thing she wanted to do was look at the ads. Once we had, she tugged at my arm and excitedly said we needed to come up with an ad and post it. So we put our ad out on various Internet swinger sites and waited.

We were excited at the prospect of getting a reply, even just one, but we weren't very confident that we would. It's very rare to find a swinging couple where both are bisexual. Usually just the female is. Fortunately, we got lucky with the third response we got. Billy and Amanda (names changed) were everything we were looking for, both twenty-four, only two years older than us, both bisexual, and looking for another bisexual couple like themselves.

We decided to meet them for dinner and drinks at bar in downtown Pittsburgh, and let me tell you, meeting someone like that is very hard on the nerves. You have a lot of worries built up in your head. What if they are obnoxious? What if they don't shower? What if she is wonderful, but he is an asshole? Stuff like that.

Well, with this couple, everything was wonderful. Billy was quite handsome, about 5'10", with short dark hair, and thin but well developed muscles, and a nice looking ass and package. Amanda was attractive, too, about 5'8", with long curly brown hair, a wonderful smile, great legs, and tits and an ass that most men wish they could just touch. I could tell with just a glance that my wife approved of Amanda as much as I approved of Billy.

We talked for several hours about what we were hoping to find, what we found sexually exciting, and we also spoke a lot about just the normal things like music, movies, community events, and the weather. When we parted, although we hadn't made arrangements to get together again for something more intimate, my wife and I were definitely interested, and we were pretty sure they were as well.

Well, Billy and Amanda's interest was confirmed when we got a call the very next day inviting us over the following Saturday for some drinks... and some fun. Not much was said about anything, but we knew what they were implying and that they were just as excited as we were.

Over the next few days, while lying in bed together, my wife and I told each other our fantasies, describing what we wanted to do, me with Billy, and my wife with Amanda. Having met them and talking about what we wanted to do with them in bed was one thing, but having received an invitation to their house, which was an invitation into their bed, it suddenly made it all the more real. That made us both a bit nervous, but in a good way, and also very horny, and we had one of the best fucks we've ever had.

The day finally arrived for our visit, and we were as excited as school children on the first day of summer break. The hard part of any situation like this is breaking the ice that very first time. Everyone knew what was going to happen. Everyone approved. But getting things started was something else entirely.

Beers were served, and we began to play a nice relaxing game of pool. Soon Billy broke that ice by suggesting a bet that the losers would sexually service the winners. It seemed like a great way to get things going, so my wife and I agreed to the idea.

My wife is a wonderful pool player, but somehow missed every opportunity to sink a ball. I whispered to her at one point and jokingly accused her of throwing the game. She swore she hadn't, saying it was just nerves, which made sense I guess. I wasn't that great of a pool player to begin with, so, needless to say, we lost, and Billy promptly invited us upstairs to pay off our bet.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

All Male Fiction: A Hard Time in the Woods

By: Lucas Miller
Luke and I said very little that day. We just tried to keep up. Frank and Mark were the experienced hikers, and after the long hike Luke and I were only too happy to help quickly set up the tents so we could just sit down and relax for a bit.

Frank and Mark were older. They were both thirty-one, making them seem "old" to a couple of teenagers like me and Luke. Frank worked with my Uncle, and it was he who suggested that Frank take me along on his hiking trip. My dad had died last year, and he thought it would be good for me. Mark was Frank's friend, and Luke was Mark's cousin. He decided to invite him along, too, so I would have another guy my own age to hang out with on the week long hiking and camping trip.

After a bite to eat Luke and I retired to our two-man tent. Despite being the same age and having attended the same high school, we had never known each other. That didn't stop us from stripping down to our underwear, though. It was too hot not to.

Luke rummaged through his backpack and removed a bottle of whisky. He put his finger to his lips to make sure I wouldn't let on that he had the bottle. "I stole it from my parent's liquor cabinet before we left," he grinned mischievously.

Whisky wasn't my favorite beverage, but I was up for getting drunk. He took a long drink from the bottle and handed it to me. I took the burning liquid into my mouth and down my throat, instantly feeling the effects of the alcohol. We continued to drink in silence for several minutes.

Without warning Luke lifted his ass and farted. We laughed like kids. This seemed to encourage him even more. He raised his legs again and struggled to pass more gas. I pushed him back, accidentally touching his crotch.

"Hey!" he exclaimed in mock surprise. "You want to play that game, huh?" He pushed me back and grabbed my crotch. I copied this, and then pulled at his briefs. He reached for my underwear and pulled them down below my balls. The game had suddenly turned into something else.

Luke backed away and I inched backward assessing the situation. I didn't know what to say. A part of me wanted to yank my underwear back up and leave the tent, while the other wanted to grab my dick and jerk off.

The minute of silence seemed an eternity, but was finally broken when Luke said, "Nice cock," and laughed.

Was this the game still? I decided to play along.

"Wish I could say the same for you." I pointed at his crotch. "You look rather small." It was a lie; he did look pretty big, and it was growing.

"Small!" He was immediately offended. "I am definitely bigger than you!"

"Yeah, right," I grinned. "Prove it."

Luke's macho side took over and he dropped his briefs. His cock wasn't erect, but did appear to be about the same length as mine, perhaps a little thicker. "See, it's much bigger."

I was the one doubting his word now. "No way! I can barely see that little thing." A tinge of excitement rushed through me. My cock started to quickly stiffen, but I wasn't embarrassed at all by my display. Instead, all I wanted to do was grab it and jerk it, but I wasn't sure how Luke would react to that. It took all I had in me not to.

"You're hard," Luke laughed and pointed. "I bet my hard-on is bigger than yours." He rubbed his growing dick feverishly and soon it was at full length. It still looked to be about the size of my six-incher.

"I still think I am bigger than you," I said taunting him.

"Bullshit!" He moved closer to me. "Let's look at them side by side."

I moved next to him, but we still couldn't get an accurate idea of who was longest. "Let's face each other instead," I suggested, "and put them right up against each other." I didn't wait for him to reply. I moved in front of him, inched as close as I could to him.

Our erect cocks touched one another and the mood in the tent became very serious. I reached down and grabbed both of our cocks and held them together. I lined them up as carefully as I could. The tip of his cock was just slightly past mine.

With the results evident to both of us, I removed my hands and was about to move away. Luke, however, replaced my hands with his.

"What are you doing?" I asked, but not caring for an answer.

He cocked his head to the side a little and moved in to kiss me. While slowly jerking both of us off, he parted my lips with his tongue and began kissing me deeply. I began moving my hips, feeling his grip on our cocks loosen and tighten with absolute perfection. I pulled my mouth away from his to tell him I was going to cum, but he held on tight. My cum shot out of my dick with tremendous force. Some of my juices ran down the length of our cocks and he used them for lubrication. I moaned with pleasure as I felt his body stiffen and felt the jerks of his cock as he came. I felt some of it hit my stomach, but most of it continued to coat our cocks.

We continued to kiss long after we had gone soft, and then we fell onto our sides, still entwined. Both of us began to quickly get hard again as we ground our cocks together. But then we heard the footsteps of Mark and Frank outside the tent and we broke free from each other, quickly and quietly slipping our underwear back on and pretending to be asleep.


I woke up in the middle of the night. Luke was snoring softly beside me. It was still very hot in the tent even at the late hour, but it wasn't the heat that woke me up. The whisky from earlier in the night had reached my bladder and I had to pee.

Still in my underwear, I made my way out of the tent into the night air. There was a light breeze that caressed my body, hardening my nipples. It felt good to be out in the open-air, nearly naked. It was not only freeing, but also erotic. My cock grew a little in my underwear.

I walked far enough away from the camp, the moon lighting my way. Lowering the front of my underwear, I pulled my semi-erect dick out and began pissing on a tall maple tree. As I did so I played with my hard nipple.

It had been an exciting night. The hike had been good, but the activities in the tent with Luke had been even better. I considered going back and waking him up, but I wasn't sure if this was just a one-time thing or if he wanted to continue our sexual games. The thought of his warm cock against mine made me want to at least try to see if he wanted more.

The stream of piss came to an end just as my cock was growing to its fullest. I was about to take it in my hand when I heard someone clear their voice behind me. My first thought was that it was Luke. It was the perfect time to see if he wanted to continue. I turned around smiling, with my swollen dick pointing straight out. To my horror it was Frank.

All Male Fiction: Cory's Lesson (Part 2)

By: MrCreamJeans
Read Part 1

Two weeks had passed since Jason took Cory to the beach and gave him a "lesson" in holding back his cum. And every day each boy remembered the hot scene with mixed emotions.

Cory had been really embarrassed by the uncontrollable ejaculation that happened inside his pants while Jason squeezed his cock. He still believed, even after Jason wet his own pants with cum, that he had failed a test of manliness, that he should have been able to hold it.

But despite these feelings of embarrassment and humiliation, it was the most arousing event of his young life. The guy he looked up to more than anyone had actually touched his boner (even if it was through a couple layers of fabric) and he even jerked him off!

Remembering this didn't help Cory in his efforts to prolong his masturbation sessions, though. In fact, he found himself cumming right away every time he envisioned Jason's hand on his jeans, and the wet spot that appeared moments later on Jason's pants.

Jason was actually more shaken up than Cory. He never thought of himself as having gay tendencies, but just as with Cory, this experience was the most exciting he could remember – after all, he creamed in his jeans without even touching his cock! He'd never even done that with a girl.

During his nightly jack-off sessions since their trip to the beach, Jason tried to think about the girls at school or even looked at the girlie magazines he kept hidden in his bedroom closet, but his thoughts always came back to the feel of Cory's hard-on throbbing in his hand as the boy's hot jizz spurted inside his jeans. And that always made him cum.

Jason was worried, though, about Cory's reaction to his own accident that day. The way he jizzed his shorts in front of the boy, and then tried to downplay it – well, he wasn't sure Cory bought it. And the last thing he needed was Cory telling anyone about that!

They had seen each other a couple times since then, passing each other outside their homes. They smiled and said "Hi," but there wasn't really time to talk. Jason was hoping to spend some time with Cory over the weekend, if only to find out what Cory was thinking. But it was Cory who broke the ice.

The doorbell at Jason's house rang. Jason answered the door.

"Hi Jason," Cory said. "You busy?"

"Nah, c'mon in," Jason said.

"I saw your folks leave and figured it would be cool to come over."

"Sure, anytime, man. So what's been happening?"

"Well, I've been thinking a lot about what happened coming back from the beach..." Cory started.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

All Male Fiction: Fucking Breeders!

By: Unknown Author
Sex is my hobby. I love fucking the way some people love sports, and I play hardball with hard guys anywhere I travel.

Me, I'm only twenty-five years old, big in every way. Anywhere I travel in this US of A, there's nothing I like better than to waggle my long dickbait at some big-mouthed cockgobbler. I'm young, tall, good looking, in shape, and HUNG, so I have my pick of anyone I might want to seduce. I love seducing and screwing straight guys, and I usually don't have a problem getting them in the sack.

I operate on the premise that all those hicks in the sticks don't have many options and it doesn't take much to convince them to go for it. Once that sucker's hooked, I reel him into my crotch for a marathon suck job. A man from every state in the union has squirmed down there on the end of my cock at one time or another.

Of all the straight men I screw, married guys are best. Those wide-eyed former high school quarterbacks trapped by the prom queen for a breeding life in the suburbs and nine-to-five tedium Assistant Managing at the Piggly-Wiggly.

The married ones are always looking for something to spice up their sex lives. They're itching to run home-with their freshly-fucked asses still oozing my jizz, and fuck their wives with their pathetic hard-ons. And they'll cum thinking about my juice-filled cock-sausage as they feel their holes still gaping open.

See, married guys don't take this big cock of mine for granted. Those housebound bucks are always feeling frisky. A married guy is always the most helpless when you get him alone, face-to-crotch with his sexuality. He doesn't know why he's naked on his knees. He doesn't know why he's sucking on my cock like some desperate whore. His dick gets hard at the taste of my big, flopping balls filling his cheeks like a chipmunk, and he doesn't know why. All he knows is that he's just got to have it.

I like 'em even better when they put up a fuss. Like they can't believe they're going to get fucked. One farm boy from Iowa was still protesting about how much he loved chicks, even as my hot cock snuck right up his hole!

All Male Fiction: Cory's Lesson (Part 1)

By: MrCreamJeans
Cory always looked up to his neighbor, Jason. Jason was four years older than Cory and over the years had taught Cory a lot of really cool stuff, like how to ride a dirt bike, and how to break the ice with girls, stuff like that.

In Cory's eyes, Jason was the epitome of cool. And he really was. Jason was one of those guys who moved through life like a fish through water. He was very handsome, always dressed cool, had lots of friends (and was invited to a lot of parties), and could get a date with any girl he wanted. So when Jason asked Cory if he wanted to go to the beach with him, Cory jumped at the chance.

Jason knew that Cory didn't have a father to take him places, so he went out of his way to be like a big brother to the neighbor boy. For a teenager, Cory was all right in Jason's book. At eighteen, he was a bit naïve for his age, but Jason knew Cory worshipped him, and it was kind of flattering.

Lately though, Jason found himself imagining sexual things about Cory -- did he jerk off as much as Jason used to at that age? He already knew how often he got boners; Cory volunteered that one day. What did Cory think about when he jerked off? Whenever he pictured Cory with his cock in his hand, Jason's cock would become achingly stiff.

Their time at the beach started uneventfully. Both boys played in the water for a while, then returned to their towels to soak in the Southern California sunshine. The beach was very active that day, with lots of hot-looking guys and girls parading their bodies past the boys as they lay propped on their towels.

Jason noticed a sudden movement out of the corner of his eye and turned toward Cory, just in time to see him futilely trying to adjust a big, sticking out boner in his trunks. Jason grinned and then couldn't help but laugh out loud at Cory's struggle. Cory heard him, looked at Jason looking at his cock, and blushed eighteen shades of red.

"I couldn't help it," Cory whined.

"Lots of stuff to look at today, huh?" Jason responded knowingly. Watching Cory continue to struggle, he said, "Dude, you're going to attract more attention by playing with it. Remember the waistband tuck I told you about when you confided in me all the boners you get at inopportune times?"

"Um, I can't do that in these," Cory said. "It kinda pokes out over the top."

Jason's cock was stirring already, but when Cory told him that, Jason felt his own cock lurching into rigidity with each heartbeat.

Keeping his cool, Jason said, "Well, I think it's time to turn over anyway. We don't want to get burned." He laughed as Cory flipped over instantly. Jason turned over, too, and welcomed the cover that lying on his stomach would offer his own growing woody.

Cory wiggled his hips to try to get his cock to settle into a comfortable position. The sand underneath it shifted and enveloped his bulge in warmth. "Hey, the sand feels pretty good," Cory said, just loud enough for Jason to hear.

Jason just smiled knowingly. When he was younger, Jason would often lie on the beach, pressing his hard cock into the hot sand and ejaculating into his swim suit as he ogled the cute girls in bikinis. He moved his hips to adjust the position of his own hard cock, relaxing when it was finally in that familiar position where he'd lost so many loads before.

Cory noticed the movement. "Hey, you got a boner, too?" he asked.

"No way, man. I'm too cool to do that at the beach. That's for little kids like you," Jason shot back. He liked teasing Cory that way. Cory knew he didn't mean anything by it.

"I'm not a little kid," Cory protested.

"Well, you better learn to control your dick, then," Jason said.

Cory was silent, so Jason changed the subject by pointing out a girl walking by with rather large tits. "Hey, check her out."

"Oh, man!" Cory exclaimed quietly.

"She's in my English class," Jason said. "Her name's Tiffany. All the guys want to get into her pants."

"Have you?"

"Nah, she's too stuck up for me. But she sure is fun to look at."

"Yeah, look at those tits," Cory said breathlessly.

Both their boners were rock hard and pushing against their trunks and the hot sand.

"Oh man, I'm not going to be able to get up for an hour," Cory moaned.

Jason laughed. "Well, you could always cream your trunks to make it go down."

Cory got this wide-eyed look. "Really?"

This took Jason by surprise. He was really just joking with Cory, not intending to give the boy serious advice. But now he was torn between wanting to watch the boy hump his towel until he squirted, and giving him serious advice. He wondered if Cory went ahead and did it, would he be able to control his movements enough to not call attention to himself. (Jason had perfected that technique early on.) He decided it wasn't worth the risk.

"No, not really," Jason said contemptuously. "Cool guys don't cum in their pants."

Cory felt chagrinned for naively thinking Jason's joke was a real suggestion. But that didn't help his situation any. "So what should I do?"

"Well, you could put your t-shirt back on, and then do the waistband tuck."

"Yeah, well, maybe I'll try that if it won't go down," Cory said. "I still want to get a tan."

There were a couple of minutes of silence, and then Jason asked, "So have you ever creamed inside your pants before?"

"Yeah," Cory admitted.

"Did you do it on purpose or by accident?"

"It was an accident, man," Cory said quickly. "It just happened really fast and everything."

"Well, you gotta learn how to control that if you're gonna be cool," Jason said. Of course, Jason had experienced many accidental orgasms inside his clothes, but his cool persona would never admit such a thing.

"Fuck! How are you supposed to control it with chicks like that walking by," Cory whined, indicating a statuesque girl with long black hair wearing an impossibly small bikini.

"Oh yeah, that's Melanie. You want to meet her?" Jason said. Before Cory could respond, he yelled out, "Hey Melanie!"

"No, man," Cory whispered hoarsely. "Not when I've got this boner!"

Jason laughed. "Don't worry about it."

"Hi Jason," Melanie said as she approached. Of course, Jason didn't turn over or sit up and neither did Cory. "Who's your friend?"