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Thursday, June 27, 2013

All Male Fiction: Apartment 403

By: Unknown Author

Dave went upstairs to his fourth floor apartment, went inside, locked his door and quickly removed his clothes: a t-shirt, shorts, and an old worn jock. Dave liked to keep in shape the best he could and went jogging every day. He took his clothes off not only because he was sweating from the jog, but he also liked to be naked around the house.
After getting a nice cold glass of water, he walked into his living room and over to the window, completely naked. He had an excellent view of apartment 403 directly across the courtyard, and had a telescope on a tripod as well.
In apartment 403 lived Jamie, a young twenty-something guy who was extremely good looking and well built. Dave had learned his name when he was stretching on the grass one day before his daily jog, and someone had called out to his neighbor. Dave's heart always began racing whenever he saw Jamie.
He wished he had the nerve to approach Jamie and tell him how he truly felt about the drop dead gorgeous hunk, the man of his dreams, the man he wanted so fucking badly, yet he couldn't, he just couldn't. He knew that Jamie was straight. He had seen him bring plenty of girls home, although he never got to see anything as he couldn't see into Jamie's bedroom. And whenever Jamie had guys over, there was never anything remotely sexual going on.
He also knew that even if Jamie was gay, or swung both ways, there was no way this twenty-something sexy stud would be interested in some old man. Dave was seventy-three years old and actually looked good for his age, maybe ten years younger than he was. He was in great shape, and the skin on his face and his body was pretty taught for a man of his age. Even so, the chance that a guy in his twenties would go for a guy in his seventies was unlikely. And since Jamie was obviously straight, it didn't matter anyway. Still, Dave wanted him nonetheless.
Dave leaned over and gazed into his telescope to take a look into Jamie's apartment. The draperies were wide open, just as they usually were, even at night, but Jamie wasn't home.
He had seen Jamie at home plenty of times, but had never seen him completely naked. He had seen him in just his underwear plenty of times, and once he saw him enter the living room from his bedroom completely bare assed, but all he saw was his ass. Jamie had just come in to grab something and then headed back to his bedroom, turning in such a way that all Dave got to see was a side view of his ass and the side of his leg, which, on the angle Jamie was on, had blocked the view of his cock. Still, it thrilled Dave to even just see Jamie's naked ass. And it was a nice ass, too!
Time passed and it was now dark outside. Dave took yet another look out the window to see if Jamie was home yet, but the apartment was still dark. Just as he turned to walk away, he saw the lights to Jamie's apartment come on. Little did Dave know, but tonight was going to be the night that he would finally get to see Jamie naked... and so much more!

Dave quickly turned back to the window and lowered his head to the telescope. Having just walked in, Jamie was standing in the living room flipping through the mail he had picked up on his way in, tossing the ones that were junk mail on the coffee table, and then opening a few of the envelopes and looking them over quickly before tossing them down on the table as well.
Jamie then peeled off his jacket, and Dave got very excited when Jamie didn't stop there and started unbuttoning his shirt. Dave's heart raced, his breathing quickened. "Oh don't stop, don't stop, take everything off! Oh please take off all your clothes!" Dave begged as he watched.
Jamie had been standing in front of the couch facing the windows, which ran floor to ceiling, just like Dave's, but he now turned to the side as he continued to unbutton his shirt. "No, turn, let me see!" Dave whined.
Jamie started to walk and was heading out of the living room, out of Dave's view.
"No! Don't go! I wanna see! I wanna see you naked so bad! Don't leave, please!" He was almost shouting it as he begged for Jamie to stay in his line of sight.
"Thank the God above," Dave sighed when Jamie spun around and started coming back into the living room as if he had heard his cries.
Of course he hadn't, and had returned because his phone had rung. Grabbing the phone that was situated on the sofa table behind the couch, Jamie's shirt was now hanging open. As he answered the phone he slipped his shirt off of one shoulder and then put the phone in his other hand and cradled it against his bare shoulder. With both hands free now, he slid his shirt off ever so slowly and tossed it over to the chair nearby.
Dave was now staring at Jamie's bare, muscular chest. Dave started talking to himself about the view he was taking in. "Oh Christ, look at that chest, those biceps, that stomach." He had to wipe his lips with the back of his hand, as he was literally salivating, and his cock was twitching.
Jamie walked around the couch and, standing in profile, he reached over and put the shirt he had tossed on the chair over the back of it. He then kicked off his shoes and began fiddling with his belt buckle.
"Oh god, he's gonna get naked!" Dave exclaimed. "Please," Dave begged, "Please take everything off for me, please!"
Jamie unbuckled his belt, popped the button on his pants, and then he grabbed at his zipper, lowering it halfway before he stopped.
"No!" Dave shouted. "Don't stop now," he cried.
Jamie turned from the chair, facing his sofa, and then turned his back to it and slid his pants down and off.
Dave's eyes almost popped out of his head when he saw Jamie in just a very tight, very skimpy pair of white briefs. Dave zoomed in on his crotch. "Bingo!" he shouted, staring at the outline of Jamie's cock and balls stuffed inside his briefs, and at the large mound they produced. Dave began licking his lips furiously, and was murmuring to himself, hoping and praying that Jamie was going to keep going.
An "Oh fuck no!" exclamation of disappointment escaped Dave's lips as Jamie fell back and slouched on the couch... still in his underwear!
He continued to watch, thinking that opening your shirt for comfort was one thing, but was also thinking, or rather hoping, that perhaps the reason Jamie began to undress to such a degree when he started talking on the phone, was that he was talking to some girl and was going to rub his cock while he thought about fucking her, or maybe even take it out and beat off. But Dave, as it turned out, wasn't that lucky. At least not yet.
Dave continued to watch Jamie, but he was just sitting there talking on the phone… and talking... and talking, but was not making even the slightest attempt to fondle himself. So Dave decided to wander away from the window and just check back every few minutes to see if the view had changed at all.
Every time Dave took a look, Jamie was still on the phone chatting away, still not touching himself, and that bulge had not grown any. He was just about to give up, but when he looked this one last time Jamie was off the phone, finally, and was fluffing a couple of pillows and placing them against the arm of the couch. He still had his underwear on, and Dave sure had a great view of Jamie's tight looking bubble butt within his snowy white briefs!
"He's gonna have a nap," Dave concluded, and wondered if Jamie was horny. "I hope he is! I hope he decides to jerk off before he takes his nap, and if he doesn't, I hope he does it when he wakes up," he muttered with a heart filled with hope.
Once Jamie seemed satisfied with the pillows, Dave's heart almost jumped out of his throat when Jamie, still with his back to the window, began to lower his briefs. That ass, which Dave had gotten a glimpse of only once before, began to come into view as Jamie slid his briefs down. Dave zoomed in on that ass and admired the crack as it spread slightly when Jamie lifted first one, and then the other foot and stepped out of them.
He wanted to see Jamie's cock more than anything, but Dave didn't mind in the least having to settle for just a view of his ass at the moment, and he latched his hand onto his cock.
Jamie leaned forward and turned on a lamp, which was atop the sofa table, which made that ass stick out and caused the crack to spread open. The sight of that nearly drove Dave insane.
Dave eyes followed his every move, as Jamie then walked over and switched off the overhead light and then returned to the sofa. Dave's own cock twitched when he saw just a tiny piece of the skin of Jamie's shaft when it bounced slightly past Dave's leg as he walked.
Jamie flopped down on the couch, his back against the pillows and legs outstretched. Instead of sliding his body down so his head would make contact with the pillows, he looked down, and appeared to be looking at his cock lying between his legs.
"Oh fuck yes! Touch it! You know you want to! Get it hard and stroke it and don't stop until you cum! Let me see your cock! Let me see it hard! Let me see you jerk it! Let me see it cum!" Dave pleaded, with no one but God to hear his pleas.
Jamie stood up suddenly, and Dave finally got a look at his penis. His eyes locked onto Jamie's flaccid dick and his large grade-A size balls. He had to keep adjusting the zoom as Jamie was moving forward. It then hit him that Jamie was walking toward the window and perhaps had seen Dave looking.
Dave quickly ducked out of view. He hadn't bothered to turn off his lights, even though he was naked and at his own window. It didn't matter anyway, because it was only a four story low-rise building, and being on the top floor, those units all had stairs that led up to roof top balconies, while the three floors below all had balconies off the living room.
The people on those floors couldn't see Dave's window from inside their apartments, unless they came out on their balconies, leaned on the railings and looked up, and what were the chances of that happening?
The only people who could possibly see him were the others on the fourth floor that faced Dave's apartment, with Jamie having the best view since he was directly across from Dave's place. He was keeping his eye on the other apartments by periodically glancing around to make sure no one was actually watching him. No one was, but he was pretty sure Jamie had just seen him.
Dave peered around and saw Jamie reach out to grab a hold of his drapes, but he never looked in Dave's direction. Just as he was about to pull them closed, he looked over his shoulder, let go of the drapes, turned and walked back over to the couch. He picked up the phone, spoke for a couple of minutes, and rather than coming back over to close the drapes, he flopped back down on the couch on his back again.
Dave quickly and eagerly returned to his telescope and gasped aloud as he saw Jamie reach between his legs and start to rub the head of his cock in circular motions. Could it be? Dave had finally gotten to see Jamie naked, which was all he ever wanted but more than he had ever dreamed of seeing, but was he now going to see Jamie's cock hard and see Jamie jerk it off?
But why hadn't he closed the drapes as he had started to? Dave had figured by now that Jamie had no idea that he was watching him and had simply thought he better close his drapes for privacy, but the phone call had distracted him and he was simply more concerned about getting down to business with his cock now and had forgotten all about closing them when he got off the phone. Dave didn't mind at all. In fact he was elated.
Dave continued to watch intently, studying Jamie's hard, hot, muscular body. He remembered seeing him outside the building from time to time, and how he had thought his eyes were so sexy, real bedroom eyes, and had a smile that could light up a room.
Jamie ran his hand over his chest, moving down over his torso. Dave sighed when Jamie pinched a few of his curly pubes. Jamie's hand then went lower, skipping past his cock to his balls, and he began to stretch his nut sac.
"Oh yeah, play with those big, heavy, cum-filled balls," Dave moaned. "I can almost feel them in my mouth," Dave whispered, squeezing his cock shaft. "I know you're going to jerk off for me, I just know it," Dave whispered, crossing his fingers on one hand and lightly stroking his cock with the other.
Jamie lay there pulling on his nut sac for a few minutes, and then released it and began to lightly tickle his fingertips up and down the underside of his semi-flaccid cock, which was lying on his stomach pointing up. It wasn't too long before that young stud's cock had grown to full hardness.
"Oh man, look at his cock, its rock hard!" Dave exclaimed staring into his telescope. "What a beautiful fucking cock, just like the rest of him!"
Dave's own cock was already so stiff by now that it ached, and his balls felt full and heavy. Even though he was considered an old man, Dave didn't have any problem getting it up. He was healthy as a horse and still very much excitable, and gave his cock plenty of exercise.
Dave stroked his dick slowly. He was oozing so much pre-cum under his hood that he had to stick the tip of his index finger into his foreskin and twirl it around, teasing his oozing knob.
"I want to suck that cock so fucking badly," he moaned to himself staring at Jamie's meat. "I'd love to suck it and then have that cock shoved up my ass," Dave grunted.
The sight of Jamie stretched out naked in all his glory was almost too much for Dave to handle. He squeezed his cock, slowly exhaling. "Christ, I've almost busted a nut and Jamie hasn't ever started stroking yet," he whispered, and reluctantly let go of his cock, and moaned as he gave his tender nuts a delicate squeeze. "Start stroking Jamie, please!" he begged.
Jamie slowly changed from tickling his shaft with just his fingertips to wrapping his fingers around the width of it.
"Oh man, he's gonna jerk off for me! Oh, fuck yeah, finally!" Dave almost shouted.
Jamie just held it, squeezing it, and then ever so slowly began to stroke it.
"Oh yeah, stroke that meat," Dave grunted. Fuck yeah, stroke that fucking meat!"
Dave watched Jamie lovingly stroking his cock. He was still just stroking it slowly, and Dave wanted him to pump it harder, pump it faster, but he was enjoying it nonetheless.
Soon Jamie stood, and for a moment Dave's heart sank, thinking Jamie was going to leave or had just remembered he never closed the drapes, but neither was the case, and what Dave saw next nearly put him over the edge. Dave reached for his erection again, but changed his mind, not wanting to cum just yet.
Jamie had flipped himself over and was now on his knees on the couch, with his chin resting just above the pillows on the arm rest, his big hard cock sticking up below him and his hot ass sticking up in the air. He moved himself slightly and his dick bobbed up and down. He quickly reached under himself and began to stroke his swollen cock, milking himself like a cow.
Dave couldn't resist and began to gently and slowly massage his boner, but quickly released it and jolted up from the telescope, quickly ducking out of sight when Jamie twisted his head and looked over his shoulder. At first Dave thought Jamie had caught him spying, but after a few seconds he looked through the telescope again, and noticed Jamie staring over his shoulder at his hot looking bubble-butt.
A finger entered Jamie's mouth, and he began to suck on it, like he was sucking a cock. He then pulled that finger from his mouth and his hand moved behind him.
"No! You're not gonna... no, there's no way!"
Dave watched in amazement and even a bit of shock as Jamie pressed his finger into his ass crack.
"Oh fuck! I can't believe he is gonna fuck himself and I get to see," Dave murmured, gasping and panting. Sure he knew that the "A-spot" was comparable to a woman's "G-spot" and was being talked about in magazines and such, but Dave had no idea straight men did such a thing when they masturbated.
Dave zoomed in on Jamie's ass. Jamie's left hand was stroking his cock slowly and steadily, and he was wriggling his ass trying to work the finger deeper inside his asshole.
"Almost Jamie, you're almost there! Ease it in your ass for me Jamie, nice 'n' slow, oh yeah!" Dave exclaimed.
It was halfway inside him now, and then he suddenly pulled it out.
"Stick it in your ass again," Dave muttered.
A few seconds later Jamie had his finger back against his hole and was slowly pushing it in again, trying desperately to get it into his bubble butt.
"All the way Jamie, all the way. You can take it, I know you can. I know you want the whole thing!" Dave shouted.
Jamie began rocking back and forth on his knees, and soon his whole finger was up his ass. He continued to rock, making a steady motion, and fucking his own ass.
Dave had never been so horny in his life! "Finger fuck that hot bubble butt! Finger fuck yourself while you beat on the big hard cock of yours!" Dave whispered. "I so wish I was stroking your beautiful cock while fucking your ass for you, Jamie," he added. "I know you're straight, but let me fuck you anyway, Jamie! My cock will feel much better than a finger!" he panted. "I'd fuck you so gently, I would, Jamie."
Jamie pulled his finger from his ass and flipped himself over onto his back.
"No! No! I want to watch you finger fuck your ass some more while you beat your meat, Jamie!" Dave pleaded.
Jamie planted the soles of his feet on the sofa. He separated his legs wide. Dave had a great view staring into his telescope. Jamie's cock jumped upright. He grabbed it with his left fist, giving it a hard squeeze.
Jamie arched his back.
Dave's breathing quickened.
"What the fuck is he doing now?" Dave asked himself when Jamie let go of his grip on his cock and tossed his legs up and over. "Oh fuck, he's gonna suck his own cock!" he gasped. "No, it can't be done!"
But after maneuvering himself and twisting his body into a position Dave never thought possible, the head of Jamie's incredible dick entered his mouth.
Dave refocused his telescope. "Oh man," Dave growled. "Fucking incredible! He can suck his own dick!" he exclaimed. "His lips are wrapped around the head of his own fucking dick! Oh man, I wish I could suck myself off, I'd never leave home," Dave said chuckling.
"You didn't cum did you?" Dave asked a few moments later when Jamie's legs flew high in the air before his heels dug into the sofa cushion.
Dave zoomed in on Jamie's face. "Tell me you didn't cum, tell me!" Dave pleaded.
He soon got his answer when Jamie started fisting his cock again. Dave was even more excited when a few minutes later Jamie raised his butt up off the couch a bit and stuck his finger back in his hole.
Dave was well aware of what was approaching, and the anticipation made his hard-on twitch several times. "Don't cum," he whispered talking to his own boner. "Not yet. Not until Jamie cums! I want to see Jamie cum first!"
Jamie's balls still seemed to be hanging low. He arched his back stroking faster and faster. His balls started jumping around, and then, after about a minute, slowly began to draw up.
"Are you going to cum for me Jamie, are you?" Dave asked reaching for his rock hard cock.
Suddenly, Jamie stopped stroking. He tossed his legs up. Dave watched the head of Jamie's magnificent prick enter his mouth.
"He's going to suck it again! He must be so fucking close," Dave groaned, stroking his uncut cock faster and faster and faster. "Cum Jamie! I'm so fucking close! Cum for me!" Dave begged.
Jamie's balls were drawn up tight now, and Dave knew that Jamie was cumming, cumming in his own mouth, because he could see the bottom of his shaft pulsing. He couldn't believe that Jamie was not only sucking his own dick, but that he was cumming in his own mouth, a straight boy cumming in his own mouth!
Dave's knees began wobbling. He had to stand upright. He was about to bust a nut. "Oh fuck," he grunted, retracting his foreskin and jutting his hips forward, pointing his cock at his window. "Fuck!" he shouted at the top of his lungs busting a nut, creaming the window with three hot spurts of cum.
"Shit, I haven't shot that much spunk in fucking years!" Dave declared, gasping and panting.
When he had recovered from his orgasm, Dave put his eye back to the telescope and looked across the courtyard. There stood Jamie beaming from his window, with a now semi-swollen dripping cock hanging down, staring at seventy-three year old Dave standing naked next to his telescope with his cock in his hand and his wad of cum on his window.
Dave couldn't believe it. Jamie had known he was watching the entire time. Even though he didn't see him look directly, Jamie must have seen Dave watching when he had first gone to close the drapes. He hadn't forgotten to go back and close them after he got off the phone, he left them open on purpose! He wanted to put on a show, even if it was for some old man. This straight young stud got off on being watched plain and simple, no matter who it was.
Since Dave now knew that Jamie knew what he was doing, he quickly put his eye back to the telescope. Jamie smiled and then turned around, bent over and wiggled his ass, mooning Dave, and then turned and yanked the drapes shut.
Whenever Dave saw Jamie outside the building they still didn't speak, but now Jamie always smiled and gave a friendly nod.
Jamie put on many more shows for Dave, and eventually fucked a few girls on the couch, instead of his bedroom, and always left the drapes open.
Dave knew that he would never get to have sex with Jamie, but he was hoping and praying that one day this little game would progress to Jamie stroking his cock and fingering his ass in the same room with Dave. That was something Dave dreamt about every fucking day. Little did he know, that dream would soon come true! 

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