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Friday, June 28, 2013

All Male Fiction: The Accidental Voyeur

By: dad_topper & Ryan Michaels
I like to run two or three times a week. Not only does it help keep me in shape, but I find it is also a great way to relieve the stresses of the work day. Today, however, I had the day off.

It was a beautiful spring day, and after lounging on the back deck, taking it easy for most of the day, by late afternoon I decided to go for a run, if for no other reason than to feel as though I accomplished something other than sitting on my ass.

At the end of my run and cool-down, I found myself at a familiar house. It was that of my best buddy, Eric. A car was in the drive, his car. It was unusual for him to be home from work so early. I peeled my sweat soaked shirt off and enjoyed the breeze on my chest for a moment, and then headed up to the front door to pay my buddy a visit and find out what was up.

When there was no answer to my knock, I figured Eric was probably taking advantage of his early arrival home and the nice weather by enjoying a cold beer on his deck, just as I had been doing earlier at my house. As I entered into the backyard I found that I was all alone.

As I turned to leave I saw the flickering light of the TV from inside the house. Figuring that Eric hadn't heard me knocking because of the TV, I ambled up onto the back deck and peered through the window of the family room. What I saw took me totally off guard.

There sat Eric, his white dress shirt completely unbuttoned and spread just enough to expose his muscular pecs and stiff nipples. He still had his tie on, although it was loosened enough and hung loosely around his neck. His shoes and suit pants were off, and his black dress socks were pulled up over his muscular calves. He had on a pair of black briefs that fit his frame perfectly, and they were pulled down in the front just enough to expose his large nut sack and his stiff cock. It was quite the sight.

Eric was a very good looking guy. He had no idea that I was gay, and although I had never had thoughts about wanting to have sex with him, he did have a great body and I had often imagined what he looked like naked. And now I was seeing him, all of him. I stood there in shock, but what had me frozen in awe wasn't just the sight of my good friend half naked, hard and jerking off, but what he was jerking off to… on the TV screen was gay porn!

Eric was divorced, and before that he was the biggest pussy hound I knew. He got laid all the time. Everything about him screamed straight… it was inconceivable that he would be watching gay porn. There had to be a reason, a reason other than he was gay or even bisexual. Just curious? A mix up at the porn shop? It had to be something, because straight alpha males like Eric didn't watch gay porn!

As these thoughts rambled through my head, my own cock had grown in my jockstrap, creating quite a tent in my running shorts. I continued to stand there and watch in amazement as he lay there on the couch, one hand stroking his thick meat and fondling his hefty sack, the other running across his chest and tweaking his nipples. His cock glistened with his pre-cum, which he used as lube, and occasionally tasted his fingers. His eyes were shut, head tilted slightly back as he enjoyed his moment, unaware of his audience.

I froze momentarily as he stopped his self-massage and removed his briefs. I think he was too juiced and in the moment to notice anything other than getting off.

Back on the couch, legs spread wide, he continued working both his nipples. His nuts hung nicely between his legs and his cock bounced with each pinch and rub of his nipples. He was gently rubbing and grinding his ass across the material of the couch.

He stood and straddled the large soft arm of the couch, with his ass facing the TV. He began to grind his meat against the arm of his couch; the friction must have been fantastic by the look on his face.

He reached with one hand between his legs and played with his asshole. Rubbing and circling his slick finger over his pucker, each time pushing in just a bit more. Then two fingers joined in. He played and stretched his hole a bit, and then sat up and buried those fingers as deep as he could into his ass.

He rose off his fingers and then lowered his ass back onto his digits. I saw him reach for something beside the couch, and then he rolled onto the cushions again.

He lifted both his legs up to his chest and my heart began to race as he placed a butt plug to his crack. He wasted no time in inserting it deep into his hole. He fucked himself for several minutes and then buried it deep in his ass.

Watching this perfect man ravage his body was driving me crazy. Those thoughts about having sex with my buddy that had never entered my mind before were now overflowing it. My cock was leaking and soaking my already wet jock with my man-juice. I wanted to take it out and stroke it, but with a sight as hot as the one before my eyes I didn't dare, for I knew I would cum quickly, and leave a hot sticky mess as evidence of my presence.

His cock seemed to stiffen and grow as he resumed jacking off. His nuts were lifting and he was full-on stroking his slick cock. His free hand went from holding his butt plug in his ass to rubbing his nipples again. He was close, his chest was heaving as he approached his limit. He raised his free arm over his head and buried his nose into his manly pit, inhaling deeply.

Oh how I wish I could have been in there for his climax. I heard his groans and pants as his cock exploded. The first shot made it to his chin and cheek.

He continued to stroke his meat as each eruption exited his piss slit. Does he cum this much all the time? Or was this several days pent up? Either way, it was a cum shot for the ages. His pecs and stomach were like a CSI crime scene, covered with semen.

He seemed to collapse there, breathing deeply. He took one finger and scooped the cum from his chin and cheek and sucked it off. I watched as he resumed playing with his nipples, his cock still swollen and dancing as he massaged his load over his chest.

I quickly scooted off the deck and out of the yard. I needed to get home and release my own load thinking about what I just witnessed.

Now that I know my buddy's secret, I think I'll head over to his house this weekend and see what trouble I can get into… after all it is better to play with a buddy than it is to play alone.

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  1. Was expecting a hot fuck!!
    Anw, this is a fantastic story!