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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

All Male True Experience: Midnight Jogger

By: Unknown Author
I couldn't hide the horny bulge in my shorts as I jogged down the sidewalk. My black polo shirt was cropped slightly to keep my hot ass and big package in plain view, enhanced by the basket-binding spandex shorts I was wearing. I hadn't shot a load in about five or six days, and all that pent up cum was causing a delicious churning in the pit of my groin.

My boiling balls jiggled and bounced inside the shiny silver shorts as I ran, causing the sleazy spandex to rub back and forth against my twitching cock. I knew this street was a popular late night cruising area for horny gay guys, which is exactly why I wore the skin tight spandex shorts and jogged so late at night. I got off on guys checking out my ass and prominent bulge.

I could hear a car coming from behind and felt my cock twitch, knowing the approaching headlights were shining squarely on my silver spandex encased butt. I sensed the car slowing down, and I knew I was getting checked out.

As the car passed, I could see there were two guys in the front seat, and the attention made my cock start to swell up in my shorts, making my big bulge even bigger.
As the car continued down the street, they pulled into a driveway a little ways down, and then backed out and started back the way they came. Fuck! They were turning around for another look, this time from the front!

I pulled my baseball cap down slightly to shield my eyes from the headlights and kept jogging.
Again, the car slowed down. My cock was about two thirds hard now, pressing out in bold relief against the gleaming spandex, not hiding any detail of my cock. I could feel horny eyes locked on my basket as it shamelessly grew to full hardness in the spotlight of those headlights!

Once they were very close to me, one of the guys called out, "Nice cock, man!" Then, as the car moved past me, he whistled and continued, "Hot fuckin' ass, too!" and the car started to accelerate up to the speed limit and disappeared into the night.

I started to jog faster, in a rush to get home now.

When I did, I dug my cock out of my spandex shorts, and very quickly shot a huge load all over myself… right inside my front door.

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