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Sunday, June 16, 2013

All Male True Experience: Cock Craving

By: bryan_bickley_91
My neighbor, Dan, who was openly gay, never really put the moves on me, but he did flirt a lot, like telling me I had a great ass, and I liked it. I guess I'd known I was gay, but I'd gone through the charade of acting "normal," having a very unsatisfactory sexual encounter with a girl.

I was weakening, though. The more I saw of Dan and his slim, supple body, the more I wanted to feel that body next to me. I was only eighteen and he was thirty-one, but I didn't care about the fifteen year age difference. All I knew was, the more we hung around together, the more I wanted him.

It was a gradual process, but after a few months of hanging around with him, I confirmed what I already knew about myself and came out to Dan, saying, "Show me what it's like… to be with another guy."

Dan got a look of surprise on his face for a brief moment, but didn't ask any questions. Instead, he moved forward and put his hands all over my ass, squeezing it and making me grunt and squirm helplessly, making my hard cock twitch and throb mercilessly. Dan then let go of my butt, grabbed me by the arm, and pulled me along behind him to his bedroom.

Once there, he stripped quickly out of his clothes and I did the same. After taking in each other's cocks for a moment (mine was rock hard, his was semi), he spun me around to get a look at my naked ass and said, "Oh yeah, such a fucking hot ass!"

He then pushed me onto his bed on my back and laid his naked body on top of mine, cock to cock, and began grinding his dick into mine. It felt absolutely wonderful, and I felt ready to blast a load of cum between our bellies right away.

The only thing that stopped me from cumming was the fact that Dan began to slowly work his way down my body, no longer rubbing himself against my cock. He tenderly licked and kissed me from my face down my neck, to my chest, where he sucked my nipples into hard points, then down my stomach and over my pubic hair. Then he licked my nuts, and then took my balls into his mouth and gave them a tongue bath.

I was moaning a lot and my ball sack had drawn up in his mouth. Knowing I was close, he put an end to the blissful torture and wrapped his lips around my hard as steel cock. In seconds, I blasted off, feeding him every drop of cum my teenage body could produce, shooting my nuts off with incredible force, while Dan hungrily sucked it all down, swallowing every drop I fed him, sucking me dry.

As my chest heaved in the after effects of my orgasm, that's when he said, "I know you're probably not ready to have your ass drilled, since this is your first time with a guy, but I've got to have that gorgeous ass. Turn over, and let me fuck your crack. I won't penetrate you, don't worry."

I eagerly flipped over and quickly felt Dan's dangling balls tickling my ass-cheeks. He then lowered his body down on top of mine and buried his hard cock between the split in my cheeks, nestling it in there like a hot dog in a bun.
Then, as he firmly grasped my shoulders, he thrust his cock up and down in my ass-crack, giving me exquisite sensations like I'd never felt before. Even though I had just cum, I was young, and my cock never went soft and now throbbed beneath me as I lay there feeling that thick cock sliding between my cheeks. It felt absolutely amazing!

In very short order, Dan's pace intensified and he grunted, his cock firing thick streams of warm cum all over my back. He squeezed my shoulders tightly as he came, and then rubbed his sticky spunk all over my back, giving me a wonderful massage.

When I rolled back over, Dan smiled wickedly at the sight of my still hard teenage cock. The man didn't even hesitate. He went down on me a second time, gobbling me up, using his lips and tongue to send me reeling.

I thrust my hips off the bed, pushing my cock deeper into his mouth, moaning uninhibitedly as Dan's talented mouth worked me over ravenously. My whole body was shaking with wild desire, and my nuts tightened up again quickly.

Dan sucked like a vacuum, and soon he was swallowing my second eruption of jizz, drinking it down as if it were the nectar of the gods, moaning as he savored my taste.

I came out that day, if to no one else but to myself and Dan, and it felt good to honestly own my feelings. Dan taught me everything about gay sex over the next while, including fucking my virgin ass and letting me experience fucking a man, too.

That was only three years ago, and I haven't had much sex with other guys yet, but I no longer try to have sex with girls to be "normal". I am normal… I just happen to like guys, that's all. And I will never forget Dan for helping me to discover the joy of being gay!

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