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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Straight Fiction: Cheryl's Hen Night Surprise

By: Scorpio77
The girls were getting ready for Cheryl's Hen Night party. Cheryl was an attractive, blonde haired, twenty-five year old who'd decided to settle down with David. Both of them had known each other since high school and everyone could see they were made for each other. David was a tall, dark haired, well-toned man whom Cheryl had met when she was a cheerleader in school.

The party included Cheryl's sister, Carol, and her four friends, Nikki, Angela, Kirsty, and Sarah. They had decided to dress up like cheerleaders for the party. The only difference was that Cheryl was wearing a white headdress.

David came downstairs to hear them all shrieking and whooping.

"Hey Dave, you know its bad luck to see the bride!" Carol shouted.

"Don't worry, she's not in her wedding dress," Angela smiled, and the girls giggled.

"What do you think of the outfits David?" Cheryl asked.

The outfits where very tight fitting and low cut. They showed off every curve of the very attractive group of women. Each of them was also wearing very skimpy white miniskirts to match their blue tops.

"You'd better watch yourselves. Not wearing much, you'll catch your death in that!" David joked.

"Oh, don't worry; it will be pretty hot in the bar!" Nikki back chatted.

The girls whooped.

David shook his head. "Just remember… no strippers!"

"Boo!" Kirsty shouted.

"David used to strip for me all the time!" shrieked Cheryl.

The girls all giggled and teasingly told David to 'take it off.'

David couldn't wait to get out of there and get to his own bachelor party. It was at his buddy Michael's house, which he shared with his girlfriend, the aforementioned Sarah. It was only a street away, so he interrupted their teasing comments, quickly said his goodbyes, and headed over there.

When David arrived at Michael's, all the guys were already there, including the boyfriends or husbands of the other girls, all of whom he was friends with, too. Before he even took a seat, a beer was thrust into his hand, along with the usual jokes about it being his last night of freedom.

They were all drinking heavily, and after a few hours it came time for Michael, the best man, to make an announcement.

"Now Davie, we've done some incredible dares in your time, and have we got one for you on your stag night!"

"Oh, ok, I was waiting for this. What is it?" David asked with leeriness.

Michael looked around at the other guys, grinning, and then back at David. "Ok, you have to go to the bank machine near my house, and you have to go there and back… completely naked!"

The guys whooped.

"Oh come on!" David said.

The guys made chicken sounds.

"Ok, fine," David smiled. The ATM was only down the road and it was late on a Thursday, no one would be about.

He stood up and pulled his shirt off, unbuckled his jeans and slid them off.

"You can keep your shoes on," Michael mentioned as the men all laughed.

Finally, David slid his boxers off. He was quite well-endowed and the guys all made jokes, like, "Don't let that thing hit you in the face when you are running down the street," "Well now we know why Cheryl is marrying you," and "Hey, careful you don't trip on your third leg, buddy."

Michael collected David's clothes, and then ushered him to the door and opened it.

"Annnd... Go!"

With that Michael ran out like a shot down the road to get to the ATM. He reached it, patted it, and then started to run back to Michael's. However, to his confusion, he went down the wrong street, into his own.

All of a sudden he could hear chanting from around the corner from where he was standing. He turned around and his blood ran cold. It was the girls, coming home from the bar. The girls stopped singing and just made a shocked sound. Then it turned to wolf whistles. David turned away from them and embarrassingly put his hands over his crotch.

"Hey David, you'll catch your death in that," said Kirsty, and the girls all cackled.

"Look, this was just a dare so I'll let you get on with..."

"Uh, uh, uh." Cheryl walked forward. "What was that about no strippers? I think we've got one girls!" And they all cheered. "Come on Dave," she whispered to him, "it'll be a bit of fun."

"Get the cuffs!" Carol squawked.

Cheryl had furry handcuffs on her - a gift from the party. Before he could say anything, she had grabbed his hands and shackled him. After she had done that Angela pulled out a dog leash and collar – another gag gift from the party - and wrapped it around him. After attaching the leash, she handed it to Cheryl.

"Now home!" Cheryl said as she swatted David lightly on his bare ass and then led him by his leash, along with the excited women, to her and David's house.

On the way to the house the girls chattered excitedly amidst David's protests, while Cheryl took great satisfaction in parading him down the street.
Soon they were home, and all the girls made their way to the living room and sat on the couch, apart from Cheryl and Sarah.

"As the maid of honor (and his best buddy's girlfriend), I couldn't be the only one disappointed we didn't get a stripper," Sarah began, "and now it looks like we have one after all."

"Yes, it seems that David's protest was all part of a plan for a surprise of his own," Cheryl cooed, putting her head on his shoulder.

"And I for one am very happy to have a little plaything for the evening," Sarah added.

"Hey, less of the 'little' if you don't mind!" Cheryl grinned, and the other girls all laughed.

"I think we should all get a little feel!" Carol said.

David felt himself red with embarrassment. "Oh come on, this has gone far enough."

"Go right ahead," Cheryl said approvingly, and with that the girls' hands were all over him, stroking his chest, ass, balls, and even his cock, which, despite his embarrassment, quickly defied him and grew hard.

There were cheers, giggles and wolf whistles, along with comments on its large size.

"Cheryl you won't walk for a month after the honeymoon!" Kirsty said.

"Two!" Nikki added.

"He's twice the size of my husband!" Angela chimed in.

"You mean your husband's only five inches?" Cheryl asked.

"Yes," was Angela's disappointed sounding response.

"Oh you poor girl," Sarah consoled. "I don't think any of our guys can measure up to this stud, but my Michael comes pretty close at eight inches."

The discussion then went on revealing the cock size of each girl's boyfriend or husband.
"My baby's got seven," Nikki chimed in.

"Six and a half," Kirsty said.

Carol was single but volunteered that her ex-boyfriend had about six inches.

David was so embarrassed at having to hear these things. He knew all of these guys and really didn't need to know, or want to know what they were packing in their pants. Still, his cock remained stiff as a board. How could it not as the girls tortured him by pressing their bodies into him, then playing with his boner.

They then started pouring wine on his chest and licking it off. They had made him into their little plaything and there wasn't a damn thing he could do about it.

An hour into the fun the doorbell rang, and David was quickly hidden from view by Cheryl. Angela opened the door to find Michael standing there. After the fun she'd been having, Michael's dark Italian looks appealed to her as well.

"The guys all went home. Have you seen Dave?"

"Oh have we seen David," said Nikki.

With that Cheryl and Sarah presented him to Michael. He burst out laughing.

"I'm going to kill you!" David screamed at Michael.

"Oh man that is too funny," Michael said through laughter.

"Sorry Mike. Only girls can be clothed at this party," Sarah smiled.

"What?" Michael wasn't laughing anymore.

"Hmm, Groom and best man naked, Bride and maid clothed. How about that?"

With that the girls ran to Michael and ripped his shirt and jeans right off, handcuffed him in the same manner as David, and pulled his boxers off.

"Not so funny now is it," David remarked as Michael went bright red.

"Ugh, they're both so hairy down there, but their smooth everywhere else!" Kirsty said.

"Then let's do something about that," remarked Carol.

The girls laid the men down on the floor. Each one then smothered shaving cream all over their privates.
The men, despite feeling incredibly embarrassed, secretly enjoyed the attention and now both were incredibly stiff.

The girls all had a razor and spent time shaving them. Once they were finished, Cheryl, the lucky Hen, had the job of toweling them off.

"Now what?" Sarah asked.

"I think the boys want some more fun," Angela remarked, pointing to their bobbing dicks.

Both men were desperate to cover themselves but could do nothing with their hands behind their backs.

"Come on, let us go. You've had your fun," Michael said.

"I think we've heard quite enough from you," Sarah replied. With that she grabbed the men's underwear from the floor and stuffed them in their mouths so they couldn't speak.

"I think you men should stand outside while we girls have a chat," Cheryl said. She was having a wonderful time with this.
She led the men, David by his leash and Michael by his cock, to the outside garden, and then un-cuffed them briefly, only to chain them to a garden pole.

"Sorry guys, but this is revenge."

They looked at each other, and although unable to speak because of the gags, their expressions clearly indicated they were both having the same thought: Revenge for what?

What felt like an eternity finally came to an end as the girls all walked out into the back garden.

Cheryl piped up. "I was just reminding the girls about what happened to all us girls during the last year of high school."

Suddenly it hit both guys like a flash. The boys had told the girls that they were to go to a different changing room for gym. When they did, many boys walked in on them when they were showering. They felt humiliated as the boys leered over their naked bodies.

"Sorry guys, but this was too much of an opportunity. We've been waiting seven years to get you guys back," Cheryl said as she moved in front of them, with Sarah moving in as well.

The two women then removed the boys' gags.

"Jesus, Cheryl," David said.

"Yeah," Michael agreed. "That was seven years ago. We were just immature teenagers for Christ's sake!"

The two women looked at each other, considering this.

"Perhaps you are right," Cheryl said. "How about we make it up to you?" And with that both women smiled at each other, and then took their lover's now soft cock into their hand and started to stroke it.

The two men were both soon erect.

While this was going on, Kirsty and Nikki stroked David's chest and whispered what they would like to do to them, while Carol and Angela did the same to Michael.

The two men felt a wave come over them. All of a sudden Cheryl yanked her hand off David's cock, and Sarah followed suit seconds later.

"Why'd you stop?" Michael panted. "I was so close!"

"Me too!" David huffed.

"Aw, still horny?" Cheryl said as she pressed down on the head of her fianc├ęs horse cock and then let it spring up. "Only one thing can cure that."

"Yeah… cold water!" Nikki shouted as Cheryl and Sarah moved aside, and then Nikki and Kirsty each threw a bucket of ice cold water at both men's crotches.

Both men squealed like… well… like girls, from the shock, and their hard, aching pricks instantly began to lose their rigidity.

Cheryl gave Michael a peck on his cheek, then gave David a big one on his lips. "Thanks for the wedding gift boys."

The two women un-cuffed and unleashed the men and led them by the hand into the house, and over to the front door. Sarah handed Michael the key to his house and told them to go sleep there.

"What about something to cover up with?" Michael asked.

"Yeah, let me go upstairs and put something on first," David agreed.

"We didn't have anything to cover up with in that changing room when all those boys walked in on us in the showers. You go home naked, or you can sleep in the garden… with only each other's naked bodies to keep you from freezing your nuts off," Sarah replied. "Your choice," she continued as she opened the door.

The two naked men looked at each other… and then bolted down the street towards Michael's house.

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