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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

All Male Fiction: Fratrow's Pizza

By: Tommyhawk1


I changed into the shirt in the backroom, perched the cap on my head, checked myself in the mirror, and sighed. Is there anything tackier than a pizza uniform? You know the guy who takes your pizza order and cooks your pizza? Well, that was the look I got back in the mirror. Me, Jake Meadows, pizza boy. Hell of a way to make a buck when you're in college!

And to add insult to injury, this place was located near Fraternity Row and aptly named Fratrow's Pizza. So, I'd mostly be serving pizzas to people from the various dorms and sororities. There was plenty of business to be had, of course... but the thought of taking tips from guys I'd be sitting next to in class the next day was the worst sort of demeaning.

I firmed up my resolve and looked into the mirror again and said, "So you have to work while you go to college? Anybody who would give a shit about that isn't worth having as a friend!"

Todd stuck his head in. "You in here, Jake?" He saw me in front of the mirror. "Yeah, you look gorgeous already! Now get your butt out here, we got orders waiting."

"Sure," I said and I went out to get to work.

Making pizzas isn't such a big thing. You have a machine that rolls out the dough for you nice and thin, you just put it on the pizza pan and cut off the excess, throw the excess back into the batch of dough to be rolled out anew, use a ladle to spoon on the sauce, spread it around with the base of the ladle, measure out the shredded cheese to sprinkle over it, measure out the topping and put it on, shove the pizza into the oven and let it cook. Take it out when it was brown, easy enough.

I settled into the routine pretty easily, it's not hard work and you have the order in front of you to check things on, and the amounts to put on the pizzas was on a chart up on the wall over the ingredients.

About ten minutes before ten, a customer came up and asked, "Am I too early for the special?"

Todd looked at the clock. "Another ten minutes."

"Oh," the guy said. "Uh, give me a Coke. I'll wait." The guy looked over at me. "A new guy?"

"Yeah, his first night."

"Cool," the guy said. "Is he in on the special?"

"Been too busy to ask him," Todd said. "You want me to?"

"Yeah, thanks," the guy said.

Things had slowed down enough that Todd was able to take me away from my job at the table. "What did he mean the special?" I asked.

"After ten o'clock, we get the choice of staying open or not," Todd said. "The owner says if we stay open, we get to keep any profit from the sales. Anything we sell after ten o'clock, the owner keeps one-third of the sale to help cover the cost of ingredients, and we get to keep the rest."

"Okay," I said. But that doesn't explain..."

"Why this guy is waiting to order his pizza until after ten o'clock? Because of the special," Todd said. "It's our way of making sure the people are willing to buy a pizza after ten at night."

"So what is the special?" I asked.

"A blowjob," Todd said point blank.


"The customer gets sucked off by one of us."
"Are you joking?"

"Hey, we also charge what we want. Large pizza costs twenty-one fifty, that's fifteen bucks for whoever does the blow."
"But to suck..." I started to object.

"You get to choose who you do it with or not," Todd said. "But we are the pizza place for Fraternity Row. Nearly everyone who comes in that door is a young, hung college jock. Like this guy waiting now."

I took a few steps and peered out at the guy, now sitting at a table, waiting patiently for ten o'clock. The doorbell rang, two more guys came in. Nearly ten o'clock now.

"What do you say?" Todd asked. "Only the two of us tonight. It's five of us on weekend nights. Business will be brisk through to midnight."
"I don't know..." I said slowly.

"I won't insist," Todd said. "I kinda thought you were gay, since part of the interview process is sucking the owner's dick, but maybe you just did that to get the job, and aren't really gay or into sucking cock just for fun."

It was true; the owner did make it clear that if I wanted the job I would have to suck his cock. Even though he wasn't my type, I had done it because I was desperate for a job and had failed to get one after trying for a while. Sucking him off made getting the job a sure thing. I thought it was odd at the time, that he would say it was a 'requirement', but now I understood.

I'd been at this college for two years; I was surprised that I'd never heard a peep from anyone about this aspect of the pizza place. I knew it was popular with the guys, but still, I'd never heard about what happened here after ten o'clock at night.

Todd was staring at me, and when I didn't answer he said, "Well if you're not going to get down on your knees and suck some cock, I'm going to be busy. Tell you what, you fix the pizzas and take the orders, and I'll cut you in for two dollars for each pizza you make."

"And you stay out and suck dicks, at thirteen dollars each." I said dubiously.

"Hey, if you want the full fifteen for a large pizza, we can trade off. I'm not greedy; there'll be plenty for all."

The bell on the counter rang.

"Nearly ten o'clock," Todd said. "Think it over. But think fast. We're about to get busy. Best business is right at ten o'clock, with a second one about midnight. Guys whose dates didn't put out for them come by to get their nuts emptied."

The doorbell rang again, and then again after a pause.

Jeez, what was I going to do? I saw Todd shrug to the guy who was asking for me for the special.

More cute than handsome, his face was almost triangular, the chin small and pointed, the forehead wide, and eyebrows, while a bit strong, they helped to make his eyes liquid, a deep brown that sparkled at me. The cheeks showed a surprising elasticity as he smiled at me.

"It's less than one minute until ten o'clock," Todd warned me. "What are you going to do, suck or not suck?"

I looked at Todd, to the guy again, and I nodded, to the guy rather than Todd. That won me a bigger smile.

"I'll help you out with taking care of some of those dicks, I need the money."

"Good man. I just knew you were a cocksucker, too," Todd said smiling, and then with some ceremony, he announced, "It is now ten o'clock."

My man was first in line. "Yes, I'd like a large pizza with pepperoni and sausage and... and mushrooms. Yeah, lots of mushrooms."

I took the order with some puzzlement. A three-topping pizza was listed at twenty-seven dollars. That would be eighteen to me, not that I was doing this for the money. Well, not only for the money. I was going to have sex with this guy, but I wasn't sure about the next guy in line!

Todd stepped up as I finished ringing him up. "The rule is you fix the pizza, then you service him while it's cooking. Only when you're done with him do you take the next order. Got that?"

"Sure," I said. A pizza takes a good fifteen minutes to cook. I was sure I could suck off a hot guy in that time, probably less.

"And the order you just got…" Todd hesitated.


"Pepperoni means you suck him standing up, the sausage means you take his cock deep, and the mushrooms means you give him ball play. You up for that?"

I looked at the guy and smiled. "Kind of what I had planned in the first place," I admitted.

"Good man." Todd clapped his hand on my shoulder, then said to the next guy in line, "May I take your order?"

Off to the left of the main dining room we had two smaller rooms, meant for groups and private parties. I didn't need Todd's gesture to know that this was where I was to take the customer.

"My name's Les," my partner panted as we got inside the room. The rooms weren't private per se. Windows let those in the store look in from the counter and table area, but at least it wasn't the same as being on display in the front showcase-sized window in the main store, which let people peer in from the street as they walked by!

I looked out to see the guys who were still waiting, watching, deciding if they wanted me to "make their pizza."

None of them were anything but easy on the eyes. Big, buffed studs one and all. My decision to embark upon this nightly "special" suddenly looked a lot easier! It's one thing to offer your body for sale to one and all; it's another thing to have a line of hot guys waiting for you to get around to servicing them.

Looking back to Les, he had his pants opened and pulled down to mid-thigh, and his cock and balls exposed for my special service. Right, lots of mushrooms on this pizza!

I leaned down, and instead of taking his cock in my mouth, I dove for that pair of orbs below. My tongue came out and I lapped them like a big, over-friendly dog laps your face. Les threw his head back and moaned as my tongue slapped over and up the hairy globes, my taste buds picking up the husky raunch of his ball-sweat as I went.
Les' balls rolled under my tongue and I got hold of his seven-incher, not to work it but to hold it up out of the way and help steady his nuts. I lavished his balls with my tongue again and again until they shone with a silvery sheen.

"Oh, God, now, suck me now," Les moaned.

I dove onto Les' cock, and I slid that solidly fat piece of man-sausage right down my throat.

"Oh, God! Oh, God!" Les groaned. "All the way down the first time!" he triumphed to the watching guys. I didn't know how many were out there now. "All the fucking way down! Shit! God! Fuck! Yeah!"

With verbal encouragement like that, I was more than ready to give Les a ride for his money. An appreciative man can stir you to a better performance, after all, and Les was spewing out his gratitude for my actions.

I caught hold of Les' ass cheeks with my hands, and I used the leverage to drive his cock down my throat, giving him the ride of his life. I wanted this to be the best fucking blowjob he'd ever had, and give future lovers of his a run for their money. This "special" was going to be damned special, indeed!

My tongue came into play again; I was slathering it back and forth as I moved up and down on his prick. Les was moaning and grunting out his enthusiasm for my talents, and I was driving his cock harder and harder as a result.

Les groaned louder and louder, and then he let out a sort of near-scream, and when he did, his jizz gushed into my mouth.

God, there was a lot of it, too! I was nearly drowning in spunk, and Les was thrusting at my mouth and driving that cock deep as he squirted. I had to catch hold of him when he pulled out, and hold his dick just in my mouth, and from there I was able to start drinking down the hot squibs of cum Les was shooting.

Les dropped into a shivering sort of babbling. It was all: oh god, that's good, oh yeah, good head, and so on, murmuring like a stream of expired passion.

"Oh, god, that was hot!" Les said ending things with these words as he yanked his cock out of my mouth and stuffed it into his pants. "Jesus, man, if you're working on Friday night, I'm coming back for seconds!"

I smiled. "I work Saturday and Sunday," I said. "But not Friday."

"I'll be back Saturday. Maybe Sunday, too."

"Well, I hope you can eat a lot of pizza," I joked as I went back out.

Les' pizza was almost done; I had spent longer on him that I'd thought.

I stepped up to the register and tapped in the code that unlocked it. "Okay, who's next?" I said. Todd was in the back. I looked out. God, we had nearly ten guys in here!

Three guys tried to get up to the counter.

"Hey, guys, one at a time, please!" I said.

A big, blond guy made it up to the front, and my embarrassment returned. I knew this guy. "Hey, Don," I said.

"Hey Jake. Uh, I'd, uh, I'd like, uh, a medium pizza, uh, yeah, with sausage, yeah, and uh, and green peppers, and with, uh, a bit of onion. But not really onion, I mean, you... you know what I mean," he stammered.

Don was on the football team, one of the defensive line, a quiet guy, not at all the mean-spirited jock. He was more of the gentle giant. Don had starred in my dreams last year when I'd first met him. Now, here I was, offering to give him a "special."

"Okay." I rang up the total. "Uh, Don, I'm new here. I don't know what green peppers and onion means… for the special." I couldn't bring myself to mention what the special meant!

"Oh." Don was abashed as I was. "You don't have to do it if you don't want to."

"But what is it?" I asked.

"Uh, fix me the pizza and I'll tell you when we get into the room," Don nattered.

I fixed his pizza (without the vaunted onions) and put it in the oven and took Don to the room. I saw Todd finishing off his first client, a studly black guy, and the two quickly left, leaving me and Don to get down to business.

"Uh, green peppers means you work your mouth really fast," Don said. "And onions means that you drink it all down when I shoot."

"Oh," I said.

"Jake, I'm feeling a bit weird about this," Don went on. "I mean, I know you and all."

"I'm not that comfortable about all this myself," I admitted. "But hell, I need the extra money, and it's not like I intend to do anything with anybody I wouldn't do for free." I was kidding myself, maybe, but it did matter to me, damn it!

"But paying you for a blowjob..." Don began.

"Don't think of it like that," I said. "You're buying a pizza at our special price, that's all."

"But you and me..."

I shut him up again, this time by my hand groping at his jeans, feeling the hard bulge. Don moaned hungrily.

When I let go, his pretense of reluctance was gone. Don shivered, then his hands reached down and fought his fly. I knelt down and the big cock flopped out of his jeans.

My eyes bulged out as I saw it. Don was almost ludicrously well-endowed! "My God, Don, you have a monster down there."

"I know." Don seemed almost ashamed of his virile gift of the gods. "I understand if you don't want to do it or something."

"Not want to?" I almost laughed hysterically. "I want to. Wanting and being able, that's two different things."

"Oh." Don's smile was as soft and warm as the rising sun of a late spring day. "Well, if you try, that'll be okay."

"More than okay," I said. "Hold still, I'm going to need to be in control on this one."

Don leaned his ass against the table to steady himself, his broad, brawny body making a graceful arc with his huge cock sticking out. His cock was a good ten inches long, and as fat as any two cocks of average thickness put together.

Leaning forward, I took Don's cockhead in my mouth. It filled my mouth from one side to the other. My teeth couldn't help but scrape it some as it went in, but Don didn't gripe, just held still.

I stopped with the head resting on my tongue and began to work up my spit. Once I got my mouth full of my saliva, I slathered it over Don's cockhead and pulled up and down a few times to spread the moisture around.

Then I went back down again, this time with my mouth remoistened, and then began the arduous task of stuffing the sausage-sized dick into my mouth and throat.

Don loved my attentions, and had his eyes closed in bliss, his face gentle and soft with his rising desire.

When I finally got his prick greased up with my spit, I began to move on him. Slow at first, getting used to it. I suddenly remembered his order of green peppers. Don wanted it fast.

Giving him head fast was a tall order... or should I call it a fat order? But I moved as rapidly as I could, and Don was moaning as I moved. I got the sudden feeling that most of his erstwhile lovers had been frightened off by this monster prick, either changing their minds or just jerking him off. But I had a few inches of his cock in my mouth, and I was plying him with all the skill and speed I could muster.

Even though Don was moaning as I worked over his big dick with my mouth, he wasn't doing it loudly. Like Don himself, they were quiet things, almost sighs in their softness, and even as his passion grew, the moans didn't grow in volume, only in their closeness to each other. I had almost no warning when he suddenly came, and with a soft sighing sound, his cock poured his semen into my mouth.

Onions he had ordered. That meant I was expected to take it all down my throat and swallow it like he had paid for. Easy enough for me. Don's huge cock, perhaps as a result of its size, only spewed the cum in a slow, leisurely flow. I was able to drink him down without any choking or spraying as I had suffered with Les. Don was as gentle as a teddy bear.

Don's sighs of pleasure moved his chest up and down rapidly for a time after his cum flow stopped, and then he recovered and opened his eyes, looked at me and smiled.

"You're good," he said to me in a whisper.

"Just a part of the service," I joked.

Back outside, I checked Don's pizza, and there was still a good while to go. Todd's pizza was done, I took it out and cut it up, gave it to the guy who had been taken care of by Todd before.

"Okay, who's next?" I asked the line of horny studs.

I had worried about my social life while working and going to college full-time. But from the looks of things, everything was going to work out just fine.

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