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Friday, June 7, 2013

Bisexual True Experience: Ad Persuasion

By: Unknown Author
It all started while browsing some adult personals on the Internet one night when I was bored. I was just reading them for fun, and to pass the time. I had never really considered answering an ad, but one caught my attention, enough so that I actually did respond.

The ad stated that a recently married couple was looking for a bisexual guy to have sex with the husband while the wife watched. It also gave some brief stats.

The idea of having sex with another guy while someone watched, especially a woman, the guy's wife, really excited me. So, I replied right then and there, well aware that nothing would probably come of it.

I got a reply the next day. Quite a few emails went back and forth. We discussed lots of things, and he made a point of letting me know that being newly married, the threesome had nothing to do with boredom in the bedroom, simply that it was his new bride that wanted to see him with another guy.

Even with all the emails back and forth, I still didn't think that anything would actually happen. People play games, or have good intentions, but when it comes right down to it, they can't or won't go through with it. But, soon enough, I found myself driving to their house to meet them.

I was a little wary, as I often was when going to meet someone for the first time, especially when they lived out in the middle of nowhere. Trying to find a fucking farmhouse in the dark wasn't fun either, but my Internet friend's directions were actually pretty good, and soon I was standing at the door ringing the bell.

In a moment a man greeted me. He was tall and powerfully built, as a man who worked doing physical labor all day ought to be, something he had mentioned in his emails. He was a bit older than I would normally go for, probably in his fifties, with short grey hair. I was just glad that he was in-shape and a nice looking guy. That fact, along with this being a unique situation, allowed me to make an exception in this case.

He ushered me in out of the cold and invited me to take off my jacket. After instructing me to hang it by the door, he then directed me right to the bedroom.

When I inquired about his wife, he said she was taking a shower, and would join us shortly. He also added that she would probably join in at some point, if that was ok with me. It was definitely ok with me! Especially since he had mentioned his wife was younger than he.

I expected we'd wait for her to join us in the bedroom, since the idea of this whole thing was for her to watch her husband doing it with another guy. But rather than wait, he began stripping out of his clothes. With the suggestion that I strip as well, I began to remove my clothing, too.

The husband was broad-shouldered and well-muscled, with a flat stomach that belied his age. His cock was also impressive, already hard, and thick. He took in my body and cock as well, then sat on the bed, patted it next to him, inviting me to join him.

When I did, he reached out and began to stroke my dick. It didn't take long for me to get hard, and soon he was bent over me, licking and kissing the head of my cock. Then he took it into his warm mouth.

It was then that his wife came into the room, wrapped in a towel, and using another one to dry her long hair. My first impression was her youth; yes, he had mentioned in our email conversations that his bride was younger than him, but she was much younger than I had imagined, probably in her late twenties or early thirties.

When she saw her husband was not alone, and had a mouthful of cock, she said not a word, and went to an overstuffed chair and slid it close to the bed. Then she dropped her towels and sat down.

She was very petite, downright skinny, really, but not unattractive. Her eyes were beautiful and sparkled with promise of inner passion. She threw one leg over the arm of the chair and casually began stroking her pussy.

I tried to concentrate on the wonderful blowjob I was receiving, but the audience of one made it feel a bit surreal. She gazed intently at my crotch, watching my hardness disappearing into her husband's mouth over and over again. I was aware that I needed to put on a show.

So with some gentle maneuvering, I pushed the husband back into a sixty-nine position, with me crouching over him. His cock was very hard and already leaking pre-cum. I dove down on it and started pleasuring him with the same intense attention he was showing to mine.

We remained that way for a long while, both of us enjoying the suck job, as well as the feel of a hard cock in our mouths.

Finally he stopped and suggested I fuck him. Guy-on-guy fucking, and who would fuck whom, was something we had discussed in our email communications. It had been decided that I would fuck him, but I wasn't interested in having the favor returned.

As he flipped over onto his hands and knees and reached for the lube on the bedside table, I stole a glance at his wife as I took up position behind him. She was now working two fingers across her clit. Her skin glistened in the soft light, her hair still wet.

Once my cock and his hole had been sufficiently prepared with lube, I slowly worked my dick into his tight ass. After a moment, I began to slowly thrust.

He was in heaven, his head hanging, with lustful groans escaping his lips as he stroked his cock in rhythm to my thrusting. As I increased my rhythm so did he, and he finally exploded a huge load of cum.

I probably could have cum, too, but I didn't want to yet. I wanted to see if his blushing bride was ready to make it a threesome. So I pulled out, stood, and reached for the damp towel she had used on her hair to wipe the lube off my cock.

I did that right in front of her, my dick hard and throbbing in front of her face. Her eyes were glued to it. I waited for her to make the first move, but she did nothing. Finally I stepped closer to her, placed my hand on the back of her head, and nudged it toward me. She immediately took my dick into her mouth.

She was as good at sucking cock as her husband. I didn't let it go on for too long, however, because I wanted to be inside her.

Pulling my dick from her mouth, I got her out of the chair and onto her back on the bed. I knelt between her legs and felt her slit with my fingers. She was very wet, so I lowered my head to taste the juice that was leaking from her cunt. As I did so, she groaned.

After just a taste, I repositioned myself between her legs and gently worked the head of my cock into her pussy. She arched her back and groaned again. She was tight, but very well lubricated, and I began pistoning into her like a machine.

The husband moved across the bed and positioned himself beside her head, rubbing his reviving cock across her lips. She seemed reluctant to pay it much attention – seemingly more focused on the dick-pounding she was getting instead – but finally relented and took his cock into her mouth.

When I reached between her legs and began brushing my fingertip over her clit, she groaned and arched her back, and then released her oral grip on her husband's cock and cried out in release.

Once she had recovered, I thought about my own release, which was long overdue. I flipped her over and took her doggie-style, pounding her pussy with increasing speed and force until I felt my own cum rising. I pulled out and shot a powerful first stream across her back. The husband reached down, scooped up a bit of my load with his finger, and tasted it.

Sated, we collapsed into a heap in the middle of the bed. Other than some moans and groans, the wife hadn't said a word the entire time.

The man and his wife ended up falling asleep not long after. I slipped back into my clothes and managed to let myself out without waking them.

Driving home, I thought about how hot the experience was. It was the hottest time I had ever had, and one that I would love to do again someday. I'll definitely be looking at the personals again, only this time with an objective, not just to pass the time.

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