"We have reason to believe that man first walked upright to free his hands for masturbation."

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Straight Fiction: Cheryl's Hen Night Surprise

By: Scorpio77
The girls were getting ready for Cheryl's Hen Night party. Cheryl was an attractive, blonde haired, twenty-five year old who'd decided to settle down with David. Both of them had known each other since high school and everyone could see they were made for each other. David was a tall, dark haired, well-toned man whom Cheryl had met when she was a cheerleader in school.

The party included Cheryl's sister, Carol, and her four friends, Nikki, Angela, Kirsty, and Sarah. They had decided to dress up like cheerleaders for the party. The only difference was that Cheryl was wearing a white headdress.

David came downstairs to hear them all shrieking and whooping.

"Hey Dave, you know its bad luck to see the bride!" Carol shouted.

"Don't worry, she's not in her wedding dress," Angela smiled, and the girls giggled.

"What do you think of the outfits David?" Cheryl asked.

The outfits where very tight fitting and low cut. They showed off every curve of the very attractive group of women. Each of them was also wearing very skimpy white miniskirts to match their blue tops.

"You'd better watch yourselves. Not wearing much, you'll catch your death in that!" David joked.

"Oh, don't worry; it will be pretty hot in the bar!" Nikki back chatted.

The girls whooped.

David shook his head. "Just remember… no strippers!"

"Boo!" Kirsty shouted.

"David used to strip for me all the time!" shrieked Cheryl.

The girls all giggled and teasingly told David to 'take it off.'

David couldn't wait to get out of there and get to his own bachelor party. It was at his buddy Michael's house, which he shared with his girlfriend, the aforementioned Sarah. It was only a street away, so he interrupted their teasing comments, quickly said his goodbyes, and headed over there.

When David arrived at Michael's, all the guys were already there, including the boyfriends or husbands of the other girls, all of whom he was friends with, too. Before he even took a seat, a beer was thrust into his hand, along with the usual jokes about it being his last night of freedom.

They were all drinking heavily, and after a few hours it came time for Michael, the best man, to make an announcement.

"Now Davie, we've done some incredible dares in your time, and have we got one for you on your stag night!"

"Oh, ok, I was waiting for this. What is it?" David asked with leeriness.

Michael looked around at the other guys, grinning, and then back at David. "Ok, you have to go to the bank machine near my house, and you have to go there and back… completely naked!"

The guys whooped.

"Oh come on!" David said.

The guys made chicken sounds.

"Ok, fine," David smiled. The ATM was only down the road and it was late on a Thursday, no one would be about.

He stood up and pulled his shirt off, unbuckled his jeans and slid them off.

"You can keep your shoes on," Michael mentioned as the men all laughed.

Finally, David slid his boxers off. He was quite well-endowed and the guys all made jokes, like, "Don't let that thing hit you in the face when you are running down the street," "Well now we know why Cheryl is marrying you," and "Hey, careful you don't trip on your third leg, buddy."

Michael collected David's clothes, and then ushered him to the door and opened it.

"Annnd... Go!"

With that Michael ran out like a shot down the road to get to the ATM. He reached it, patted it, and then started to run back to Michael's. However, to his confusion, he went down the wrong street, into his own.

All of a sudden he could hear chanting from around the corner from where he was standing. He turned around and his blood ran cold. It was the girls, coming home from the bar. The girls stopped singing and just made a shocked sound. Then it turned to wolf whistles. David turned away from them and embarrassingly put his hands over his crotch.

"Hey David, you'll catch your death in that," said Kirsty, and the girls all cackled.

"Look, this was just a dare so I'll let you get on with..."

"Uh, uh, uh." Cheryl walked forward. "What was that about no strippers? I think we've got one girls!" And they all cheered. "Come on Dave," she whispered to him, "it'll be a bit of fun."

"Get the cuffs!" Carol squawked.

Cheryl had furry handcuffs on her - a gift from the party. Before he could say anything, she had grabbed his hands and shackled him. After she had done that Angela pulled out a dog leash and collar – another gag gift from the party - and wrapped it around him. After attaching the leash, she handed it to Cheryl.

"Now home!" Cheryl said as she swatted David lightly on his bare ass and then led him by his leash, along with the excited women, to her and David's house.

Straight Fiction: Ahead of Time

By: Tom Allen
"You're going to be locked up for a long time," she said casually.

She was lying against my side, her fingernails tracing lines up my thighs, stomach, and chest. We had just finished having sex, and were basking in the afterglow. Well, at least she was basking; I hadn't cum — nor had I for the past couple of weeks — and was still aroused.

"I know you don't like to know ahead of time when I'm going to let you out, but I just wanted you to know that it's going to be, well, a long time. We haven't played at a really long term in a while, and I was thinking that I wanted to try it again."

I failed to suppress a whimper, and she looked up at me. "I hope you're not complaining," she admonished. "I mean, I unlocked you at the end of the summer, and you spent all autumn free as a bird. Winter's almost half over. In fact, I can't remember when you've had so much free time."

It was true; I'd been unlocked for months, but it wasn't exactly a Roman orgy around here.

"Yeah, but with both of us getting the flu, plus the holidays, work, and all that, we barely had any sex at all, so it's not like I've been running wild," I explained. "I mean, for a couple of months we even thought there was something in our water, since we just couldn't get excited."

She shrugged, and lay her head back down on my chest. "Anyway, since I'm going to lock you up tonight, I wanted to spend some quality time with you; it's going to be the last time that your cock is going to be free for quite a while, and I had to get enough of it to keep me motivated."

I whimpered again. Despite not having as much sex as I would have liked, I had certainly gotten used to touching myself whenever I felt like it, and feeling her warm ass against my bare cock as we lay spooning, and of course, being allowed to cum pretty much every time we did have sex — as infrequently as it had been. And although we keep talking about long term denial as a fantasy — a really hot fantasy for both of us — the fact was that it'd been quite a while since we played at that, and I wasn't totally looking forward to actually doing it. Sure, I knew it was only a matter of time before she wanted me back in the chastity device, but as the weeks seemed to slip by, I just fell out of the groove.

Until tonight.

"No wonder you were so aroused earlier," I said. "You must have been thinking about this all week."

Our earlier sex had started gently, but her passion had increased until she was raking my back and bucking her hips. I had to pull myself back from the edge of my own orgasm a dozen times, until finally she was sated. She hadn't given me permission to cum, and I was hoping that she would let me finish inside her. Instead, she asked me to wait just a little longer, and then did something she hadn't done in a few years — which is how I ended up with my arms restrained to the headboard while she relaxed against me.

She nodded, and then stretched. "I'm getting too relaxed," she told me. "I'd better get moving, or else I'll fall asleep."

"Please don't do that," I said.

She propped herself up onto her elbow, and wrapped her hand around my cock; even though we had been lying there almost a half hour, it was still firm. She squeezed it, and my hips bucked involuntarily; my hands shot down a couple of inches before they were arrested by the velcro restraints. She smiled, and then put her head down to tease me with her tongue. I moaned lightly, and pushed my hips up to meet her. She took my cock into her mouth and ran her tongue up and down the underside until I begged her to stop.

"No, please," I gasped, "I don't want to cum just yet. Please!"

She sat up and smiled wickedly. "I told you that I'm going to lock you up tonight, when I'm done. And I'm going to do it right after you cum, because I know that you lose that horny edge. I like making you do something right then, because I know you don't want to."

I nodded slowly, remembering how she finds it amusing.

"But you know what amazes me?" she asked. "That you always look back on it a few days later, and then tell me that making you do whatever it was, was the hottest thing ever. Why do you think that happens?"

I shook my head. "I don't know. The more I think back on it, the hotter is seems. Maybe it's because although I didn't want to at the time, when I think about it later, I'm thinking about it with my horny brain cells."

She snorted, then slipped off the bed and walked over to my dresser. She fished around in the back of the underwear drawer and pulled out my chastity cage. Since I was already wearing the cuff ring around my cock and balls, she had all the pieces at her disposal. She put the lock on the nightstand, and rubbed the cage around my cock.

"Hard to believe that all that meat fits in there," she smiled. She put the cage down next to the lock and began to stroke me very lightly. I squirmed and made whimpering noises.

"You know, I was thinking about that lately — how you get all hot and excited when you haven't cum, and then right afterward you're not interested anymore. At least, not for a few days." She continued stroking my shaft lightly, and then looked up at me. "I think that's enough," she said, and sat back.

"Please," I begged, "You are going to let me cum, aren't you?"

Friday, June 28, 2013

All Male Fiction: A Moth to a Flame (Part 9)

Days of Our Lives Slash Fiction

By: Mistress Euclid

The next day, Will met Sonny in Horton Square, and he could barely contain his joy at seeing him. Sonny grinned, and approached him, and their eyes met. Will wanted to hold him and kiss him right then and there, but he knew that wasn't appropriate - straight or gay. The world would be too envious. Besides, it was fun to have a secret between them for the moment.

"Hi," he said, locking eyes with Sonny.

"Hi," replied Sonny.

"I heard what you did," said Will. "EJ broke it off with me. It's over."

Sonny closed his eyes, looking very relieved. "I was afraid he wouldn't. I know he's on the wrong side of crazy, or has been."

Will shook his head. "I was just a plaything. He was probably bored of me already… look, I don't know what you're doing later, but I'd like to take you out. Tonight if you're free. On a date."

Sonny bit his lip, smiling softly. "Where?"

"There's that little Italian place near campus," said Will. "It seems romantic."

Sonny nodded. "That'd be fun."

"Pick you up at seven?"

"I'll be ready," said Sonny, and Will's heart sang.

On his way up the walkway of the Kiriakis mansion, Will ran into Brady Black. Brady was a sort of Uncle, being the half-brother of his Aunt Belle.

"Hey, Will," he said genially. "What brings you here?"

"I'm taking Sonny out," said Will.

Brady nodded. "Yeah, I knew you two were friends. You're working on the coffee shop together right?"

Will nodded. "We are," he said, "but tonight its pleasure not business." He leaned forward. "It's a date."

Brady's mouth dropped open a little bit, then he broke into a smile. "Oh… OH! I had no idea… well, good." He amiably patted Will on the shoulder. "You treat my cousin right, okay?"

Will nodded. "I plan to," he said breezily as he practically skipped up the walkway. He hadn't expected it to be so much fun telling people. In truth, the hardest person to come out to had been himself.

After a leisurely meal, Sonny and Will walked back to his apartment. The wind whipped off the river, so they clung to each other as they moved briskly. Both of them were grateful when they arrived in Will's warm apartment.

He took Sonny's jacket and hung it in the coat closet.

"Can I get you a drink?" he asked. "I've got beer, wine and vodka."

"Beer's fine," said Sonny.

Will retrieved two bottles from the fridge and opened them, handing one to Sonny.

"We should toast," he said.

Sonny looked down at his beer, and he thought for a moment. "To new beginnings," he said, almost shyly.

They clinked their glasses. Then, they drank and talked for a little while longer. About the weather. About classes. About the coffee house. Then, the beers were gone, and they stood staring at each other.

It was Sonny who stepped forward, bridging the distance between them. He didn't touch Will, though. He was so close, Will felt his breath against his skin.

"I… I want you to kiss me," whispered Sonny, "but you have to want it, not half way but all the way. No pining for EJ or… or Chad or anyone."

Will's eyes met Sonny's. Was the amazing and confident Sonny Kiriakis insecure? Will realized that his recent entanglement with EJ wasn't exactly something to be proud of, and worse, it worried Sonny. Rightfully so. But that was over. And Chad? Well that was silly. Chad was straight. Nothing to worry about there.

"I want you. Only you," he said clearly.

Sonny inhaled a deep breath, and he appeared to relax. "Then, go on, kiss me."

Will's knees felt like they might give way, but they didn't. He leaned forward and his mouth met Sonny's. He pulled Sonny into his arms as he explored Sonny's mouth with his tongue.

Sonny gripped him tight and responded eagerly to the kiss. Sonny's hands gripped Will's hips and pulled him close.

"Thank you," whispered Will, "for what you did with EJ."

"Shhhh…" whispered Sonny, "That's all in the past, so I really don't want to talk about him."

"What do you want to talk about?" asked Will playfully.

Sonny practically threw himself into Will's arms, and he whispered in his ear. "I don't want to talk. I want you to fuck me."

All Male Fiction: A Moth to a Flame (Part 8)

Days of Our Lives Slash Fiction

By: Mistress Euclid
Sonny looked down at the folder he carried, and he suppressed any nervousness as he knocked on the door of the DiMera mansion. A butler opened the door and showed him into the living room.

A fire roared in the fireplace, and it was warm. Sonny looked around, and then he heard someone coming. He turned and saw Nicole in the doorway. Sonny remembered her from when he was a kid and she was married to his great Uncle. They had only met a few times, but she had always been sweet to him.
She strode in purposefully.

"I was surprised to get your call, Sonny," she said.

"You shouldn't have been… I'm very politically engaged," replied Sonny smoothly.

Nicole strode over to him and took the folder and opened it. She read carefully. "It's a basic statement. It says that under an EJ DiMera administration, the rights of GLBTQ individuals will be protected. Same sex marriages will be honored."

"If your husband releases that statement, Salem University's GLBTQ Student Organization will mobilize for EJ's campaign, including driving anyone who needs a ride to the polls and canvasing."

Nicole nodded. "I think I can convince him."

Sonny stepped forward. "There's one other thing."

Nicole smirked. "Somehow I figured there would be."

Sonny leaned over. "You don't strike me as naive, Nicole," he said. "I'm not either. We both know the real reason EJ got Will a car and an apartment."

All Male Fiction: The Accidental Voyeur

By: dad_topper & Ryan Michaels
I like to run two or three times a week. Not only does it help keep me in shape, but I find it is also a great way to relieve the stresses of the work day. Today, however, I had the day off.

It was a beautiful spring day, and after lounging on the back deck, taking it easy for most of the day, by late afternoon I decided to go for a run, if for no other reason than to feel as though I accomplished something other than sitting on my ass.

At the end of my run and cool-down, I found myself at a familiar house. It was that of my best buddy, Eric. A car was in the drive, his car. It was unusual for him to be home from work so early. I peeled my sweat soaked shirt off and enjoyed the breeze on my chest for a moment, and then headed up to the front door to pay my buddy a visit and find out what was up.

When there was no answer to my knock, I figured Eric was probably taking advantage of his early arrival home and the nice weather by enjoying a cold beer on his deck, just as I had been doing earlier at my house. As I entered into the backyard I found that I was all alone.

As I turned to leave I saw the flickering light of the TV from inside the house. Figuring that Eric hadn't heard me knocking because of the TV, I ambled up onto the back deck and peered through the window of the family room. What I saw took me totally off guard.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

All Male Fiction: Apartment 403

By: Unknown Author

Dave went upstairs to his fourth floor apartment, went inside, locked his door and quickly removed his clothes: a t-shirt, shorts, and an old worn jock. Dave liked to keep in shape the best he could and went jogging every day. He took his clothes off not only because he was sweating from the jog, but he also liked to be naked around the house.
After getting a nice cold glass of water, he walked into his living room and over to the window, completely naked. He had an excellent view of apartment 403 directly across the courtyard, and had a telescope on a tripod as well.
In apartment 403 lived Jamie, a young twenty-something guy who was extremely good looking and well built. Dave had learned his name when he was stretching on the grass one day before his daily jog, and someone had called out to his neighbor. Dave's heart always began racing whenever he saw Jamie.
He wished he had the nerve to approach Jamie and tell him how he truly felt about the drop dead gorgeous hunk, the man of his dreams, the man he wanted so fucking badly, yet he couldn't, he just couldn't. He knew that Jamie was straight. He had seen him bring plenty of girls home, although he never got to see anything as he couldn't see into Jamie's bedroom. And whenever Jamie had guys over, there was never anything remotely sexual going on.
He also knew that even if Jamie was gay, or swung both ways, there was no way this twenty-something sexy stud would be interested in some old man. Dave was seventy-three years old and actually looked good for his age, maybe ten years younger than he was. He was in great shape, and the skin on his face and his body was pretty taught for a man of his age. Even so, the chance that a guy in his twenties would go for a guy in his seventies was unlikely. And since Jamie was obviously straight, it didn't matter anyway. Still, Dave wanted him nonetheless.
Dave leaned over and gazed into his telescope to take a look into Jamie's apartment. The draperies were wide open, just as they usually were, even at night, but Jamie wasn't home.
He had seen Jamie at home plenty of times, but had never seen him completely naked. He had seen him in just his underwear plenty of times, and once he saw him enter the living room from his bedroom completely bare assed, but all he saw was his ass. Jamie had just come in to grab something and then headed back to his bedroom, turning in such a way that all Dave got to see was a side view of his ass and the side of his leg, which, on the angle Jamie was on, had blocked the view of his cock. Still, it thrilled Dave to even just see Jamie's naked ass. And it was a nice ass, too!
Time passed and it was now dark outside. Dave took yet another look out the window to see if Jamie was home yet, but the apartment was still dark. Just as he turned to walk away, he saw the lights to Jamie's apartment come on. Little did Dave know, but tonight was going to be the night that he would finally get to see Jamie naked... and so much more!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

All Male Fiction: Fratrow's Pizza

By: Tommyhawk1


I changed into the shirt in the backroom, perched the cap on my head, checked myself in the mirror, and sighed. Is there anything tackier than a pizza uniform? You know the guy who takes your pizza order and cooks your pizza? Well, that was the look I got back in the mirror. Me, Jake Meadows, pizza boy. Hell of a way to make a buck when you're in college!

And to add insult to injury, this place was located near Fraternity Row and aptly named Fratrow's Pizza. So, I'd mostly be serving pizzas to people from the various dorms and sororities. There was plenty of business to be had, of course... but the thought of taking tips from guys I'd be sitting next to in class the next day was the worst sort of demeaning.

I firmed up my resolve and looked into the mirror again and said, "So you have to work while you go to college? Anybody who would give a shit about that isn't worth having as a friend!"

Todd stuck his head in. "You in here, Jake?" He saw me in front of the mirror. "Yeah, you look gorgeous already! Now get your butt out here, we got orders waiting."

"Sure," I said and I went out to get to work.

Making pizzas isn't such a big thing. You have a machine that rolls out the dough for you nice and thin, you just put it on the pizza pan and cut off the excess, throw the excess back into the batch of dough to be rolled out anew, use a ladle to spoon on the sauce, spread it around with the base of the ladle, measure out the shredded cheese to sprinkle over it, measure out the topping and put it on, shove the pizza into the oven and let it cook. Take it out when it was brown, easy enough.

I settled into the routine pretty easily, it's not hard work and you have the order in front of you to check things on, and the amounts to put on the pizzas was on a chart up on the wall over the ingredients.

About ten minutes before ten, a customer came up and asked, "Am I too early for the special?"

Todd looked at the clock. "Another ten minutes."

"Oh," the guy said. "Uh, give me a Coke. I'll wait." The guy looked over at me. "A new guy?"

"Yeah, his first night."

"Cool," the guy said. "Is he in on the special?"

"Been too busy to ask him," Todd said. "You want me to?"

"Yeah, thanks," the guy said.

Things had slowed down enough that Todd was able to take me away from my job at the table. "What did he mean the special?" I asked.

"After ten o'clock, we get the choice of staying open or not," Todd said. "The owner says if we stay open, we get to keep any profit from the sales. Anything we sell after ten o'clock, the owner keeps one-third of the sale to help cover the cost of ingredients, and we get to keep the rest."

"Okay," I said. But that doesn't explain..."

"Why this guy is waiting to order his pizza until after ten o'clock? Because of the special," Todd said. "It's our way of making sure the people are willing to buy a pizza after ten at night."

"So what is the special?" I asked.

"A blowjob," Todd said point blank.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

All Male True Experience: A Glory-ous Discovery

By: Unknown Author

Returning to my hometown for a tenth-year high school reunion was both sentimental and strange for me. Although it was wonderful to be back in the town I grew up in, it was also somewhat unsettling to see how many things had changed.

I spent my first day back in town at the public library I'd visited so many times during my old school days. I'm a freelance writer, and as such, I can never be too far away from the reference materials I need to use practically on a daily basis.

I had to use the washroom and headed to the men's room. Seeing that both urinals were occupied, I walked across the bathroom and entered one of the two stalls.

My jaw just about dropped to the floor when I saw that the stall to my left featured not one, but two glory holes, one on each side. I had just discovered the biggest change in town by far was the library's men's room!

Although I'd just finished pissing, I figured I may as well sample whatever action my hometown library had to offer, so I pushed my pants all the way down around my ankles and sat on the toilet to wait for someone to enter one of the stalls, and see what happened.

Less than five minutes later, I watched closely through the first glory hole as someone walked into the stall beside me and proceeded to unzip his pants, pulling them all the way down to his ankles. That done, he sat down and looked right into the hole I'd been staring through.

From what I could see of the guy, he was pretty damn handsome. His hair was a tousled, curly dark brown, and his eyes were a piercing shade of blue. Suddenly he stuck his hand out and put a finger through the hole, wiggled it, and pulled it back out. He then got off the toilet and put his face by the hole.

Feeling hornier by the second, I stood up and slid my stiff cock through the space between the stalls. The guy next door murmured his approval, and then I felt his light touch gliding over my cock.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Straight True Experience: Losin' It

By: Unknown Author
This is the story of how I lost my virginity when I was eighteen. She was a cute brunette with big boobs and a very nice body. I had already fooled around with her once several months before. That episode resulted in my first sexual contact – the fondling and sucking of boobs, and feeling a girl up between the legs and being felt up in the same place. We stayed in contact in the months following and hung out a few times, but no luck.

One night we went driving in her old Volvo (she called it her "gray vulva") up to Skyline. It was cold and windy, and we held on to each other tightly as we looked at the city lights below. We kissed under the stars, and I unbuttoned her coat a little so I could reach in and place my hand over her shirt-covered breast. She smiled and referred to unbuttoning her coat as "a package deal".

It was too cold to go any further, and we got back into the car and drove off towards the coast, and eventually began driving back inland via a road that wasn't used too much.

We pulled over at an old abandoned driveway that was blocked with a chain link fence. We felt like exploring, so we both got out and I helped her climb over the fence and followed behind her. This was deep in the redwoods, so it was still fairly dark even after our eyes adjusted to the night. I had brought a small flashlight, and we used that when we couldn't see well enough.

There were all kinds of abandoned cars parked next to trees. We kept walking up the driveway past more cars until we saw a small two-story garage. It was more of a carport than a garage, and we walked through it to the other side and came upon a shed and saw a small path that led up the hill. From here we could also see the main house, which was a good hundred yards away. There were a few lights on there, but this shed was shrouded in darkness and far enough away that no one would see us.

The shed doors were closed but had no locks on them. We went inside, and I turned on my flashlight. There was junk everywhere. On the right half there was a bed frame with a small mattress rolled up on it. We looked around briefly, then she untied the mattress and we sat down on the bed. There weren't any sheets or anything, but it wasn't too dirty so far as we could tell.

We kissed briefly, and then, without any prompting, we both began to undress in the darkness. We piled our clothes next to the bed and continued making out, our hands exploring each other's bodies.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

All Male True Experience: Cock Craving

By: bryan_bickley_91
My neighbor, Dan, who was openly gay, never really put the moves on me, but he did flirt a lot, like telling me I had a great ass, and I liked it. I guess I'd known I was gay, but I'd gone through the charade of acting "normal," having a very unsatisfactory sexual encounter with a girl.

I was weakening, though. The more I saw of Dan and his slim, supple body, the more I wanted to feel that body next to me. I was only eighteen and he was thirty-one, but I didn't care about the fifteen year age difference. All I knew was, the more we hung around together, the more I wanted him.

It was a gradual process, but after a few months of hanging around with him, I confirmed what I already knew about myself and came out to Dan, saying, "Show me what it's like… to be with another guy."

Dan got a look of surprise on his face for a brief moment, but didn't ask any questions. Instead, he moved forward and put his hands all over my ass, squeezing it and making me grunt and squirm helplessly, making my hard cock twitch and throb mercilessly. Dan then let go of my butt, grabbed me by the arm, and pulled me along behind him to his bedroom.

Once there, he stripped quickly out of his clothes and I did the same. After taking in each other's cocks for a moment (mine was rock hard, his was semi), he spun me around to get a look at my naked ass and said, "Oh yeah, such a fucking hot ass!"

Friday, June 7, 2013

Bisexual True Experience: Ad Persuasion

By: Unknown Author
It all started while browsing some adult personals on the Internet one night when I was bored. I was just reading them for fun, and to pass the time. I had never really considered answering an ad, but one caught my attention, enough so that I actually did respond.

The ad stated that a recently married couple was looking for a bisexual guy to have sex with the husband while the wife watched. It also gave some brief stats.

The idea of having sex with another guy while someone watched, especially a woman, the guy's wife, really excited me. So, I replied right then and there, well aware that nothing would probably come of it.

I got a reply the next day. Quite a few emails went back and forth. We discussed lots of things, and he made a point of letting me know that being newly married, the threesome had nothing to do with boredom in the bedroom, simply that it was his new bride that wanted to see him with another guy.

Even with all the emails back and forth, I still didn't think that anything would actually happen. People play games, or have good intentions, but when it comes right down to it, they can't or won't go through with it. But, soon enough, I found myself driving to their house to meet them.

I was a little wary, as I often was when going to meet someone for the first time, especially when they lived out in the middle of nowhere. Trying to find a fucking farmhouse in the dark wasn't fun either, but my Internet friend's directions were actually pretty good, and soon I was standing at the door ringing the bell.

In a moment a man greeted me. He was tall and powerfully built, as a man who worked doing physical labor all day ought to be, something he had mentioned in his emails. He was a bit older than I would normally go for, probably in his fifties, with short grey hair. I was just glad that he was in-shape and a nice looking guy. That fact, along with this being a unique situation, allowed me to make an exception in this case.

He ushered me in out of the cold and invited me to take off my jacket. After instructing me to hang it by the door, he then directed me right to the bedroom.

When I inquired about his wife, he said she was taking a shower, and would join us shortly. He also added that she would probably join in at some point, if that was ok with me. It was definitely ok with me! Especially since he had mentioned his wife was younger than he.

I expected we'd wait for her to join us in the bedroom, since the idea of this whole thing was for her to watch her husband doing it with another guy. But rather than wait, he began stripping out of his clothes. With the suggestion that I strip as well, I began to remove my clothing, too.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

All Male Fiction: Matman's Meat

By: jockcock4jockass

I wrestled in high school, and I have no idea how many times I wrestled with a hard-on - dozens of times! I wanted to wrestle in college, but I didn't make the team. Instead, I became an avid fan. I'd come to watch practice. I came to all the matches. I cheered for the home team, and for my favorite stud.

I went ape over Steve when I first laid eyes on him. I was eighteen, and a freshman. He twenty, and a junior. He was also a damned good wrestler, and handsome as sin - muscles in all the right places, which he proved he knew how to use, and, always a girl hanging on his every move.

I watched Steve intently during practice, and during games. I yearned to bury my face in his crotch and his cock in my throat. I also yearned to bury my cock in his tight, hard ass.

When Steve won, I was always the first one up and cheering – and he began to notice. By mid-season he seemed to pause and take me in before he took his stance on the mat for a match. One day he smiled at me before he did that. He locked eyes with me when he won.

The next day during practice, he came over to my spot in the bleachers and made small talk while stretching his back and legs. That pushed his crotch damned close to my face, and without even realizing I was doing it, I reached down and groped my own crotch, and then he was off and running back to practice.

I dawdled around the locker room a couple of days later. It was after another match, and I hung around while the guys showered, especially around Steve.

I happened to be in the right place for him to say to me, as he paused at the exit, "Want to go get something to eat, Chris?"

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

All Male True Experience: Midnight Jogger

By: Unknown Author
I couldn't hide the horny bulge in my shorts as I jogged down the sidewalk. My black polo shirt was cropped slightly to keep my hot ass and big package in plain view, enhanced by the basket-binding spandex shorts I was wearing. I hadn't shot a load in about five or six days, and all that pent up cum was causing a delicious churning in the pit of my groin.

My boiling balls jiggled and bounced inside the shiny silver shorts as I ran, causing the sleazy spandex to rub back and forth against my twitching cock. I knew this street was a popular late night cruising area for horny gay guys, which is exactly why I wore the skin tight spandex shorts and jogged so late at night. I got off on guys checking out my ass and prominent bulge.

I could hear a car coming from behind and felt my cock twitch, knowing the approaching headlights were shining squarely on my silver spandex encased butt. I sensed the car slowing down, and I knew I was getting checked out.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

All Male Fiction: The New Suit

By: Lucas Miller
There was something about wearing a suit that turned me on. As a teenager I rarely wore one, but when I did I immediately got a hard-on. As an adult, I still get very excited when I slide into the trousers and jacket.

When I graduated from college I knew I had to get a new suit. My father arranged for an appointment with his tailor, Mr. Collins. I was thrilled by this, but also a bit nervous. I couldn't wait to walk around in my new suit, but I was fearful that during the fitting something, well… might come up. The more I thought about that, the more nervous I got.

My fear was confirmed when I walked into the small shop, eyeing the walls lined with jackets and trousers, and immediately became horny. Mr. Collins greeted me right away. He wasn't at all what I had expected. I thought he would be a short, old man, with large dark rimmed glasses who spoke in some foreign accent. He wasn't at all like that, though. Instead he was a trim man in his early fifties. His hair was completely gray, but in a distinguished way. Oddly, he wasn't dressed in a suit, but wore jeans and a t-shirt.

Mr. Collins shook my hand and then instructed me to follow him into the back of the store. Once there he began to take some measurements. When he was done, he asked me to undress while he retrieved a suit. I stripped to my socks and underwear.

Mr. Collins came back with a pair of trousers and a jacket. "Try this on." He handed me a blue jacket and I slipped it on my naked upper body. He stood less than a foot away from me examining the jacket's fit. The material was like electricity against my naked body. "How does it fit?"

"Good, I think." I felt my cock begin to tingle. The suit jacket was stimulating and the closeness of the man was taking my breath away. I tried to block out all thoughts and feelings and managed to avoid getting erect.

Then he placed his large hands on my shoulders and smoothed out the fabric. His arms then brushed against my bare chest as he tugged on the collar. "Looks pretty good."

Now my cock was starting to rise.

Bisexual Fiction: The Deal (Part 1)

By: dl2827
Jill and I stumbled back to my dorm room a little drunk from the party we had just left. It was late, and I had convinced Jill that she should come back to my place rather than driving back to her apartment off campus. My roommate was back home for the weekend with his girlfriend getting his weekly piece. I was determined to get mine, too.

We got to my room, and I led her to the bed without even turning on the lights. I fell on top of her, and we rolled around on the small twin bed. She laughed as I started feeling her up. Our mouths met and we kissed, our tongues entwined. I felt her tits up through her tight shirt, and she moaned as I tweaked her nipples.

She was running her hands over my back and started tugging my shirt over my head. I pulled hers off, too, and made quick work of getting rid of her bra. Man, I loved her tits. I couldn't believe my luck in scoring such a hot senior chick. I licked and sucked at her nipples, teasing them with my teeth and tongue. My dick ached, all cramped up in my boxer shorts and jeans.

I made my way down her smooth belly until I got to the waistband of her skirt. As I licked and tongued her soft skin, I ran my hands on her thighs until my hands were massaging just around the elastic of her panties. I ran my fingers over her soft mound and she arched her back and moaned. I quickly undid her skirt and pulled it down with her panties, leaving her naked and waiting for me. I looked down at her hot body and my cock throbbed at the sight.

I got down on my knees in front of the bed and pulled her legs over my shoulders. I dove in between her legs and started eating out her hot cunt. I loved the way she tasted and how the soft flesh yielded to my tongue. She squirmed and moaned as I licked her sweet pussy.

"Oh god, Daniel. Keep going."

I kept it up, getting her ready for me. As I ate her out I fumbled with my own pants, frantically trying to get free. I got my jeans undone and shoved them down with my boxers, my turgid cock slapping up hard against my abdomen. I teased her clit, and she bucked her hips up against me. I knew she would be ready soon, and my hard cock drooled a heavy stream of pre-cum.

I gently lowered her legs and stood up at the edge of the bed. She wrapped her legs around my waist and drew me to her. I grabbed my fat, uncut cock in my hand and gave it a few rough tugs. Then, I rubbed my leaky bone on her waiting cunt-lips. Man, this was gonna be good. I gave her hot snatch a few slaps with my cock, letting her feel the girth of my manhood. I ran my cockhead across her lips a few more times before I finally began to sink into her moist, tight cunt.

"Ohhh," she groaned as I began to fill her up.

Damn, she was hot. I slid in, smooth as silk, her hot canal gripping me as I slid her inch after inch of my thick meat. When I had all eight up in her, I felt my nuts slap up against her ass. I stayed plugged in, grinding my hips against her, enjoying the warm, tight sensation of her pussy gripping my meat.

Slowly, I started to pull out, watching my thick meat slide out of her pussy, and then slide slowly back in. I did this for as long as I could before I had to start thrusting harder, jabbing her with my cock. She was thrusting back up against me as I plowed her, tweaking her nipples and writhing on the bed.

I pulled all the way out and my dick slapped up against my belly. I turned Jill so she was lying lengthwise on the bed. I turned her on her side and got behind her in a spooning position. I lifted up her leg so I could get at her pussy. I grabbed my cock and rubbed against her wet mound and then just slid on in, poking her from behind.

"Oh, god, yeah," Jill moaned.

"Like that?"

"Oh, yeah, fuck me, Danny. Keep going!"

I started fucking her harder now. I got so turned on when she let me know that she liked it. I hated being with girls who would just lie there like they just wanted to get it over with.

I was sliding in and out of her tight pussy. I reached around to feel her tits, and she slid her own hand down to play with her clit.

"C'mon Danny, harder! Fuck me harder!"

Oh yeah, I was loving this! I was kissing her back and neck and playing with her nipples as I slammed my meat into her. I slipped out for a second and tried to shove it back in. I missed a bit, and ended up nudging up against her back door. The guys on the team were always talking about how a girl's ass is tighter than her pussy. I had always really wanted to try it with a girl, and I thought maybe Jill was hot enough to try it.

I gave it a little shove and the head of my fat, uncut cock slipped in, up her ass. Jill jumped and screamed.

"What the fuck, Daniel?"

She jumped away from me and got up off the bed, grabbing a towel off the floor, covering herself.

"Jesus, Daniel. What the fuck did you do that for? That hurt like hell. You're such an asshole. Why do you always have to ruin everything?"

I sat there on the bed, mouth agape, looking, I'm sure, like a total idiot. I have a bad habit, when confronted with an uncomfortable situation, to start laughing.

"I'm sorry, Jill. I thought you'd be into it," I said, stifling a laugh.

"Well, I'm not. I'm glad you think this is so fucking funny. You're such a jerk."

Securing the towel, Jill stormed out of the room, heading towards the girls communal bathroom. I was left on the bed with a raging hard-on, wondering what my next move would be. She seemed pissed for real. I guess my laughing didn't help matters. I covered my lower half with the thin sheet of the bed.

A few minutes later, Jill came back in the room.

"You know, Daniel, you really have a way of ruining a perfectly good time. You boys are all alike, thinking you can go around sticking it wherever you like and I'm just supposed to lie there and take it."

"No, babe. I'm sorry. I just got carried away. I swear I didn't mean to hurt you. I thought you might like it, too."

"Well how'd you like it, someone trying to shove that up your ass? Think you'd like that?"

"No way," I said sounding disgusted at the very thought of it.

"Yeah, thought so."

"But, you know, some of the other guys say that it feels really good. And some of their girls really like it."

"Well, those girls are lying. Tell you what. I'll make you a deal."

She smirked, and I knew that look. She had something up her sleeve.

"What's that?" I asked tentatively.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

All Male Fiction: Biking with Josh (Part 2)

"The Farm House"
By: Ryan Michaels
After making the trek to Trevor's place, we pulled our bikes up in front of the farm house and, Trevor, as it turned out, was not home again this time either. Remembering what Trevor had said, Josh tried the door and it was unlocked, and we let ourselves in.

"Maybe he's sleeping," Josh said as we stepped inside.

I followed behind Josh as he headed to the bedroom. We stepped in and the bed was empty. We both looked at it. It was huge, but not so huge that there wouldn't be some body contact when we were all in it sleeping. Hopefully Trevor would be in the middle so both Josh and I could touch his body with ours. If not, I was secretly hoping that I would be in the middle, but I am sure Josh was hoping the same thing. We'd just have to wait and see, I guess.

Josh walked over to the bed and sat down on it. "Wanna try it out?" he asked.

"What, now? What if Trevor comes home?"

Josh reached out and grabbed my hand, and pulled me to the bed. "If he's not here he's probably way out on the farm somewhere, and farmers stay out all day when they work the land," he said, and then twisted his body around, pushed me down onto my back, and began kissing me as his hand felt up my crotch.

I reached out and began to pull his shirt up his back when suddenly we heard the screen door squeak open. We hurriedly got off the bed and Josh adjusted his shirt, while I reached into my shorts and repositioned my boner to make it less obvious.

Just as we got to the bedroom door, Trevor appeared. "Oh hey guys. When did you get here?" he asked.

"Just now," Josh blurted. "When you weren't in the main room, we thought you might be in here," he finished, nervously trying to cover up what had been going on, even though that thought would probably never even enter Trevor's mind.

"Nope, I was just down the road at a neighbor's farm. Good to see you guys. You must be hungry after the long bike ride. C'mon out front and I'll fix you guys something to eat."

"That sounds like a good idea to me," Josh said, and we then proceeded to follow Trevor out to the main room.


As the morning wore on, we didn't do much except shoot the shit and, after lunch, we nursed a few beers on the front porch and shot the shit some more. I was still horny as hell from getting all worked up in Trevor's bedroom when we had first arrived, and I could tell Josh was, too. It didn't help that Trevor had stripped off his shirt and was sitting between us with his legs spread and stretched out in front of him, that huge bulge tempting both of us. I couldn't wait to be alone with Josh, and I'm sure he felt the same way, but when that would be was beyond us.

About ten minutes later, we got our answer when Trevor announced that he had to go and do a few hours of work out in the fields before dinner. To be polite, Josh asked if he needed any help and, thankfully, Trevor said no. "You two boys just stay here and relax and enjoy the fresh country air. I'm sure your legs are tired from all that biking. Help yourself to as much beer as you want, I have lots." He then trotted off to do his farm work.

The minute he was out of sight Josh and I jumped up. I turned to head into the house, but Josh grabbed my arm. "Let's do it in the barn again. I want you to fuck me like an animal, on all fours down on the dirty, hay covered barn floor."

He didn't have to convince me. On the way I grabbed the lube I had brought, out of my backpack, which was still on the back of my bike.