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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Straight Fiction: A View to a Thrill

Unknown Author

‘I wonder if she knows?’ he thinks as he sits so still on the park bench, his eyes firmly fixed upon the sight of the blonde laying on the grass... her knees drawn up to her chin as she reads the thick looking book. He wonders if she knows that she is revealing her white panties... fitting tightly... snugly... showing off her lips?

Over the top of the book, she can see the man on the bench, no further than 12 feet away, separated only by the concrete path splitting the pieces of park grass. She can see his eyes are fixed upon the show she is allowing him to see. She looks through the dark sunglasses, looks at the reaction she has caused. Teasingly, she moves, turning over. Her legs open further as she turns onto her stomach.
“Jeez,” he whispers as he sees her moving... as he sees her legs part open even further... as he sees the white panties dig deeper into her pussy lips. He feels the rising in his pants... the rising of excitement.
She chuckles as she brings her toes off of the grass, kicking her heels to her ass, with the full knowledge that the action of her doing that will, yet again, let him see her panties. She wants him to see... she wants him to gain an erection.
“Fuck,” he says out loud as his hand falls to his crotch, his fingers clutching his cock. Nervously, he looks around… plenty of people walking around... too many people walking around. How he wants to get his throbbing cock out and stroke himself!

She kicks her legs up and down. It looks so innocent, but designed to have the desired effect of showing him those tight panties... the ones that now fit snugly... snugly into the folds of her pussy lips. She flips the pages of the book she is reading, albeit reading sparsely, not really taking the words in. Her mind is too busy conjuring up her next move. Yes... she wants to show him her pussy lips. She wants him to see the wet spot that has formed. Her nipples are solid and aching… such tender nipples… nipples that love attention… soft attention… then HARD attention.
She turns over onto her back again. She holds the book high as she lies there. Her knees start to part... the dress slips higher on her thighs… she smiles to herself from behind the book.
He watches her turning... watches the way her knees part as she lies there. His fingers close around his cock contained in his jeans. It is throbbing… begging for release... begging to be stroked... begging to be sucked. He continues to watch her... the teasing actions she is going through... the way her knees part a little more... the dress falling up her thighs… the panties digging into her pussy lips. How he wants to get closer.
She lifts the book slightly higher, enabling her to sneak a look at her onlooker. She sees his hand... sees it rubbing at his crotch. She gasps, for even at the distance she is away, she can see that it is huge. She continues to look at his big hand... groping... gripping… rubbing that big cock. She feels herself getting wetter.
His hand rubs over the bulge in his jeans. His fingers grip his cock as he watches her, lying no more than 12 feet away from the bench he sits upon… her legs open… her panties hugging her pussy lips.
She parts her knees further... digs her buttocks harder on the grass... trying to rub the dull ache between her legs. All she manages to do is pull her panties tighter into her pussy lips. She lets out a low moan as she watches him.
‘Did she just moan?’ he wonders as he watches her teasing ways... watches the way she wiggles her ass... sees the panties dig in deeper… revealing her dampness. His hand rubs his engorged cock. He feels the blood pumping through. He looks around as he unzips his jeans… looks to the left… looks to the right… slips his hand inside, as he covers himself with the magazine he had been reading.
She looks as he places the magazine on his lap. She smiles as she realizes why. She has visions of him stroking his cock as he looks at her. She loves to watch a man tugging and stroking his cock.
He pulls his cock out. His hand starts to move... slowly... up and down his throbbing cock... his eyes... fixed... so firmly on her crotch. It is dangerous, he knows. The risk is worth it! He has to feel his cock… has to grasp it… has to try and stroke it as he looks at the display of her panty covered pussy right in front of his eyes.
She places the book on the grass… sits up and looks directly at him.
He stops. Is she watching him now? He coughs.
She smiles as she sees him stopping, hears him coughing, trying to cover the fact that his cock is out... that his hand is sliding up and down on his shaft. She too looks around… no one looking at her… she slips her hand inside her legs. She watches his eyes dropping to that motion... watches his face turn red as her fingers stroke her lips, pressing the material deeper inside them.
He sees her looking at him… sees her smile at him. He looks around again… no one watching… returns her smile… lifts the magazine… watches her eyes drop to his cock... watches her mouth open as she sees it.
She gasps at its size… stares at it as he displays it to her… watches him stroking his large cock, his thick fingers closing around the equally thick shaft.
He watches her... watches her pull her panties to one side, revealing to him… and to him alone... her bare pussy... her freshly waxed pussy... her wet pussy.
She moves her finger to her clit… rubs it… moans… moans watching him stroking his big cock for her.
He lets out a moan as she moves her hand and slips a finger inside the pink moist pussy lips. His hand starts to move faster... quicker… his grip tighter. He wants to finger her… he wants to slide his throbbing cock into that pussy and fuck her. He wants to cum... he needs to cum!
She slides her finger in and out of her soaking pussy. She feels herself getting wetter with his every stroke... with every insertion of her finger… her finger now matching the pace of his hand... the hand holding that cock... the cock she wants to suck... the cock she wants to fill her... the cock she wants to watch as it erupts all over his hand.
He watches the finger slide in and out of her pussy, the pace of her hand appearing to match his own. His hand moving faster, he is close to eruption. As much as he wants to hold it, he knows it will be futile.
She looks around… still no one watching… apart from him. She removes her finger from her pussy. Her hands move to her waist… grab at her panties.
His eyes open wide as he sees her pull her panties down. He watches as she takes them off and places them in her purse… watches her open her legs for him… watches the way she parts her pussy lips, just for him… his hand... blurring... coaxing... stroking. His breathing... ragged... deepening. His heart... pounding… racing.
Her eyes watch his hand speed. She guesses that soon... very soon... he will erupt, sending his warm, salty seed into the air. Slipping two fingers inside herself, she hears the sound of her wet pussy as she begins to move them in and out again. She too is close.
He looks at the fingers... sees the coating of her juices… watches her facial expressions as her legs shake... as her body shakes. It is too much. He lets out a throaty moan.
She watches as the angry looking cockhead explodes… watches the cum spurt high into the air… watches it land on the magazine... on his thighs... on his jeans. She slams her fingers in and out of her pussy... faster… harder. She feels her body beginning to shake... a shake she knows means she is about to have an orgasm.
He hears her moaning deeply as she plunges her fingers in and out of her pussy with more need… watches as she slams her fingers deep… watches as she shakes. He hears her almost growl… watches her body convulse… watches the squirting of her juices from her pussy.
Feeling her juices... warm juices... flowing out of her... over her fingers… she looks at his dripping cock… grits her teeth as she climaxes.
He watches as she stands a few moments later… watches her smooth down her dress... covers his spent cock with the magazine.
She walks the 12 feet to him... smiles... her eyes meeting his.
His eyes open wide as she brings her fingers… those fingers… the ones that had been in her pussy… toward his face.
She presses her fingers to his lips… fingers that were covered in her juices.
He parts his lips… sucks the fingers in… tastes her pussy juices on them… licks them clean.
She pulls her fingers from his mouth.
He watches her walk away.
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