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Sunday, March 31, 2013

All Male Fiction: A Balcony Built for Two

By: ruaridh & Ryan Michaels
It was a hot Saturday in June, and I awoke early with the sun streaming in the window. I showered and didn't put any clothes on, loving that feeling of cock and balls swinging free as I walked around the apartment. I had started getting interested in naturism about five years ago. I lived in a top floor unit and could be nude without anyone being able to see in, unless they were using binoculars that is. I also have two balconies on different sides of the apartment, so I can sit outside on a good day and get the sun for most of it.

Around 10am I had my first stint on the balcony, drinking some coffee. As I sat there, the sun beat down on my body and my cock was still thick with that early morning wood feeling. I casually played with it and allowed myself to get hard for a few minutes, cock pointing up towards the hot sun. Nobody could see I was naked because the balcony had a solid wall, which hid everything below the waist. You could do what you wanted behind that wall and, even if I stood up, my cock was just below the top of the wall.

After a couple of hours of reading a book, and sometimes playing with myself, I decided I could use a cold drink. I stood up, taking care to ensure my cock stayed out of sight, and saw that a new neighbor in the building opposite was also on his balcony, but, of course, the sun was the wrong way for him. My movement caught his eye, and instead of going inside I leaned on the balcony wall and gave him a wave, and said, "Beautiful day, huh?"

He waved back and called across to me, "Yes it sure is. You're lucky you have the sun over there."

I nodded. "Should have it another couple of hours, then it goes around the corner and I can use my other balcony."

He paused a minute and then shouted, "Don't suppose you'd like to share that sun, would you?"

He looked a good fifteen years or so younger than me, and quite hot. I didn't hesitate for a minute. "Come on over," I waved.

As he nodded and disappeared out of view I thought I'd better put some shorts on. As far as I knew he was a family man, and I'm always wary of what others think of naturists.

It wasn't long before I heard my door bell, and I opened the door to a good looking guy with designer stubble, wearing a t-shirt and a pair of shorts. "Hey, I'm Adam," he said.

"Come on in, Adam," I answered. "I'm Corey."

"Nice to meet you, Corey," he said shaking my hand. "I hope you don't think me too forward in inviting myself over… just had to get some sun!"

"Not at all," I smiled. "My pleasure," I said motioning him to follow me as I headed for the balcony.

There was just room on the balcony for two chairs and we each sat down, Adam stripping off his t-shirt right away. We chatted and it turned out Adam was on his own, having split up from his wife. He didn't really say much about her or why they divorced, just that they grew apart, but my ears perked up when he ended with, "…and to be honest, the sex wasn't wonderful. She just didn't want to try anything different, and I'm into a little experimentation."

I decided then that a drink or two might loosen his tongue more. I grabbed a couple of beers from the fridge, and we lay back on our chairs. "So… experimentation," I said. "What sort of thing were you after?"

Adam went a bit red at that point. "Sorry, I don't even know you and here I am talking about my sex life."

"Not a problem for me. It's almost bound to be more interesting than mine!"

He paused, and then said quite quickly, "I like the idea of outdoor sex, and I also love a woman to go down on me. My fantasy is to combine the two. My wife wouldn't do either one."

As he talked, I could feel stirrings from my cock and, as I was just wearing a loose pair of shorts and nothing else, I was a bit nervous in case I gave myself away. However, I did decide to up the ante a little bit. "My big thing is naturism. Before you came over I was sitting out here naked, even when I was talking to you. I do most days if the weather's nice, and I'm always naked in the apartment. Only put clothes on when I have to, basically. It's just a great liberating feeling."

"It sounds interesting and very freeing," Adam replied.

"It is," I said. "You should try it sometime. It feels completely natural." There was a long pause from Adam, and I decided to go further. "So, your wife didn't like giving you head very often?" I asked.

"Nope," he said. "She never did it even once. She said it wasn't hygienic, and bull shit like that."

"Shame," I said. "There are few feelings as good as someone with their mouth wrapped around your cock. You must have missed that after you got married."

Adam cleared his throat. "You don't understand. I've never had a blowjob before. My ex-wife was my high school sweetheart. She got pregnant, that's the only reason we got married. Things weren't good to begin with, and then she lost the baby. A while later we got divorced."

"Shit, I'm sorry man."

"No, I'm sorry for going on about such things. Anyway, getting back to what you were saying, I've always loved the idea of being naked outdoors, hence my fantasy of outdoor sex. Maybe I should try the naturist bit myself someday too," he said.

"Well," I replied, "I am always up for it, so if you want to strip off I'm happy to do the same."

He smiled. "No, that's ok."

"Mind if I do?" I asked.

"Go for it," he said.

"It wouldn't embarrass you at all?"

"Nah. I played ball in high school. Did a lot of towel snapping and took a lot of showers with other naked guys, so I'm used to being around it." He paused, and then said quite emphatically, "You're the naturist and it's your place, so go for it."

That was all I needed to hear. Continuing to be seated, I maneuvered my shorts down over my semi-hard cock and dropped them to the ground. Adam studiously gazed out over the balcony as if not looking. I grinned to myself. Playing hard to get, was he? "So, if you've never had a blowjob, how do you know you'd like it?"
"I don't," he said, "but I've always dreamt of my cock face fucking someone, and pumping my load down her throat." He laughed and shifted in his chair and I could definitely see the outline of his cock now, hardening noticeably. There was also a telltale tiny damp patch on the front of his shorts… looked like he had started to ooze pre-cum. "Sorry, I don't usually talk like this."

"No problem at all," I said. "I am virtually unshockable. And it's me at a disadvantage, sitting here naked!"

Finally he looked over at me and caught sight of my cock, which was by now well on the way to being fully hard. "Um… does that always happen when you are hanging around your place naked?"

"No, of course not, but we have been chatting about blowjobs," I chuckled. "Don't tell me your cock hasn't risen a bit as well!"

Adam grinned, as if his mind had been made up. "What the fuck," he said, "Who am I kidding? I am turned on as fuck and would love to be naked outside while I'm feeling this way."

"Then take your fucking shorts off and get naked as well. Don't care if your cock is pointing to the sky."

He needed no second invite. He grasped his shorts, and in one seamless movement pulled them off, wearing nothing under them. He had one of those long cocks, not as thick as mine, but I could see when he was fully hard he'd more than match my seven inches. He was certainly getting that way now. "Better?" I asked.

"Yeah," he said. "And I think my cock likes it too!" he laughed.

"It's a crime that nobody has ever had their mouth around that," I said. "You need to change that."

"You're telling me, Corey. But it's not exactly something you can ask a stranger."

"No?" I said, raising my eyebrows. I don't often do innuendo, but something told me he was really getting in the mood. He looked at me; his cock now standing proud, as indeed was mine. However, I was determined not to make the first move.

"I'm loving being outside naked like this, feeling the sun all over my body," he eventually said.

"Well, speaking to your fantasy, sex in the sun is a great feeling, too," I said back. "You'll have to experience it soon."

"I'd love that."

"Ah well," I said, paused and then finished, "you'll just have to ask someone, then."

He settled back in his chair, cock hard as fuck. I could tell he wanted to ask, but wasn't sure how to. I started occasionally touching my cock and giving it a small tug and took another long pause. He cleared his throat. Then he touched his own cock. "This is a great feeling," he eventually said, "being naked outside like this, I mean."

"Nothing better," I agreed.

Finally, he looked at me. "I don't suppose… I'm not gay, but… I'm horny as fuck!"

I looked back at him and with a plaintive expression on my face said, "Are you asking me if I'll give you your first blowjob?"

He stared at me for a second and then he said, "Shit, I don't even know why I said that. It must be the sun and beer on an empty stomach, mixed with being so fucking horny. It's not like you're gay either. Maybe I should go," and then he started to stand up.

"Well, you know what they say when you assume."

Again he stared at me for a second and then said, "You mean you… you're…"

"Gay," I finished for him. "So... shall we try this again? Is that what you're asking me to do?"
I swear he blushed, a sweet smile on that sexy face, with his long thick prick glistening in the sun and a drop of pre-cum clearly visible on the knob, and then he just nodded.

"Ok, I can do that for you," I said and indicated he should lie back in the chair and face me. I pushed my own chair away, and taking care not to stand up, gradually positioned my head above his cock. I looked up. "Sure about this?"

"Yeah," he breathed quietly.

Sticking out my tongue, I gave a lick to the underside of his cockhead. "Oh fuck!" he called out as his hands clenched the chair and his body tensed. Slowly I lowered my whole mouth down over his cockhead, barely touching my lips to it, letting some saliva drip down his shaft, which I then began to gently stroke. He was panting and twitching already. Then I closed my mouth over his cockhead and he groaned "oh fuck" again, this time quite loudly. I raised my hand to his mouth and covered it. We couldn't have the neighbors hearing. Then I engulfed his cock, taking as much of his length into my mouth as I could. His cries of pleasure would likely have been mistaken for bloody murder had I not had his mouth covered.

"I want to fuck your face," he panted after pulling my hand free of his mouth. "Can you take all of me?"

"Of course," I chuckled. "I've had a lot of practice sucking cock. But based on your reaction so far, if we're gonna do this, I think we had better go inside so no one hears."

"No! It has to be outdoors! That's part of my fantasy, fucking face outside."

"Ok, but you have to be quiet."

"Don't worry, I will," he said as he stood up.

I knelt in front of him, took his cock into my mouth and very slowly sucked it in and out a few times, and then just held the head in my mouth. He instantly began to thrust in and out of my mouth, fucking my face. He was a bit fast and a bit rough, but I could take it. "Oh fuck, oh fuck!" he panted mixed with moans. A few times he got a bit loud but immediately quieted down again once he realized. Then, without warning, whimpering and legs buckling, a huge load of cum filled my mouth. He must have squirted a good four or five times, and every drop was swallowed.

I looked at his saliva-slicked cock after he pulled out and started pounding my own meat. I hadn't touched it the entire time, as I had wanted to concentrate all of my efforts on taking care of his cock. I knew it wouldn't take me long, though; I was so worked up from sucking him off.

He, on the other hand, did what a lot of straight guys do after the first time they let another guy blow them: He grabbed his shorts, put them on as quickly as possible, mumbled he really had to go, and took off towards the door as fast as possible, undoubtedly feeling embarrassed, awkward and ashamed about what he had just done.

I just let him go, being pretty sure, despite how he might be feeling now, after having his first blowjob, he'd probably be coming back for more. So instead I kept on pumping my cock, hearing the front door banging closed just as I blasted my load all over the floor of the balcony.

The very next day Adam was calling over to me asking if he could share my sun soaked balcony again. I of course said yes and didn't even bother to get dressed this time. When I let him in, he didn't even acknowledge my nudity, he just said hello, thanked me for letting him come over, and headed to the balcony while I stopped off in the kitchen to grab us a couple of beers.

When I went out onto the balcony, Adam was already naked, standing there, his cock sticking straight out, hard as a rock. "I'm not gay, but…" he said.

I grinned as I put the beers down and said, "Yeah, I knew you'd be back. A blowjob is like a Lays Potato Chip – you always want more after you've had that first one," and then I dropped to my knees.

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