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Friday, March 15, 2013

All Male Fiction: Watching You Watching Them

By: tylerx

I had been coming to the gym long enough to recognize when a young guy had lust in his eyes for other men – those furtive glances as he watched the parade of naked and near naked men go by, trying not to get caught as he stared at a floppy dick or a nice set of buns that passed in front of him, never looking for too long at the same guy, but involuntarily licking his lips almost every time. You are one of those guys. You think no one notices your lustful glances, but what you don’t anticipate is that while you are ogling the various men walking by, someone is ogling you, too. And that someone is me.
I saw you the first time you came into the locker room. You quickly looked around wanting to get the best perch to see guys coming and going from the showers and sauna. You sat with your back to the lockers so that you had a good view of everything. Like a kid in a candy store, but without the money to buy anything, your eyes darted from one gorgeous male body to another. Slowly, ever so slowly, you peeled off your clothes; never in a hurry to have to move out of the locker room and into the weight room, although you knew that there were things to see there as well. But here, in the safety of the locker room, every square inch of naked male flesh was on display for your viewing pleasure.

I watched that first time as you gazed upon the twink, probably no older than yourself, while he soaped his firm, young body in the showers, blinded by the soap in his eyes. Then I saw your eyes divert to the sauna door as it opened and a large muscled god exited adjusting his towel. I watched you watching him as you tried to catch a peek at what was under that towel.

I have been watching you for two weeks now, and today your routine of lingering in the locker room and secretly checking out all the naked guys is no different. But just like all those other days, you (and I) knew that eventually you wouldn’t be able to avoid the inevitable. You would have to, at some point, change into your workout clothes and leave the locker room to avoid suspicion.

That point in time has arrived and I watch you watching them as you start to remove your street clothes. Now you are naked, and bent over your locker stowing your clothes away, your firm round set of buns parting slightly. You pull your jockstrap on and then turn back around and I stealthily divert my eyes. As you reach for your gym shorts, my eyes return to your lithe, supple young body. My own tongue involuntarily runs across my lips in hunger.

I follow you out to the weight room, always keeping my eyes on you, wanting to be sure that when you make your way back to the lockers, I will be right behind you. Your routine is etched in my memory, and I know that when you are done your workout, you will return to the locker room and then steal yourself into the sauna when you know it is empty. I suspected you went in there to stroke one out quickly before anyone else came in, always exiting with a guilty look on your angelic young face, then dressing hurriedly and leaving. You don’t know it yet, but today things will be different.

You stay true to your routine, and head to the sauna the moment it is not being used. After only 30 seconds or so I make my way to the sauna door and yank it open, catching your dick in hand and the look of a deer caught in the headlights. You scramble to cover yourself but know I have seen your big seven-plus inches of hard uncut meat. “Hot in here.” I say as I take off my own towel to expose my own cock, which is quickly rising to its full 6, cut inches.

You stammer a reply never taking your eyes from my now hard cock.

“I’ve been watching you.”

Your eyes dart from my cock to my face. You know now that I have seen you watching other men in the locker room.

“You like dick don’t you?”

No answer is necessary as your eyes and gaping mouth confirm everything I already know.

I stand and close the gap between us. My cock is now at your mouth level. Placing my hands behind your head I gently bring it forward until my prick is touching your pouty lips. You open your mouth and speak. “I’ve never sucked a cock before,” you say but you are excited by the idea. We both know this, and you immediately part your lips and my cockhead enters your mouth.

You are doing a pretty good job for your first blowjob. Probably spent hours on your computer watching man-on-man sex, wishing you were one of the participants, and now you are trying to imitate all that you have seen while dreaming of this day. I could have held out much longer but the place and time meant that I had to blow my wad quickly. With a groan and a grunt, I unload my seed into your sucking mouth, and you greedily eat every drop of cum I feed you.

Just as I finish cumming, I drop to my knees to open your towel and take your twink cock inside my own mouth. The anticipation is too much for you and you quickly fill my mouth with your young load. I swallow every drop, then get to my feet, wrap my towel around my waist and leave you sitting there drained and breathless.

You walked into that locker room a boy, but with my seed in your belly and the taste of my cum lingering on your tongue, you are leaving a man!

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