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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Bisexual Fiction: Two into One Will Go

Unknown Author
Although this story mostly contains straight sex, there is a scene where the two males put their dicks into one pussy, and the one guy vocalizes wanting to fuck her pussy and the other guy's cock at the same time. For this reason, I am going to label this story as bisexual. -Ryan
Jeremy and I had been married almost 12 months, twelve glorious fun-filled and sex-filled months! For us it had been love at first sight and we were married in a little over a month after meeting, and it seemed like we’d been on a permanent honeymoon ever since. Everyone said we were perfectly matched, both of medium height, both dark haired, both reasonably good looking - well I certainly thought Jeremy was and he thought I was the sexiest creature on the planet. And I tried to prove to him I was as often as I could; which was pretty often. The other thing we had in common was a seemingly insatiable hunger for sex. In fact, the only cloud on our idyllic life was Jeremy’s best friend Jake.
Jeremy and Jake had been almost inseparable all through school and college; they were closer than most brothers. And it was Jake that had stood up for Jeremy as the best man at our wedding. I liked Jake; in fact I liked him a lot! Next to Jeremy I couldn’t think of another man that I liked more or got on better with, and I’d made it quite plain right at the outset that I had no intention of interfering in their very special relationship. They were free to continue to go to the ball games together and go off camping together, and for a while they did. Occasionally, I’d go along with them, but most times they went off on their own. But I guess no matter how hard you try to pretend otherwise, our marriage did make a difference to their relationship, and certainly over the last couple of months we’d started to see less of Jake.
Jeremy couldn’t understand it, and even though I had an idea what the problem might be, it wasn’t something that I could just blurt out. And if I had, I doubt Jeremy would have believed me. So, one Friday might Jeremy invited Jake over for dinner and flatly refused to take no for an answer, he was determined to find out what the problem was. As he kept on saying: “you can’t start to resolve something until you know what it is,” and Jake was too important in his life to just let things fade away. The dinner went quite well as the three of us laughed and joked and told stories of happenings at our respective work places, but as soon as the dinner was over it was clear that Jake was becoming uncomfortable, and was looking for an excuse to leave.
Finally Jeremy could stand it no longer and jumped to his feet, “Ok Jake, what’s the problem? You’re as uncomfortable as a cat on a hot tin roof, and you’ve been deliberately avoiding us of late. Hell, I even had to badger you to get you to come tonight. Come on, out with it!”

Jake looked even more uncomfortable, then he sighed, “Look Jeremy, things change and people change, and I think maybe it’s time I started getting on with my life instead of getting in the way of you and Vanessa all the time.”
Jeremy looked quite shocked. “But you’ve never been in the way, has he Vanessa? You’re my best friend; I thought the three of us were getting on like a house of fire.”
Jake cast a pleading look over in my direction. “I just think it’s best if I moved on,” he muttered.
“Why?” demanded Jeremy in his typical blunt fashion.
I tried to calm things down a little. “Maybe Jake needs time and space to explore other things in his life,” I said.
Jeremy snorted, “No! It’s not that, it’s something deeper, I know Jake too well. Come on Jake I think you owe it to our friendship to be honest with me.”
I saw the haunted look come into Jake’s eyes and my heart reached out to him, but then his shoulders squared and he looked directly at Jeremy for the first time, “Okay, you’re right, I do owe you honesty. Do you remember that time in the coffee shop when you first laid eyes on Vanessa?”
Jeremy grinned widely, “How can I ever forget that!” he said.
Jake took a huge breath and almost closed his eyes, “Well, you weren’t the only one that fell head over heels in love with Vanessa. You just moved a hell of a lot quicker than me.”
Jeremy stared at me a little wide eyed. “I didn’t know,” he said, then turned back to Jake and a huge grin came onto his face, “but that’s even more reason why you should stay, because you know that both of us love you too.”
Jake groaned and looked at me, his eyes a total picture of haunted dejection, and I knew that it was time for me to come to his rescue a little. I stood up and walked over to Jeremy and took his face in my hands, forcing him to look directly at me. “You can’t be that dumb, Jeremy! Can’t you see that you love me and you can express it fully? Jake loves me and he can’t. Don’t you realize the enormous strain that’s putting on him?”
Total blankness stared back at me for a moment, then I saw a glimmer of understanding start to form. “You mean?” he gasped.
I decided to be as direct and honest as he seemed to want right now. “Yes, I mean Jake wants to fuck me. And if the only way to stop you two from throwing away a very special friendship is to let that happen, then I think we should.”
I heard the strangled gasp from Jake, and Jeremy’s jaw dropped so fast and so far that for a moment I thought he’d dislocated it! But I wasn’t about to stop now, so moving away from Jeremy I went over to Jake and dropped to my knees in front of him and placed my hands on his knees, feeling the shaking of his body. “Jeremy’s right, Jake. If we don’t have complete honesty then our friendship isn’t worth a damn. I’ve known from the very first day that you loved me. And I’ve known from the very first day that you wanted me sexually. But I’ve never played on that, or used that knowledge, or abused your feelings in any way, have I?” He groaned, shaking his head. “But that doesn’t mean that I don’t have feelings for you too. Feelings of love, and yes, feelings of sexual desire.”
I saw the shocked surprised in Jake’s eyes and heard another strangled gasp, this time from Jeremy. “There’s no way I’m going to allow you to walk away from your special relationship with Jeremy, it’s too important, and since I’m the cause of the problem, then I’m the one that should leave.”
The shock became a vehement “No!” from both of them, but I stood up and moved towards the door, and looked from one to the other. “It’s up to you. We can either respect our feelings and all be together, or I can leave. When you’ve made your decision, I’ll be in my room,” and I walked out on two very stunned and startled men.
I knew I was taking a huge gamble, risking everything that we’d established over the past year, not least of which, my marriage. But I felt strongly that it was worth the risk, so I walked into my room, slowly took off my clothes, and lay on the bed. I guess a very slow ten minutes went by before the bedroom door opened, and I silently let out the breath I didn’t even know I’d been holding as I saw Jake standing there looking somewhat awkward and nervous.
He swallowed noisily, “Jeremy said to tell you we’re out of ice, so he’s gone to the corner store to get some.” All the time he was trying to keep his eyes away from my naked body - and failing miserably.
I lifted my hand and beckoned him forward, and he moved slowly over to stand by the bed. “Jake, I’m so glad you decided to stay. Why don’t you take off those clothes and help me celebrate.”
He gulped and flushed, but his hands moved up to his shirt and took it off. I could see the huge bulge in his pants, and I found myself becoming incredibly excited. Then he removed his pants and underwear and it was my turn to let out a startled gasp. Jake was absolutely massive! He stood there awkwardly, looking half embarrassed and half apologetic, as my wide eyes drank in his enormous tool. Jeremy was a very healthy 8 inches, but Jake topped him by a good inch to an inch-and-a-half and was massively thick, probably twice as thick around a Jeremy, and Jeremy’s cock wasn’t thin by any means!
Almost in a daze, I sat up and reached out and took his huge cock in my hands. Even putting my hands together they barely managed to encompass the girth of his incredible cock! I saw him shudder, and his knees dipped as I allowed my hands to stroke slowly to the base of his throbbing cock and back to the top. Then I leaned forward and brushed my lips over its tip. I could feel the incredible heat radiating from it, feel the power of his need and desire for me, so I let it go and lay back on the pillow and smiled up at him. “Yes Jake! Oh yes! I want your beautiful, big, thick cock deep inside me!”
With a groan of frustrated lust he slumped to the bed beside me, took me into his arms, and began to kiss me. Deep, hungry, passionate kisses. And I returned them in full measure, letting my own previously unspoken lust for him come to the surface. His hands were everywhere over my body, stroking and fondling my breasts and my ass, and occasionally slipping between my legs to stroke and probe my wet, swollen pussy. And my hands were all over him too, his chest, his back, his ass, but most of all his magnificent rock hard, throbbing cock!
Even though we were both releasing over twelve months of unfulfilled and unexpressed desire, and there was a certain amount of urgency in our movements, it was still an incredibly gentle, loving coming together. As we explored each other’s bodies we also began to verbalize our thoughts and feelings “Oh Vanessa!” he whispered, “you have such fantastic breasts. Oh god, I’ve wanted to see them and touch them for so long!” and he ran his lips and tongue over them, lashing then gently, sucking on my super sensitive nipples and sending shivers of delight running right through my body. And his fingers played gently with my pussy, stroking up and down the outer lips and occasionally slipping a finger inside to tease and arouse my already swollen clit.
At the same time, I was stroking his massive cock and fondling his heavy balls, and at one point said, “Don’t you think it’s time you put that big cock to use and fuck me?”
“Yes!” he cried out, and wasted no more time. Slowly and gently - I guess conscious of the enormous size and girth of his cock - he began to slide his cock into my eager pussy. I felt myself being forced wider and wider to accommodate his amazing cock, and I could see the concern in his eyes, and his fear of hurting me seemed to spur me on.
“Please Jake!” I urged, “I want you inside me, all the way inside me! God, it feels so big, and so good! Harder Jake! Deeper! That’s right, fuck me Jake! Fuck me like you’ve always wanted to fuck me!” Then I felt his huge balls bump against my ass cheeks and I knew he was in me to the hilt and I screamed with delight.
Jake stopped dead, “Are you alright?” he asked, worriedly.
“Oh yes Jake!” I moaned, “I’m better than alright! It’s fantastic having your big cock inside me, absolutely fantastic, oh Jake, please, fuck me!”
So he began to move his big cock in and out, slowly at first, then more rapidly, driving me upwards to a series of orgasms, each one growing in intensity. “Oh Vanessa!” he moaned, “You’re so beautiful, so tight, so hot!” And his tongue lashed my nipples and breasts, and then moved to engage me in a deep passionate kiss, and all the time his huge cock was plunging and plundering my eager pussy. And I was lifting to meet him, thrust for thrust, urging him on with my body, my hands, my lips, my tongue and my words. We were both like wild animals getting wilder! Then he cried out, “Oh god, Vanessa, I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” And his huge cock exploded like a gigantic volcano spewing its hot lava deep into my jerking, writhing pussy, because I was cumming too. Waves and waves of my own juices began cascading over his spewing cock, driving him even wilder in his orgasm. And it just seemed to go on and on and on. And it felt so, so good!
When we finally came to a shuddering halt we were too exhausted to move. We just lay in each other’s arms and kissed gently and lovingly, and that’s the way we were when Jeremy finally entered the room.
We broke apart quickly, and both looked over at Jeremy, and I knew that this was the crunch moment. I felt a slight shiver of fear pass through me, and I know Jake sensed it and his hand came over to briefly squeeze mine. I searched Jeremy’s eyes for any hint of anger or reproach, but couldn’t find any at all. He simply moved into the room and walked around to my side of the bed and sat down beside me. He reached out and brushed his hand across my face. “I’m sorry I was so stupid and insensitive,” he said, then a grin came to his face and a twinkle into his eyes and he added, “And I’m sorry I forgot to warn you about that!” And he nodded towards Jake’s semi-erect cock.
I grinned right back at him, a huge sense of relief flowing through me. “Yeah! Well it was an unexpected shock, but I think I adjusted.”
He glanced down at my pussy, still seeping a little of Jake’s cum. “Do you think I’ll still fit in there? he asked.
I reached up and touched his face, sensing that his uncertainty was quite real, despite his levity. “There’s only one way to be absolutely sure,” I said, deliberately and seductively.
He lifted one eyebrow in question. “Right now, you mean?”
I grinned and glanced at Jake. “I’m sure Jake won’t mind if my husband fucks me.”
It was Jake’s turn to grin as he slid from his side of the bed and moved towards the door. “Well it was time for a nice cool drink anyway. Have fun guys!”
He had hardly cleared the doorway before Jeremy had his clothes off and was wrapping me in his arms and giving me a tight hug, before starting to run his hands and lips over my naked body, and within minutes he had the answer he desperately needed. I was responding to the fire in his body with a fire of my own, a new, more powerful fire; he sensed it and it delighted him. But it was when he finally slid his own big cock deep into my pussy that his fears were finally laid to rest. Even though I knew what had been going through his mind, I was still surprised at his surprise when he said, “My god, you’re still so tight!”
I snuggled deeper into his embrace. “Not just still tight, but still eager for your fantastic cock. Now why don’t you fuck your horny wife,” I whispered.
And he did, with a great deal of enthusiasm. Not once, but twice!
I guess Jake finally got tired of being on his own, because just as we were winding down from the second great fuck he wandered back into the bedroom carrying a couple of tall glasses filled with cool liquid, and sat on the bottom of the bed and handed them to us. I took a sip, grateful for its coolness after all that incredible activity, and then I looked from one to the other, two beautiful, exciting men, both totally naked, both sporting semi-erections on their generously sized cocks. What more could any woman want?
I mounted Jake, who was now visually in need of some more action, his thick hard-on easily sliding into my now well used pussy. I began putting a finger in myself, and Jeremy said, “Should I help?” I looked a little surprised but was extremely aroused that Jeremy would put his finger in the same hole that Jake’s monster was in. Jeremy slowly put his left middle finger in my pussy with Jake’s cock moving up and down. I could tell Jake was enjoying the sensations against Jeremy’s finger.
Suddenly Jake blurted, “Dude, don’t finger fuck my cock. If you’re man enough, plug your dick against mine in this hole so that I can fuck your wife’s pussy and cock fuck you at the same time.”
Jeremy eagerly replied, “You got it. I’ll teach you how to fuck her cunt properly, follow my lead.”
Jeremy removed his finger and slowly mounted me from behind. I couldn’t help but scream in pleasure as all three of us were now mated. Their big balls were grinding against one another and I could see from Jake’s expression that he was in heaven. Their two thick cocks were now fighting for the same space and I was begging them to go slowly and in rhythm. But the two were in a competitive mood. I almost had my third orgasm, and Jake and Jeremy were now screaming that they were about to cum, and it seemed that they did so in unison.
We just collapsed in a sweaty heap on the bed, staring into each other’s eyes. I knew from the look on their faces that they loved this. Then I broke the growing silence. “I meant what I said earlier, from now on it has to be the three of us together in everything! Do you understand?”
Jeremy looked over at Jake and noticed the nervous flush on his face, and the not so slight twitch of his cock, then looked back at me and he smiled. “You’re not going to get any arguments from me, and I don’t think there’ll be any from Jake either, but do you think you can handle the both of us together?”
Not only did I think it, but I also spent the rest of the night proving it! The three of us fucked the whole night, and by the time the sun crept over the horizon to welcome in a new day, we were welcoming in a new chapter in our lives, a chapter where the old expression “two into one won’t go” was banished forever!
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