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Friday, March 15, 2013

Bisexual Fiction: Couples Therapy

By: biggshow13 & Ryan Michaels

Finding myself in the middle of a pussy drought, I was headed to the porn shop to rent a few DVD’s to beat my meat to. The adult video store was not too far from where I lived, and I went there semi-regularly to rent porn. The store also had video booths in the back and I had heard that guys would offer head to other guys back there, but I could never get up the nerve to find out. I had been with a guy before, just one, a long time ago, and while I had enjoyed myself, I remember feeling a little guilty about it. I’d like to think that I’ve grown as a person since then, and that the guilt wouldn’t be a factor if I were ever to try it again. I did think about it though, and often rubbed one out thinking about what it would be like, usually while watching bisexual porn.
When I entered the store I was a bit surprised when I saw that there were a couple of women there as well. Not that I have never seen any women in there, but it was rare. Normally it was pretty much just guys whenever I went there, so this was a pleasant change. One of them was dressed casually, looking at sex toys with a guy, probably her boyfriend. But it was the other girl that really caught my eye. She was wearing a very thin blouse, and a bra that had to be a couple of sizes too small by the way her tits overflowed it. Her shapely legs came out of a skirt that would be considered indecent pretty much anywhere else, it was so short.
I was already very horny (hence the trip to the store to get porn), but the sight of that woman had my cock stirring in my pants. I needed to get home and get off, sooner rather than later, so I quickly made my way to the rack of straight porn, browsing the titles and picking out one that looked good. I then moved over to the rack featuring bisexual porn. I liked variety.
As I was browsing the titles and reading boxes someone else started browsing as well. From the corner of my eye I could see that it was the woman who had been looking at the sex toys. ‘Damn, why couldn’t it have been the other one,’ I thought, not that this one wasn’t easy on the eyes, too. ‘It doesn’t really matter anyway. Not like you are going to get either of their pussies anyway,’ I told myself.
“Excuse me,” she suddenly said as she reached her arm in front of me to pick up a DVD box. I just smiled, gave her a quick once over and went back to reading my own box.
“Hi, sorry to bother you,” she said a few moments later. “Do you rent a lot of these, bisexual porn movies?”
“I’ve rented my fair share,” I said.
“Oh good, then maybe you can help me. Can you tell me which one is a good one?”
“Sure,” I said and scanned over the rack. “This one’s a pretty good one from what I remember,” I said a few seconds later.
“Oh good,” she said happily as she took it from me. “My boyfriend always ends up picking out crappy ones. That’s him over there,” she said pointing to the guy I had seen her with when I came in. “He’s trying to decide which dildo he wants to buy.”
“Oh, well shouldn’t you be in on the decision making process, since it’s for you?” I said.
She laughed. “Oh, no, it’s not for me, it’s for him.”

“Oh, I see,” I said feeling embarrassed.
“Well, I better get back over there and see if he’s finally picked one out yet. Thanks again for your help.”
“You’re welcome,” I said and then she smiled and headed off to her boyfriend.
Moving my eyes to peer over the top of the rack, I took in the view of her ass as she walked back over to her boyfriend. When she reached him I saw her motion her arm in my direction and say something to him. I saw him look my way and assumed she was telling him that I had helped her to pick out a good porn for them. With my own movie choice now made I headed to the counter to check out the DVD’s.
“Hi, excuse me,” I heard a voice call out as I was about to unlock my car door. I turned to see the woman I had been talking to running over to me. “I’m sorry to bother you again,” she said when she got to the car. “I was telling my boyfriend how you picked out the movie for us, and he wanted me to tell you thank you, and also ask you if you are bisexual or just bi-curious.”
It seemed like a rather strange question to so casually ask a stranger, but perhaps her boyfriend was interested in me, and maybe in their relationship she let him play with guys on the side. Having looked him over as well, I wouldn’t have been against having some fun with him if he was on offer.
“I’m bisexual,” I answered as I opened the car door and leaned in to put my bag of DVD’s on the passenger seat.
“Oh, Mark will be happy to hear that. That’s my boyfriend,” she said as I popped my upper body back out of the car. “Anyway, I better get back to him. Sorry for being so forward,” she said with a wave as she walked away.
I shook my head over the odd encounter as I got into my car. Once seated, I saw a piece of paper under my wiper blade. Reaching out and grabbing it, I closed the car door again and unfolded the piece of paper and began reading: “My boyfriend and I would be very much interested in having a bit of bisexual fun with you sometime. If you are interested as well, feel free to give us a call anytime!” It was signed, ‘Lori & Mark’ and included a phone number. She had obviously slipped it under the wiper while I was bent over putting my rentals on the passenger seat.
I laughed after I read it, thinking how odd this night had been, and thinking I must be asleep and dreaming that I am in an actual porn movie or something, even though I knew I was really awake. Folding the note and putting it in my pocket I started the car and headed home for a bit of porn and masturbation.
Over the next couple of days I kept thinking about that night, and the note, reading it over and over. I wanted to do it, but at the same time I was nervous. Finally, four days later, I managed to pick up the phone and dial the phone number written in the note.
“Hello?” a female voice answered.
“Um, hi, can I speak to Lori, please.”
“This is Lori,” the voice replied.
“Oh, hi, this is Eric. We met a few nights ago at the adult video store. You gave me your number and said I should call.”
“Oh, hi,” she said excitedly. “My boyfriend and I were afraid you weren’t going to call. I’m glad you finally did!”
“Yeah, I’ve just been busy,” I lied.
“So I take it, since you are calling, you want to take us up on our offer?”
“To be honest with you, when I called, yeah, I was going to say yes, but now that I’m on the phone with you, I’m kind of nervous and not so sure.”
“Oh, you don’t need to be nervous. My boyfriend and I have done it before, a long time ago, and it is really fun. Trust me; you’ll have a really good time.”
“I’m sure I would, it’s just that, well… I’ve been with guys (well one, but I didn’t feel the need to tell her that) and I’ve been with girls, but I’ve never been with them at the same time, you know, with a couple. Plus, I’ve only seen your boyfriend but haven’t actually met him yet.”
“Ok, how about this. We’ll arrange a night for you to come over and we’ll just talk and get to know each other first. Then, if for any reason you don’t feel comfortable in going through with it, you can leave, no hard feelings. Sound good?”
“Yeah, that might work,” I replied.
“Great, are you free this Saturday night, say around 9 o’clock?”
“Um, yeah, yeah, I don’t have any plans.”
“Great, then we’ll see you Saturday at 9,” she said happily. After jotting down the address, the conversation came to an end.
I was so nervous even just talking about it, and even more so now that it was set up to actually happen. Still, though, my cock had become rock hard, and I found myself popping in a porno for some self-loving.
When Saturday evening came along I took a long shower, paying special attention to my cock and balls. I also soaped and cleaned my asshole. The one guy I had been with had fucked me, but I was pretty sure, if I went through with the threesome, I wouldn’t want to do that, but thinking about the possibility that one or both of them might want to lick me there, or maybe finger me, too, I knew I definitely wouldn’t be opposed to that and wanted to be clean. I dressed in loose clothing, minus anything underneath, and was soon in the car on my way over to their house.
It was a rather cold night as I approached the door to the couple’s house, but I was hoping that I would be able to go through with it and the temperature inside would get a lot hotter.
It was Lori who answered the door. “Hi, Eric, come on in,” she smiled.
Once I stepped inside her boyfriend came striding out of the kitchen and headed over to the door. “Hi, I’m Mark, nice to meet you,” he said extending his hand.
“Nice to meet you, too,” I replied, taking his hand in mine and shaking it.
“Take off your shoes and come on in and have a seat,” Lori said.
“Can I get you a beer or something?” Mark asked when I sat down.
“A beer would be great,” I answered.
After he brought me my beer there were a few awkward moments of silence, but then the conversation began to flow. They were a friendly couple, and as we chatted idly back and forth I quickly began to feel at ease around them. The conversation eventually turned to sex.
“So, Eric, Lori tells me you’ve never partied with a couple, but that you are bisexual. Is that right?”
“No, I’ve never been with a couple before. It’s been a little while since I’ve been with a man, but yes, I am bisexual. I firmly believe that sex is a beautiful thing, no matter who the partner, as long as the enjoyment is mutual. Does that make any sense?” I asked feeling like a dork as soon as I heard myself.
“Makes perfect sense to me,” Lori smiled.
That feeling of ease I was feeling quickly turned back into nervousness when Mark asked the big question. “So, Eric, now that you’ve met me, and gotten to know us both a little better, would you like to join Lori and me for a night of hot sex?”
At that point the reality of the situation really hit home, and part of me wanted to do it, while the other part of me was nervous as hell and wanted to leave. I was afraid the nervous part would win out, but I knew if I left with my balls still full I’d want to shoot myself when I got home for passing up such an opportunity. I looked at both of them, and instead of speaking, I forced myself to nod my head.
“Awesome,” he grinned.
“Don’t worry, the three of us are going to have a wonderful time tonight,” Lori said putting her hand on top of mine, sensing my nervousness. “Since this is going to proceed beyond just talking, if you’ll excuse me for just a moment, I need to freshen up,” she said. I gave a nod and Lori headed upstairs.
That awkward silence returned when it was just me and Mark alone together, until I finally broke it. “Hey, uh, could I get another beer while we’re waiting,” I asked, figuring another beer in my system might help to loosen me up and let me be more relaxed.
“Sure,” Mark smiled, and then got up to go and get me one.
When Mark returned and handed me my beer, instead of talking about what was about to happen he walked over and turned on the TV and the DVD player. He sat down and pressed play and a porno started to play, a bisexual porno. I was kind of glad as I didn’t have a clue of what to talk about, and it even helped me to relax a bit, as did the beer I was practically chugging.
“You’re throwing those beers back pretty fast. Hope that second beer isn’t going to impede your performance,” he grinned.
“Don’t worry, it won’t,” I said quietly.
“Yeah, I can see that,” Mark said glancing at my crotch, my straining bulge indicating an obvious hard-on, caused by the porno. I felt my cheeks blush a bit.
As Mark was stealing glances at my crotch, while I was concentrating on the porn, I heard a noise behind me and turned to see Lori standing there, wearing a thin robe, and nothing else. She smiled at me and then moved into the room, making her way over to the couch.
She stood in front of me and removed the robe. Her large breasts hung low on her chest, and her pussy was completely shaved. I could smell the arousal coming off of her. Lori reached out, took my hand and brought it to her chest. I began to fondle her tit, and she moaned softly. Sheer lust was taking over and the nervousness that had been plaguing me suddenly disappeared completely. I moved in to suckle it, and Mark moved in to the other one, and we both teased her erect nipples. Lori held our heads to her and moaned as we licked and kissed her big tits.
Moments later Mark and I moved into the valley between them at the same time, and he moved his lips to touch mine, sighing softly as they made contact. For the first time in many years I was kissing a man, and I had never been harder than I was right then. I felt like my cock was going to burst right through my pants, and he must have sensed this, as he reached down and gently cupped my cloth-covered cock in his hand. I moaned, and so did he.
Mark suddenly dropped to his knees between my legs and undid my pants. I lifted my waist, and as Lori dropped down to join him, he slid my pants right off, revealing my hard cock to them both.
“Very nice,” Mark cooed. I wasn’t huge, just around 7 inches, but my cock was really thick, like a beer can! Mark then lifted my cock to his lips and took it into his hot mouth.
The sight of this hot man sucking my cock was an incredible thing to see, and it took all of my willpower not to shoot my load right then and there. Lori watched her boyfriend working my cock for a few moments, and then she moved her own head down and started to suckle my balls.
Soon Lori let my balls drop from her mouth, and then climbed back up to the couch and straddled my chest. I sucked each of her big tits, then she moved further up, presenting her wet pussy for me to enjoy. I dove right in, licking and sucking her hard clit as Mark continued to work over my cock and balls.
“Oh, God, eat it, eat my pussy, oh it feels so good,” Lori moaned.
I then felt Mark’s hands exploring my ass, and then I felt a finger gently touch my tight hole. I relaxed myself as best I could. “Mmmmm,” I moaned into Lori’s pussy as Mark slid a finger slowly inside of me.
Lori then ground her pussy into my face and began grinding against my tongue. “Oh, God, lick it, oh, yeah, lick it, lick it, lick it… uhhhhhhh, uhhhhhhh, uhhhhhhh,” she groaned as she had an orgasm. Her juices covered my face, and I lapped up as much as I could.
She finally climbed off of me and moved down to take Mark’s place. He stood up and quickly removed his own clothing. His hard cock was smaller than mine, probably around 6 inches, and more thin than thick. Still, it was a nice cock and I reached for it willingly, and gently pulled on it, forcing Mark to climb onto the couch and straddle me. Guiding his shaft to my mouth I took him in, trying to get it all in my mouth at once. I tried to do all of the things to him that I knew I enjoyed, and he rewarded my efforts with deep moans and gentle thrusts into my mouth.
As I sucked him Lori licked my cock and balls, then slid down and tongued my ass while she jerked my cock. “Mmm, mmm, mmm,” I moaned as her tongue invaded my asshole. The one guy I had been with had done that to me, but he was the first and the last, and it was long ago. God, it felt so good!
When Lori stood up, she tapped on Mark’s shoulder. Mark pulled his dick from my mouth and sat next to me. Lori wasted no time in straddling my waist. “I can’t wait any longer to feel your fat cock in my pussy. I need it now,” she said as she reached down and grabbed it and then guided it into her wet snatch. “Oh, God, it’s so wide. Uh, it’s stretching me so good,” she cried out. She was a tight girl, and my cock felt right at home inside of her.
She rode herself to several shaking orgasms, and then rolled me over, letting me do the driving. I was thrusting deep inside of her when I felt Mark’s hands on my ass. I slowed down, preparing to let him get his tongue or a finger in there, but what I felt instead was something cold and wet… lube. I knew what was coming and even though I had thought that was something I wouldn’t be into doing, since I had only been fucked once before, a long time ago, in that moment of heated passion I wanted it, even if I might regret it later.
As I slowly fucked his girlfriend, Mark pushed his finger in my ass to work the lube inside me. Soon he was inserting a second finger, and then a third. When his fingers popped out and I felt the head of his cock making its way through my ass crack I stopped my thrusting, pulling my cock out of Lori’s pussy so that just the head remained, which left my ass slightly raised for easier access, and tried to relax my hole. Mark began to push his hard cock into my tight ass, and he was very gentle with me, taking his time, letting me get used to it. Soon he began to thrust inside of me, and that forced me to thrust inside of Lori, as well. The combination of our thrusting made Lori’s body rock with each stroke, and had her massive tits shaking and jiggling. I was in the middle of a sexual sandwich, and I loved every minute of it.
Mark was well into the short strokes, and I could feel his hot breath on the back of my neck. “Oh fuck,” I moaned. “Give it to me, fuck my ass!” Mark began to fuck me harder.
“Fuck, gonna shoot!” he groaned. I reached back and grabbed his ass, and with a final thrust he shot his load deep into my ass. “Ahhhhhhhhhh, uhhhhhhhhhh, unghhhhhhhhhhhh!”
That was enough to set me off, and I shot my own load deep into Lori’s tight pussy. “Oh, God, yeah, fuck, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”
Lori got off on us getting off. “Uh, oh, oh, oh, uhhhhhhh, uhhhhhhh, uhhhhhhh,” she moaned as she had another orgasm.
Mark pulled his softening cock from my ass and collapsed to the floor, and I pulled out of Lori to flop onto the couch next to her. She immediately moved down between my legs, lifted them, and began to lick my ass, trying to get all of Mark’s cum out from inside of me. I moaned as she sucked on my ass and I felt his cum dripping out of me. She cleaned me up with her tongue, and I saw that Mark was doing the same for her, eating my seed out of her cunt.
We lay there for a few minutes recovering and not saying anything. Then Mark stood up and went to the kitchen, coming back with three beers. We were still silent as we drank our beers, not because things were awkward, just because we were all spent and worn out.
“Well, I guess I should get going,” I said when I finished my beer.
“You can’t go yet,” Mark said. “You’ve both been fucked, but I haven’t,” he grinned.
“Shit, I don’t know if I can get it up again. You two worked me over pretty good,” I said, and then I felt a hand on my cock.
Lori had a gleam in her eye as she said, “I think we can get it up again.”
I looked at Mark and saw the same gleam in his eye, and then Lori moved down and began to suck my cock, which, to my surprise, quickly rose to the challenge. As his girlfriend readied my cock for his ass, Mark began kissing his way down my body, paying special attention to my nipples. I’ve always enjoyed having my nipples pinched and sucked, and this was definitely no exception.
The two of them took turns on my cock, slathering it with large amounts of saliva, and then I watched Lori move behind Mark and start licking his ass, getting it all wet with spit, too.
Soon Mark stood up and straddled me, positioning himself above my cock, and with one smooth motion impaled himself on my rod. Obviously, with just spit in his hole, he was used to being fucked (his dildos, I guessed), but the tightness of his ass was incredible, and I watched in wonder as he rode my cock up and down like a man possessed.
Lori moved next to me so she could watch, and was busily fingering herself silly. I reached over and pinched her stiff nipples and used my other hand to fondle Mark’s tight ball sack as he rode my cock.
Suddenly, he pulled off of me and dropped to his knees. “Fuck me from behind, Eric. Fuck me hard and fast,” he almost begged.
I quickly positioned myself behind him and drove my cock back into his ass. He pushed against me, and I pounded him hard and fast, just as he wanted. I could feel him tensing up, and Lori moved quickly beneath him and inhaled his cock just as he was about to shoot his second load. “Oh, uh, yeah, keep fucking me, Eric, uh, uh, unghhhhhh,” he moaned as his seed filled Lori’s mouth.
I fucked him hard, and when I announced my own load was building in my sack he pulled himself away, and then quickly turned and took my cock in his mouth. He sucked me like a pro, putting me over the edge. “Here it comes! Oh fuck, take it, man! Ah, ah, ah, uhahhhhhhhhhh,” I groaned out as I filled his mouth with my second load of the night. He swallowed every drop, and milked me dry before letting my dick out of his mouth.
Lori was still fingering her snatch, so, as a gentleman, I moved over and buried my face in her cunt, licking and sucking her hard clit until she screamed in ecstasy, coating my face with her juices yet again.
The three of us lay there on the floor, all of us spent again. Once we had somewhat recovered, it was time for me to go. This time they didn’t object. We all knew none of us could do anymore.
“Well, thank you so much for the experience. I really enjoyed it,” I said after I had dressed and made my way to the door.
“I told you that you would,” Lori smiled.
“That you did,” I replied.
“We had a good time too,” Mark added. “It’s really hard to find bi guys that will do more than just get sucked, and maybe fuck the other guy. We like a true bi guy like you who will suck cock and get fucked too, so feel free to call us anytime, Eric. You are always welcome in our home.”
“And, especially in our bed,” Lori grinned.
“I might just take you up on that,” I smiled. “I still have your number so you might be hearing from me.”
“We hope so,” they both said in unison.
With a smile, I said goodbye and headed to my car.
As I drove home I thought about what had happened over the course of the night. There was no guilt and no regrets, only a sense of pure satisfaction and enjoyment. I would be calling them again for sure… and soon!
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