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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Straight True Experience: Shopping for King Size

By: wetpussy4u
Unlike most women, I hate to shop for anything, so I avoid it with a passion. However, I was really in need of a new bed. I had put it off for quite a while, but when one of the major department stores in town advertised that they were open until midnight for the last few days before Christmas, I decided it would be a good time to go and get it over with. I figured I would not have to deal with huge crowds if I went about an hour before they closed, plus most people would probably be shopping for other things, like clothes, electronics, CD's and DVD's, you know, the more standard Christmas gift-giving fare, not beds.

I got there about forty minutes before closing and, like I figured, it wasn't that busy, and most of the shoppers were shopping for just the kinds of things I thought. As a matter of fact, when I got up to the higher floor that housed the mattresses and box springs and such, I was the only person there except for a salesman at a sales counter over by the lamp shades. He was staring at the computerized cash register screen, keying in stuff, and didn't even notice me, or if he did, he didn't acknowledge my presence. I didn't bother to go over to him, figuring I could find the beds all by myself. Besides, I didn't need some salesman pressuring me before I had made up my mind, in order to make a sale.

I ended up walking clear across to the opposite end of the floor from where I had entered before I came across the mattresses and box springs. They had a bunch set up on frames, so I sat down on the edge of one of the king sized nearest to me, thinking I might as well try it out, bouncing around a little, just to see how the springs responded. Then I got on the bed, on my back, and rested my arms at my sides and closed my eyes to get a feel for the comfort level.

I then heard the sound of someone clearing their throat. I opened my eyes to see a man standing there. It was the salesman who had been behind the sales counter. I hadn't really gotten a good look at him before, since his head had been down, but he wasn't hard on the eyes at all! He had long dark hair that brushed his collar, a squared jaw, and beautiful blue eyes. The dress shirt he wore did nothing to hide his pecs, and his dress slacks hugged his package nicely.

Being that I live in a place with a year round warm climate, and hadn't seen any point in getting dressed up to spend my money, I was still wearing the shorts and the tank top I'd started the day in. I'm also a fanatic about staying in shape, and with the way I was dressed, sprawled on the bed no less, the dude could see plenty, and his eyes were taking me in. From the look on the salesman's face, he liked what he saw. His Adams Apple was bobbing as he swallowed a couple of times, and I could have sworn the size of his bulge seemed to have increased slightly.

"May I help you?" he finally said.

'Wow, you sure can!' I thought to myself. Another thing about me that was different from most women – or at least how society perceives us – is that I was like a guy when it came to sex. I was always thinking about it, always wanted it, and had no problem having casual, no strings attached sex with a guy I'd just met. I did that a lot, too. If I saw a nice looking guy and wanted some cock in me, I was what you might call, very bold, with my flirting. I had an insatiable appetite for cock, and was not afraid to go after it, reputation be damned.

"I'm looking for a good bed," I said, sitting up. My nipples had both become erect from checking him out, and were pushing firmly out against the fabric of my shirt, and he noticed – like the typical male, his eyes were on my tits more than they were on my face.

"And what size are you looking for ma'am?"

"I'm looking for a king size," I said. I was, but I took the opportunity and added, "I like them big," and quickly darted my eyes to his crotch and then back to his face.

"Um, ok… uh, do you prefer something softer or more firm?"

"Oh, the harder the better," I shot back with a smirk.

I could see him trying to hold back a grin, trying to remain professional, probably not sure if I was flirting or if I was just taking advantage of the double entendre of the word king size, and making obvious innuendo just to be humorous, and then he said, "Ok, what you want is over here," and he started to walk and I followed. He took me over to another king size bed set up on a frame. "This is one of our top selling king size mattress and box spring sets, and it's actually on sale right now. It's a really good deal," he said.

"Hmm, it's not exactly what I had in mind, but I do see something I am interested in," I said and looked at his crotch again, lingering a bit longer this time, trying to make it very obvious to him this time, wetting my lips slightly before looking back to his face and smiling at him.

He obviously understood that I was flirting with him for sure now, because he stepped a bit closer, and said, "I get off work about half an hour after the store closes. Would you like to go for a drink or… something?"

"I'd rather stay here and check out your merchandise," I said and planned to follow that with something like, 'but I guess I can wait until after the store closes.'

But before I could continue with that last part, he said, "Actually, I think there's something in the storeroom I can show you." He then told me to follow him and led me to a door on the back wall right near to the bed section.

Once there, the guy wasted no time and planted a kiss on me while grabbing my tits and fondling them. I let out a groan and then moved my hand forward and groped his crotch. I could tell he was semi-hard and continuing to grow as I rubbed him.

A few moments later he removed his hands from my tits, brushed my hand away from his crotch, and then unzipped his pants and hauled out his cock! It was fully hard now! "So what do you think about this king-sized one?" he grinned.

"It certainly is a nice one," I said. It wasn't 9 or 10 inches or anything, probably around 7 inches, maybe a bit more, but I did still consider it a 'king-sized' because it was really thick, like fat thick, the shaft thicker than the head, the thickest I had ever seen, and that made a difference. Ask any woman (or any sex expert) and they'll tell you, length is always nice, but thickness is more important.

"You want to check it for firmness," he grinned.

I couldn't resist the invitation, of course, and reached down and took hold of it. He moaned softly at my touch, and then I did what I love to do and got down on my knees and wrapped my lips around the head of his meat. The guy grunted with pleasure as my tongue rasped the mass of nerves tucked just under the rim. I opened my mouth and got about the first several inches in, but I couldn't get any more of it in my mouth because it was so thick. I began to stroke his cock up and down with my mouth while stroking the remainder of his shaft with my hand.

A few minutes later he reached down and put his hands under my arms and pulled me up to a standing position and said, "Sorry, don't have a whole lot of time, you understand," and then he pushed me gently back against the wall, crouched and yanked my shorts and panties down at the same time. He sighed when he saw my pussy, and I moaned as the hot breath of his exhale made contact with it. He then stood up, grabbed one of my legs under the knee, raised it and held it like that, and then wrapped his other hand around the base of his cock. I may have been what most people would call a slut, but I was still safe and told him to get a condom out of my shorts pocket (I always carried a few with me at all times) and put it on.

He didn't argue and picked up my shorts, found a condom, dropped the shorts to the floor, ripped the condom packet open and then rolled it over his cock. He again lifted my leg under the knee, grabbed hold of his cock, lined it up with my pussy and started pushing his way inside. The guy moaned softly as he slid more and more of his cock inside my cunt, and I moaned too.

"That firm enough for you?" he asked with a smile once he was all the way in.

"Oh god yes," I groaned.

He then started to thrust in and out of me, fucking me harder and deeper with each thrust, while his free hand was rubbing my clit. The harder and faster he pounded my pussy, the harder and faster he rubbed my clit.

At one point he was ramming me so fast and hard, and rubbing my clit so hard, that he had to stop rubbing it so he could cover my mouth for a moment because I was moaning so loudly from the orgasm he had just given me. I shivered and shook, and the dude fucked into me hard, and I felt his meat flex and then he unleashed a flood of hot cum into the condom.

Once he had cum, with his cock still inside me, and still holding my leg up, we both panted in the aftermath of our fuck.

It was as we were catching our breath that we heard a male voice call out loudly the name Jay. It sounded like it was coming from a bit of a distance, but by the look on the salesman's face, he was obviously named Jay. "Shit, that's my manager," he said as he looked at his watch while yanking his cock from my cunt. While I scrambled to pull up my panties and shorts, he shoved his jutting penis back into his open fly and zipped up. He didn't even take the condom off his cock!

Once dressed, the salesman peered out the door, and then motioned me with his hand to come forward and step back out into the store with him. He grabbed my hand and quickly took us over to the nearby beds on display. Just as we got there, a man came into view.

The store manager approached and apologized to the salesman, stating that he didn't realize he was with a customer. He told him he'd come back in a five minutes to cash him out for the night, and then walked off. It had been a close call and we both knew it, but that just made it all the more exciting to me, and I think he felt the same way.

I bought a mattress and box spring that night, and not because the salesman fucked me, I was going to buy it anyway. That was just a bonus! Hmm… I wonder what the delivery guys will look like.

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